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Upskill to Steer Your Career Toward Success

J. Ruben Gomez

J. Ruben Gomez

22+ years

Business Process Transformation

Business Process Transformation

TracFone Wireless

Process Excellence / Process Transformation

Process Excellence / Process Transformation

U.S. Bank

As documented by Jose Ruben Gomez

I consider myself a professionally versatile American with more than 20 years of work experience. For example, I have worked in financial services, telecommunications, construction, aerospace, defense, IT, automotive, and power generation. While working for giant manufacturing companies such as Ford and Mitsubishi, I realized that the manufacturing sector was shrinking, and I decided to change my career path to focus on IT. To gain the required skills, I enrolled in Simplilearn’s ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training Course, Certified Scrum Master, and SAFe® Agilist certification training courses

After completing the courses, I accepted a process excellence leader position with U.S Bank. I credit Simplilearn’s blended learning method and support staff for an effective learning journey. Not only was I able to make a career shift successfully, but I also received a 31 percent increase in my salary. 

Eventually, I would like a full-time role utilizing my Lean Six Sigma, IT, and Agile program/project management skills. I gained my certifications and am looking forward to obtaining a full-time position in IT services. 

A Definite Career Impact

After working for two decades in various industries, I realized I needed to change my career path. The world is moving towards IT, and everything is available online now. IT services interested me, and I wanted to explore the opportunity of working as an IT specialist. However, I lacked the required knowledge and skills. So, I chose to upskill and found Simplilearn’s comprehensive courses available online and enrolled in some of them. The experience has been amazing, making me want to keep upskilling.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Master’s Program
Get certified as an ITIL 4 Specialist and Strategist

Simplilearn’s Blended Learning Approach 

The blended learning approach was a game-changer. The self-paced learning with live classes proved to be an efficient combination and made learning as a working professional very smooth. Simplilearn customer service guided me throughout the entire process. They assigned me a dedicated account manager, and thanks to them, I got several IT and project management certifications.

After completing various courses from Simplilearn in the IT category, I successfully shifted from business development to IT services. I gained critical skills that I use in my current role as a process excellence leader at U.S. Bank and increased my salary by 31 percent. I credit all of this success to my learnings with Simplilearn.

Simplilearn Feedback: Get Certified to Accelerate Your Career

Simplilearn offers professionals a flexible and comprehensive method to learn new IT methods and technologies. Simplilearn’s ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training Course teaches learners how ITIL 4 uses modern technologies and operational processes and provides a curriculum covering the concepts used in a service management framework. Contact Simplilearn to put your IT career in the fast lane.