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Using Lean Six Sigma Skills to Improve Housing Assistance

Picture of Lajuane Thomas

Lajuane Thomas

8+ years

Picture of Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

Govt. of Jamaica

Picture of Project Analyst

Project Analyst

Govt. of Jamaica

As documented by Lajuane Thomas

I am a project analyst in the Jamaican government’s housing assistance department. Providing housing assistance involves numerous steps between land procurement and delivering home ownership to beneficiaries. My job was to evaluate a better way to manage the process.

I decided to take Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course because it teaches how to organize processes. I hold a Master of Arts in communication for social and behavior change from the University of the West Indies, and I knew I would benefit from Simplilearn’s online course. 

After taking the course, I could better segment the processes and address problem areas. When the pandemic hit, our department moved the documentation process online. However, we could not keep track of all the documents, which ultimately caused delays. So, I applied the Lean Six Sigma methodology to solve the problem. The course helped me manage time easily and deliver output promptly. 

My overall experience with the course was excellent. I am not very confident using statistics, and Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course helped me understand them.

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How to stay a step ahead with Simplilearn

The way we work keeps evolving. I want to help lead my colleagues and stay in front of the competition. Upskilling is a way to do that. When I did my research, I found that Simplilearn’s courses were the best. I read the good reviews, and one of my friends had taken a course from Simplilearn, and he was happy with the outcome. That is when I decided to go ahead with Simplilearn. 

Simplilearn’s self-learning videos were to the point and easy to understand. Also, the course encouraged me to learn more and more. The tests were beneficial, and the entire experience was terrific. 

Completing work better and faster

Because I work in the government sector, upskilling has less to do with gaining a promotion or a salary hike. All I wanted was to perform better and streamline my work, and I accomplished this after taking the course. 

For example, before COVID-19, tasks were performed manually. Since, we have moved our documentation and electronic signatures online. Sometimes we had difficulty keeping track of the proper documentation, which could lead to delays in procurement. I applied the Lean Six Sigma methodology to address the problem successfully.