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  • What is an AWS course?

    An AWS course is a professional training program designed for IT professionals who wish to gain cloud expertise focusing on Amazon Web Services. Through this course, professionals learn how to work in an AWS platform, hone their cloud computing skills, and become competent in working with AWS systems. The credibility earned through AWS courses paves the way for IT professionals to become skilled AWS specialists with advanced knowledge in cloud technology and AWS systems.

    Not just for gaining knowledge and expertise, an AWS course also helps professionals demonstrate their cloud expertise and validate their skills. Therefore, this course is equally beneficial for beginners wanting to master AWS skills and become certified professionals, as well as experts wanting to validate their knowledge and skills to cope with the ever-evolving cloud environment.

  • Why learn AWS?

    One of the most significant reasons to learn AWS in 2024 is its ever-growing global demand. According to reliable sources, the demand for AWS-certified professionals is expected to triple by 2025. Industries like finance, healthcare, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, technology and manufacturing, e-commerce, and many others are majorly reliant on cloud technology; this is why the demand for cloud experts in these industries is also high.

    Acquiring AWS expertise will open doors to numerous lucrative work opportunities and lead you to the most respectable positions within an organization. With AWS expertise, you can easily help scale businesses, solve client queries and issues, introduce strategic growth, and enhance system security. Another crucial reason why you should master AWS is the lucrative career path. On average, the annual base salary of AWS cloud specialists in the USA begins from $117,000, while in India, the range is between ₹16 lakhs to ₹28 lakhs

  • What are the Benefits of AWS courses?

    Pursuing AWS courses comes with a lot of perks. As a professional seeking career growth or a beginner wanting to acquire cloud skills, you can expect the following benefits:

    • Upgraded Skills

    Pursuing an AWS course allows you to upgrade your knowledge and skills to meet the latest industry standards. You are introduced to the best AWS practices and learn how to apply them in real-life scenarios to provide scalable solutions to organizations. 

    • Enhanced Career

    Undoubtedly, the cloud skills you learn from the AWS courses lead to your career advancement. You can fulfill several AWS cloud-based roles that offer lucrative salary packages. With the new expertise and recognition, you can fulfill several important leadership and cloud-based job roles and lead businesses toward more growth and scalability.  

    • Boosted Recognition Across Industries

    An AWS course gives you the recognition of a certified professional. The expertise helps you get highlighted amongst the crowd of professionals and get easily recognized by recruiters. 

    • Enhanced Networking Opportunities

    An AWS training introduces you to the best networking opportunities. You come across a community of certified professionals who are like-minded and ready to share or collaborate on professional development opportunities. Several networking initiatives, like webinars and events organized by the global certified professional community, give you the opportunity to build recognition in the AWS ecosystem. 

  • Who can join an AWS course?

    Freshers wanting to establish a lucrative cloud computing career or IT professionals seeking career advancement opportunities should join an AWS course. AWS certificate programs introduce learners to the fundamentals of cloud computing and the best practices of working in the Amazon Web Services AWS environment. Beginners discover various cloud concepts, learn how to work with the latest cloud technologies and adapt to the fundamental AWS methodologies. 

    Through AWS certifications, experienced professionals get an opportunity to enhance and validate their skills, upgrade their knowledge, and explore the latest AWS cloud computing tools. Therefore, an AWS course is appropriate for both professionals and beginners seeking career-enhancing opportunities and willing to begin their cloud journey with AWS. 

  • Who teaches the AWS course?

    The AWS courses are led by Amazon Web Services academy-approved instructors/educators who are recognized as experts in the industry. These experts help advance your knowledge of cloud computing and AWS and provide you with a hands-on learning experience where you discover new skill sets, methodologies, and concepts. Under the guidance of industry-recognized experts, you learn to work in an AWS environment like a certified professional and solve real-world problems like an expert. 

  • How do I become an AWS educator?

    To become an AWS educator, you have to pursue authorized programs organized by Amazon Web Services. Through AWS certification and training, you can acquire the skills and in-depth knowledge necessary to become certified AWS trainers. AWS-authored training programs provide you with the tools, skill sets, and technologies that can help you become a skilled training provider or educator who is more valuable and recognized than unauthorized educators.  

