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IIM Course Advisors

  • Preeth Pandalay

    Preeth Pandalay

    Agile Coach

    A pragmatic agile coach with 20+ years of learning, he now trains, consults and coaches organizations to be agile and more importantly to stay agile.

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  • Preeti Mudliar

    Preeti Mudliar

    Assistant Professor

    Preeti Mudliar's research centres around technology design, access, use and non-use focusing using ethnography and qualitative methods. She teaches introductory and advance courses in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and qualitative research methods at IIIT Bangalore

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  • Prof. Abhinava Tripathi

    Prof. Abhinava Tripathi

    Assistant Professor Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee

    Prof. Abhinava Tripathi is a faculty in the Finance & Accounting area at the Department of Management Studies at IIT Roorkee. Prof. Abhinava’s research focuses on the areas of Financial Markets and Market Microstructure. He is a Ph.D. from IIM Lucknow and MBA from IIM Kozhikode.

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  • Prof. Aditya Billore

    Prof. Aditya Billore

    Associate Professor, IIM Indore

    Prof. Aditya Billore is an Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has also  done his Fellow Program in Management (FPM) from IIM Indore.

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  • Prof. Amitabh Kodwani

    Prof. Amitabh Kodwani

    Professor, IIM Indore

    Dr. Amitabh Kodwani is a Professor in, the Department of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has done his Post Doctorate from the University of Warsaw, Poland.

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  • Prof. Saumya Ranjan Dash

    Prof. Saumya Ranjan Dash


    Dr. Saumya Ranjan Dash is a Professor, Department of Finance and Accounting, at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has a Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

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FAQs Related To IIM Courses & Certifications

  • What Is IIM, And What Is The Best IIM Course To Level Your Career?

    The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) in India offer management courses. IIM Indore is a renowned university in India that has established a reputation as a hub of academic excellence and a education supplier focused on meeting business demands. The Indian Institute of Management Indore offers a six-month program called the Executive Certificate Program in General Management. It is aimed at working professionals who want to advance their skills and knowledge in management disciplines. The average pay scale of a general manager is $67,000.

    The General Management Program at IIM Indore offers the following skills:

    • It helps learners grasp knowledge in operations, human resource management, business strategy, and technological disruption. 

    • It provides a sound executive program in management.

    • It is also one of the best executive programs in enterprise management, international management, agri-business management, and other useful core courses.  

    It aids to utilize their knowledge of the foundations of business to develop the organizational strategy. This course is designed to give management professionals in the middle of their careers the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in senior management positions. 

    This preferred course is intended for professionals that are currently employed and have a minimum of three years of work experience and wish to improve their managerial abilities and understanding of business management. The Indian Institute of Management is a hub for sustainable management and a host of other useful certificate programs who, upon successful completion, can become capable professional managers.

  • What Can You Expect From The Executive Certificate Program In General Management?

    The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore presents the Executive Certificate Program in General Management as a preferred course that students can take. These certificate programs are provided by the Indian Institute of Management Indore. IIM offers courses in various management disciplines. 

    The course's material covers a wide variety of subjects, including business strategy, accounting and finance, international management, operations, marketing, human resource management and leadership skills. The program consists of virtual meetings, online classes, and case studies. One can become capable in managing business with their general management program, and thus, create experienced professionals who are capable of business administration, management development, general management, business leadership, and other skill development programs.

    The program offered a thorough overview of general management concepts applicable to numerous industry sectors and job tasks, from financial and human resource management to marketing strategy. It assists the learners in developing a more comprehensive management strategy, international management and understanding the relationships between many business-related factors.

    The program's coverage is broad, covering a wide range of topics from business analytics, management studies, agribusiness management, developing leadership skills, common management aptitude tests, and a summer project to gain first-hand experience. IIM is known to have a multitude of business schools, ranging from IIM Ranchi, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Indore, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Ahmedabad, and more.

    IIM Indore, one of India's top management institutions, offers the program. The program benefits from the knowledge and expertise of the highly qualified professionals and academics that make up the faculty. Furthermore, participants can integrate their knowledge into their current or future responsibilities thanks to the program's practical and industry-relevant design.

    Professionals from all over the globe find this a preferred course, as learners can access the program online. Overall, the certificate programs have been very beneficial and improved the learner's capacity for effective management and leadership skills.

  • What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Enroll In The Course?

    The eligibility criteria for candidates to take the certificate programs is two plus years of work experience with a bachelor's degree with 50 percent or above marks. Passing the relevant management aptitude test can also fulfill the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a graduate diploma and other MBA programs. IIM courses are extremely prestigious for their exquisite international immersion program made exclusively for entrepreneurs who want to develop their field in agribusiness.

