• Admission closes on 6 Jun, 2024
  • Program Duration 11 months
  • Learning Format Online Bootcamp

Why Join this Program

Purdue’s Academic Excellence

Purdue’s Academic Excellence

Joint data science program certificate from Purdue University Online and Simplilearn

Gain Generative AI Mastery

Gain Generative AI Mastery

Dedicated course on generative AI, prompt engineering, LLMs, ChatGPT, and their applications

IBM’s Industry Prowess

IBM’s Industry Prowess

Obtain certificates for IBM courses and get access to masterclasses delivered by IBM experts

Hands-on Learning Approach

Hands-on Learning Approach

Practical learning through 25+ hands-on projects and 20+ tools with access to integrated labs


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Fast-track Your Career

After completing the course, Simplilearn learners have made successful career transitions, boosted career growth, and got salary hikes.

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Career Growth Stories

  • I had a career gap of around 2 years, making it difficult to get a job. After completing Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Data Science, I not only secured a job but was also offered a 50% salary hike. Completing this course has helped me fast-track my career in my field of interest and lifted my confidence.

    - Anand Jha
    Assistant Managerhttps://www.simplilearn.com/ice9/logos/LaxmiVilasBank.png
    Business Consultanthttps://www.simplilearn.com/ice9/logos/EXL_Service_log-edtd.jpg
  • Utkarsh Gupta

    Utkarsh Gupta

    Associate AnalystAssociate Analyst
  • Shamanth Kumar

    Shamanth Kumar

    Manager - Analytics and InsightsManager - Analytics and Insights
  • Ekta Sarogi

    Ekta Sarogi

    Technical Account ManagerTechnical Account Manager
  • Jayapal Sadasivan

    Jayapal Sadasivan

    Data Science EngineerData Science Engineer
  • Sanjog Dalvi

    Sanjog Dalvi

    Associate AnalystAssociate Analyst
  • Prasanna Prem

    Prasanna Prem

    Business Intelligence AnalystBusiness Intelligence Analyst
  • Shyam Unnithan

    Shyam Unnithan

    GM - Enterprise Data ManagementGM - Enterprise Data Management

Purdue Data Science Overview

The Professional Certificate Program in Data Science teaches essential, in-demand concepts and tools, including languages like Python and concepts like Machine Learning. The Data Science certification in Ahmedabad course provides hands-on labs and projects, making these concepts come alive. And you have our staff to advise and train you in this Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad.

Key Features

  • Program completion certificate from Purdue University Online and Simplilearn
  • Access to Purdue’s alumni association membership on program completion
  • Core curriculum delivered in live online classes by industry experts
  • Industry-recognized IBM certificates for IBM courses
  • Engage in live online masterclasses led by Purdue faculty, staff, and IBM experts
  • Exclusive hackathons and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions by IBM
  • Gain exposure to ChatGPT, Gemini, Keras, TensorFlow and other prominent tools
  • Interactive sessions on the latest AI trends, such as GenAI, prompt engineering, LLMs, and more
  • 3 capstones and 25+ hands-on projects from various industry domains
  • Simplilearn's JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
Key Features
Program completion certificate from Purdue University Online and Simplilearn
Access to Purdue’s alumni association membership on program completion
Core curriculum delivered in live online classes by industry experts
Industry-recognized IBM certificates for IBM courses
Engage in live online masterclasses led by Purdue faculty, staff, and IBM experts
Exclusive hackathons and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions by IBM
Gain exposure to ChatGPT, Gemini, Keras, TensorFlow and other prominent tools
Interactive sessions on the latest AI trends, such as GenAI, prompt engineering, LLMs, and more
3 capstones and 25+ hands-on projects from various industry domains
Simplilearn's JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies

Purdue Data Science Advantage

This Post Graduate Program in Data Science is an all-encompassing program that leverages Purdue's academic excellence in the field of data science and Simplilearn's partnership with IBM.

  • Purdue Certification

    Partnering with Purdue University

    • Program certificate from Purdue University Online and Simplilearn
    • Masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty and staff
    • Access to Purdue Alumni Association membership
  • IBM Certification

    Program in collaboration with IBM

    • Industry-recognized IBM certificates for IBM courses
    • Industry masterclasses conducted by IBM
    • Exclusive hackathons and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions

Purdue Data Science Details

Propel your career forward by embarking on a carefully designed learning journey that covers GenAI, prompt engineering, Python, data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, and more. With hands-on projects and industry-standard tools, you will be well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges.