  • What courses are available to teach?

  • Does the AWS course have flexibility in the delivery and time allocation of the curriculum?

    Online AWS courses offer learners flexibility in time allocation for the curriculum and delivery. These courses come with a variety of learning materials, including pre-recorded lectures, live instruction videos, and study materials that can be accessed anytime from any device. Hand-on labs, real-time discussions, and interactive quiz sessions make these courses even more fun and interesting. 

    The flexible schedules of AWS courses help students and working professionals pursuing the course create a perfect balance between their work and study. They have the freedom to learn at their own pace and achieve their individual learning goals. These courses help learners from all backgrounds embark on an incredible journey of learning in-depth about the AWS environment and systems and mastering every skill required to get recognized as certified and skilled professionals.   

  • How much does the program cost?

    The cost of AWS certifications varies based on their skill level and type. The cost of different AWS courses online is as follows:

    Course Name

    Cost in INR

    AWS Cloud Practitioner

    INR 29,661

    AWS Cloud Architect

    INR 44,999

    AWS Solutions Architect

    INR 16, 275 (self-paced learning)

    INR 19,110 (online boot camp)

    AWS Developer Associate 

    INR 13,965

  • Does the AWS course prepare students for AWS Certification?

    It is almost impossible to pass an AWS certification examination without prior AWS training. Without gaining in-depth knowledge of AWS fundamentals, methodologies, and the cloud technologies frequently used in the AWS environment, it is extremely challenging to pass the certification exam.

    AWS courses are designed to prepare students for the competitive AWS certification examinations. Focusing on the role the student wishes to pursue, for instance, cloud practitioner, solutions architect, or DevOps associate, the AWS courses are designed to cater to the knowledge and skill necessary to gain the specific certification.

    An AWS course covers fundamental concepts, familiarizes students with emerging cloud technologies, and focuses on developing their skills. With the knowledge and technical expertise gained, students prepare to appear for the certification exam. Upon passing, they are recognized as certified AWS professionals and increase their value across industries.   

  • What is the difference between the AWS course and AWS Educate?

    Offered by Amazon Web Services with the intent to educate global students, professionals, and educators, both AWS courses and AWS Educate are designed to help cloud enthusiasts develop fundamental skills required to become certified professionals. However, there is a stark difference that makes AWS courses very different from AWS Educate, and that is their purpose. 

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) courses are comprehensive training programs designed to prepare students for competitive certification exams. On the other hand, AWS Educate is a global initiative aimed at providing resources to a worldwide audience through self-paced training. The main concept of AWS Educate is to integrate AWS technology into academic settings, whereas the purpose of courses is to prepare and train aspiring students and professionals for the best AWS cloud roles. 

    Some other differences between courses and AWS Educate are as follows:


    AWS Course

    AWS Educate

    Benefits of Pursuing

    Students and professionals gain cloud-based knowledge and skills.

    Students and educators get access to various AWS services, tools, self-paced courses, and learning materials. 


    Courses can only be accessed by individuals registering for the particular training program. 

    Available to individuals and groups who register for AWS Educate services. 

    Type of Audience

    Students and professionals willing to get AWS-certified

    Students, professionals, educators, and educational institutions want to explore and work with AWS cloud technologies. 


    Fundamental concepts, methods, best practices, and skill sets necessary for AWS certification.

    Tools, credits, and learning resources are offered to students and educators. 

  • How can I learn cloud skills if my institution does not offer an AWS course?

    If the institution that you have chosen does not offer an AWS course, you can rely on accredited and trustworthy online learning platforms like Simplilearn. You get access to a variety of AWS courses focusing on different cloud computing roles. Depending on your areas of interest, you can pursue an AWS course from Simplilearn and take a step closer to becoming an AWS-certified professional.

    Simplilearn's AWS courses are self-paced and offer flexible schedules, meaning you can create a perfect balance between your personal life and study. The courses introduce you to foundational AWS concepts and methodologies and also help you develop several skill sets essential to become certified professionals. You get the chance to enhance your proficiency in the AWS platform and learn how to perform real-life cloud computing responsibilities like an expert. The perfect blend of knowledge and skills in Simplilearn's courses is enough to prepare you for AWS roles. 

