• Next Cohort starts 27 Sep, 2023
  • Program Duration 11 months
  • Learning Format Online Bootcamp

Why Join this Program

Caltech Academic Excellence

Earn a program Certificate and up to 14 CEU credits from Caltech CTME

Gain Generative AI Mastery

Dedicated course on generative AI, prompt engineering, ChatGPT and more

IBM’s Industry Expertise

Obtain industry-recognized IBM certificates for IBM courses and get access to masterclasses by IBM

Caltech CTME

Earn a membership to Caltech CTME circle and an online convocation by the Caltech program director.


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Program Overview

This PG in Data Science in Glasgow leverages the superiority of Caltech's academic eminence. The PG in Data Science in Glasgow covers critical Data Science topics like Python programming, R programming, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Visualization tools through an interactive learning model with live sessions by global practitioners and practical labs.

Key Features

  • Earn a program certificate and up to 14 CEUs from Caltech CTME
  • Generative AI and prompt engineering: Explore a dedicated course with live sessions
  • Learn about ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney & other prominent tools
  • Caltech CTME Circle Membership and online convocation by Caltech CTME Program Director
  • Access to hackathons and Ask Me Anything sessions from IBM
  • Masterclasses delivered by distinguished Caltech faculty and IBM experts
  • Industry-relevant capstone projects in 3 domains
  • Explore 25+ hands-on projects with seamless access to integrated labs

Post Graduate Program Advantage

This Data Science Bootcamp leverages Caltech's academic prowess and helps you pursue a successful career in data science.

  • Program Certificate

    Partnering with Caltech CTME

    • Masterclasses delivered by distinguished Caltech CTME instructors
    • Program completion certificate from Caltech CTME
    • Earn up to 14 CEUs to showcase your achievements
  • IBM Certificate

    Program in Collaboration with IBM

    • Industry-certified IBM certificates for IBM courses
    • Industry masterclasses delivered by IBM
    • Hackathons from IBM

Program Details

Embark on a meticulously crafted learning journey in generative AI, explainable AI, prompt engineering, ChatGPT, statistics, Python, data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and more. Elevate your data science expertise and advance your career.

Learning Path

  • Welcome to this PG in Data Science, developed and presented with Caltech CTME and IBM, which will help you become an expert in the data science domain.

  • This course aims to provide a solid foundation in mathematical and statistical principles, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By the course's conclusion, learners will possess the necessary tools to analyze data, make informed decisions, and apply mathematical and statistical techniques in practical situations relevant to their respective industries. It serves as the initial step in your program journey.

  • In this course, you will develop essential Python skills that serve as a crucial foundation for your progress throughout the program.

  • Enroll in this course to acquire essential knowledge for effectively working with SQL databases and leveraging them in your applications. Throughout the course, you will gain a solid understanding of SQL statements, conditional statements, commands, joins, subqueries, and various functions, empowering you to manage your SQL database for scalable growth proficiently.

  • Kickstart your learning by getting an understanding of the Python language and its libraries, and writing scripts using the Jupyter-based lab environment with this Python for Data Science course.

  • This course comprehensively explores data science essentials, covering data preparation, model building, and evaluation. Participants will delve into fundamental Python concepts, including strings, Lambda functions, and lists. Additionally, they will gain proficiency in essential topics such as NumPy, linear algebra, and statistical concepts, which include measures of central tendency and dispersion, skewness, covariance, and correlation.

  • This course comprehensively explores diverse machine learning types and their practical applications. Participants will gain insights into the machine learning pipeline, delving into supervised learning, regression models, and classification algorithms. Additionally, the course covers unsupervised learning, clustering techniques, and ensemble modeling. Participants will also evaluate well-known machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras.

  • This Tableau course and unlock a comprehensive understanding of creating captivating visualizations, optimizing data organization, and designing informative charts and dashboards to facilitate astute business decisions. Throughout the program, you'll delve into data visualization concepts, gain proficiency in crafting diverse combo charts and stories, and learn to work adeptly with filters, parameters, and sets. Additionally, you'll master the art of constructing interactive dashboards.

