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Program Advisors

  • John Van Maanen

    John Van Maanen

    Professor of Organization Studies, MIT

    He is Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management, Emeritus and a Professor of Organization Studies, Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is an ethnographer of organizations ranging in type from police organizations to educational institutions, as well as a variety of business firms.

  • Rick Hefner

    Rick Hefner

    Caltech CTME, Program Director

    Dr. Rick Hefner serves as the Program Director for Caltech’s CTME, where he develops customized training programs for technology-driven organizations. He has over 40 years of experience in systems development and has served in academic, industrial, and research positions. 

  • Venkata N Inukollu

    Venkata N Inukollu

    Assistant Professor, Purdue University

    Venkata N Inukollu earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Texas Tech University. He received his Master’s degree in Software Systems from BITS - Pilani, India. He has interests in software engineering and testing in AI and machine learning.



  • Which online certificate course is the best?

    There are several online certifications to choose from, but among them, the top-rated certifications are:

    • Data Science
    • Big Data Online Certificates
    • Software Development Certificate Programs
    • Machine Learning Certification Programs
    • Artificial Intelligence Online Programs
    • Project Management
    • Business Intelligence Online Certificate Programs
    • Cloud Computing Certificate Trainings 
    • Digital Marketing Online Certificate Courses
    • Cybersecurity Online Certificate Programs 
    • Networking
    • DevOps

  • What do online certifications aim for?

    Online certification courses help develop in-depth knowledge and acquire professional skills necessary for establishing a career in the desired field. These certifications enhance knowledge and skills and help in beginning a career or getting a quick promotion. Many working professionals pursue certifications because they desire personal development, learn new skills, apply for specific jobs and explore various industries,or want to switch roles and land higher positions.

  • Why should you get certified?

    Certifications are necessary to enhance knowledge, learn new skills, and understand the career path the learners have chosen and the roles they will be required to fulfill. Online courses aim to provide adequate knowledge and skills often desired in a professional. From learning management skills to implementing motivation and ambition, such courses can lead them toward their best potential self. 

    Once learners get certified, they have a higher chance of being noticed by employers and landing the highest-paying job positions. Surveys have shown that candidates with professional certificates before job hunting have the highest chances of securing the best-paid jobs and lucrative future opportunities.

  • What are the top online certifications you can pursue?

  • What are the different types of certifications?

    Usually, certifications are of two types, academic and professional. An academic certification course focuses mainly on theories and aims to add more value to the degrees a student has obtained so far. The best example of this type is a diploma or a post-graduate diploma course that adds more educational value and makes the student eligible for higher studies. 

    Similarly, a professional certification puts more stress on skills than theories. These courses prepare candidates for their career path and teach them the skill sets needed to fulfill their desired job roles. A perfect example of this type is a professional certificate program in data science.

  • Can online courses help you with job hunting?

    Yes, if the online course focuses on the career path the learners have chosen or is related to the position they are willing to work in, it can help them with job hunting. The best part is that a professional online course can highlight their CV and help them become more noticeable to employers. For instance, learners have acquired an online certificate in Digital Marketing because they desire to become a Digital Marketing Specialist.

  • Is a Simplilearn certificate valid?

    Simplilearn certificates offer hands-on experience and hold the highest value because universities worldwide accredit them. Learners stand a chance to get caught by the world-class faculties of the best universities in the world and get assisted in the best possible way. Also, a Simplilearn certificate gives them better recognition in job-seeking platforms such as LinkedIn. 

    Simplilearn courses help students learn new skills, progress toward their career development, and add more value to their high school diploma or college degree. Not just personal development and career advancement, these online programs give students the freedom to learn at their own pace. Simplilearn focuses on making education accessible and self-paced,  and offers student support all year. Student services are offered to help build a new career.

  • Can you get a job promotion after attending online courses?

    Yes, students can definitely get a job promotion after attending an online course. All professional online courses are designed to introduce them to the required knowledge and skill sets that are mandatory for switching roles or climbing to higher positions. For instance, if a computer engineer wants to switch to a more lucrative career path with the highest-paying job position, they may attend a professional certification in Data Science and become a respectable data scientist.

  • Do online certifications have any value?

    Yes, online certifications hold a lot of value in career development and growth. Suppose they are a working professional and want to switch to better job positions or switch to a better career path; an online course can make it easier for them to fulfill that dream. If learners obtain a certificate from a well-recognized online platform, they make a better impression in the eyes of employers.

  • Which online certification is most valued?

    Usually, an online certification that leads to the highest-paying job opportunities is valued the most. The most highly-demanded certification courses are:

    • Cybersecurity Courses
    • Data Science And Big Data
    • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
    • Digital Marketing
    • Web Design Certificate Programs
    • Google Analytics Certifications
    • Coding Languages And Computer Science Online Certificate Programs
    • Aws Certifications
    • Information Technology Certificate Courses
    • Computer Programming Certificate Programs Online
    • Software Development And Web Development Courses
    • Financial Management And Project Management Courses
    • Business Administration Courses
    • Business Intelligence
    • Child Protection Free Online Courses
    • Human Resources Online Certificate Programs
    • Criminal Justice Online Certificates
    • Engineering Certifications
    • Project Management Certificate Courses
    • Banking And Investment Banking Courses

  • Which are the most-demanded certification courses?

    The most-demanded certification courses are the ones that have helped candidates land the best job positions with the highest salaries. The top in-demand courses students must know about are:

  • How to choose an online certification?

    It is easy to choose an online certification course if students are sure of which career path they are about to choose. Online certifications mostly focus on theories and skills necessary for career development; hence, it becomes easier to find a job after attending these courses. Online certificate programs add more value to a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree, or any other college degree that usually prepare a student for their career and make them eligible for job openings. 

  • Does Simplilearn certifications guarantee placement?

    Yes, Simplilearn does offers a JobAssist feature to all students to help them identify which job positions are most suitable with an overview of expected salaries. It is absolutely worth it to choose a certification from Simplilearn.

  • What are the benefits of obtaining certifications?

    Not one; there are multiple benefits to earning a certificate other than a college degree or high school diploma. The benefits one can expect are:

    • Added Educational Values
    • Enhanced Skills And Learning New Skill Sets
    • More Knowledge In Subject Area
    • Faculties From Top Universities
    • Increased Marketability
    • Promotions In Career
    • Enhanced Credibility
    • Entry-Level Training
    • Increased Median Annual Salary
    • Becoming Job Ready And Welcoming More Jobs
    • More Certificates Means Exposure To Many Industries
    • Boosted Confidence And Motivation
    • Enhanced Reputation And More Respect From Peers
    • Many Online Certifications Lead To Salary Hikes
    • Boosted Efficiency And Productivity
    • New Skills Learned

  • Is an AWS certification worthy?

    AWS certifications are a great choice if students are freshers willing to begin a career in a respectable company with the highest pay scale. AWS certification can help them become trained professionals willing to work with passion and commitment. It is a great choice for those seeking IT jobs. AWS certifications can also help them build a career in the field of Cloud Computing.

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