  • How to choose the AWS course that aligns best with our educational goals?

    If you are new to AWS, choosing the right course that will align with your educational and career goals can be difficult. The type of course you choose will directly affect your career path; therefore, you must be careful when making a choice. The list of factors that you must consider to make the right choice are: 

    • Your Area of Interest

    While making a choice among the list of AWS courses available on an online platform, you must first consider your area of interest. Cloud computing includes various types of roles, and if your interest lies in a specific area, for instance, system operation, cloud architecture, solutions architecture, etc., then you must choose a course that specifically trains you for the desired role.  

    • Career Goal

    Determining your career goal is equally important. If you dream of fulfilling a particular position and aim to establish a career with it, you must choose an AWS cloud course that directly relates to your career goal. 

    • Current Employment Status

    Your current employment status and skill level can also help determine the AWS course you should pursue. If you are a beginner, an AWS foundation course can help you understand the core concepts and practices. If you are a professional already familiar with AWS services, you can pursue expert-level certification training programs that help you establish yourself as an AWS-certified professional.

    • Going through the Course Content

    Sometimes, the best option is to review the course curriculum. This can help you decide better whether a particular course fulfills your educational goals. Before taking AWS courses online, you must ensure the topics covered, the resources provided, and the hands-on practical experiences offered meet your desired career goal. 

    • Professional Guidance

    It is not always easy to make an independent decision, especially when the decision concerns your educational and career goals. In that case, you must seek professional guidance and find the best solutions. Simplilearn is one such online learning platform with numerous AWS courses available for learners of all levels and a 24/7 support team ready to solve student queries and suggest the best solutions. 

  • What are the best AWS courses for beginners?

    If you are a beginner and want to explore the ABCs of Amazon Web Services, learn about the fundamentals, and discover the best practices, then these introductory, beginner-friendly AWS courses are perfectly designed for you.

  • What are the best advanced AWS courses?

    The most advanced AWS courses that you can pursue in 2024 to boost your cloud computing career are: 

    • AWS Cloud Architect

    Designed for professionals, the AWS Cloud Architect course is perfect for understanding AWS services and architectural principles. It prepares you to design and deploy fault-tolerant and reliable applications on AWS. You also learn how to implement security in AWS systems and carry out testing. In other words, the AWS cloud architect course helps you master the core skills and responsibilities of a cloud architect working on an AWS platform.

    This advanced-level course can help you understand the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services, discover the latest AWS technologies and tools, and prepare you for real-world AWS database, security, and testing requirements.  

    • AWS Certification Training Course for Solutions Architects

    This training program is specifically designed for solution architects. It trains professionals who aspire to become AWS-certified solution architects. The program's curriculum aligns with the AWS-certified solutions architect examination and prepares you for the best.

    In this training, you are introduced to AWS architectural principles and learn how to plan, design, and scale AWS implementations while using more than 70 cloud computing services. It also covers the latest AWS practices, helping you validate your cloud computing skills.  

  • Why is it important to learn about AWS?‎

    Nowadays, most organizations are shifting to cloud-based platforms for their enhanced security and advanced services. Global statistics predict that cloud computing services are expected to generate half a trillion U.S. dollars in revenue this year, highlighting the growth and importance of cloud computing services in IT and other industries. Therefore, learning AWS in 2024 can prove to be the best career-boosting decision. 

    With the growth of cloud computing services, the number of job openings in the cloud domain is increasing daily. This, in fact, is a wonderful opportunity for professionals wanting to establish a cloud-based career focusing on AWS. Considering the high demands of the cloud job market, there are 6 to 12 times more cloud-related job postings, among which at least 60% of the job openings are related to AWS. 

    Hence, to cope with the competitive cloud job market and take advantage of lucrative cloud-based job opportunities, it is essential to master AWS skills and become a certified expert. 