Learning Path

  • Get started with the Post Graduate Program in Data Science in partnership with Purdue University Online and explore everything about the domain. Kickstart your Data Science journey with the preparatory courses on Statistics and Programming.

    • Master procedural & OOP in Python.
    • Understand Python's benefits.
    • Install Python & its IDE.
    • Familiarization with Jupyter Notebook.
    • Implement identifiers, indentations, & comments effectively.
    • Grasp Python's data types, operators, & string functions.
    • Learn various loops in Python.
    • Explore variable scope in functions.
    • Explain OOP principles & characteristics.
    • Understand databases & relationships.
    • Use query tools & SQL commands.
    • Master transactions, table creation, & views.
    • Execute complex stored procedures.
    • Acquire expertise in SQL filtering, grouping, joins, etc.
    • Explore SQL functions: string, math, date, and pattern matching.
    • Ensure database security with access control functions.
    • Gain Python skills for data science.
    • Write Python scripts proficiently.
    • Perform hands-on data analysis.
    • Utilize Jupyter-based lab environment.
    • Explore data prep, modeling, & evaluation.
    • Master NumPy, array indexing, slicing.
    • Understand skewness, covariance, correlation.
    • Describe null & alternative hypotheses.
    • Examine Z-test, T-test, ANOVA.
    • Utilize pandas' Series & DataFrame.
    • Create visualizations with Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, and Bokeh.
    • Explore diverse ML types & applications.
    • Understand ML pipeline & supervised learning.
    • Learn regression models & classification algorithms.
    • Cover unsupervised learning & clustering techniques.
    • Evaluate frameworks: TensorFlow, Keras.
    • Build a recommendation engine with PyTorch.
    • Deploy deep learning tools with AI/ML frameworks.
    • Explore fundamental concepts & practical applications.
    • Understand deep learning vs. machine learning.
    • Cover neural networks, propagation, TensorFlow 2, Keras.
    • Learn performance improvement & interpretability.
    • Study CNNs, transfer learning, RNNs, and autoencoders.
    • Create neural networks in PyTorch.
    • Build & optimize models with Keras & TensorFlow.
    • Understand the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and generative AI models
    • Comprehend the concept of explainable AI, recognize its significance, and identify different approaches
    • Gain an understanding of ChatGPT, including its working mechanisms, notable features, and limitations
    • Identify and explore diverse applications and use cases where ChatGPT
    • Gain exposure to fine-tuning techniques to customize and optimize ChatGPT models 
    • Recognize the ethical challenges of generative AI models and ChatGPT
    • Gain insights into the future of generative AI and its challenges.
    • Explore generative AI's role in data science.
    • Learn its applications across industries.
    • Overcome lifecycle challenges with generative AI.
    • Leverage it for data understanding & model building.
    • Master industry-specific EDA tools & techniques.
    • Develop skills for success in data science.
  • The data science and machine learning capstone project provides a unique opportunity to apply skills in real-world scenarios. Guided by industry mentors, you'll address industry challenges, from data processing to presenting results. Using Python or SAS, implement regression, decision trees, and AI algorithms for accurate models. Ensure model robustness with k-fold cross-validation. Utilize Tableau for insightful result visualization.

  • Attend an online interactive masterclass and get insights about advancements in technology/techniques in Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning.

  • Attend this online interactive industry master class to gain insights about Data Science advancements and AI techniques.

