• Next cohort Starts18th Jun, 2024
  • Learning FormatOnline Bootcamp
  • Course duration11 months
  • Next cohort Starts18th Jun, 2024
  • Learning FormatOnline Bootcamp

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Data Science Course Overview

This Data Science course in collaboration with IBM propels your career to become a data scientist. Gain expertise in in-demand skills like Python, SQL, Excel, Machine Learning, Tableau, generative AI, and more. Dive deep into data interpretation nuances, master Machine Learning, and enhance programming skills to elevate your Data Science career.

Key Features

  • Simplilearn's JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
  • Masterclasses from IBM experts
  • Dedicated live sessions by faculty of industry experts
  • Industry-recognized Data Scientist Master’s certificate from Simplilearn
  • Industry-recognized IBM certifications for IBM courses
  • Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with IBM leadership
  • Capstone from 3 domains and 25+ projects
  • Exclusive hackathons conducted by IBM
  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning content
  • Program crafted to initiate your journey as a Data Scientist
  • Integrated labs for hands-on learning experience
Key Features
Simplilearn's JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
Masterclasses from IBM experts
Dedicated live sessions by faculty of industry experts
Industry-recognized Data Scientist Master’s certificate from Simplilearn
Industry-recognized IBM certifications for IBM courses
Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with IBM leadership
Capstone from 3 domains and 25+ projects
Exclusive hackathons conducted by IBM
Lifetime access to self-paced learning content
Program crafted to initiate your journey as a Data Scientist
Integrated labs for hands-on learning experience

Data Science Certification Advantage

Get certified in data science through our IBM program and receive both Data Scientist and IBM certificates to enhance your career prospects. Gain exclusive access to expert-led masterclasses and engaging AMAs with industry leaders.

  • Master's Certificate

    Earn Your Data Scientist Certificate

    • Industry-recognized certificate by Simplilearn
    • Dedicated live sessions by faculty of industry experts
    • Lifetime access to self-paced learning content
  • IBM Certificate

    Get Ahead With IBM Advantage

    • Content and certificate by IBM
    • Masterclasses by IBM experts
    • Hackathons and AMA Sessions

About the Program

About the Data Scientist Master's program developed in collaboration with IBM

IBM is the second-largest Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions provider globally (source: The Forrester Wave report, September 2018). A joint partnership with Simplilearn and IBM introduces students to integrated blended learning, making them experts in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The Data Science course in Guntur offered by Simplilearn and (in collaboration with) IBM is offer to make program learners ready to excel in top Data and AI-related careers.

According to the September 2018, Forrester Wave report, IBM is the world’s second-biggest provider of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions. Simplilearn, working in partnership with IBM, introduces new students to the idea of integrated blended learning, imparting valuable expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The Data Science course in Guntur, run in collaboration with IBM, prepares students for rewarding careers in the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Data Science industries.

IBM is headquartered in Armonk, New York, and is a respected premier cognitive solutions and cloud platform company, offering a vast selection of technology and consulting services. The company is a known leader in research and development and invests $6 billion annually in these endeavors. IBM has won five Nobel prizes, five US National Medals of Science, six Turing Awards, nine US National Medals of Technology, and 10 inductions into the US Inventors Hall of Fame.

What benefits will this Data Science course in Guntur developed in collaboration with IBM give me?

After you finish the Data Scientist online Master's program, you will be awarded completion certificates from IBM and from Simplilearn for their respective courses. These data science course certificates that you'd unlock by completing the course in our Master’s program, show future employers your capability as a expert professional in Data Science and empahsises that you've completed a structured, globally-accepted Data Science training in

  • 24/7 access to IBM’s cloud platforms, featuring IBM Watson and other applications so that you can sharpen your skills with practice
  • Simplilearn’s industry-recognized and respected Data Scientist Master's certificate

What are the learning objectives?

Data Scientist is currently one of the most popular IT-related professions. IBM predicts Data Scientist demand will rise by 28% through 2020. This Simplilearn-IBM (in collaboration with) Data Science course Guntur offers the ideal skill set comprising data mining and visualization, clustering, statistics, data wrangling, linear and logistic regression, hypothesis testing, regression models and decision trees. You will also learn about Hadoop, PROC SQL, SAS Macros, Spark, recommendation engine, supervised and unsupervised learning, and many more valuable skills.

