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COBIT 2019 Certification Course Overview

Enroll in our COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai and gain a deeper understanding of IT governance and management. Learn principles that comprise the COBIT framework and become an industry expert with Simplilearn’s COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai. Book your seat today to advance your career exponentially.

COBIT 5 Course Key Features

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At Simplilearn, we value the trust of our patrons immensely. But, if you feel that a course does not meet your expectations, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Just send us a refund request via email within 7 days of purchase and we will refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked!
  • 10+ real life examples
  • COBIT 2019 Foundation exam fee included
  • 10+ real life examples
  • COBIT 2019 Foundation exam fee included
  • 10+ real life examples
  • COBIT 2019 Foundation exam fee included

Skills Covered

  • Enterprise IT management
  • Principles and enablers
  • COBIT in practical situations
  • COBIT framework concepts
  • Functions of COBIT
  • Concepts of process capability
  • Enterprise IT management
  • COBIT framework concepts
  • Principles and enablers
  • Functions of COBIT
  • COBIT in practical situations
  • Concepts of process capability
  • Enterprise IT management
  • COBIT framework concepts
  • Principles and enablers
  • Functions of COBIT
  • COBIT in practical situations
  • Concepts of process capability

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Simplilearn’s COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai can benefit professionals across various industries, including risk management, IT governance, audit, and insurance. Therefore, secure a top profile with our COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai and advance your career exponentially. 

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  • Annual Salary
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    Hiring Companies
    JPMorgan Chase hiring for Business Manager professionals in Dubai
    Wipro hiring for Business Manager professionals in Dubai
    Vodafone hiring for Business Manager professionals in Dubai
    Tata_Capital hiring for Business Manager professionals in Dubai
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    IBM hiring for IT Manager professionals in Dubai
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    Standard Chartered hiring for IT Manager professionals in Dubai
    Vodafone hiring for IT Manager professionals in Dubai
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Training Options

Self Paced Learning

  • Lifetime access to high-quality self-paced e-learning content curated by industry experts
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support


COBIT 2019 Certification Course Curriculum


There are no stringent eligibility criteria. However, professionals employed in an audit, insurance, risk management, IT governance, cyber security, regulation, and compliance profile are encouraged to apply for Simplilearn’s COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai. IT professionals, including auditors, IT managers, developers, process practitioners, and managers, can benefit from the course immensely. 
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Applicants must have a background and relevant experience in IT service-providing firms or departments to understand the course curriculum. However, you do not need a formal qualification to enroll in the course or complete the exam. 
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Course Content

  • COBIT 2019 ® Foundation Certification Training

    • Lesson 01 Course Introduction

      • 1.1 Course Introduction
      • 1.2 Learning Objectives
      • 1.3 Enterprise Governance of IT
      • 1.4 Benefits of IT Governance
      • 1.5 COBIT as an IT Framework
      • 1.6 Intended Audience
      • 1.7 What is Cobit and what it is not
      • 1.8 Cobit 5 VS C bit 19
      • 1.9 Cobit and Other Standards
    • Lesson 02 Principles

      • 2.1 Learning Objective
      • 2.2 Governance System Principle
      • 2.3 Governance Framework Principles
      • 2.4 Key Takeaways
    • Lesson 03 Governance Systems and Components

      • 3.1 Learning Objectives
      • 3.2 Overview and Product Architecture
      • 3.3 Government and Management Objective
      • 3.4 Components
      • 3.5 Focus Areas
      • 3.6 Design Factors
      • 3.7 Goals Cascade
      • 3.8 Summary and Key Takeaways
    • Lesson 04 Governance and Management Objectives

      • 4.1 Learning Objectives
      • 4.2 COBIT Core Model
      • 4.3 Governance and Management Objective Description
      • 4.4 Design High Level Information
      • 4.5 Goals Cascade
      • 4.6 Summary and key Takeaway
    • Lesson 05 Performance Management

      • 5.1 Learning Objectives
      • 5.2 Performance Management definition and Principles
      • 5.3 Performance Management Overview
      • 5.4 Capability and Maturity
      • 5.5 Manage Performance of Processors
      • 5.6 Summary and Key Takeaways
    • Lesson 06 Designing a Tailored Governance System

      • 6.1 Learning Objectives
      • 6.2 Impact of design Factors
      • 6.3 Designing a Tailored System
      • 6.4 Summary and Key Takeaways
    • Lesson 07 Business Case

      • 7.1 Learning Objectives
      • 7.2 Business Case Introduction
      • 7.3 Business Case Component
      • 7.4 Summary and Key Takeaway
    • Lesson 08 Implementation

      • 8.1 Learning Objectives
      • 8.2 Implementation Guide
      • 8.3 Design and Implementation Guide Relationship
      • 8.4 Summary and Key Takeaways
    • Lesson 09 Foundation Exam

      • 9.1 Foundation Exam

COBIT 2019 Exam & Certification

COBIT 5 Training Dubai
  • How do you become a certified COBIT 2019 professional?