    • Learn about math, variables, strings, vectors, factors, and vector operations
    • Gain fundamental knowledge of arrays and matrices, lists, and data frames
    • Get insight into conditions and loops, functions in R, objects, classes, and debugging
    • Learn how to read text, CSV, and Excel files accurately and how to write and save data objects in R to a file
    • Understand and work on strings and dates in R
    • Analyze data for valuable business insights with Power BI
    • Create interactive dashboards for effective decision-making
    • Enhance operational efficiency
    • Develop dashboards from published reports
    • Utilize Quick Insights for rapid data pattern discovery
    • Adopt practical approaches within Power BI
    • Dive deep into computer vision.
    • Master advanced Deep Learning techniques.
    • Cover image formation and processing.
    • Learn CNNs, object detection, and segmentation.
    • Study generative models, OCR.
    • Explore distributed, parallel computing.
    • Understand Explainable AI (XAI).
    • Deploy deep learning models effectively.
    • Tackle complex vision challenges.
    • Explore applying ML to natural language data.
    • Focus on natural language understanding.
    • Learn feature engineering for NLP.
    • Study natural language generation.
    • Cover automated speech recognition.
    • Master speech-to-text & text-to-speech conversion.
    • Build voice assistance devices & Alexa skills.
    • Acquire advanced NLP & speech recognition skills.
    • Tackle sophisticated challenges in language & speech applications.
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of data ethics.
    • Explore relevance, legal frameworks & privacy.
    • Address security protocols & biases.
    • Learn decision-making & visualization practices.
    • Understand the societal impacts of data analytics.

Skills Covered

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Model Building and Finetuning
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Ensemble Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Generative AI
  • Prompt Engineering
  • ChatGPT
  • Explainable AI
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Model Training and Optimization
  • Model Evaluation and Validation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Speech Recognition

Tools Covered


Industry Project

  • Project 1

    Create a Virtual Assistant with Generative AI

    Develop a conversational chatbot that can engage in meaningful dialogues, answer questions, provide recommendations, and assist with tasks based on the documents provided.

  • Project 2

    Develop an Ecommerce App with Python

    Develop an e-commerce app on the Python platform that cancategorize, add or remove items from the cart and support different payment options

  • Project 3

    Build an Online Car Rental Platform

    Create an online car rental platform integrating scheduling and billing features and leveraging object-oriented programming techniques

  • Project 4

    Utilize Time Forecasting to Forecast for the Food Industry

    Use data science techniques, such as time series forecasting, to help a data analytics company forecast demand for different restaurant items.

  • Project 5

    Marketing Strategies with Exploratory Data Analysis

    Perform exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing to better understand the various factors that contribute to customer acquisition.

  • Project 6

    Use Cluster Analysis for Song Classification

    Perform cluster analysis to create a recommended playlist of songs for users based on their user behavior.

  • Project 7

    Predicting Employee Iteration with Machine Learning

    Build a machine learning model that predicts a company's employee attrition rate by identifying patterns in their work habits and desire to stay with the company.

  • Project 8

    Utilize Deep Learning to Automate Ship Detection

    Use deep learning concepts, such as CNN, to automate a system that detects and prevents faulty situations resulting from human error and identifies the type of ships

  • Project 9

    Deep Learning models to Predict House Loan Repayment

    Create a model that predicts whether or not an applicant can repay a loan using historical data.

  • Project 10

    Facial Recognition for Healthcare Systems with Deep learning

    Leverage deep learning algorithms to develop a facial recognition feature that helps diagnose patients for genetic disorders and their variations.

  • Project 11

    Detecting Diabetics with CNN and Deploying with TensorFlow

    Use distributed training to construct a CNN model capable of detecting diabetic retinopathy and deploy it using TensorFlow Serving for an accurate diagnosis.

  • Project 12

    Employee performance Mapping

    Utilize SQL databases to map employee performance and construct reports for appraisals

  • Project 13

    Air Cargo Analysis with SQL

    Leverage SQL to generate reports using historical airline data, aiming to enhance services and improve customer experience.

Disclaimer - The projects have been built leveraging real publicly available data-sets of the mentioned organizations.


Program Advisors and Trainers

Program Advisors

  • Patrick J. Wolfe

    Patrick J. Wolfe

    Frederick L. Hovde Dean of the College of Science at Purdue University

    Patrick J. Wolfe, an award-winning researcher in the mathematical foundations of data science, is the Frederick L. Hovde Dean of the College of Science at Purdue University and was named the 2018 Distinguished Lecturer in Data Science by the IEEE.


