• Next Cohort starts: 4 Jan, 2024Limited no. of seats available
  • Program Duration: 8 monthsAt 5-10 hours/week
  • Online BootcampLearning Format

Why Join this Program

Purdue’s Global Advantage

Purdue’s Global Advantage

Leading Digital Marketing Course from Purdue University(7th Most Innovative University in US)

Harvard | Stukent Simulation

Harvard | Stukent Simulation

Learn via Harvard Business Publishing Cases, DM Simulation, 35+ DM Tools  and 20+ Projects

Official Partner: Meta

Official Partner: Meta

Master sessions by Meta Blueprint trainers; Meta Exam Voucher worth $99

ChatGPT | Generative AI tools

ChatGPT | Generative AI tools

Leverage ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools(Blue Willow, Stable Diffusion, Well Said Labs)

Digital Marketing Course Bangalore Overview

Students have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in this PG program in digital marketing in Bangalore. Through projects and virtual simulations, students get to see what it’s like to work on campaigns. This PG program in digital marketing in Bangalore also shows students how to work with various digital marketing tools and channels.


  • Joint Purdue-Simplilearn Digital Marketer Certificate
  • Become eligible to be part of the Purdue University Alumni Association
  • Masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty
  • Harvard Business Publishing Cases
  • Gain hands-on experience managing your budget in paid marketing campaigns via Stukent Digital Marketing Simulation
  • Build your website & learn real-world hands-on digital marketing techniques
  • Master sessions by Meta Blueprint trainer
  • 6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program
  • Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam voucher worth USD $99
  • 5 Capstone problem statements and 15+ course-end projects
  • 10+ case studies from brands like Adidas, KFC, Nike, Intel, etc.
  • 35+ digital marketing tools
  • Boost productivity with ChatGPT and AI tools (Blue Willow, Stable Fusion & Well Said Labs)
  • Course aligned with Hootsuite and SE Ranking certification
  • Learn using Meta Business Coach Chatbot
  • Live classes delivered by Industry Experts along with self-paced content
  • Simplilearn's JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies

Digital Marketing Course Bangalore Advantage

Learn the essential components of digital marketing, including website creation, digital and behavioral landscapes, SEO, SEM, social media, mobile marketing, content strategy, and paid campaigns. 

Partnering with Purdue University

This Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing in partnership with Purdue University, one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions, offering higher education at the highest proven value. We are committed to your success, changing the student experience with a focus on collaboration and the creative use of technology.

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Upon Completion of this Program, you will receive:
  • Certificate from Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University
  • Become eligible to be part of the Purdue University Alumni Association
  • Master Classes delivered by Purdue faculty
  • 6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program (once accepted)
  • Save 20 percent on the fee on the MS in Communication program
Purdue Certificate in Bangalore

In collaboration with Meta

Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. Facebook changed the way people connect. Apps like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp further empowered billions around the world. Now, Meta is moving beyond 2D screens toward immersive experiences like AR and VR to help build the next evolution in social technology.

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  • Master sessions by Meta
  • Free Meta Digital Marketing Associate Blueprint voucher worth $99
  • Learn foundational advertising concepts on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger
  • Course aligned with Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate Exam Voucher
  • Self paced content for Digital Marketing Associate Certification Exam training
  • Learn using Meta Business Coach
In collaboration with Meta in Bangalore

Simplilearn JobAssist Program

JobAssist is an India specific partnership with IIMJobs.com supporting certified learners looking for a new career.

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  • IIMJobs Pro Membership for 6 months
  • Resume assistance and career mentoring
  • Interview preparation and career fairs

Digital Marketing Course Bangalore Details

Explore various aspects of digital marketing like website creation, behavioral marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, mobile marketing, content strategy, analytics, and paid campaigns. This program also offers a range of electives, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, B2B marketing, and more.


  • Kick start your learning journey in the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, in partnership with Purdue University, and explore everything about this digital marketing program. Get started in no time with our preparatory courses.

  • Start your journey with this foundation course on website creation with WordPress. In this Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, you will learn how to launch your website to promote your business.