  • Who Can Take Up This Course?

    The program is designed for mid-level executives and managers who want to enhance their careers or move into leadership positions. The program is not for beginners but for mid-level executives looking to advance their general management abilities and expertise. They should strongly consider the Executive Certificate Program in General Management offered by IIM Indore as it is prestigious. One of the key important skills organizations look for in managers is sustainable management.

  • What Are The Key Features Of A General Management Program?

    The key features of the courses offered that make this course effective for managers and executives are:

    • 3-day site immersion at the IIM Indore campus at an extra cost

    • General Management credential from IIM Indore Executive Education alumni status of llM Indore

    • Delivering live sessions mix as well as self-paced learning

    • IIM Indore's self-paced online material

    • IIM Indore faculty masterclasses plus instructors 

    • IIM Indore faculty mentors capstone projects

  • What Are Some Advantages Of Pursuing An Executive Certification Program From IIM Indore?

    The courses offered provide some benefits that make this certification program stand out. Below are some advantages of pursuing this program from IIM:

    • Credibility And Reputation: Obtaining a credential from one of India's highly regarded IIMs might boost a learner's professional profile's reputation.

    • Management Education: The course offers international management, human resource management and other management concepts.

    • Industry Recognition: The IIMs offer several executive certification programs that can provide the learner an advantage in the job market because they were developed with experts and leaders in the field.

    • Career Advancement: One can rise the corporate ladder or change to a different function or industry using the information and skills acquired from executive certification programs.

    • Networking Opportunities: Executive certification programs can offer chances to connect with like-minded people and industry leaders, which is advantageous for future employment. 

    • Instruction And Training- The availability of top-notch instruction and training from respected organizations like IIM.

    • Learning Opportunity: Opportunity to learn new things to improve one’s job prospects. It also provides opportunities for networking with other experts in their field. From business analytics to faculty development program to executive MBA, IIM provides great opportunities to upskill their career.

    Enhanced Promotions And Salary- Possibility of getting $59,000 salary and promotions following program completion.

  • Are Executive Program Certificates Worth It?

    Several considerations, such as one’s professional ambitions, the program's content, plus the program's cost, will determine whether or not, for a long time executive certification programs from IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) are worthwhile. The courses offered are extremely prestigious, and with the right learning partner, one can easily pursue IIM courses and excel in them.

    The General Management Program at IIM Indore is a great option for professionals who want to develop their operational readiness in project management careers. It is among the top management programs in India due to its huge alumni network, skilled professors, practical learning style, and comprehensive curriculum. 

    Learners who desire to go from an operational strategy to a business strategy role will gain a wide overview of the business environment and the new essentials associated with company strategy in this general management certification course.

  • What courses are available in IIM?

    IIM or the Indian Institute of Management is one of the leading educational institutions in India that focuses on offering world-class courses in management. IIM has the best postgraduate, doctoral, and executive programs focusing on the various areas of management. The list of best IIM courses includes:

    • Master Of Business Administration or MBA

    • Executive Certificate Program In General Management

    • Postgraduate Program in Business Management

    • Fellow Program in Management

    • Postgraduate Program in Enterprise Management

    • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics

    • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

    • Executive Fellow Program in Management

  • Can I study IIM courses without taking the CAT Exam?

    Yes, you can study at IIM without taking the CAT exam. There are several executive and certificate programs offered by IIMs that don't require CAT scores. However, for full-time postgraduate programs, CAT scores are generally needed. Some IIMs also accept scores from other tests like GMAT. Therefore, it depends on the specific program you're interested in.

  • Do IIMs offer online courses?

    Yes, there are several online options available when it comes to IIM courses. Students can attend the online MBA program or short-term online management diploma and certifications at their comfort and convenience.

  • What is the admission process for online IIM courses?

    The entire admission process for seeking admissions in top IIM courses is relatively straightforward. Students must fill out the application forms and attach the necessary documents after they have fulfilled all the criteria. Applicants with the highest scores in CAT or GMAT have the chance of being accepted.

  • Is work experience required to get admission in IIMs executive courses?

    For attending full-time IIM executive courses, work experience is a primary criterion to fulfill. Usually, an eligible candidate must have a minimum work experience of 3 to 8 years to pursue the executive courses. Every executive course has a different set of criteria to follow, some of them may ask an experience of 5 years while others may stick to 3+ years of experience.

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