Program Trainers

  • Simon Travasoli

    Simon Travasoli

    25+ years of experience

    Senior Data Science Consultant at Citi Bank

  • Armando Galeana

    Armando Galeana

    20+ years of experience

    Founder and CEO, Ubhuru Technologies

  • Prashant Nair

    Prashant Nair

    20+ years of experience

    Solution Architect | Data Scientist

  • Nikhil Garg

    Nikhil Garg

    16 + years of experience

    Data Science Instructor


Career Support

Simplilearn JobAssist Program

Simplilearn Job Assist program is an India Specific Offering in partnership with IIMJobs.The Program offers extended support to certified learners to land their dream jobs.
IIMJobs Pro-Membership of 6 months for free

IIMJobs Pro-Membership of 6 months for free

Resume building assistance to create a powerful resume

Resume building assistance to create a powerful resume

Spotlight on IIMJobs for highlighting your profile to recruiters

Spotlight on IIMJobs for highlighting your profile to recruiters

Join the Data Science industry

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the hottest fields of the 21st century that will impact all segments of daily life by 2025, from transport and logistics to healthcare and customer service.

Job Icon28%

Annual Job Growth By 2026

Source: Market Research
Job Icon11.5 M

Expected New Jobs For Data Science By 2026

Source: US bureau of Labor
Job IconRs.9L -22L

 Average Annual Salary

Source: Glassdoor

Batch Profile

This Post Graduation in Data Science Program is designed for working individuals from various sectors. The variety of students enriches class discussions and interactions.

  • The class consists of learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries
    Information Technology - 41%Consulting - 20%Manufacturing - 8%Pharma & Healthcare - 8%BFSI - 8%Others - 15%
     course learners from Citigroup, Ahmedabad
     course learners from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Tata Consultancy Services, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Abbott, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Bosch, Ahmedabad
     course learners from GE Aviation, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Accenture, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Ernst & Young, Ahmedabad
     course learners from VMware, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Amazon, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Nvidia, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Dell, Ahmedabad
  • The class maintains an impressive diversity across work experience and roles
    Designation Breakup
    Associate - 21%Midlevel - 47%Senior-level - 24%Executive - 8%
    Total Years of Experience
    Less than 3 years - 16%3-5 years - 15%5-8 years - 11%8+ years - 58%
  • The class has learners with varied educational qualifications from excellent institutions
    Bachelors - 53%Masters - 29%Post Graduates - 3%Others - 15%
     course learners from BITS Pilani, Ahmedabad
     course learners from IIM Kozhikode, Ahmedabad
     course learners from HULT International Business School, Ahmedabad
     course learners from IIM Indore, Ahmedabad
     course learners from IIT Bombay, Ahmedabad
     course learners from University of Illinois at Chicago, Ahmedabad
     course learners from McGill University, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Oklahoma State University, Ahmedabad
     course learners from IIT Roorkee, Ahmedabad
     course learners from AIIMS, Ahmedabad
     course learners from NITIE, Ahmedabad
     course learners from Northern Illinois University, Ahmedabad

Alumni Reviews

After working for 15+ years and understanding the rapid change in technology and the dynamic disruption in how data is handled, I realized it was time for me to upskill. While actively looking for Data Science, I came across the Post Graduate Program in Data Science from Simplilearn in partnership with Purdue University. Simplilearn gave me the option to upskill myself without impacting my day as a mother and my work.


Associate Vice President, AnalyticsCredit Suisse

What other learners are saying

Admission Details

Application Process

Candidates can apply to this Post Graduation in Data Science Program in 3 steps. Selected candidates receive an offer of admission, which is accepted by admission fee payment.


Submit Application

Tell us why you want to enroll in the Post Graduate Program in Data Science


Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application



Selected candidates can start within 1-2 weeks

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to Post Graduation in Data Science, candidates should have:

2+ years of work experience preferred
A bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
Basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics

Admission Fee & Financing

The admission fee for this Post Graduation in Data Science is ₹ 1,69,999 (Incl. taxes). This fee covers applicable program charges and the Purdue Alumni Association membership fee.

Financing Options

We are dedicated to making our programs accessible. We are committed to helping you find a way to budget for this program and offer a variety of financing options to make it more economical.

Easy Financing Options

We have partnered with the following financing companies to provide competitive finance options at as low as 0% interest rates with no hidden cost.


Other Payment Options

We provide the following options for one-time payment

  • Internet
  • Credit/Debit

₹ 1,69,999

(Incl. taxes)

Apply Now

Program Benefits

  • Masterclasses delivered by Purdue University and IBM
  • Earn a data science program completion certificate
  • Exposure to ChatGPT, GenAI, prompt engineering and more
  • Alumni Association Membership from Purdue University
  • Simplilearn’s Career Assistance post program completion

Program Cohorts

Next Cohort

    • Date


      Batch Type

    • Program Induction

      19 Jun, 2024

      19:00 IST

    • Regular Classes

      10 Aug, 2024 - 16 Mar, 2025

      19:00 - 23:00 IST

      Weekend (Sat - Sun)

Got questions regarding upcoming cohort dates?