The Data Scientist training in Guntur, co-developed with IBM, focuses extensively in the field, bringing together online instructor-led classes and casual self-paced learning. The program ends with a world-class capstone project offered to further reinforce your the skills learned by exposing you a real, in-use product that leverages all the skils, tools and techniques you've learned as part of the bootcamp. These same skills will better equip you in becoming a Data Scientist

What important skills will you acquire with this Data Science course in Guntur?

  • Gain a deep, working understanding of data structure and manipulation
  • Learn about linear and non-linear regression models and classification techniques, and how to use them. This information is key to data analysis
  • Acquire work-ready skils in supervised and unsupervised learning models - linear regression, dimensionality reduction, Pipeline, K-NN, clustering, and logistic regression.
  • Conduct technical and scientific computing using the SciPy package and its sub-packages like Integrate, IO, Optimize, Statistics, and Weave, for instance.
  • Obtain expertise in mathematical computing using the NumPy and Scikit-Learn packages
  • Get familiarized with the various components of the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Earn experience working with HBase, including its architecture, and data storage capabilities. You will also learn how to distinguish between HBase and RDBMS, and perform partitioning using Hive and Impala
  • You will gain an understanding of MapReduce plus all its characteristics, as well as learning how to ingest data using key tools like Sqoop and Flume
  • Master the concepts that make a recommendation engine work, and discover how to perform time series modeling. In addition, get a hands-on expertise in various aspects of ML, including algorithms, principles, and more.
  • You will learn how to analyze data using Tableau, and become an expert in building interactive dashboards in this Data Science training in Guntur.

What projects are included in this Data Science course in Guntur?

This Data Science training in Guntur features more than 15 real-life, industry-based projects highlighting different domains. These projects help you master concepts of Data Science and Big Data. Here are a few of the projects:

Capstone Project:

Description: You’ll go through dedicated mentor classes to generate a high-quality industry project where you solve a real-world problem by leveraging the skills and technologies that you learned throughout the program. The capstone project includes all the key points of data extraction, cleaning, and visualization, and how to build and tune models. You can also choose the domain/industry dataset you want to work on, based on whatever options are available.

After you successfully submit your project, you will earn a capstone certificate, showcasing your expanded learning and skills to potential employers.

Project 1: Products rating prediction for Amazon

Domain: E-commerce

Amazon, one of the leading US-based e-commerce companies, usually recommends products to customers that fall in a similar category that jibes with their activity and reviews. Amazon would like to boost this recommendation engine by increasing its capabilities, letting it predict ratings for non-rated products and adding them accordingly to the customer’s recommendations.

Project 2: Improving customer experience for Comcast

Domain: Telecom

Description: Comcast, one of the top US-based global telecommunication companies, wants to improve their customer service experience by spotting problem areas that decrease customer satisfaction, and come up with a plan on how to address these issues. The company is also looking for key recommendations that they can put in place to provide the best customer experience.

Project 3: Attrition Analysis for IBM

Domain: Workforce Analytics

Description: IBM, one of the oldest and most popular US-based IT companies, wants you to pinpoint the factors that affect employee attrition. Based on the parameters identified, the company also would like to build a logistics regression model that forecasts employee churn rate.

Project 4: Predict accurate sales for 45 Walmart stores, taking the impact of promotional markdown events into consideration. Walmart is one of America’s leading retail stores. Determine if macroeconomic factors like the Consumer Price Index, unemployment rate, etc., impact their sales.

Domain: Retail

Description: Walmart holds several promotional markdown events throughout the year. These markdowns typically precede popular holidays and annual events like the Super Bowl, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and, naturally, Christmas. The weeks where these holidays occur have a weighing factor five times higher in valuation than regular weeks. The company, however, is facing a challenge due to unanticipated demand, a situation made worse by incorrect demand estimation. This results in occasional stock shortfalls. Macroeconomic factors such as CPI, Unemployment Index, etc. can potentially play an important role in predicting demand. However, the company hasn’t yet managed to leverage these factors. A portion of this project involves creating a model to call out the effects of these promotional markdowns on holiday weeks.

