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Simplilearn Helped me Upskill Myself and Grow Professionally

Adithya Kollipara

Adithya Kollipara

4+ years

Business Operations Manager

Business Operations Manager


Senior Marketing Manager

Senior Marketing Manager

Qualitas Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

As documented by Adithya Kollipara

I completed my BE in Electronics and Telecommunications. Afterwards, I joined LetsVenture as a Business Operations manager. I always wanted to join the Digital Marketing team, and for this, I needed guidance from industry experts. Simplilearn learning helped me take the first step in changing my industry and becoming a Senior Marketing Manager.

The Journey

After graduation, I joined LetsVenture, located in Bangalore as the Business Operations manager. This is a tech company that connects business founders to investors that helped me hone my skills and expertise in managing clients and business operations. 

After having five years of experience in this field, I decided to make a switch to the digital marketing domain. For this, I planned on getting professional certification from Simplilearn. Further, I joined Qualitas Technology Pvt. Ltd as the Senior Marketing Manager. 

The Challenge

Like everyone, I wanted to enhance my career graph, and for this, it was essential to upgrade my skill sets. In my first job position, I learned a lot about handling clients and managing business operations to generate profit. However, this was not enough to reach my ambition of becoming a digital marketer. More importantly, to get a well-paying job position in a new domain, it was vital to have knowledge of every tool and how to work with it. 

For this, I started searching for online platforms and courses that offer hands-on experience in the form of industry-based assignments and projects. 

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
Industry projects from 5 domains and 14+ course-end projects

Simplilearn Solution

After doing extensive research relating to course specifications and customer reviews, I found the Digital Marketing course from Simplilearn to be the best among various courses in the context of quality, price, and value. His course covers everything from the basics to the advanced level. In addition, it offers hands-on experience in the form of industry-related problems. This helped me understand how to market a product or service in the real business world to generate more leads and increase profitability.

The Impact

Once I joined the course, I immediately fell in love with the teaching techniques of experts. Access to recorded lectures helped me understand each topic with extreme clarity. I take help from the marketing concepts explained in these lectures even today to complete various projects at work. 

This course was the best thing that helped me transition into a Digital Marketing Consultant. Later I was able to find a job as a Senior Marketing Manager with Qualitas Technology Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.  

A Word From Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing courses are designed to help professionals understand the concepts and principles of marketing. These are available for foundation-level as well as expert-level courses.