Purdue Data Science FAQs

  • What is the ranking of Simplilearn's Data Science Certification Program?

    Simplilearn’s Data Science Certification Program has been ranked as the best program in India by Economic Times. Simplilearn has been titled the #1 Data Science Certification program, based on the following criteria, i.e., depth of curriculum, interactive hands-on learning, program recognition, and student experience.

  • What does Data Science entail?

    Data science studies large amounts of data using cutting-edge tools and methodologies to uncover hidden patterns, extract useful information, and make business choices.

  • What influence will Data Science have in 2024?

    Given the vast volumes of data created today, data science will continue to be essential for any company. As a result, the need for qualified Data Scientists will continue to increase multifold.

  • Why is there a demand for Data Science Certification programs in Ahmedabad?

    Data science has spread its wings across sectors and industries, including, healthcare, finance, retail, ecommerce and more, making it a lucrative field. And in order to grab the best opportunities in the field, a world-renowned certification (especially from a prestigious university) acts like a career catalyst.

  • What are the most common Data Science job roles?

    The most in-demand job of the twenty-first century is Data Scientist, and for all the right reasons: the opportunity, earning potential, demand, and more. Other job oriented courses and Data Science career positions are in high order: Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst

  • What are the essential functions and responsibilities of a Data Scientist?

    A Data Scientist identifies the business issues that need to be answered and then develops and tests new algorithms for quicker and more accurate data analytics utilizing a range of technologies such as Tableau, Python, Hive, and others. A Data Scientist also collects, integrates, and analyses data to acquire insights and reduce data issues so that strategies and prediction models may be developed.

  • What is the salary potential of a Data Science Professional?

    Opportunities in the field are limitless, and job roles in Data Science promise plenty of possibilities and high-paying salaries. In India, the average data scientist salary can range from Rs.1,000K to Rs.1,800K based on experience, location, and organization. (according to glassdoor.com) In the US, the salary ranges from $113K to $150K yearly.

  • Is there any minimum education qualification required to apply for this Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad?

    Yes, you are supposed to have a bachelor’s degree with an average of 50% (or higher) if you wish to enroll in this Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad.

  • Will I become an alumni of Purdue University after completion of this Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad?

    You will get a Purdue Alumni Association Membership.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in Ahmedabad?

    For admission to this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in Ahmedabad, you should have:

    • A bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
    • Basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics
    • Working Professionals with 2+ years of experience are preferred to apply for this program

  • What is the admission process for this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in Ahmedabad?

    The admission process consists of three simple steps:

    • All interested candidates are required to apply through the online application form
    • An admission panel will shortlist the candidates based on their application
    • An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and is accepted by the candidates by paying the program fee

  • What should I expect from the Purdue Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in Ahmedabad?

    As a part of this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in Ahmedabad, in collaboration with IBM, you will receive the following:

    • Purdue Professional Certificate Program in Data Science certification
    • Industry recognized certificates from IBM and Simplilearn
    • Purdue Alumni Association membership
    • Lifetime access to all (the core) of the e-learning content created by Simplilearn 
    • $1,200 worth of IBM Cloud credits for your personal use
    • Access to IBM Cloud platforms featuring IBM Watson and other cloud services

  • What is the eligibility criteria to participate in the JobAssist program?

    To participate in the JobAssist program you need to:

    • Be a graduate (engineering or equivalent)
    • Complete our Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad successfully and earn the certificate upon completion

  • What are the financial aids available to enroll in this Purdue Data Science Program?

    We have partnered with Affirm to provide competitive financing options(EMI option available) 

  • Will there be any materials to help you get started with this Purdue Data Science Program?

    You'll have access to a preparatory course once you pay the first installment of the fee. Before attending the first class, you must complete the prescribed learning path. The tutorials will include 8-10 hours of video-based self-paced learning content.

  • What exactly is Global Teaching Assistance?