Project 5: Learn how the top healthcare industry leaders make use of Data Science to improve their business.

Domain: HealthCare

Description: Predictive analytics is a useful tool in many different aspects of healthcare, like mediating hospital readmissions. But no matter what the industry, predictors are most valuable when they’re actionable. Or, put another way, historical and real-time data alone are useless unless the company makes a move. More importantly, in order to ascertain the value and effectiveness of forecasting a trend and ultimately changing the behavior, you must be able to incorporate both the predictor and the intervention back into the same workflow and system where the trend originally started.

Project 6: Understand how Insurance leaders like AIG, AXA, Berkshire Hathaway, etc., use Data Science by working on an insurance-based real-life project in this data science course in Guntur

Domain: Insurance

Description: According to information in the 2013 Insurance Predictive Modeling Survey, predictive analytics has risen sharply in the insurance industry, particularly in the biggest companies. For example, the survey shows a predictive modeling boost across the industry, but there are disparities. In fact, every insurance company that writes more than $1 billion in personal insurance uses predictive modeling, while companies who deal with less than that amount hover in the 69% utilization range.

Project 7: See how large banks like Bank of America, Citigroup, ICICI, HDFC, etc. use Data Science to stay ahead of the competition.

Domain: Banking

Description: A Portuguese banking institution held a marketing campaign to give prospective customers a good reason to invest in a bank term deposit. The bank used phone calls to conduct their marketing campaigns. However, sometimes the same customer got repeated calls, resulting in duplication of effort. Your job is to analyze all the data gathered from this banking marketing campaign.

Project 8: Learn how stock markets like NASDAQ, NSE, and BSE leverage Data Science and Analytics to derive consumable data from complex data sets in this data science training in Guntur.

Domain: Stock Market

Description: You must import data from the following companies, using the Yahoo data reader: Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, x and Yahoo. Using the data available, you'll do fundamental analytical functions - (daily) return analysis, multiple plots on closing price, stock trade volumes and stock correlations.

Project 9: Understand how Data Science is used in the field of engineering by engaging in this case study of MovieLens Dataset Analysis.

Domain: Engineering

Description: The GroupLens Research Project is a research group based at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The researchers there are involved in several projects related to collaborative filtering, information filtering, and recommender systems.

Project 10: See how top retail companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. utilize Data Science to analyze and optimize their product placements and stock inventory.

Domain: Retail

Description: Companies use Analytics to optimize product shelf placement in their stores or the inventory in their warehouses. With this project, participants learn about the daily cycle of product optimization from the warehouse to the shelves. This gives the company insights into regular occurrences in the retail sector.

Who should take this Data Science course in Guntur?

The most effective Data Scientists possess a combination of experience, data science knowledge, and the appropriate tools and technologies. It’s a great career choice, perfect for both rookies and seasoned professionals alike. Data Science aspirants who have an analytical mindset and an education in a related preliminary field are the ones that can leverage this Data Science training in Guntur to the maximum and bag key job roles like:

  • IT Professionals
  • Analytics Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Banking and Finance Professionals
  • Marketing Managers
  • Supply Chain Network Managers
  • Beginners or Recent Graduates in Bachelors or Master’s Degree

What are the prerequisites for this data science course in Guntur?

If any professional is seeking to enroll and extract maximum impact out of this Simplilearn offered Data Scientist Course in Guntur, what they’d need would be:

  • Fundamental know-how of Statistics
  • A good foundational-level programming language understanding

What type of jobs will I be suited for after completing this data science course in Guntur?

On becoming a program graduate of our Data Science course in Guntur, you'd have acquired an in-demand skills set in the field of data science, which you can then use to compete for today's top roles, including:

  • Data Scientist 
  • Data Analytics Expert
  • Lead/Manager - Analytics 
  • Machine Learning(ML) Engineer
  • Specialist - Statistical Programming

Why be a Data Scientist?