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing in this course. Understand the difference between digital and traditional marketing. Go through the concepts like the 4P’s of digital marketing, influencer marketing, voice search, and more.

  • Go through the basics of behavioral marketing and understand behavioral analytics in this Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. You will learn concepts like customer lifecycle, buying stages, and how the marketing funnel works.

  • Understand the importance of SEO in this Digital Marketing course. You will learn how on-page and off-page SEO works, see the technical side of SEO to rank higher in search engines, and learn how to analyze competitors.

  • Learn how paid ads work with help of keyword research. You will learn about different types of bidding strategies in-depth in the context of B2B & B2C channels.

  • Identify and explore various social media channels for marketing communications that will reach your brand’s target market effectively in this course.

  • In this email marketing course, you will learn the end-to-end process of email marketing, how automation works, and how to design the right email templates to increase conversion rates.

  • Learn about the importance of mobile apps and mobile marketing in this course. You will also learn how to optimize the apps with the right keywords and how to do the right mobile ad targeting.

  • Learn about the content research strategies and tools to design the right content from the social media channels point of view in this course. You will also learn how to define the goals and objectives at every marketing funnel stage using informative content.

  • Learn how to perform a deep analysis of paid campaigns and check the metrics of every ad to optimize the campaigns for better conversions in this course. You will also learn about the important elements of landing pages and related design strategies based on the business and industry.

  • Learn about the different types of KPIs and metrics using different analysis tools in this course. Also work on a live campaign to check the ROI of any product or service, and learn how to improve the results.

  • Learn how AI automates digital marketing and increases performance in this PG Digital Marketing course. You will also learn about emerging technologies like auto chat and voice search.

  • You can use the knowledge you've gained in this PG Digital Marketing program in this capstone project. You can choose from 5 capstone projects that will provide you with practical experience. The capstone project, the last in the learning process, will enable you to demonstrate your competence to potential employers.

  • Gain practical expertise in digital marketing by actively running live campaigns on your own via the Stukent Digital Marketing Simternship. Run PPC ads, conduct strategic keyword research, own audience targeting and segmentation, assess key performance indicators (KPIs), optimize landing pages, manage budgets, and more within this immersive simulation. Additionally, upon completion, you'll earn a valuable Digital Marketing Simternship certificate from Stukent.

  • Discover how to use ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools to enhance your digital marketing efforts. Leverage AI's capabilities to improve your online presence and engage with your target audience more effectively.

  • Attend online interactive masterclasses from Meta and get insights about advancements in the digital marketing field.

  • Attend online interactive masterclasses from Purdue Faculty and get insights about advancements in the digital marketing field.

  • Learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to use it to promote your business effectively.

  • Learn how to create and maintain a blog for promotion and user interaction in this course.

  • Learn the basics of the ecommerce listing process. Learn how to promote your product and provide after-sales support.

  • Learn the basics of B2B marketing and various marketing techniques to increase your reach to B2B audiences.


  • Website Creation
  • Behavioral Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Strategies for Paid Campaigns
  • Analytics ROI and Evaluation
  • AI Automation and Emerging Technology


SE RankingHootsuiteDM_Blue WillowDM_ChatGPTFacebookLinkedInYouTubeGoogle AdsGoogle Keyword PlannerYouTube AnalyticsGoogle TrendsFeng-GUILinkedIn AdsSpyFuDM_ahrefDM_Facebook creative hubDM_facebookfor businessDM_Get ResponeDM_google analyticsDM_Google PageSpeed insightsDM_keyword toolsDM_Linkedin for businessDM_MailChimpDM_Meta business suiteDM_MOZDM_MyadcenterDM_screaming frogDM_SEMRUSHDM_similarwebDM_Stable DiffusionDM_TweetDeckDM_unbounceDM_WordstreamDM_YoastDM_Youtube AdsDM_ZohoDM_PowtoonDM_canvaDM_hubspotDM_ApptweakDM_facebook adDM_WordPressDM_WellsaidDM_ASOdeck

Case Studies and Projects

  • Project 1

    Stukent Digital Marketing Simternship

    [Simulation] Gain hands-on experience in ad management by overseeing a $125,000+ budget across search, display, and shopping ad campaigns.