    Our team of skilled teaching assistants and subject matter experts is committed to guiding you to successfully master the Purdue Data Science Program on your first try. They enhance your learning journey by supporting you with class onboarding, project mentoring, and job guidance. Available during business hours, they are here to respond to your inquiries and aid you in finishing your Purdue Data Science Program.

  • What are the qualifications of the faculties, and how are they chosen?

    Our highly skilled Data Science professors are all industry specialists with years of expertise. Before they are qualified to train for us, they have undergone a thorough selection procedure that includes profile screening, technical Examination, and a training demo. We also ensure that only trainers with a high alumni rating stay on our staff.

  • What certificate will I receive?

    Upon successful completion of the program in Ahmedabad, you will be awarded a Professional Certificate Program in Data Science certification by Purdue University. You will also get industry-recognized certificates from IBM and Simplilearn for the programs on the learning path after successful program completion.

  • What is the JobAssist program?

    Simplilearn’s JobAssist program is an India-specific offering in Partnership with IIMJobs.com to help you land your dream job. With the Job Assist program, we will offer extended support for the certified learners who are looking for a job switch or starting with their first job. Upon successful completion of the Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in Ahmedabad, in partnership with Purdue University, you will be eligible to apply for this program and your details will be shared with IIMJobs. As a part of this program IIMJobs will offer the following exclusive programs:

    • IIMJobs Pro-Membership for 6 Months
    • Resume Building Assistance 
    • Career Mentoring 
    • Interview Preparation 
    • Career Fairs

  • Will the JobAssist program guarantee me a job?

    No, the JobAssist program is designed to help you in finding your dream job. It will maximize your potential and chances of landing a successful job. The final selection is always dependent on the recruiter.

  • Can I choose not to take this JobAssist program and get a discount?

    No, the JobAssist program is a supplementary offering that comes along with the Professional Certificate Program in Data Science. It will make your chances high to get hired by the top companies.

  • How can I get the certificate?

    You will be qualified for the certificate if you meet the following minimum criteria. This certificate will attest to your abilities as a Data Science specialist.

    Course Course completion certificate Criteria
    Programming Refresher Required 85% of Online Self Paced completion
    Statistics Essential for Data Science Required
    Data Science with R Required
    1. 85% of online self-paced completion or attendance of 1 live virtual classroom,
    2. a score above 75% in the course-end assessment,
    3. and successful evaluation in at least 1 project
    Data Science with Python Required
    Machine Learning and Tableau Required
    Natural Language Processing Required
    Capstone Project Required Attendance of 1 live virtual classroom and successful completion of the capstone project

  • How will my doubts/questions be addressed in this online Data Science program?

    We have a team of dedicated admissions counselors who can guide you as you apply for this Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad.

  • Will I be able to access the content after completion of the Purdue Data Science Program?

    Yes, even after completing the Purdue Data Science Program, you may access the course content.

  • How do I know if this Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad is right for me?

    Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge is always a plus point. This Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad is developed in partnership with Purdue University, a perfect blend of world-renowned curriculum and industry-aligned coaching, which makes this program just the right one for you!

  • I am not from a technical background. Can I still join this Data Science certification program?

    Yes, you can join the Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad even if you do not belong to a technical background. However, having a basic knowledge of programming languages and mathematics will be beneficial.

  • Can I enroll in this Data Science certification program if I don't have any prior knowledge in Data Science?

    Yes, you can enroll in the Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad even if you don’t have any prior knowledge in data science since this program will take you through the fundamentals to the top of the ladder, where you learn all the advanced critical data science skills.

  • My current role does not include exposure to data. Does it make sense for me to opt for this Data Science program?

    Data is ruling businesses around the world. The more data-driven you’re, the more beneficial it is for your organization. By taking insights from data, you can make meaningful decisions, plan strategies, and help your business achieve its goal faster. Enrolling in this extensive Data Science certification program in Ahmedabad is definitely going to be an advantage, and nothing less.

  • Who can assist if the course content is unavailable to me?

    Contact us by filling out the form on the right side of any Simplilearn page, utilizing the Live Chat option, or contacting help and support.

  • What does the 24/7 Support guarantee cover?

    Our committed team is here to assist you through email, chat, calls, and community forums. On-demand support is available to guide you through Purdue Data Science Program. Once you finish Purdue Data Science Program, you will gain lifelong access to our community forum.

  • Can I obtain a refund if I wish to discontinue my enrollment?