Data extends into all areas of our lives, and Data Scientists are, unsurprisingly, the top-ranking professionals in any analytics organization. The Glassdoor employment site ranks the Data Scientist profession second in the 50 Best Jobs for 2021. There’s a shortage of Data Scientists, making them much in demand in today’s job market. Data Scientists today are primarily required to have a shard understanding of the real-world business issues, perform data gathering and cleaning, device accurate strategies (data analytical), action (using the right tools), effective techniques/algorithms and subsequently offer actionable insights backed by data. That’s why it’s wise to take a data science course in Guntur.

Data Science Certification Learning Path

Accelerate your career with our top-ranked data scientist course. Learn the skills needed to showcase your data science skills through our curated learning path.

Learning Path

  • Discover R Programming with this introductory course. Learn how to write R code, utilize R data structures, and create your own functions.

  • Boost your analytics career with powerful new Microsoft® Excel skills by taking this Business Analytics course, which includes training on Power BI. These two commonly used tools, combined with official business analytics certification, will put you on the path of a successful career.

    • Aligned with PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification
    • Learn Power BI Desktop layouts, BI reports, dashboards, and more
    • Learn to experiment, refine, prepare, and present data with ease
    • Explore comprehensive Power BI training for hands-on applied learning
    • Learn through a practical approach to help you gain expertise

  • Delve into AI basics and generative AI principles. Grasp the importance of explainable AI. Employ prompt engineering to enhance generative AI performance. Understand ChatGPT's mechanisms, features, and constraints. Explore varied ChatGPT applications. Gain foresight into generative AI's future and challenges.

  • Attend this online interactive industry master class to gain insights about Data Science advancements and AI techniques.

15+ Skills Covered

  • Generative AI
  • Prompt Engineering
  • ChatGPT
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Explainable AI
  • Conversational AI
  • Large Language Models
  • Model Building and Finetuning
  • Ensemble Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Database Management
  • Data Science
  • Supervise and Unsupervised Learning

14+ Tools Covered

ChatGPTDalle.2MySQLFSDNumPypandasSciPypythonRSeabornScikitLearntableauMatPlotlibMicrosoft ExcelPowerBI

Industry Projects

  • Project 1

    Sales Analysis

    Utilize Python to analyze a clothing company’s sales data for the fourth quarter across Australian states to help the company make data-driven decisions for the coming year.

  • Project 2

    Employee Performance Analysis

    Build ML models to understand various factors affecting employee turnover. Use clustering, SMOTDE & K-fold validation to analyze their performance & suggest retention strategies.

  • Project 3

    Classification of Songs

    Perform exploratory data analysis and cluster analysis to create personalized song lists and an efficient recommendation system.

  • Project 4

    Interactive Sales Dashboard

    Create an interactive sales dashboard for an apparel OEM in Tableau for the sales department.

  • Project 5

    Crime Analysis with Tableau Dashboard

    Prepare a dashboard to keep the police department and the city updated on the statistics of crime events. You must create a dashboard/story using Tableau.

  • Project 6

    Marketing Strategies with Exploratory Data Analysis

    Perform exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing to help a marketing department understand the factors contributing to customer acquisition and build a better strategy.

Disclaimer - The projects have been built leveraging real publicly available data-sets of the mentioned organizations.


Career Support

Simplilearn JobAssist Program

Simplilearn Job Assist program is an India Specific Offering in partnership with IIMJobs.The Program offers extended support to certified learners to land their dream jobs.
IIMJobs Pro-Membership of 6 months for free

IIMJobs Pro-Membership of 6 months for free

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Resume building assistance to create a powerful resume

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Spotlight on IIMJobs for highlighting your profile to recruiters

Join the Data Science industry

Data science & analytics jobs are booming with 31% projected growth this decade. The data science platform market could surge from USD 10.15 billion (2024) to USD 29.98 billion (2029), demonstrating a 23.5% CAGR. This highlights the field's rapid expansion.