  • The Data Science Capstone project provides a valuable opportunity to apply the skills you have acquired during this Program. With the guidance of dedicated mentors, you will address a real-world data science problem aligned with industry standards. This comprehensive project covers data processing, model building, and reporting business results and insights. It is the final step in your learning journey and enables you to demonstrate your data science expertise to potential employers.

  • Discover R programming with this PG in Data Science. Learn how to write R code, utilize R data structures, and create your own functions.

  • Attend an online interactive masterclass and get insights about advancements in technology/techniques in Data Science by Caltech

  • Attend this online interactive industry master class to gain insights about Data Science advancements

  • Enroll in this course to gain practical, data-driven decision-making skills by mastering data analysis and statistics. Using the widely-used office tool Excel, you will acquire the expertise to perform sophisticated data analytics, empowering you to make informed business decisions confidently.

  • Microsoft Power BI offers robust tools designed to analyze data and extract valuable business insights through interactive dashboards. This comprehensive training course on Power BI empowers you to fully harness its potential, enabling you to solve business challenges and improve operations effectively. Throughout the course, you'll learn to develop dashboards from published reports expertly and utilize Quick Insights to discover valuable patterns rapidly.

  • In this course, participants will comprehensively study generative AI models, with a special emphasis on ChatGPT. The curriculum covers essential principles of generative AI, prompt engineering, explainable AI, conversational AI, ChatGPT, and other large language models.

Skills Covered

  • Generative AI
  • Prompt Engineering
  • ChatGPT
  • Explainable AI
  • Conversational AI
  • Large Language Models
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Model Building and Fine Tuning
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Ensemble Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Database management
  • Data Science

Tools Covered

ChatGPTDalle.2Mid-journeyNumPypandaspythonSciPyMatPlotlibMicrosoft ExcelMySQLFSDtableau

Industry Projects

  • Project 1

    Sales Analysis

    Utilize Python to analyze a clothing company’s sales data for Australia, and state by state help the company make data-driven decisions for the coming year.

  • Project 2

    Employee performance Analysis

    Create ML programs to understand different factors for employee turnover. Perform different machine learning techniques for performance, and suggest employee retention strategies.

  • Project 3

    Classification of Songs

    Perform exploratory data analysis and perform cluster analysis to create cohorts of songs. The classification would help to create an efficient recommendation system.

  • Project 4

    Creation of an Interactive Sales Dashboard

    Create an interactive Sales Dashboard for an apparel OEM in Tableau for the Sales department to use for ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

  • Project 5

    Crime Analysis with Tableau Dashboard

    Prepare a dashboard to keep the police department and the city updated on the statistics of crime events. You are required to create a dashboard/story using Tableau.

  • Project 6

    Marketing Strategies with Exploratory Data Analysis

    Perform exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing. The goal is to gain a better understanding of the various factors that contribute to customer acquisition.

  • Project 7

    Develop Ecommerce app with Python

    Develop an e-commerce app on the Python platform that could categorize, add or remove items from the cart and support different payment options

  • Project 8

    Weather Prediction

    Create a classification model using ten years of rainfall data to predict the weather for different locations across Australia

  • Project 9

    Credit Card Fraud Analysis

    Utilize data science and machine learning methodologies. Identify fraudulent credit card transactions so that the end customers are not charged for items that they did not purchase

Disclaimer - The projects have been built leveraging real publicly available data-sets of the mentioned organizations.


Program Advisors

  • Rick Hefner

    Rick Hefner

    Caltech CTME, Program Director

    Dr. Rick Hefner serves as the Program Director for Caltech’s CTME, where he develops customized training programs for technology-driven organizations. He has over 40 years of experience in systems development and has served in academic, industrial, and research positions. 


Join the Data Science industry

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the hottest fields of the 21st century that will impact all segments of daily life by 2025, from transport and logistics to healthcare and customer service.