    Stukent Digital Marketing Simternship
  • Project 2

    Air France Internet Marketing

    [Harvard Case Study] Step into the shoes of Senior VP of Media Contacts, to optimize search engine marketing for Air France to generate customer sales in a cost-effective manner

    Air France Internet Marketing
  • Project 3

    Unveil Adidas New Product

    Adidas is a German multinational corporation designing sportswear, shoes, and accessories. Aid in product launches and expanding reach to target audience.

    Unveil Adidas New Product
  • Project 4

    Grand Savings Bank DM Strategy

    GBS is a full-service community bank. Boost visibility, search engines ranking, expand customer base with diverse financial products and services.

    Grand Savings Bank DM Strategy
  • Project 5

    Increase customer reach

    ContractWorks, a contract management software with secure storage and on-the-fly search. Despite superior technology, they struggle to expand customer reach.

    Increase customer reach
  • Project 6

    Reach out to new customers

    Toast, a high-end fashion retailer seeking assistance in reaching new customers, driving revenue, and maintaining brand guidelines and style amidst seasonal trends.

    Reach out to new customers
  • Project 7

    Engage with Youth with SkullCandy

    Skullcandy, a global brand revolutionizing audio, making high fidelity affordable and stylish. Engage with their youthful and adventurous consumer base.

    Engage with Youth with SkullCandy

Disclaimer - The projects have been built leveraging real publicly available data-sets of the mentioned organizations.


Digital Marketing Course Bangalore Advisor

  • Jinsuh Lee

    Jinsuh Lee

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Management, Purdue University

    Jinsuh Lee teaches various marketing classes at Purdue. A Ph.D. in quantitative marketing, Lee puts the premium on the power of big data in marketing. He has developed data-driven marketing solutions such as loyalty and demand forecasting programs for top corporates like Samsung Electronics


Learner's Profile

This Digital Marketing Program caters to professionals from a variety of industries; the diversity of our students adds richness to class discussions and interactions.

  • The class consists of learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries
    Information Technology - 37%BFSI - 19%Consulting - 12%Others - 32%
    Digital Advertising course learners from Dell, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Wells Fargo, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Accenture, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Ernst & Young, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Amazon, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Godrej & Boyce, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Johnson and Johnson, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Vodafone, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Deloitte, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Barclays, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from Microsoft, Bangalore
    Digital Advertising course learners from LinkedIn, Bangalore

Digital Marketing Course Bangalore Learner Reviews

  • Saloni Priyadarshini

    Saloni Priyadarshini


    I am grateful to Simplilearn and Purdue University for providing a platform where learning with hands-on practice is so easy and enjoyable. I am also thankful to all my trainers, CM Manjunath, Pranav Parekh, Marc Campman, Vivek Kumar, and Rushikesh Pandit, for their timely support and for making this journey easy.

  • Satish Jha

    Satish Jha


    I have enrolled in the PG program in Digital Marketing with Simplilearn. My tutor, Pranav, is highly knowledgeable, engaging, and experienced. He makes the learning process easy and enjoyable.

  • Ashwini Barve

    Ashwini Barve

    Sr Associate at Unilever, Bangalore

    I highly recommend Simplilearn to everyone who is interested in learning Digital Marketing. The course content is excellent and the technical, as well as customer support, is amazing. Great e-learning platform to opt for. Thank you Simplilearn

  • Aaron Christopher D'Souza

    Aaron Christopher D'Souza

    Digital Marketing Analyst, Bangalore

    I enrolled for Simplilearn’s digital marketing course while working as a territory sales manager at Bharti Airtel.Thanks to Simplilearn, their JobAssist program helped me make a career transition from the role of a Territory Sales Manager at Bharti Airtel Ltd to a Digital Marketing Analyst at Novel Group.

  • Eshan Gambhir

    Eshan Gambhir

    Group Head, Delhi

    This course helped me in multiple ways. First, it helped me expand my knowledge immensely. Second, it got me a new job with a salary increment of 30%. Third, the course boosted my self-confidence as a marketing professional and ignited a spark for learning within me.