Job Icon11.5 M

Expected New Jobs For Data Science And Analytics

Source: Analytics Insight
Job Icon31%

Annual Job Growth By 2030

Source: 365 Data Science
Job IconINR 9-23 L

Average Annual Salary

Source: Glassdoor

Batch Profile

This program caters to working professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds; the diversity of our students adds richness to class discussions and interactions.

  • The class consists of learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries
    Information Technology - 32%BFSI - 19%Software product - 13%Pharma & Healthcare - 11%Retail - 10%Others - 15%
     course learners from Amazon, Guntur
     course learners from Ernst & Young, Guntur
     course learners from Fidelity Investments, Guntur
     course learners from Johnson and Johnson, Guntur
     course learners from Vodafone, Guntur
     course learners from Broadcom, Guntur
     course learners from Accenture, Guntur
     course learners from Nomura Holdings, Guntur
     course learners from Ericsson, Guntur
     course learners from Infosys, Guntur
     course learners from Nvidia, Guntur
     course learners from Tata Consultancy Services, Guntur

Learner Reviews


The admission fee for this program is ₹ 57,000 (Incl. taxes)

Easy Financing Options

We have partnered with the following financing companies to provide competitive finance options at as low as 0% interest rates with no hidden cost.


₹ 4,750/month

Other Payment Options

We provide the following options for one-time payment

  • Internet
  • Credit/Debit

₹ 57,000

(Incl. taxes)

Data Science Training FAQs

  • How do I become a Data Scientist?

    This Data Science course in Gachibowli co-developed with IBM will give you an insight into Data Science tools and methodologies, which is enough to prepare you to excel in your next role as a Data Scientist. You will earn an industry-recognized certificate from IBM and Simplilearn that will attest to your new skills and on-the-job expertise. The program will train you on R and Python, Machine Learning techniques, data reprocessing, regression, clustering, data analytics with SAS, data visualization with Tableau, and overview of the Hadoop ecosystem.

  • What can I expect from this Simplilearn Data Science course developed in collaboration with IBM?

    As a part of this Data Science online training in Gachibowli, in collaboration with IBM, you will receive the following:

    • Lifetime access to e-learning Data Scientist course syllabus for all of the Data Science courses included in the learning path (*only for Simplilearn courses)
    • Industry-recognized certificates from IBM* and Simplilearn upon successful completion of the program
    • USD 1200 worth of IBM cloud credits that you can leverage for hands-on exposure
    • Access to IBM cloud platforms featuring IBM Watson and other software for 24/7 practice

  • Is this Data Science course in Gachibowli suitable for freshers?

    Yes, the Data Science course in Gachibowli is suitable for freshers, and this course will help them to get hands-on exposure to key technologies including R, SAS, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark.

  • What is the price of the Data Science course in Gachibowli?

    The price of the Data Science course in Gachibowli is Rs. 49,999.

    Equated Monthly Installment (EMI): No cost EMI plans of 3, 6, 9 & 12 months available. Contact us dialing the toll-free number: 1800-212-7688 to avail of this payment option.

  • In which areas of Gachibowli is the Data Science course conducted?

    No matter which area of Gachibowli you are in, be it Madhapur, Begumpet, Amarpreet, Kondapur anywhere. You can access our Data Science course online sitting at home or office.

  • Do you provide this Data Science course in Gachibowli with placement?

    No, currently, we do not provide any placement guarantee with the Data Science course.

  • Why do I need to choose Simplilearn to learn Data Science in Gachibowli?

    Simplilearn provides instructor-led training, lifetime access to self-paced learning, training from industry experts, and real-life industry projects with multiple video lessons.

  • What is the Salary of a Data Scientist in Gachibowli?

    In Gachibowli, a Data Scientist can expect to make around INR 311,000 per year. This value could climb to INR 2,000,000 depending on a person's abilities, qualities, and experience. People who have completed Data Science courses in Gachibowli are more likely to earn a higher wage.

  • What are the major companies hiring for a Data Scientist in Gachibowli?

    To begin the discovery process, data scientists ask pertinent questions. Data is collected, processed, cleansed, integrated, and stored by them. They carry out initial data inquiry and exploratory data analysis. In addition, they select one or more potential models and algorithms. You'll be able to work for companies like Amazon, Accenture, and others if you complete the Data Science Training in Gachibowli.

