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  • I had a fantastic learning experience with Simplilearn, and the course helped boost my career. I was promoted from Cybersecurity Analyst Level -1 to Cybersecurity Analyst Level -2 with a 40% salary hike. 

    - Aakash Raymond
    CS Analyst L1Wipro
    CS Analyst L2Wipro
    CS Analyst L1Wipro
    CS Analyst L2Wipro

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Web-Development Learner's Reviews

  • Rogelio Lotho

    Rogelio Lotho

    Software Developer

    I had a fantastic experience with Simplilearn's coding bootcamp. The curriculum is top-notch, and the video lessons are outstanding. The course content is highly relevant to the current industry standards. The instructors in the coding bootcamp online were exceptionally knowledgeable and supportive.

  • Charlotte Martinez

    Charlotte Martinez

    This is a good course for beginners as well as experts with all the basic concepts explained clearly. It's a good starter to move to python programming for programmers as well as non- programmers

  • Avery Anderson

    Avery Anderson

    It was very well constructed, concise and to the point course. Great courseware

  • Sofia Taylor

    Sofia Taylor

    This is one of the best courses I've taken on Simpliearn. The courseware is very well organized with a clearly thought-out learning progression. Simplilearn's Python course experience was great overall.

  • Shourya Mishra

    Shourya Mishra

    QA Analyst

    Enrolling in the automation testing course was transformative. The QA automation course offered concise videos for efficient learning. It boosted my expertise, leading to a domain shift within my organization. After two years, I secured a job change with a 100% salary increase, thanks to my solid grasp of software testing courses.

  • Manish Maccha

    Manish Maccha

    Software Engineer

    I was looking for a new job with a better salary and position, so I knew I needed to upskill. My experience with Simplilearn was very good. Each topic was innovative and interesting, with quality content. After completing the full stack java developer course, I landed a new job with Neo Geo Info Technologies with a 30% salary hike.

  • Akshay Eranjadath

    Akshay Eranjadath

    Associate Test Engineer

    After graduation, I was unsure about my next steps. During my research, I found Simplilearn's full stack java developer course. They provided online live classes, self-learning resources, and recorded videos for revision. After completing the certification, the placement process began, and within two months, I got a job.

  • Dinesh Singh Kunwar

    Dinesh Singh Kunwar

    Dy. Manager (IT Applications) at Mahindra Comviva

    Simplilearn's Python Certification Training was great overall, The curriculum was Nice and compact!

  • Peter Seboyeng

    Peter Seboyeng

    After I completed the python course, there was a 20% increase in the number of freelance projects, I got. Also, my earnings increased by 30%.

  • Reji Varghese

    Reji Varghese

    Excellent training by the Simplilearn trainer. Covering all topic in 3 days is another good feedback

  • Himanshu Sukhija

    Himanshu Sukhija

    Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

    I have enrolled in Simplilearn's Java Certification Course. The content in the Java course is highly informative, and the trainer is exceptionally knowledgeable with outstanding skills in explaining the concepts.

  • Samlesh Panda

    Samlesh Panda

    Associate Director at IHS Markit

    Simplilearn's Java Certification Course is straightforward and highly effective. The trainer was supportive, providing examples that made the material easy to grasp. I highly recommend Simplilearn for anyone seeking Java training.


Know more about Web Development Courses

Web development consists of the intricate coding art that drives the core of website production. As one embarks on mastering web development, it is common to commence with the composition of a basic HTML page, gradually progressing towards creating intricate, cutting-edge applications tailored to the needs of diverse Internet-connected devices.

FAQs On Web Developer Courses

  • Is web development a good course?

    A web development course is an excellent choice if a learner wants to pursue a career in web development. An ideal career choice and some of the most interesting positions to work in, web development courses provide all the knowledge and skills required for becoming professional Web Developers. And as these professionals have a very high demand in various industries, pursuing a web development course is undoubtedly the best choice.

  • Is 3 months enough to learn web development?

    Yes, attending skill-based web development courses or bootcamps for three months helps learn professional skills quickly. It usually depends on how quickly the learner can adapt to the concepts, techniques, and skills. Learners with a prior understanding of web pages and basic coding skills can excel in web development and learn all the skills in three months. 

  • What is the minimum salary of a web developer?

    A Web Developer is a highly-valued professional who enjoys a lucrative career. According to many sources, the minimum salary package of a Web Developer begins from USD 77,000 and ranges up to USD 100,670. In some countries, they get paid on an hourly basis, while in most, Web Developers enjoy a decent annual salary package. 

  • What is the minimum salary of a web developer?