  • Sanchita Chowdhury

    Sanchita Chowdhury

    Researcher & Senior Content Developer, Chennai

    I took the PGP in Digital Marketing course to upskill myself and prepare myself for new job opportunities in this field. The course content is up-to-date, comprehensive and provides in-depth knowledge on the topics. Faculties are friendly and always ready to repeat the concepts or answer a query.

  • Ashish Kumar Biswas

    Ashish Kumar Biswas

    Program Head - School of Commerce, Hyderabad

    I took the PGP in Digital Marketing from Simplilearn to improve my skills in this domain. The course was enriching. My instructor illustrated the topics with numerous examples and practical applications. His extensive knowledge and method of explaining things made the learning experience enjoyable. Thank you, Simplilearn!

  • Immanuel Dayal Walker

    Immanuel Dayal Walker

    Regional Business Leader & Sales Leader, South Asia, Chennai

    The course had a well-defined curriculum, nicely laid study material, and incredible video lessons. Simple tests after lessons helped me brush up on the learning and analyze the answers. The instructors were knowledgeable and experienced.

  • Bhakti Vaidya

    Bhakti Vaidya


    The trainer was excellent. He had a very systematic approach which was really helpful. We also had a brain storming question and answer session which was great fun. Thank you Simplilearn.

  • Purvi Bansal

    Purvi Bansal

    Senior Analyst at Perceptionworld, Delhi

    I have completed Digital Marketing Course from Simplilearn and it has been a great experience. The faculty was quite experienced and had a deep knowledge on the subject. Simplilearn's Job Assist also helped me to transform my career from a Senior Analyst to Digital Marketing Executive in my present company with a hike in my salary.

  • Anuja Sardesai

    Anuja Sardesai


    After six months of learning, hectic weekends cracking challenging case studies, and an overall enriching experience during live classes with some of the best instructors from Simplilearn and Purdue University online, I am so proud to share this PGP certificate.

  • Jim Freiberger

    Jim Freiberger

    SEO Analyst, Colorado Springs

    I decided to upskill in digital marketing and registered for this course. After the first module, I realized that SEO was still my main interest and most vital skill, so I began searching for a new job in that field. And I quickly landed an SEO analyst position. Thank you, Simplilearn!

  • Megan Sue

    Megan Sue

    New York City

    The platform was straightforward to use. I enjoyed learning about the various Digital Media & Marketing topics.

  • Allan Joaquin

    Allan Joaquin

    Senior Copywriter, Calamba

    Completing the PGP in Digital Marketing course and gaining knowledge in the field allowed me to service new clients who needed consultancy on digital marketing strategies. I was also able to increase my revenue by 50%.

  • Michael Anastasiadis

    Michael Anastasiadis


    I have recently completed Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Program. This unique experience was full of live classes, e-learning content, real-world projects and tests. And I gained extensive knowledge regarding all basic disciplines of digital marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, and more.


Industry Trends

Indian digital ad spend will reach INR 58,550 Crore in 2020 as projected by Dentsu Aegis Network report.

  • Digital Advertising Industry Growth

    27.42% CAGR

    during the forecast period from 2019 to 2025

    28.9% job growth

    during the forecast period from 2019 to 2025

    Digital Advertising Annual Salary
    Source: Glassdoor
    Digital Marketing Manager Hiring Companies
    Source: Indeed

Why Online Bootcamp

  • Develop skills for real career growthCutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills
  • Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainersLeading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work schedule.
  • Learn by working on real-world problemsCapstone projects involving real world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning
  • Structured guidance ensuring learning never stops24x7 Learning support from mentors and a community of like-minded peers to resolve any conceptual doubts

Admission Details


The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates by paying the admission fee.

Submit Application

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to do this program

Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application


Selected candidates can begin the program within 1-2 weeks


For admission to this PCP in Digital Marketing, candidates should have:

At least 2 years of experience preferred

A bachelor's degree in any discipline

Marketing or non-marketing background


We have a team of admissions counselors who are available to guide you as you apply to the Digital Marketing program. They are available to:

  • Address questions related to your application
  • Provide guidance regarding financial aid (if required)
  • Help answer questions and understand the program
Talk to our admissions counselors now!

