• Program Duration 5 months
  • Learning Format Self-Paced Learning

Why Join this Program

Dribbble Portfolio Creation

Dribbble Portfolio Creation

Capstone on E Commerce,Fitness,Technology industries; Dribbble Portfolio to showcase design skills

Job Assistance

Job Assistance

Extended support to land a Job. Resume assistance, career mentoring, & Premium Job Portal access

Designer Toolkit

Designer Toolkit

Learn top tools (Figma, Invision, Sketch, Mural & Balsamiq) used by Designers in day to day life

Caltech's Academic Excellence

Caltech's Academic Excellence

Earn a Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp certificate and Circle Membership


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Simplilearn’s Career Assistance service has demonstrated strong performance by means of average salaries offered, the number of hiring companies participating, and the pace of job offer roll-outs.

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UI UX Bootcamp Overview

This Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp helps you learn a design-centric approach towards User Interface and User Experience, including UX Research, UI styling, User-Centered Design process, Wireframes and Prototypes, Usability Testing. Practice via Capstone Projects; course wide assignments and projects and create your portfolio on Dribbble

Key Features

  • Simplilearn Career Service helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
  • Earn a Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp certificate from Caltech CTME
  • Earn a Caltech CTME Circle Membership
  • Earn up to 10 CEUs from Caltech CTME
  • Live Networking Sessions from Design Leaders from Microsoft
  • Hands-on Practical Learning Experience via curriculum-wide assignments & projects
  • Industry-oriented problem solving via Capstone Projects on Ecommerce, Fitness, Technology industries
  • Hands-on learning with Designer Toolkit (Figma, Invision & Balsamiq, Sketch & Mural) for enhanced learning experience
  • Online convocation by Caltech CTME Program Director
  • 8X higher engagement in live online classes by Simplilearn’s Expert Instructors
  • Portfolio creation assistance on Dribbble
  • Learn UI UX applications across new technologies - Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality Virtual Reality & Motion Sensing

UI UX Bootcamp Advantage

This UI UX Design Bootcamp in collaboration with Caltech CTME, helps build your skills by covering aspects on UX Research, UI styling, User-Centered Design process, Wireframes & Prototypes, Usability Testing & a portfolio on Dribbble

  • Caltech CTME

    Partnering with Caltech CTME

    • Bootcamp completion certificate from Caltech CTME
    • Caltech CTME Circle Membership
    • Earn up to 10 CEUs to showcase your achievements

UI UX Bootcamp Details

This UI UX Bootcamp is a diverse blend of 100% live theory and practical learning, covering theoretical aspects of User Interface and User Experience, practical learning via Capstone Projects, curriculum wide assignments, Designer Tools training and a Dribbble Portfolio to showcase your skills

Learning Path

  • Get started with the Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp with Caltech CTME and Simplilearn. Kickstart your professional design journey with a foundational course.

  • In this UI UX Bootcamp course you will gain knowledge about how to describe and apply current best practices and conventions in UX design, identify user groups, market segments, and perform empathy and persona mapping to enhance the audience's experience during content consumption

  • In this UI UX Design Bootcamp course you will explore concepts, frameworks, and tools of design thinking and learn to create disruptive solutions with the help of design thinking principles and user-centric design processes.

  • User Interface design is what makes a design engaging and delightful for consumers. This UI UX Bootcamp course helps you understand the fundamentals of aesthetics and visual design, typography, color, layouts, and visual hierarchy to create beautiful user interfaces.

  • Usability and testing are essential tools used to identify problems and validate design decisions while you are building prototypes. In this module of the program, you will learn how to set up and facilitate usability test sessions and synthesize your findings to determine if you need to redesign your prototype

  • AI helps designers and developers at every stage of the UX process, ultimately making their work better and easier. AR/VR in design is bringing a fundamental shift in user experience. Apps integrated with this technology don't need users to give any commands. Motion UI is the art of leveraging movement and animation within an interface to help guide the user experience and communicate a sequence, next step, transition, or action for a digital product.