    A Web Developer is a highly-valued professional who enjoys a lucrative career. According to many sources, the minimum salary package of a Web Developer begins from USD 77,000 and ranges up to USD 100,670. In some countries, they get paid on an hourly basis, while in most, Web Developers enjoy a decent annual salary package. 

  • Is web development easy or hard?

    To some, web development may be the hardest thing, but those with prior knowledge of computer science, basic coding, and web pages may find it easy and interesting. Usually, students pursuing computer science or software development degrees will find it easy to follow web development courses and learn all the skills and techniques. Moreover, a Web Developer has to encounter many challenges while developing websites, so it is not easy. 

  • Can a beginner learn web development?

    Learning web development can be challenging for beginners because there are many tools and techniques to learn. However, by pursuing the best web development courses, beginners can slowly figure out how to develop websites and the necessary skills. Beginner-friendly courses begin from the basics and end with advanced training.

  • What skills are needed to learn web development?

    Web development is undoubtedly a skill-based job, so a professional must have the following skills:

    • Coding Skills

    • UX And UI Design Skills

    • SEO Skills

    • HTML And CSS Skills

    • Programming Skills, Particularly Java And JavaScript

    • Working With Frameworks And Libraries

    • Analytical Skills

    • Problem-Solving Skills

    • Debugging And Testing Skills

    • Familiar With Content Management Systems (CMS) 

    • Creative Skills

    • Strong Communication Skills 

  • What are the career opportunities for a web developer?

    Once a learner attends the best web development courses, there are plenty of career scopes thereafter. The types of positions a developer can work on are:

    • Web Designer

    • Game Developer

    • Applications Developer

    • Front-End Developer

    • Back-End Developer

    • SEO Specialist

    • UX/ UI Designer

    • Multimedia Programmer

    • Web Content Designer

    • DevOps Engineer

    • Cloud Engineer

    • Multimedia Specialist

    • Software Tester

  • What is web development?

    The process of designing and building a fully-functional website is recognized as web development. Not just websites, web development also concerns the development of applications, for instance, building single-page applications or mobile-friendly applications. Web development involves planning, designing, and developing websites with the support of software tools, programming codes, and database results. Web development is a critical job and relies on technical skills.

  • What are the requirements to learn Web Development?

    Learning web development is not the easiest thing to do. Some of the requirements that learners must fulfill are:

    • Understanding The Basics Of HTML And CSS 

    • Exploring Visual Design 

    • Gain Coding Skills And Expertise In Languages Like Java, JavaScript, And Python

    • Familiarize With UI And UX Design

    • Get Hold On The Uses Of Software Tools In Design And Development

    • Learning To Create Layouts

    • Learning Typography Skills

    • Enhancing Technical Skills 

  • What web development courses does Simplilearn offer?

  • What web development languages does one need to know before taking the course?

    Web development is one of those roles that significantly depends on codes. Before beginning a career as a Web Developer, it is essential to master languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Java, and Python. All of these coding languages are commonly used in the process of developing websites and web applications; hence, it is essential to get a grip on them.

  • What is the average duration of the web development course?

    All web development courses have different durations. Web development bootcamps usually last three to four months, but when it comes to courses, they can range between a few weeks up to 2 years. For instance, beginner-friendly web development courses have short durations of 3 to 6 months. In contrast, the best web development courses designed for professionals and job aspirants are longer and can last up to 2 years. 

  • Are web developers in demand ?

    Web Development has been regarded as one of the highest-paid jobs according to recent surveys. This ever-growing demand for Web Developers is a clear sign that many industries want and value them. Web Development is considered a highly demanded position, and it is a great idea to consider it an ideal career path.

  • What does a web developer do?

    A Web Developer is a skilled professional responsible for designing and developing websites and maintaining them. With the help of advanced tools and coding skills, these professionals develop fully functional websites. From inspecting page speed to designing content, the developers fulfill many significant needs for developing and running a successful website.

  • How are web developers different from software engineers?

    There is a stark difference between the job roles of web developers and software engineers. In comparison, web developers are responsible for developing functional web applications and websites. While, software engineers are the professionals more concerned about operating systems and creating programs for running software.

  • What are the top companies hiring full-stack web developers?

    Some of the top companies that hire full-stack web developers with the highest salary packages are:

    • TCS
    • Capgemini
    • Infosys
    • Accenture
    • Mindtree
    • Cognizant Technology Solutions
    • IBM
    • Wipro 

  • What is Web Development, and why is it important to learn?‎

    The task of creating, building, and maintaining websites and applications is recognized as web development. The process of web development involves web design, database management, web publishing, and web programming. A skilled professional uses the latest technologies and tools to design efficient websites and web applications. 