Admission Fee & Financing

The admission fee for this Digital Marketing Program is ₹ 1,01,999 (Incl. taxes)

Financing Options

We are dedicated to making our programs accessible. We are committed to helping you find a way to budget for this program and offer a variety of financing options to make it more economical.

Easy Financing Options

We have partnered with the following financing companies to provide competitive finance options at as low as 0% interest rates with no hidden cost.


Other Payment Options

We provide the following options for one-time payment

  • Internet
  • Credit/Debit

₹ 1,01,999

(Incl. taxes)

Apply Now


  • Receive a joint Purdue-Simplilearn certification
  • Become eligible for Purdue University Alumni Association
  • Masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty
  • Leverage ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools
  • Complete this certification program while you work

Program Cohorts


    • Date


      Batch Type

    • Program Induction

      4 Jan, 2024

      08:00 CST

    • Regular Classes

      20 Jan, 2024 - 30 Sep, 2024

      07:30 - 10:30 CST

      Weekend (Sat - Sun)


    • Date


      Batch Type

    • Program Induction

      8 Feb, 2024

      08:00 CST

    • Regular Classes

      2 Mar, 2024 - 3 Nov, 2024

      07:30 - 10:30 CST

      Weekend (Sat - Sun)

Got questions regarding upcoming cohort dates?

Digital Marketing Course Bangalore FAQs

  • What is Digital Marketing?

    From a birds-eye view, digital marketing is a marketing methodology that offers meaningful insights into consumer behavior. While traditional marketing was all about branding and impressions, digital marketing focuses heavily on creating experiences for users, collating their actions and reactions, and building strategies and campaigns based on the collated data!

  • Why use Digital Marketing?

    Both customers and businesses are moving online, forcing organizations of all sizes, to build more and more effective digital strategies. Due to the proliferation of online devices and access to digital media, there has been an outburst in the demand for digital marketing professionals, across business verticals and sectors, in all domains of marketing.

  • Is there any financial aid provided for this Digital Marketing program in Bangalore?

    To ensure money is not a barrier in the path of learning, we offer various financing options to help ensure that this certification program is financially manageable. Please refer to our “Admissions Fee and Financing” section for more details.

  • Who are the instructors for this Digital Marketing program in Bangalore and how are they selected?

    Our highly qualified instructors are industry experts with years of relevant industry experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain part of our faculty.  In addition, masterclasses will be taught by the permanent faculty of Purdue University, each of whom has substantial industry experience.

  • I am not able to access the digital marketing program in Bangalore. Who can help me?

    Contact us using the form on the right side of any page on the Simplilearn website, select the Live Chat link, or contact Help & Support.

  • If I want to cancel my enrollment from this digital marketing program in Bangalore, can I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the program price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, please read our Refund Policy.

    * Disclaimer
    This online marketing course is offered on a non-credit basis and is not transferable to a degree.

  • What important skills are covered in this Digital Marketing program in Bangalore?

    You will learn some of the most in-demand skills during this digital marketing program, including, web analytics, website management, and optimization, search psychology and language targeting, content marketing, PPC strategy, ad testing and extensions, and more. Not just that, you also get to attend masterclasses from the top faculty at Purdue University.

  • What is the total duration of this Digital Marketing program in Bangalore?

    You will have to dedicate 6 months (at 5-10 hours/week) to complete this online marketing course in Bangalore!

  • Do you provide practice tests as part of this Digital Marketing program in Bangalore?

  • What are the benefits of this Digital Marketing Program?

    This online marketing course in Bangalore builds your expertise in the given field or domain. To add to that getting a certificate from a prestigious university, a world-renowned one like Purdue University is going to add stars to your CV. This digital marketing program also includes a capstone project and over 30 skills and tools that will make you job-ready the moment you graduate.

  • What are the various roles that can be applied after completing this Digital Marketing Program?

