Microsoft Certification Training

Microsoft® technologies offer various Microsoft applications and Microsoft certification trainings such as MS® Project, MS® Excel, MS® SharePoint towards better data management. MCTS Windows Server 2008 and MCTS ... SQL Server 2008 certification on the other hand establishes one’s skills on handling server databases. Microsoft certification exams re-endorse the career of the certified professional. Simplilearn offers Microsoft certification courses such as MS® Project training, MS® Excel training, MS® SharePoint for MCTS Windows Server 2008 certification and MCTS SQL Server 2008 certification.

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Major Courses

  • All-in-One Microsoft Office 2010 Training

    Microsoft Office 2010 certification is the most in-demand tech certification in the world. It demonstrates your knowledge and skills to make the best use of Microsoft Office 2010 features and functionalities. Simplilearn offers host of Microsoft Office 2010 certifications which maximizes your productivity and open doors to career advancements. So, enhance your Office 2010 skills in one and more Microsoft Office applications through Simplilearn’s Microsoft Office 2010 professional certification training and stay ahead of the curve.

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  • Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook Training

    Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook certification validates your knowledge and skills with respect to managing the entire Outlook environment including managing messages, schedules, contacts and groups. Simplilearn offers Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook training and prepares you to pass the Outlook 2010 Exam 77-884. Once you pass this exam, you achieve Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MOS) status in Outlook 2010.

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  • Microsoft Office 2010 Word Training

    The course validates the participants with the right knowledge and ability to move around the Microsoft Word 2010 interface with ease. The course also provides a broad overview of creating, managing and formatting content using keyboard shortcuts and other features. Participants can also learn implementing illustrations and graphics in a document.

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  • Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint Training

    The course helps one to demonstrate knowledge, skills and the acumen to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 interface. Certified professionals can create stunning presentations with ease. The course also provides a broad overview of creating new presentations using keyboard shortcuts and implementing multimedia and special effects through animation.

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  • Microsoft Office 2010 Access Training

    Microsoft Access is an information management tool that helps you store information for reference, reporting, and analysis. Simplilearn’s Microsoft Office 2010 Access Training helps you to analyze large amounts of information, and manage related data more efficiently than any other spreadsheet application.

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  • Microsoft Project 2013 Training

    Microsoft® Project 2013 is a comprehensive tool ideal for individuals who manage various projects and want to manage the data effectively. The Microsoft® Project 2013 classroom and online training offered by Simplilearn aims to improve the professionals’ knowledge to assess project requirements, identify risks, track project progress and effectively execute the project. This course enables professionals to easily navigate through the Project 2013 interface, understand tasks and optimize resources.

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    United States, India, Canada
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  • Microsoft .NET Training

    Want to become a certified .NET developer and gain in-depth knowledge of .NET oriented development programs? Then Simplilearn’s online .Net courses are just meant for you. Simplilearn provides a host of training courses to IT professionals in C# and VB.NET programming languages which helps them build their skills in the areas of .NET and demonstrate their capabilities for career advancement opportunities.

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  • Microsoft Windows OS Training

    Windows OS certification imparts the necessary technical skills that every IT support technician should know to stay ahead in their career. The course gives professionals the stamp of approval to deal with issues related to Operating Systems with ease. Simplilearn’s range of online training courses in Windows OS helps in understanding every component in detail.

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  • Microsoft SQL Server Training

    SQL Server Certification is the most coveted credential for SQL server users which authenticate their knowledge and skills to optimize the use of SQL Server 2012 to the fullest. Simplilearn offers various SQL Server Online Certification Trainings which can be chosen depending upon the specific usage of the SQL Server 2012.

    View our Microsoft SQL Server Training Courses conducted in :
    United States, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada
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  • Microsoft Excel Training

    MS Excel® training builds your proficiency to function with managing data, performing calculation, graphic tools, pivot tools, formulas, functions, sharing of files and macro programming language using Microsoft® Excel 2010 and Microsoft® Excel 2013.

    View our Microsoft Excel Training Courses conducted in :
    United States, Canada
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  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Training

    The SharePoint server range of courses from Simplilearn provides necessary skills and knowledge to configure and maintain a SharePoint Server 2013 environment. Participants learn best practices such as enterprise content management, service application architecture, business intelligence solutions, implementing governance plan and other relevant skills pertaining to SharePoint Server 2013.

    View our Microsoft SharePoint Server Training Courses conducted in :
    United States, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada
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  • Microsoft Windows Server Training

    The Windows Server range of certifications from Simplilearn prepares participants to install, configure and manage Windows server infrastructure with ease. The courses are ideal for IT professionals who work with Windows Server infrastructure design, implementation and configuration. Participants at the end of the course can walk out confidently to handle any server related work and issues.

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  • Microsoft System Centre Training

    A certification in System Center 2012 helps IT technicians to become proficient in managing physical and virtual IT environments across client computers and data centers with ease. Simplilearn's range of training in System center 2012 includes two courses; Monitoring and operating a private cloud with System Center 2012 and Administering and deploying System Center 2012 configuration manager. These will immensely benefit IT professionals by greatly increasing their domain expertise.

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  • Microsoft Exchange Server Training

    Microsoft Exchange Server is a server program that runs on Windows Server and is a part of the Microsoft Servers line of products. It is a reliable server program which increases efficiency with simple administration; provides anywhere access; manages risk and meets user demand for greater business mobility. Simplilearn provides Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 online training courses that helps to validate your ability to install, configure, and manage Exchange messaging deployments in a real-world business framework. Advance your IT career and validate your experience and knowledge on Exchange Server 2013 platform by Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 training programs.

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