  • What typical career opportunities can arise from learning AWS?‎

    After mastering AWS skills, you can land some of the best cloud-based job roles with high salary packages, such as:


    Average Annual Salary in USD

    Average Annual Salary in INR

    Cloud Architect

    USD 200,054

    INR 23,60,601

    Solutions Architect

    USD 132,457 

    INR  28,80,000

    Cloud DevOps Engineer

    USD 123,694

    INR 9,86,659

    Cloud Developer

    USD 118,490 

    INR 11,80,000

    Cloud Systems Administrator

    USD 124,500

    INR 8,01,326

  • How does taking online courses help me learn AWS?

    AWS courses are designed for learners of all levels and are the major resources to master AWS skills and practices. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced professional looking for opportunities to upgrade and validate your cloud knowledge and skills, there is a course for every requirement. 

    An online AWS course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts, core skills, and best practices and help you understand the various AWS services in depth. These courses also introduce you to the latest tools and technologies that are essential for working in an AWS environment. The knowledge and skills you gain from an AWS course prepare you for advanced-level training and professional roles. 

  • What AWS courses are best for training and upskilling employees or the workforce?‎

  • Who uses AWS?

    Technology giants, governments, manufacturing companies, and several organizations from different industries are reliant on Amazon Web Services. Amazon is known to offer the best cloud computing services with more than 200 features for users to streamline their operations, secure data, and solve customer queries. AWS is trusted and used by world-renowned tech giants and industry leaders like Facebook, Adobe, Netflix, McDonald's, Pfizer, Airbnb, Twitch, Pinterest, GoDaddy, Canva, Skoda, Vanguard, Samsung Electronics, Zomato, and many others. 

  • Does the AWS Course require programming skills?

    Coding skills or familiarity with programming languages is not always necessary to pursue AWS courses. You can pursue most of these courses without any prior expertise or understanding of coding. However, for specific cloud computing role-based programs like DevOps engineering, network engineering, cloud security engineering, and cloud administrator, expertise in programming languages like Python, Java, SQL, etc, is necessary. 

  • What are the certifications I can get with AWS Courses?

    The types of certifications you can earn by pursuing AWS cloud computing courses are:

    • AWS-Certified Cloud Practitioner

    • AWS-Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate

    • AWS-Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

    • AWS-Certified Solutions Architect- Professional

    • AWS-Certified Data Engineer- Associate

    • AWS-Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional

    • AWS-Certified Developer Associate

    • AWS-Certified Advanced Networking

    • AWS-Certified Network Security

  • What are the AWS core services?

    AWS offers more than 200 services that help with cloud computing, managing applications, network security, building and deploying applications, storing data, and much more. All of these services combined make AWS the most reliable and advanced cloud computing platform for businesses and individuals. The core services of AWS include the following:


    This category of AWS services is dedicated to cloud computing roles. Servers and containers like Lamba, EC2, Fargate, and App Runner make computing roles easier to perform. 


    Under the database services category, you can find advanced AWS services like RDS or Amazon Relational Data Services. These tools and services help you operate and scale relational databases.  


    The storage services enable you to store and retrieve data using Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3. 

    Networking and Content Delivery

    The networking and content delivery services include many sub-services such as VPC, API Gateway, Route 53, and CloudFront. 

    Management and Governance 

    This section of AWS services comprises management  and infrastructure tools like CloudWatch, Management Console, SAM, CloudFormation, and Cloud Development Kit. 

    Developer Tools

    AWS offers developer tools like Cloud9, AWS CLI, SAM CLI, and X-Ray to help you build, deploy, and test applications. 

    Security, Identity, and Compliance

    Through tools like Cognito and Secrets Manager and services like Identity and Access Management, AWS helps enhance system security and secure crucial data. 

  • Differentiation between AWS vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ?

    AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are known to offer the best cloud services and platforms to global users. However, there are some specific features that make them very different from each other. A brief differentiation between these three cloud service providers is listed below in the table: 




    Google Cloud Platform (GCP)





    Serverless Computing Services

    AWS Lambda

    Azure Functions

    Google Cloud Functions

    Types of services offered

    Computing, database, storage, networking, security, development tools, management tools, analytics, etc. 

    Security and governance, data analytics, cloud migration, application development, etc. 

    Compute, databases, networking, AI/ML services, developer tools, etc. 