  • A design portfolio is essential to landing a role in the UI UX industry. This module will help you create a portfolio that incorporates the projects you will work on as a part of this program. Here, you will be taking up three design projects to build website design, ios app design and android app design

  • Master strategic product and service innovation with help of design thinking. Learn to identify and pursue an innovation opportunity, to develop products and services that are desirable, viable, and feasible with help of the human-centered design framework. Bring positive impact in your work with practical tools and templates of innovation.

  • Attend this online interactive industry master class to gain insights about UI UX Design advancements from top Design industry Experts

  • With HTML, learn how to build content on any website, this lesson will also help you learn how to add text, images, and links, embed YouTube videos, payment forms, and more on your website. With CSS3, you will learn how to add decoration and styling to your website.

Skills Covered

  • UI and Visual Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Prototyping
  • Information and Interaction Design
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • User Experience Design
  • Product Designing
  • Wireframing
  • Usability Testing
  • User centered design
  • Persona mapping
  • Empathy mapping
  • Clickstream Analysis
  • Gestalt principles
  • Microcopy

Tools Covered

Figma UI UX BootmcapBalsamiqInvision UI UX UMass BootcampSketch UI UX UMass BootcampMural UI UX

Capstone Projects

  • Project 1

    Sports Community App

    Create a High-Fidelity Prototype for Sports Community App

  • Project 2

    eAuction Application

    Create a High-Fidelity Prototype for eAuction Application

  • Project 3

    Shopping Website

    Create a High-Fidelity Prototype for Shopping Website

  • Project 4

    Engine Framework

    Create a High-Fidelity Prototype for an Engine Framework

Disclaimer - The projects have been built leveraging real publicly available data-sets of the mentioned organizations.


Program Advisors

  • Rick Hefner

    Rick Hefner

    Caltech CTME, Program Director

    Dr. Rick Hefner serves as the Program Director for Caltech’s CTME, where he develops customized training programs for technology-driven organizations. He has over 40 years of experience in systems development and has served in academic, industrial, and research positions. 


Career Support

Simplilearn Career Assistance

Simplilearn’s Career Assist program, offered in partnership with Talent Inc, is a service to help you to be career ready for the workforce and land your dream job in U.S. markets.
One-on-one Interview Service by TopInterview

One-on-one Interview Service by TopInterview

Get a Resume Makeover from TopResume

Get a Resume Makeover from TopResume

Reach numerous employers with ResumeRabbit

Reach numerous employers with ResumeRabbit

Complete Candidate Confidentiality Assured

Complete Candidate Confidentiality Assured

Kickstart your Design Career

The Global User Experience Market Size was estimated at $465.00 Mn in 2021 and is projected to reach $1346.20 Mn by 2028, with a CAGR of 16.40% during the forecast period. As per CNNMoney, UI UX are among the top 100 best jobs in US with a growth rate of 19% and 27%

Job IconUX Design

Listed as Top 15 Jobs on the rise by LinkedIn Report

Source: LinkedIn
Job Icon21%

Growth in Design Skills (2nd highest Globally)

Source: LinkedIn
Job Icon$110,400

Average annual salary for a UX Designer in the US

Source: Glassdoor

Batch Profile

This program caters to working professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds; the diversity of our students adds richness to class discussions and interactions.

  • The class consists of learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries
    Graphic Design - 18%Developer - 20%Marketing - 30%Education - 20%Web Design - 12%
    Lyft UI UX UMass Bootcamp
    Doordash UI UX UMass Bootcamp

Admission Details

Application Process

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates by paying the admission fee.


Submit Application

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to do this program


Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application



Selected candidates can begin the program within 1-2 weeks

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp, candidates:

Should be at least 18 years and have a High School Diploma
Can be Aspiring Designers from any background
Can be Existing Designers who are willing to upskill

Admission Fee & Financing

The admission fee for this program is $ 10,000. It covers applicable bootcamp charges and Caltech CTME Circle membership

Financing Options

We are dedicated to making our programs accessible. We are committed to helping you find a way to budget for this program and offer a variety of financing options to make it more economical.

Pay in Installments

You can pay monthly installments for Post Graduate Programs using Splitit, Affirm, ClimbCredit or Klarna payment option with low APR and no hidden fees.