    To pass the final certification exam, you will need to enroll in a COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai with Simplilearn. The course can provide you a thorough understanding of the field, its working principles, and the various design factors comprising the domain. 

    Candidates with prior work experience in IT are encouraged to take the COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai with Simplilearn. Working individuals will be able to understand the curriculum nuances better and advance their careers exponentially. 

    The final certification exam comprises 75 objective questions with a duration of 120 minutes. Candidates need a score of at least 60% to pass. 

    As soon as you are through with the COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai, finish the exam, and you will get a score with either “Pass” or “Fail.”

  • What are the prerequisites for a COBIT 2019 certification?

    Although there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai, individuals from related industries with professional working experience are encouraged to apply. The COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai can benefit IT professionals immensely, helping them advance their careers exponentially. 

  • What do I need to unlock my Simplilearn certificate?

    It is pretty straightforward to unlock your certificate for COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai issued by Simplilearn. All that is needed is for you to complete one simulation test with at least a 60% score under the COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai. Apart from this, you also need to finish at least 85% of the COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai to get your certificate. 

  • When can I procure the voucher for Simplilearn?

    Simplilearn recommends learners procure their exam voucher within six months from the date of completion of their COBIT 5 foundation training in Dubai. The program fee for the COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai entails the cost for the final certification examination. 

  • How frequently does the exam fee change?

    You will have to give a final exam once your COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai with Simplilearn is finished. However, the fee for this exam is prone to modifications, and the official institution in charge of making such alterations declares any price hike at the end of the calendar year. Simplilearn does not charge any additional fee for helping you enroll for the final exam since the program fee for the COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai covers all the expenses. However, if there is any price hike, learners will have to pay the difference to Simplilearn. 

  • What is the validity of my exam voucher?

    The validity of the exam voucher is one year from the date of issuance. However, you will need to complete your COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai before you can sit for the final exam. Candidates who do not book an exam slot within one year of completing their COBIT 5 foundation training in Dubai will have to repurchase the exam voucher.

  • How will I schedule or book my exam?

    Students need to visit the certification authority’s official website to schedule their final exam once they are through with the COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai with Simplilearn. Here’s a link that can give you more detailed information about the booking process.

    The COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai will equip you with all the information you require to pass the final examination and earn your official certification. Therefore, enroll for Simplilearn’s COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai today! 

  • Does the course fee include examination fee as well?

    Yes, the COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai by Simplilearn is inclusive of the final examination fee. You are not needed to spend anymore to gain a deeper understanding of the domain. Get COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai and secure a top-notch profile with a leading company. 

  • Can I ask for a refund of the exam voucher once it is issued to me?

    Simplilearn is not liable for any voucher policies or costs since our team procures it from third parties. As a result, we will be unable to refund the exam voucher cost once it is issued to you after the completion of the COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai. It is recommended that you sit for the exam immediately after completing the COBIT 5 Foundation course in Dubai with Simplilearn. Simplilearn’s COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai will equip you with all the tools in the arsenal before you write the final examination.

  • Do you provide any practice tests as part of this course?

    Yes, with Simplilearn, you can get your hands on the exclusive practice test designed specifically for candidates applying for the COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai. Therefore, enroll today in our COBIT 5 Foundation training in Dubai. You can also try our free COBIT 5 Exam Practice Test to understand the type of questions you can be faced with during the course of the certification. 

COBIT 5 Certification Reviews

  • Mansour K Dammas

    Mansour K Dammas

    System Programming Department Manager at NCC - CDSI, Dubai

    It reached my expectations; the training added knowledge that I was looking for.

  • Carlton Campbell

    Carlton Campbell

    Sr. Business Technology Consultant, Marathon Consulting, Virginia Beach

    Excellent Course! Definitely provided the foundation I needed to prepare for the COBIT 5 Foundation exam.

  • John R Savageau

    John R Savageau

    Owner, Pacific-Tier Communications LLC, Honolulu

    Very good course, and followed ISACA guidance very well. I passed the COBIT 5 exam without any problem.

  • Nikhil Nair

    Nikhil Nair

    Associate Principal at Sutherland, Mumbai

    Simplilearn provides best quality content relevant to the industry and keeps it up to date. Happy with the overall course quality. Thank you Simplilearn.

  • Amani Alawneh

    Amani Alawneh

    Head of Project Management, Geneve

    It was a great learning experience. The trainer was knowledgeable with a strong understanding of the subject, and I was able to comprehend the topics well. Thank you!

  • Fazil Rahman Pulikkuth

    Fazil Rahman Pulikkuth

    Executive Administrator at Aman Perfumes, Cochin

    This course has successfully covered all the required information about COBIT in a very simple manner .