    If required, you can easily cancel your enrollment. After deducting an administration charge, we will reimburse the money. Please view our Refund Policy for more information.

  • * Disclaimer

    The Professional Certificate Program in Data Science in Ahmedabad is offered on a non-credit basis and is not transferable to a degree.

  • What is the salary of a data scientist in Ahmedabad?

    The average salary of a data scientist in Ahmedabad is INR 621,023 per year. Because it is a technologically progressive city, opting for data science in Ahmedabad can open doors to several opportunities for success. People who have completed data science certification program in Ahmedabad can analyze and model raw data to design business plans and tools for companies.

  • What are the major companies hiring data scientists in Ahmedabad?

    The prominent companies searching for data scientists in Ahmedabad are Replicon Software, Programmers.IO India Pvt Ltd, Zazmic India Pvt Ltd, Next Bee Corporation, Niftel Communications Pvt Ltd, Genpact India Pvt Ltd, and others. Due to the recent developments in the IT sector, a Data Science certification in Ahmedabad can guarantee a good job.

  • What are the major industries in Ahmedabad?

    The prominent industries in this city are Information-technology, tourism, healthcare, chemicals, automobile, plastic, and textiles. These sectors have seen rapid development in recent years, giving rise to several employment opportunities. A Data Science Certification in Ahmedabad can enable one to enter and succeed in the ever-expanding IT industry of the city. A data scientist can interpret and manage data to create business solutions for firms.

  • How to become a Data scientist in Ahmedabad?

    After a person completes all the requirements for this profession, it is easy to get hired as a data scientist. There isn't one particular degree specializing in data science, but people working in this field have degrees in computer studies, economics, business studies, statistics, finance, and mathematics. Most data scientists hold a Master's degree in any of the above areas and pay attention to detail. Irrespective of the degree, an extra program focusing on data science is also a necessity. These programs are often intensive and take around 6-11 months to finish.

  • How to find Data science courses in Ahmedabad?

    Data science is a highly-paid career in Ahmedabad, but one must have the necessary qualifications. There are several institutes with data science courses that can be done part-time or full-time. IT companies in this rapidly developing city also offer data science internships to give people an additional edge. However, one must be cautious and select a high-quality course that fits their budget. No matter what, one must read the reviews before applying to any institute.

  • What is the admission process for this Purdue Data Science Program?

    • There are three manageable phases to the Purdue Data Science Program admission:

      • All interested applicants must apply online using the application form.

      • Candidates will be shortlisted by an admissions panel based on their application.

      • The shortlisted candidates will get an offer of admission, which they must accept by paying the fees.

  • What key topics are covered in the course “Essentials of Generative AI, Prompt Engineering and ChatGPT”?

    Some of the key topics covered in the course “Essentials of Generative AI, Prompt Engineering and ChatGPT” are: 

    • Generative AI and its Landscape 

    • Explainable AI 

    • Conversational AI 

    • Prompt Engineering 

    • Designing and Generating Effective Prompts 

    • Large Language Models 

    • ChatGPT and its Applications

    • Fine-tuning ChatGPT 

    • Ethical Considerations in Generative AI Models 

    • Responsible Data Usage and Privacy 

    • The Future of Generative AI 

    • AI Technologies for Innovation 

Post Graduate Program In Data Science, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, a rapidly developing city in Gujarat, has an estimated population of 7,868,633 as of 2020. Its gross domestic product was $68 billion in 2017, and it has seen significant growth over the years. Ahmedabad covers 194.98 sq mi of land in its metropolis area and 720 sq mi in its urban area.

On most days, Ahmedabad experiences a dry, hot atmosphere, with less rainfall than one would expect in a tropical area. Ahmedabad houses the largest cricket stadium in the world - Motera/ Narendra Modi Stadium. The Sabarmati River flowing through the center of this city is of religious and cultural significance to the locals. Ahmedabad is popularly known as the Manchester of India due to its extensive textile industry.

Despite its rapid shift into the skilled tertiary sector, Ahmedabad has stuck to its traditional roots. The city is home to many cultural landmarks, temples, and museums dating back to the pre-independence era. One can quickly feel overwhelmed by the number of tourist destinations in this city because there are so many. One can also explore the rich and delicious cuisine of this city. Below are some famous locations in the historical place:

And many more.

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