  • How to Become a Data Scientist in Gachibowli?

    To work as a data scientist, you'll normally require a degree in mathematics, engineering, computer science, or a scientific-related field, though disciplines like business, economics, psychology, or health may be applicable if you have the mathematical ability and fundamental programming expertise. Enrolling in top Data Science Training in Gachibowli would undoubtedly help you advance your career.

  • How to find Data Science courses in Gachibowli?

    It's simple to look for Data Science courses in Gachibowli on the internet. It will direct you to a number of courses that will teach you all you need to know about being an excellent Data Scientist. Look for courses that offer internships and Data Science training in Gachibowli to improve your chances of finding a high-paying job at a reputed company.

  • What are the major industries in Gachibowli?

    Gachibowli is one of India's most important IT centers. Gachibowli is home to all of the major corporations, from Google to Amazon. Manufacturing, engineering, the knowledge industry, and others are among the region's other industries. Data Science courses in Gachibowli can lead to high-paying jobs at some of the region's largest IT companies.

  • What is the salary of a Project Manager in Guntur?

    Typically, a Data Analyst in Guntur can earn close to Rs 8, 57, 000 on an average in a year. Individuals who complete their Data Science Training in Guntur have an excellent chance to earn more and better career prospects.

  • What are the major companies hiring for a Data Scientist?

    Being able to harness the power of this data through data science is extremely valuable. Data science uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge from data and leveraging this data to make major decisions is a key strategic practice for any business. Thus, Data Scientists as professionals are in huge demand in this day and age. Companies, such as Kwiky Technologies and Anblicks are presently looking to hire Data Scientists who have completed their Data Science Training Guntur.

  • What are the major industries in Guntur?

    Guntur being the third most populous city in Andhra Pradesh, is a hub for various industries such as manufacturing, IT construction, tourism, education and electricity. There is no lack of opportunities for Data Scientists in Guntur.

  • How to become a Data Scientist in Guntur?

    As a Data Scientist, you can help companies organize their strategy to make decisions based on the data available. Data Science allows for better visualization of the desired result and can be used to execute actions. So, if you have completed your Data Science Training in Guntur, then you have excellent opportunities to get a job as a Data Scientist in one of the best companies.

  • How to find Data Science Training in Guntur?

    The Internet is ‘THE’ way to source information in today’s world. So, if you are looking for institutes that offer Data Science Training in Guntur, you must perform a search on the Internet. Several e-learning platforms and websites also offer online coaching. Ensure credibility of the institute before enrolling and complete your training certification only from the best institution in Guntur, to add value to your resume as a Data Scientist and get a job in the best company.

    Evaluate various training providers based on the curriculum, industry partners, instructors, accreditations, and other considerations. You can choose the program as per your schedule and budget. You can also speak with industry specialists or admission counselors of the training providers to better grasp the program and get more clarity.

Data Scientist Training Course in Gachibowli

Gachibowli is a corporate neighborhood in Hyderabad that houses technology firm headquarters as well as the campuses of the University of Hyderabad and other educational institutions. Lounge bars and quality Indian and international eateries are frequented by people who work in the area or live in nearby high-rise flats. Gachibowli, barely 7 kilometers from HITEC City, is a popular choice for businesses looking to set up shop in the city.

HITEC City and Gachibowli are home to all of the major corporations, from Google to Amazon. In fact, Gachibowli's western and south-western sections have been designated as Cyberabad, a technology township. Gachibowli's rise as a corporate center has generated considerable residential development throughout the district with different office projects. In addition, major educational institutes such as ISB and IIIT are located in Gachibowli.

Gachibowli is a Hyderabad suburb that has grown into the city's information technology and educational center. This wealthy district of the city caters to your leisure demands with various facilities ranging from pubs to parks and sports complexes. Commuting within the city is simple due to the well-distributed local transit network. The majority of people in the city speak Hindi and rudimentary English, so communication shouldn't be a problem. Because of the region's scorching climate, the Metro Deluxe bus is always the best option for travel. The following are some popular places to visit in Gachibowli:

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