  • Ramya Premrajan

    Ramya Premrajan

    QA Manager @ Syntel, Bangalore

    The trainer is extremely knowledgeable. With the most reliable WebEx training platform, and the trainer's interactive and communication skills, it felt as though I was in a class room training. Thanks for giving me the satisfaction that your Simplilearn online training was more than worth the money!

  • Hugh Mayo

    Hugh Mayo

    IT Project Manager, Calgary

    The training and associated tools were very effective. The value I have received exceeded my expectations.

  • Ramachandran Sundaresan

    Ramachandran Sundaresan

    Practice Partner - IT Strategy & Governance at Wipro Consulting, Bangalore

    The course was conducted well. It elicited good interest and participation.

  • Ramraj Vupputur

    Ramraj Vupputur

    Senior Risk Manager at Oracle Financial Services Software, Bangalore

    The training session was good and the trainer was very good with the examples.

  • Kumar Devesh

    Kumar Devesh


    The Training was good and we gained a lot of knowledge; fully satisfied.

  • Chandrakesh Rai

    Chandrakesh Rai

    Consultant, Mumbai

    The training is concise and it provides clarity on the subject.

  • Vasudha Jagannathan

    Vasudha Jagannathan

    Consultant at Deloitte, Hyderabad

    Very well-structured and delivered. Industry related practical examples and illustrations provided, helped exploring the concept clearly.

  • Shreeram Iyer

    Shreeram Iyer


    Excellent faculty and good course. I would definitely recommend others.

  • Sudhir Sasidharan

    Sudhir Sasidharan


    The training was very good and concise. Very good discussions as far as practical examples were concerned.


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  • Develop skills for real career growthCutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills
  • Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainersLeading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work schedule.
  • Learn by working on real-world problemsCapstone projects involving real world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning
  • Structured guidance ensuring learning never stops24x7 Learning support from mentors and a community of like-minded peers to resolve any conceptual doubts

COBIT 2019 Certification Training FAQs

  • How many questions comprise the COBIT® 2019 Foundation examination?

    The COBIT® 2019 Foundation exam comprises 50 multiple-choice questions that are to be completed in 40 minutes. A total of 50% (25 out of 50) is required to pass, and it is a closed book exam. Computer-based testing is the standard method for COBIT exams.

  • What happens after passing the exam?

    After passing the exam, the names of successful candidates will appear in the Successful Candidate Register (if candidates have opted to register). The certificate will be sent to candidates at their correspondence addresses.

  • Do I need to renew my COBIT certification?

    The COBIT® 2019 qualifications are valid for an indefinite period of time and do not expire, so there is no need to renew the certificate once you pass the exam.

  • What is covered under the 24/7 support promise?

    We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls.  

    We also have a dedicated team that provides on demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after completion of your course with us.

  • If I need to cancel my enrolment, can I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrolment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administrative fee. To learn more, please read our Refund Policy.

  • What comes after COBIT?

    Achieving a COBIT 2019 certification offers you many career benefits. However, you shouldn’t stop upskilling yourself as the world of cybersecurity is quite dynamic. Here are some of the courses you can consider taking after becoming COBIT certified:

  • What is a COBIT certification?

    COBIT certification, or Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology certification, prepares IT, professionals, to provide better IT governance and risk management in organizations. The certification is acknowledged worldwide and used extensively by organizations to manage technical issues and business risks to ensure that IT processes run smoothly.

  • Who needs a COBIT certification?

    Any IT professional working as an auditor, IT manager, IT quality control professional, developer, or process practitioner needs a COBIT certification course for career advancement and to perform their roles well.

  • What are the five principles of COBIT?

    The five principles of COBIT are:

    • Meeting stakeholder needs
    • Covering the enterprise end-to-end
    • Applying a single integrated framework
    • Enabling a holistic approach
    • Separating governance from management

  • What is the difference between COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019?

    COBIT 5 was launched in 2012 to combat risks related to IT implementations and bridge the gap between IT and business operations. COBIT 2019 is an improved version of COBIT 5 launched to keep up with the latest technological developments. While COBIT 5 was all about managing the IT governance system, COBIT 19 covers both IT governance systems and IT governance frameworks.

  • Who uses COBIT?

    COBIT is used extensively by IT security professionals in both government and private sectors. This includes chief information security consultants, chief information security officers (CISOs), GRC consultants, information assurance analysts, information security administrators, information security assurance analysts, infosec risk analysts, IT governance analysts, IT security engineers, principal cyber security managers, and principal information assurance officers, to name a few.

  • What are the five areas of COBIT?

    The five main areas or components of COBIT include:

    • Frameworks
    • Process descriptions
    • Control objectives
    • Maturity models
    • Management guidelines

  • What are the benefits of COBIT?

    The benefits of COBIT certification include:

    • Enhance effectiveness and productivity
    • Derive valuable IT insights and improve IT services
    • Understand and calculate IT security-related risks
    • Develop strategies to mitigate IT security-related risks
    • Improve implementation of IT governance

  • Disclaimer
  • COBIT® is a trademark of ISACA® registered in the United States and other countries.