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Complementing a Cybersecurity Skill Set with Better Processes

Picture of Priscilla Taylor

Priscilla Taylor

34+ years

Picture of IT - Telecom Customer Support Supervisor

IT - Telecom Customer Support Supervisor

The Georgia Institute of Technology

Picture of Cyber Security Admin Manager

Cyber Security Admin Manager

The Georgia Institute of Technology

I’m a higher education business professional working as a cyber security admin manager at The Georgia Institute of Technology. I have many years of telecommunications, cyber security, banking, and finance experience. I have a master’s degree in business administration and am proficient in ITIL, service management, workflow prioritization, Salesforce, and problem-solving. 

My long-term career goal is to become a cyber security senior director, and my first step toward achieving it was enrolling in Simplilearn’s ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training. My shorter-term goals were to find a new job or higher pay, a promotion, and to become certified. 

After completing the course, not only was I offered a promotion with a 12 percent salary increase, but I also was offered a new job. I chose to stay in my current position and dove into new projects. 

I appreciated Simplilearn’s comprehensive curriculum, 24×7 learning support, and flexible schedule in making my learning experience smooth and convenient. Simplilearn’s quality customer service enhanced my overall experience. 

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Master’s Program
Get certified as an ITIL 4 Specialist and Strategist

Receiving real-world value

Simplilearn’s ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Training was fruitful for me. It helped me obtain a new job, a promotion, and a salary increase within my organization. The new projects I’m working on have motivated me to perform better and keep learning further. I’m working toward becoming a senior director in cyber security by upskilling myself. I want to continue contributing to the cyber security industry as I grow my career. 

Everything about Simplilearn’s course was excellent. For anyone looking to upskill, the courses at Simplilearn are challenging and rewarding. The assignments and tasks are hands-on and insightful, and the material is easy to follow. What I appreciate the most is the communication and motivation from the staff of Simplilearn.