    This online marketing course in Bangalore will help you learn everything from basic fundamentals of digital marketing to advanced digital marketing techniques making you a master of all the domains of digital marketing from social media to performance marketing. Therefore you can either apply for digital marketing jobs like a marketing specialist, or choose the domain-specific role you like, for example, you can become an SEO analyst, a social media strategist, or a PPC specialist.

  • What are some of the top online certifications included in this Digital Marketing Program?

    The following top online marketing certifications are covered in this Digital Marketing program:

    • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and SEO
    • Pay Per Click(PPC)
    • Web Analytics
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Brand Management

    To add on to that, you will also get masterclasses directly from the Purdue University faculty when you enroll for this digital marketing program.

  • What is the salary of an Online marketing professional in Bangalore?

    The average yearly remuneration for online marketing in Bangalore is ?657,192. Digital platforms have evolved into powerful branding, advertising, and marketing channels, resulting in an increased demand for ninjas that can cross such terrain. Understanding how to plan, organize, and execute digital marketing initiatives is required for online marketing in Bangalore.

  • What are the major companies hiring online marketing professionals in Bangalore?

    The best firms recruiting for online marketing in Bangalore are BYJU'S, Infosys, Ernst & Young Franchise Bazar, and many more. The primary job roles provided are Social media marketing specialist, senior officer, assistant manager, and digital marketing specialist.

  • What are the major industries in Bangalore?

    Despite online marketing in Bangalore, numerous firms pave the way to the industrial sector. Few prominent sectors other than online marketing include information technology (IT) and microchip technology, broadcastings, aerospace, pharmaceutical products, biotechnology, food processing, automobiles, business and insurance, quarrying, steel, and cement manufacturing. They are looking for candidates with online marketing training/online marketing certifications in Bangalore.

  • What is the JobAssist program?

    Simplilearn’s JobAssist program is an India-specific offering in partnership with IIMJobs.com to help you land your dream job. With the JobAssist program, we offer extended support for the certified learners who are looking for a job switch or starting with their first job. Upon successful completion of this Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, you will be eligible to apply for JobAssist and your details will be shared with IIMJobs. As a part of this digital marketing certification program, IIMJobs will offer the following exclusive programs:

    • IIMJobs pro-membership for 6 months
    • Resume building assistance to create a powerful resume
    • Spotlight on IIMJobs for highlighting your profile to recruiters

  • Will the JobAssist program guarantee me a job?

    No, the JobAssist program is designed to help you find your dream job. It will maximize your potential and chances of landing a successful job. The final selection is always dependent on the recruiter.

  • Can I choose not to take this JobAssist program and get a discount?

    No, the JobAssist program is a supplementary offering that comes along with the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. It will increase your chances of getting hired by the top companies.

  • How do I earn the certificate for this Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing in India?

    Upon successful completion of all the courses in the learning path, you will be eligible to receive the post graduate certification that will testify to your skills as an expert in digital marketing.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for this Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing in partnership with Purdue University?

    For admission to this Digital Marketing Course, candidates must possess one of the first two criteria:

    1. A bachelor's degree in any discipline 
    2. At least 2 years of experience is preferred
    3. Marketing or non-marketing background

  • What is the admission process for this Digital Marketing Course?

    The admission process for this Digital Marketing Course consists of three simple steps:

    • All interested candidates are required to apply through the online application form.
    • An admission panel will shortlist the candidates based on their application.
    • An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and is accepted by the candidates by paying the program fee.

  • What is Meta Blueprint certification?

    Meta Blueprint is one of the top and most popular Professional Digital Marketing certifications globally, and proof of advanced-level competency in the digital advertising industry. With this PGP Digital Marketing course, you receive a free voucher for taking up the Meta Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate program.

  • What should I expect from the Digital Marketing Certificate Course?

    As a part of this Digital Marketing Certification training, you will receive the following:

    • Job-ready skills in digital marketing and hands-on experience 
    • A Capstone project suitable for your portfolio to demonstrate your skills to employers
    • Certificate from Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University
    • Industry-recognized certificate from Simplilearn
    • Become eligible to be part of the Purdue University Alumni Association
    • Lifetime access to all core eLearning content created by Simplilearn 

  • What certificate will I receive after completion of this Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing Course?