    A web developers are responsible for both front-end and back-end development using coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python. While back-end developers mostly use Python or PHP, front-end developers rely on HTML and CSS, and JavaScript.

    In the present scenario, where the digital world is revolutionizing every day, web development plays a significant role in enhancing communication and the user experience. Web development ensures the digital space is full of vital information that the audience often seeks. By developing powerful websites and applications, web developers pave the way for individuals and businesses to engage with the general audience, foster global connections, and shape the digital landscape by turning it into a more engaging space. 

  • What jobs can you get in Web Development?‎

    There are several career opportunities in the field of web development, such as:

    Job Roles

    Average Salary in INR ( per year)

    Average Salary in USD (per year)

    Web Developer

    ₹ 4.5 Lakhs


    Front-End Developer

    ₹ 5.7 Lakhs


    Back-End Developer

    ₹ 5.8 Lakhs


    Full-Stack Web Developer

    ₹ 16.0 Lakhs


    Senior Web Developer

    ₹ 6.0 Lakhs


    Game Developer

    ₹ 4.3 Lakhs


    Applications Developer

    ₹ 11.1 Lakhs


    Web Designer

    ₹ 3.2 Lakhs


    User Experience Designer 

    ₹ 7.9 Lakhs


  • How can online courses help you learn Web Development?‎

    Online web development courses are an excellent source for mastering web development skills. These comprehensive programs are a perfect blend of theory and practice. The curriculum of these courses covers vital concepts, principles, and methodologies of web development along with a deep focus on its vital areas, including web design, web publishing, and database management. 

    These online courses also cover a great deal of practicals to ensure students gain a unique hands-on learning experience. Whether you wish to focus on developing full-stack web application or want to master back-end development, the project-based learning approach of these online programs help in build core skills, gain comprehensive knowledge, and get ready for the competitive job industry.

  • What skills or experience do I need to already have before learning about web development?‎

    To master web development skills, a student must come from a computer science background. Other than this, they must also have some prior knowledge about programming languages specifically used in the web development process, such as Python, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, or other programming languages that are commonly used. 

    To build websites and web pages, it is also necessary to have a basic understanding of web development frameworks and tools. The best way of preparing for an advanced-level, skill-based web development program is to seek free web development courses that are designed for complete beginners. With the prior knowledge of basics, it becomes easier to follow the crucial areas of full-stack development, responsive web design, and front and back-end development. 

  • What kind of people are best suited for careers in web development?‎

    People with a computer science background who are fascinated with web apps, web page, and operating systems and want to dedicate their time in building websites that are efficient and engaging must seek a career in web development. Those who want to start building websites on their own or want flexible job options must not hesitate to choose web development as their ideal career field.

    With advanced skill levels and in-depth knowledge of web development, an individual can fulfill several significant roles, including web developer, full-stack developer, programmer, UX/UI designer, web designer, and many more. 

  • How do I know if learning web development is right for me?‎

    Determining if web development is the ideal career choice for you can be challenging. However, if you possess these qualities or desire to learn these things, then you are going in the right direction.

    • You are a great problem solver

    • Want to enhance your computational  thinking skills

    • Are fascinated with mathematics, computer programming, software frameworks and tools

    • Want to grow in a continuous learning environment

    • You are willing to bring a positive change to the internet world and wish to create better websites and web pages

    • Are eager to learn new things

    If you can relate to all these aforementioned points, then you can be assured that web development is the best career choice for you, and becoming a skilled web developer is a great idea. 

  • What Web Development courses are best for training and upskilling employees or the workforce?‎

    Although there are numerous online courses available on the internet, not all of them are ideal for upskilling your employees or the entire workforce. The best options available for you are:

  • What courses does Simplilearn offer in the Web Development field?

    Simplilearn is one of the leading online learning platforms that boasts top-rated web development courses offered by world-renowned institutions. At Simpliern, you can opt for a free web development course if you are a beginner or opt for advanced-level certification and master’s programs to upgrade your skills and land better career opportunities. The best web development courses offered by Simplilearn are:

  • What Are the Most Common Programming Languages?

    In the process of web development, the most commonly used programming languages include:

    • JavaScript

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • Python

    • PHP

    • C#

    • Ruby

    • Java

    • Swift 

  • What Is Front-End Development?

    Front-end development is a crucial web development process that focuses on user interface and experience. This development process concerns the user-facing components of a web application and a website. The main focus of front-end development is on interactivity, visual layouts, and building responsive designs through tools like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Skilled front-end web developers focus on creating seamless user experiences on their applications and websites. 

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