Job Icon28%

Annual Job Growth By 2026

Source: Market Research Rpt
Job Icon11.5 M

Expected New Jobs For Data Science By 2026

Source: US bureau of Labor
Job Icon$86K - $157K

Average Annual Salary

Source: Glassdoor

Batch Profile

This Data Science program caters to working professionals across industries and backgrounds; the diversity of our students adds richness to class discussions and interactions.

  • The class consists of learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries
    Information Technology - 41%Consulting - 20%Pharma & Healthcare - 8%Manufacturing - 8%BFSI - 8%Others - 15%
     course learners from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Glasgow
     course learners from Citigroup, Glasgow
     course learners from Tata Consultancy Services, Glasgow
     course learners from Abbott, Glasgow
     course learners from Bosch, Glasgow
     course learners from GE Aviation, Glasgow
     course learners from Accenture, Glasgow
     course learners from Ernst & Young, Glasgow
     course learners from VMware, Glasgow
     course learners from Amazon, Glasgow
     course learners from Nvidia, Glasgow
     course learners from Dell, Glasgow

Admission Details

Application Process

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates by paying the admission fee.


Submit Application

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to do this program


Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application



Selected candidates can begin the program within 1-2 weeks

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to this Post Graduation in Data Science, candidates should have:

2+ years of work experience preferred
A bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
Basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics

Admission Fee & Financing

The admission fee for this Data Science program is £ 3,790

Financing Options

We are dedicated to making our programs accessible. We are committed to helping you find a way to budget for this program and offer a variety of financing options to make it more economical.

Pay in Installments

You can pay monthly installments for Post Graduate Programs using Splitit payment option with 0% interest and no hidden fees.


Financing Options

We provide the following options for one-time payment

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal

£ 3,790

Apply Now

Program Benefits

  • Program certificate & up to 14 CEUs from Caltech CTME
  • Exposure to ChatGPT, generative AI, Explainable AI and more
  • Masterclasses led by distinguished Caltech instructors
  • Gain access to Caltech CTME Circle Membership
  • Simplilearn’s Career Assistance post-program completion

Program Cohorts

Next Cohort

    • Date


      Batch Type

    • Program Induction

      27 Sep, 2023

      14:30 BST

    • Regular Classes

      21 Oct, 2023 - 30 Jun, 2024

      14:30 - 18:30 BST

      Weekend (Sat - Sun)

Got questions regarding upcoming cohort dates?


  • What are the top Data Science courses included in this PG in Data Science in Glasgow?

    This PG in data science in Glasgow gives you a step-by-step guide to learn all the concepts from scratch. The entire syllabus is divided into the following courses:

    • R Programming for Data Science
    • Data Science with R
    • Python for Data Science
    • Data Science with Python
    • Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Tableau Training
    • Data Science Capstone

  • Is there any minimum education qualification required to apply for this PG in Data Science in Glasgow?

    Yes, you are supposed to have a bachelor’s degree with an average of 50% (or higher) if you wish to enroll in this PG in Data Science in Glasgow.

  • What are the benefits of taking this PG in Data Science in Glasgow?

    Simplilearn’s PG in Data Science in Glasgow in collaboration with Caltech CTME University is one of the most sought-after courses designed by industry experts. This program helps you stand out in competition and makes it easier to get noticed by top hiring companies. The program is an excellent blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. It encompasses exclusive hackathons and project-based learning with industry datasets from Amazon, UBER, Mercedes Benz.

  • How do I know if this PG in Data Science in Glasgow is right for me?

    Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge is always a plus point. This PG in Data Science in Glasgow is developed in partnership with Caltech University, a perfect blend of world-renowned curriculum and industry-aligned training, which makes this PG in data science just the right one for you!

  • Are there any refresher courses as part of this PG in Data Science in Glasgow?

