If you’re working as an established SAS professional or you’re just starting out in the industry, you may have considered a more formal way to learn SAS, including SAS programming, and earning your SAS certification. If you need a little motivation, consider some of the many benefits of receiving your SAS certification.

Showcase Your Expertise

There is no better way to demonstrate your knowledge in a specific industry than by completing an accredited training program and earning your certification. In fact, a SAS certification can benefit all skill levels. Experienced SAS users can learn even more and obtain the official credentials that showcase their expertise. New SAS users can learn everything that’s needed to master SAS, from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, and then earn the certification that proves they are ready to take on a SAS role. 

Experienced SAS users with established careers also find that even if they aren’t in the process of looking for a new job at the time they earn their certifications, their current employer will also take notice. This can lead to promotions, more exciting opportunities, and overall job stability. 

Become an Industry-Recognized Professional

By earning a SAS certification, you’ll automatically be listed in the official SAS Global Certified Professional Directory, which is a way for potential employers to verify your credentials. It can also open you up for potential job opportunities, as this directory allows anyone to search for a particular location for individuals with specific SAS certifications. The directory allows users to find individuals with all levels of SAS certifications. If you’re serious about a career in data analytics proficient in SAS, being listed in this directory is a must. Regardless of how many years of experience you have, you’re ineligible to be part of this directory unless you have officially earned your SAS certification. 

Earning Potential

Whether it’s a college degree or technical certificate, one of the biggest motivators to enroll in a training program and earn your credentials is money. 

Without a doubt, there is almost always an increase in earning potential when you become certified in a specific industry. Salaries for those with SAS certifications typically range from $52,000 to $126,000 annually, with $81,038 being the average. A specific role can significantly influence an individual’s salary, as there are many different types of SAS certifications that are designed for different types of positions. For instance, professionals working in SAS statistical modeling earn $110,000 annually on average. On the higher end, it could be as much as $200,000.

Credentials matter. Someone who has successfully completed a training program that focuses exclusively on a specific skill or industry will likely stand out amongst those who have not received any training. 

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Wide Industry Demand

When it comes to selecting a career path, one thing that’s important for many people is job security. Knowing that you’ll be able to easily find a job across many different types of industries and that this certification will make you eligible for several different types of roles can be a huge motivator. SAS is a powerful data analytics tool for data analysis, and data analytics and science jobs are some of the most in-demand ones across all industries today.

Here are some of the common job roles available for those with SAS certifications, based on the type they earned:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Content developers and analysts
  • Data Management: Analysts, programmers and data managers
  • Administration: Platform administrators
  • Advanced Analytics: Data scientists, technical analysts, and statisticians 
  • Foundation Tools: Data managers, analysts, and programmers 

Sense of Accomplishment

There are so many benefits to receiving your SAS certification, but if you need another reason, just think about how accomplished you’ll feel. Nothing beats that feeling of pride when all your hard work pays off and you successfully complete your training program, pass your exam, and become certified. 

Earn Your Certification Today

As we mentioned earlier, there are several certifications you can choose from, depending on your current experience level and your ultimate career goals. You can find the most current information you need about the different certifications and exams on the SAS Institute website.

There’s More

Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist, or you already have experience as a data scientist and you’re looking to take your career to the next level, you can enroll in our Data Science course today.

Get ready to nail your next SAS interview with these handy tips.

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