    Upon successful completion of this Digital Marketing Program, you will be awarded a certificate from Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University.

  • What roles does a Digital Marketing Expert play?

    Digital Marketing Manager

    They strategize the marketing plans and campaigns for a brand and oversee everything from content copies to fund allocations, tools, performance, keyword allocation and more. Digital Marketing Managers also take care of all digital marketing channels like social media, blogs, Google ads, website content and feedback portals. They aim to engage, innovate and motivate their audience to popularize the brand. Once they are familiar with the product, they start with creating the strategies and long-term plans to market the product in the best way to its audience! As a high-pay role after post graduation in digital marketing, a Digital Marketing Manager can possibly earn over 7 lakhs per year as an average package.

    SEO Specialist/Manager

    An SEO Specialist has an acute eye on the website’s day-to-day and long-run SEO performance. They also work on strategies to intensify and boost the website’s SEO performance to bring as much traffic as possible. Finding high-volume high-intent keywords is one of the most critical responsibilities for an SEO Specialist. They also focus on lead generation and improving conversion rates. The salary of a SEO Specialist is somewhere around 2 lakhs to 7 lakhs per year.

    Social Media Manager

    They manage the business’s social media accounts and monitor, create, and strategize all types of copies and content. This content can include visuals, videos, and captions to story posts. They also connect regularly with the content team to work on integrating social media with other content platforms. Another essential feature of this role is that they work on social media ads, their content, and tracking their performance. A Social Media Manager’s salary is quite the highest in the digital marketing industry and can earn over 10 lakhs per year varying as per the skills and industry.

    Content Specialists/Managers

    These specialists are a core part of every business’s digital marketing team. They lead as well as manage all the content creators, editors and designers. They work on innovating content in unique ways to help it stand out from competitors. They are integrally in touch with the social media and SEO teams as they require content ideas and integration from social media and SEO tools. As a Content Manager, you can aspire to earn around 7 lakhs to 16 lakhs per year.

    SEO-Content Writer / Editor

    SEO Content Writers and Editors are required in every marketing team as they curate and proofread the content. They make sure that the content is plagiarism-free, fact-checked as well as readable as per their target users. For this role, the hiring team usually prefers people who are creative with an eye for precision. It is one of the top roles to grow as a digital marketing professional because you will get to know the whole process of SEO as well as digital content as a novice. Content Writers can earn 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs while SEO Editors can target over 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs varying as per the company as well as experience level.

    Email Marketing Specialist

    Another core professional in a digital marketing team is an Email Marketing Specialist who manages the strategic marketing of the company’s email campaigns, be it ads or service emails, newsletters, promotional campaigns, etc. They first do the research as per the market and target audience and then work on content creation, new ideas for campaigns as well as aligning the company’s social media with the email campaigns. As an Email Marketing Specialist, you can target a pretty high salary package of 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

    Performance Marketing Manager 

    Performance Marketing is another important aspect that you will learn during a PG in Digital Marketing. It is mainly performance-based advertising which focuses on result-oriented paid campaigns to market a brand, service or product. As a Performance Marketing Manager, your role is plan, design as well as establish efficient and effective strategies for paid online campaigns, ads as well as content marketing. You will also need to identify newer channels to reach a broader audience for your brand. Other than this, budgeting, optimization and skillful observation of top competitors will also be a part of your job! The starting salary of a Performance Marketing Manager is 5 lakhs and can go up to 25 lakhs.

    Video Marketing Specialist

    As most of the content we see on the internet is now in the form of reels, shorts and videos, the need for video content marketing has risen up. Video Marketing Specialists are proficient in conceptualizing, curating, editing, strategising as well as capturing the right kind of video content to take their platform to newer heights. They oversee everything about video marketing while simultaneously measuring results, targeting new audiences as well as capturing the top trends on social media. The average salary of a Video Marketing Specialist is around 10 lakhs in India.

  • Will any preparation material be provided as part of this Digital Marketing Course to help me get started?

    Once you pay the first installment of the program fee, you will get access to a preparatory course. You will have to go through these courses before taking the first class, which consists of self-paced learning content in the form of videos.

  • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

    Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified on your first attempt. They proactively engage students to assure they’re following the course path and to help enrich their learning experience—from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance.

  • What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the JobAssist program?

    To participate in the JobAssist program, you need to:

    • Have a bachelor's degree in any discipline with an average of 50% or higher marks
    • Successfully complete our Digital Marketing Certificate Course and earn the certificate upon completion

  • What is covered under the 24/7 support promise?

    We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. We have a dedicated team that provides on-demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after completion of your digital marketing course.

  • Why choose Simplilearn for Digital Marketing Certification?

    In collaboration with Purdue University and Meta, the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing has everything you need to become a successful professional in the digital world. It is a perfect course for working professionals looking to upskill by understanding the fundamental skills and tools of digital marketing. It is specially designed to accelerate your career to new heights by training you with in-demand digital marketing tools and hands-on practical training through case studies, masterclasses, mentoring sessions, and more! What’s even better is that it has superb mastersessions by Meta Blueprint and immersive case studies from Harvard Business Publishing.

    This online Digital Marketing training provides you with 6-credits from Purdue University that can be transferred to Online MS in Communication program. Understanding the need for career mentoring after the course, Simplilearn has added another great feature of resume assistance, access to its job portal named JobAssist, and mentoring from experts in digital marketing.

    Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Course alumni are from international brands like Amazon, Unilever, Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, Ola, LinkedIn & more! Students get to work on industry projects from 5 domains and a whopping 14+ course-end projects. Experts design these projects to provide real-world experience to learners. Other than these, some brownie features of the course include a Meta Digital Associate Exam voucher which costs around 99$, and ask me for any sessions mentored by Meta Blueprint trainers of the course too!

  • What's New in this Digital Marketing Course?

    • Joint Purdue-Simplilearn Digital Marketer Certificate
    • Learn via Harvard Business Publishing case studies
    • Purdue Alumni Association membership
    • Masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty
    • Live classes delivered by digital marketing industry experts
    • Build your website & learn real-world hands-on digital marketing techniques
    • Master sessions by Meta Blueprint trainers
    • 6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program
    • Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam voucher worth USD $99
    • 5 Capstone problem statements and 15+ course-end projects
    • 10+ case studies from brands like Adidas, KFC, Nike, Intel, etc.
    • 35+ digital marketing tools
    • Leverage ChatGPT and latest AI tools for Digital Marketing
    • Course aligned with Hootsuite and SE Ranking certification
    • Learn using Meta Business Coach Chatbot
    • Simplilearn Career Service helps you get noticed by top hiring companies

  • Who can apply for this Digital Marketing Certification Course?

    • Content Managers

    • Marketing Managers

    • Influencers

    • Project Managers

    • Sales Associates

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Business Graduates

    • Analysts

    • Digital Marketing Specialists 

    • SEO Experts 

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, Bangalore

Bangalore, the headquarters of Karnataka, is India's IT center and the world's fourth-largest technological cluster. Bangalore has acquired the moniker of "India's Garment Capital" because of its industrial variety. There are 47 IT parks in the state, as well as three software parks. The presence of specialized IT investment zones contributes to the country's fast-growing IT sector.

The economy of the Bangalore metropolitan region has varied between $45 billion and $83 billion (PPP GDP). Bangalore earned $45 billion in IT shipments in 2014, contributing to 38% of India's total. In 2017, the IT and IT-enabled services industries in Bengaluru employed over 1.5 million individuals, out of current employment of around 4.36 million in India.

Because of the high number of information technology firms based in the city, Bangalore is known as India's Silicon Valley, accounting for about 33% of India's $1,442 billion (US$20 billion) in IT exports in 2006–07.

Bangalore has a tropical savanna environment with specific temperatures and rainfall. Owing to its significant elevation, Bangalore enjoys a considerably milder temperature throughout the year, yet frequent extreme heat might turn summer unbearable.

Bangalore is often known for its beautiful gardens. One must visit these places to enjoy green nature and wildlife. In addition to this few landmarks are also included:

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