    The following are refresher courses for PG in data science in Glasgow to get you started:

    1. Mathematical refresher for Statistics
    2. Statistics Essential For Data Science
    3. Programming Refresher

  • What are the eligibility criteria for this PG in Data Science in Glasgow in collaboration with Caltech CTME?

    For admission to this PG in Data Science in Glasgow, candidates should have:

    • A bachelor's degree with an average score of at least 50 percent

    • Prior knowledge or experience in programming and mathematics

    • 2+ years of formal work experience (preferred)

  • Who is the PG in Data Science in Glasgow ideal for?

    Professionals eager to develop expertise in Data Science with the objective of: 

    • Enhancing effectiveness in their current role

    • Transitioning to Data Science roles in their respective organizations

    • Seeking to advance their career in the industry

    • Giving shape to entrepreneurial aspirations

  • What is the admission process for this PG in Data Science in Glasgow in collaboration with Caltech CTME?

    The admission process for this PG in Data Science in Glasgow consists of three simple steps:

    • All interested candidates are required to apply through the online application form

    • An admission panel will shortlist the candidates based on their application

    • An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and is accepted by the candidates by paying the program fee

  • How long does it take to complete this PG in Data Science in Glasgow with Caltech CTME?

    The PG in Data Science in Glasgow could be completed according to your schedule but the anticipated time to complete the overall material of the program is 6-8 months.

  • Will I be able to access the content after completion of the PG in data science in Glasgow?

    Yes, you can access the course content even after the completion of PG in Data Science in Glasgow.

  • Is there any financial aid provided?

    To ensure money is not a barrier in the path of learning, we offer various financing options to help ensure that this Data Science program is financially manageable. Please refer to our “Admissions Fee and Financing” section for more details.

  • What should I expect from the Caltech Post Graduation in Data Science?

    As a part of this Post Graduation in Data Science, you will receive the following:

    • Caltech CTME program completion certificate

    • Receive up to 14 CEUs from Caltech CTME

    • Masterclasses delivered by distinguished Caltech faculty

    • Caltech CTME Circle membership

    • Online convocation by Caltech CTME Program Director

    • 25+ hands-on projects from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and many more

    • Seamless access to integrated labs

    • Capstone projects in 3 domains

    • Simplilearn’s Career Assistance helps you get noticed by top hiring companies

    • Access to IBM hackathons and IBM Ask Me Anything Sessions

    • IBM certificates for IBM courses

    • 8X higher interaction in live online classes by industry experts

  • What certificate will I receive?

    Upon successful completion of this Data Science program, you will be awarded a certificate of completion by Caltech CTME, along with IBM certificates for IBM courses, and industry-recognized certification from Simplilearn for courses in the learning path.

  • Will any preparation material be provided to help me get started?

    Once you make the first installment of the fee for this Data Science program, you also will get access to a preparatory course. You will have to go through the assigned course before starting the first class, which consists of self-paced learning content in the form of videos.

  • Is this Data Science program really 100% online? Do I need to attend any classes in person?

    This Data Science program is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your lectures, readings, and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.

  • What is covered under the 24/7 Support promise?

     We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. We have a dedicated team that provides on-demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after the completion of your course.

  • If I want to cancel my enrollment, can I get a refund?

    No refund will be applicable once you make the partial/full payment

  • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

    Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified in Data Science on your first attempt. They engage with students to ensure adherence to the learning path—helping to enrich their learning experience, from class onboarding to project mentoring and career assistance.

  • I am not able to access the Caltech CTME Post Graduation in Data Science. Who can help me?

    Contact us using the form on the right side of any page on the Simplilearn website, select the Live Chat link, or contact Help & Support.

  • What is Data Science?

    Data science is the domain that deals with vast volumes of data using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information, and make business decisions.

  • What are the top Data Science courses included in this program?

    This Data science program gives you a step-by-step guide to learning all the concepts from scratch. The entire syllabus is divided into the following courses:

    • R Programming for Data Science
    • Data Science with R
    • Python for Data Science
    • Data Science with Python
    • Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Tableau Training
    • Data Science Capstone

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