    Types of Virtual Machines offered

    Amazon EC2

    Azure Virtual Machines

    Google Compute Engine


    Seamless integration with AWS

    Deep integration with Microsoft Services

    Seamless integration with Google services

    Market Share

    Largest cloud service provider

    Second-largest cloud service provider

    Third-largest cloud service provider

    Database Services Offered

    Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Timestream, and many others.

    CosmosDB, Azure SQL Database, SQL Data Sync Service, etc. 

    Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, etc. 


    Startups, organizations, businesses, and government organizations. 

    Government agencies and enterprises.

    Developers and tech-savvy companies. 

  • Are AWS Course Certifications difficult?

    AWS certifications are highly competitive skill-based examinations, and this is why it is quite tough to clear them. A professional without appropriate AWS knowledge and skills may not be able to clear the certification exam. As AWS examinations focus deeply on practical knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of AWS services, any individual with practical experience and a sound understanding of AWS tools and services can qualify for the certification examinations. 

  • Why AWS is Preferred by Businesses?

    One of the primary reasons why businesses globally prefer AWS is its exceptional cloud computing services, which help attain unmatched scalability. From storage and databases to networking security and timely content delivery, all of these services make AWS an exceptional cloud computing platform ideal for businesses seeking growth and scalability.

  • How to Get Started with AWS?

    The best way to get started with AWS is to pursue a beginner-friendly online course that introduces you to basic concepts and establishes a sound understanding of AWS services. Reliable online learning platforms like Simplilearn offer various AWS courses that can help you prepare for advanced-level training and professional certification examinations. 

  • What are the Advanced AWS Services?

    AWS comprises several advanced services, and the best among them are listed below:

    Amazon Lambda

    An excellent serverless cloud computing service that allows users to run codes without managing or owning any server. 

    Amazon S3

    Simple Storage Services, or Amazon S3, is one of the core AWS services that simplifies storing and retrieving data and enhances overall data security. 

    Amazon EC2

    Elastic Compute Cloud, or Amazon EC2, offers users resizeable and secure compute capacity. EC2 makes cloud computing responsibilities easier and smoother. 

    Amazon Kinesis

    Through Amazon Kinesis, users can easily process and analyze their real-time data and scale them. 

    Amazon Cognito

    An identity and access management service, AWS Cognito allows users to administer and control their dashboards and add user authentication for enhanced security. 

    AWS Management Console

    These services offer users everything necessary to run applications on a single interface. 

  • Why should I consider being certified by AWS?

    Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing fields of technology and offers numerous openings every year. Almost 60% of cloud job positions are AWS-based; therefore, as a certified AWS professional, you will have access to more jobs in the market. 

    Second, AWS-certified professionals are among the highest-paid professionals in the industry, and the annual base salary of AWS professionals in the U.S. ranges between $170,000 to $180,000. Therefore, an AWS certification can not only make you eligible for a majority of cloud jobs but also open doors to numerous lucrative career options with the highest salary packages. 

  • How much does an AWS certification exam cost?

    The cost of the AWS certification examination depends on the levels chosen. For instance, the examination cost for associate-level certifications is $150, and for the professional level, it is $300. 

  • Are there any mandatory training or exam requirements to take an AWS Certification exam?

    Although prior training is recommended before appearing for an AWS certification examination, it is not mandatory. If you meet the required eligibility criteria, such as the number of years of professional experience and knowledge of AWS services, you can easily appear for AWS certification exams.  

  • What's the best way for me to prepare for my exam?

    The best way for you to prepare for an AWS certification examination is to pursue an AWS certification training course from Simplilearn. These courses are aligned with the curriculum and requirements of AWS certifications and prepare you for the competitive exam with video lessons, live instructions, self-learning study materials, interactive quizzes, practice labs, and much more. 

  • How can I know which services and features are covered in an exam?

    The best ways to discover which services and features are covered in an exam are as follows:

    • Visit the official AWS certification website and choose the certificate of interest to you.

    • Going through the exam content.

    • Looking for examination guides.

    • Opting for sample practice tests to get a grip on the exam pattern and features. 

    • You can use exam samples and blueprints to learn more about the type of questions and syllabus you need to cover.  

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