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Improving My Team Building Skill Set with Simplilearn

Picture of Fredson Gapara

Fredson Gapara

20+ years

Picture of Maintainance Supervisor

Maintainance Supervisor

Sandvik Mining and Construction

Picture of Expat Technical Support Coordinator

Expat Technical Support Coordinator

Sandvik Mining and Construction

As documented by Fredson Gapara

I have worked in the drilling and mining industry for 22 years. I’m originally from Zimbabwe, but my work takes me to India, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, and many other places around the globe. I’ve been stationed in Congo for the past two years, working as an expat technical support coordinator at Sandvik Mining & Construction. I enrolled in Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course because I wanted to upskill myself, get out of my comfort zone and improve my work. The skills I acquired through Simplilearn are proving beneficial. The course showed me methods to measure company performance, pinpoint issues, and help solve those issues. 

I also received a 25 percent salary hike and new projects after completing the course. The experience prompted me to refer three colleagues to take the course from Simplilearn. 

A Talent for Team Building 

I have been managing, building, and training teams throughout my career, and I have a team of general supervisors and shift supervisors reporting to me. My job is to provide project support with on-site equipment and train local workers. As a technical support coordinator, one of my roles is to help others upgrade their skills and teach them how to accomplish tasks properly. 

Building teams is what I do. In a prior role, I began a project with five people and grew the team to 45 people. While managing a project in a remote mine in Botswana, we started with five workers and developed it into a 60-worker team. The project turned out to be a huge success.

Simplilearn Improves Presentation and Technical Skills

After completing Simplilearn’s course, I have improved my presentation and technical skills. We face a lot of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) challenges, such as performing root cause analysis, managing performance through data, and improving the relationship between the client and the OEMs. Because of the skills I acquired while taking this course, I now can understand work processes much better and start implementing new ways of working on completing day-to-day tasks.

My overall experience with Simplilearn was excellent. Initially, I thought the course would be challenging, but because of the comprehensive material and proper training, I found the course accessible and easy to complete.

Professional Certificate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management
14 real-word projects and industry-focused capstone

Gaining Personal Benefits

Upskilling with Simplilearn helped me a lot in my personal life as well. Now I can manage my time much more efficiently because I love to spend time with my family. Earlier, it didn’t seem like I could manage my day. I generally work on-site for eight weeks and then get three weeks off. That’s the time I spend with my family and also focus on studying. 

I have also learned the importance of regularly upskilling yourself because only after gaining new skills can you grow in life. 

I encourage people to read more and to train themselves in new skills regularly. Nowadays, OEMs like ours need workers to gain certification in specific skill sets. Otherwise, it’s hard to get promoted or hired because employers want people to be fully equipped and trained for the job.