Other Payment Options

We provide the following options for one-time payment

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal

$ 10,000

Apply Now

Program Benefits

  • Bootcamp certificate from Caltech CTME while working
  • Caltech CTME Circle Membership
  • 100% Live Lectures for better engagement
  • Designer Tools Training
  • Dribbble Portfolio Creation

Program Cohorts

There are no cohorts available in your region currently

Got questions regarding upcoming cohort dates?

UI UX Bootcamp FAQs

  • What are the eligibility criteria for this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp course by the Caltech CTME?

    For admission to this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp with Caltech, candidates must possess the following criteria:

    • Education: Learners who are at least 18 years and possess a high school diploma. No prior experience
    • Aspiring Designers from any background 
    • Existing Designers

  • What is the admission process for this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp in partnership with Caltech CTME ?

    The admission process for this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp course consists of three easy steps:

    • Interested candidates will need to apply by submitting the application form online
    • Candidates will be shortlisted by an admission panel based on the application submitted
    • Selected candidates will be awarded an offer of admission that they can accept by paying the program fee

  • Will financial aid be provided for this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp ?

    To ensure money is not a limiting factor in learning, we offer various financing options to help make this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp financially manageable. For more details, please refer to our "Admissions Fee and Financing" section.

  • What should I expect from the Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp course?

    As a part of this UI UX bootcamp,  you will receive the following:

    • Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp certificate from Caltech CTME in UI UX Design
    • Caltech CTME Circle Membership
    • Designer Tools Training: Figma, Invision & Balsamiq & Sketch
    • Simplilearn's Job Assistance
    • Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp Masterclass
    • Networking Sessions by top Design Industry Experts
    • Lifetime access to all core e-learning content created by Simplilearn 
    • 100% Live Lectures for better engagement from Simplilearn Instructors

  • What certificate will I receive?

    Upon completion of this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp, you will be awarded a Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp certificate from Caltech CTME 

  • Will any preparation material be provided as part of this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp course to help me get started?

    As soon as you make the payment for the program fee’s full installment, you will gain access to the full course. You are expected to attend every live class for the program. The Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp will have a duration of roughly 100 hours.

  • Who conducts the regular live-online classes and the masterclasses for the Simplilearn-Caltech Bootcamps?

    The regular live-online classes are conducted by highly-qualified instructors with years of relevant industry experience. Each of them undergoes a rigorous selection process, including profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo evaluation before getting certified to train for these bootcamps.
    The masterclasses are delivered by distinguished faculty from Caltech CTME

  • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

    Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts to help you get certified on your first attempt. They proactively engage with you to ensure adherence to the course path and enrich your learning experience, from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance.

  • Who are the instructors for this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp and how are they selected?

    Our highly-qualified faculty are industry experts with years of relevant industry experience. Each of them  possess skills which are highly transferable and have been learned over years of experience in the industry. Their extensive experience, diverse backgrounds, and acquired skill sets make them stand out in the crowd and help them deliver the program seamlessly. 

  • I am not able to access the online Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp. Who can help me?

    Contact us using the form on the right side of any page on the Simplilearn website, select the Live Chat link, or contact Help & Support.

  • What is covered under the 24/7 Support guarantee?

    We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls through our dedicated team, and provide on-demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after completing the Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp.

  • If I want to cancel my enrollment in this Caltech - UI UX Bootcamp, can I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the program price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, please read our Refund Policy.

  • Can I get a sealed transcript for World Education Services(WES) at the end of the bootcamp?

    Post Graduate Program are certification programs and do not include any transcripts for WES, this is reserved only for degree programs. We do not offer sealed transcripts and hence, our PG programs are not applicable for WES or similar services.

  • Is the UI UX Bootcamp suitable for individuals with a background in MBA courses?

    Absolutely! The UI UX Bootcamp welcomes individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, including those with prior experience in MBA courses. The program provides a unique opportunity for MBA graduates to enhance their skill set by gaining expertise in user interface and user experience design, which are essential components of successful product development and business strategy.

  • Disclaimer
  • PMP, PMI, PMBOK, CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, PBA, RMP, SP, and OPM3 are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.