What is expected in all job interviews? Employers evaluate your profile based on the prerequisite skills and experience. Though these can be gained through internships, short-term job-oriented courses are essential. How? They ensure a clear understanding of concepts and methodology of application. We have a few job oriented courses sorted for you but understand their importance first.  

Looking for Short Term Job Oriented Courses?

A major reason for unemployment is the skill gap. First thing an employer seeks in your resume is the skillset and work experience. Upgrading your skills lets you understand your passion, and provide proper guidance to specific career choices. 

Why Take Job Oriented Courses?

If you are still wondering why opt for short term courses, then here are some top reasons - 

1. Get High-Paying Jobs

The IT industry alone required around 5 lakh individuals in FY 2021-22. There are several industries booming with great opportunities. Getting a degree makes you eligible for a job role, but the skills gained through professional courses can help you grab those high-paying opportunities. With most candidates trying to choose an easy lane, candidates willing to gain knowledge hold an easy chance out of the competition.  

2. Hands-on Knowledge

Practice makes the man perfect. Capstone projects are a part of all job oriented courses. These projects encourage learners to apply their knowledge, making them competitive and job ready. 

3. Unlock More Opportunities

Many times you get to know your true interest after working for a few years in a particular niche. Short term skill courses give you the opportunity to switch your career. You can easily upskill yourself in your desired field and land at a dream job. 

4. Networking Opportunities

Interaction is the key to success. Communication builds immensely important networks that hold the potential to change your career and life. Different prospects in job oriented courses and projects provide opportunities to connect and broaden your network. In addition, a good choice of words and confidence can aid professional and personal development.

Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses

Here are some of the top job oriented courses that you should think about pursuing in 2023 - 

1. Data Science Certification Program 

Leading this list, Data Scientists are required in every field. They work to abstract worthy information from the clutter of data. Moreover, 80% of the worthy information leads to the company's growth in terms of reputation and pay, thus making Data Scientists earn more than IT employees.

The required skills include DBMS such as MongoDB, and MySQL, multivariate calculus, conceptual and applicability of probability and statistics and knowledge of trending programming languages like Python or R.

Duration: 11 months

Benefits: Master lectures from Purdue University and IBM, more than 25 reputed industry projects, interview preparation, resume development and practical insights from top experts are the benefits to candidates.

Job Outlook: Data Scientist's jobs expect 28% annual job growth and 11.5 million new jobs by 2026. The average annual salary lies between INR 4.5 to 22 lakhs, and hiring companies are Google, Microsoft, Adobe, HSBC, Linkedin, Deutsche Bank and many more.

Professional Certificate Program in Data Science

The Ultimate Ticket To Top Data Science Job RolesExplore Course
Professional Certificate Program in Data Science

2. Machine Learning and AI Certification Program 

Machines are replacing humans. But we need to teach the machines first. Automating the machines using Artificial Intelligence that's the motto of this profile. Skills you must have before applying are an understanding of neural networks, software engineering and system design, programming, data modeling and evaluation and machine learning algorithms. 

Duration: 11 months

Benefits: Academic knowledge from Purdue University, industrial exposure from IBM, career mentorship by industrial experts and hands-on project training from top brands.

Job Outlook: The job profile should experience 28% annual growth and 11.5 million new jobs by 2026. The average annual salary lies in the range of INR 6 to 24 lakhs. You can land a job at Adobe, Zomato, Goldman Sachs, Google, Deloitte, and other top companies. 

3. Cyber Security Certification Program 

Digitalization came with the risk of hacking. So it further created the opportunity for cyber security experts. The certification program is needed for jobs in all companies, irrespective of their technical domains. Being a highly demanded role, it is high paying for experts, and the skills required are computer forensics, detailed analysis, technical aptitude and problem-solving.

Duration: 6 months

Benefits: Exposure to MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, professional exposure and peer interaction from the MIT CSAIL community, industrial case studies, and benefits from the EC council. The job assistance program has collaborated with IIMJobs.com for resume development, career mentoring, career fairs and interview preparation.

Job Outlook: The global cyber market is currently at USD 159.80 billion in 2022 and will see 12.6% growth and a 37% increase in job roles. Salary begins from 8 lakh and reaches 26 lakhs. Hiring companies Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, Infosys, Wells Fargo, TCS, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are a few among the lot. 

4. Cloud Computing Certification Program 

Cloud computing has resolved a major issue of storage in digital devices. Therefore, cloud computation specialists are required in IT and non-IT domains, with skills like holistic vision, strategic thinking, cloud workloads, web services and API, MultiCloud Deployment, emotional intelligence, Autoscaling, application migration, decision making and problem-solving.

Duration: 4 months

Benefits: Academic exposure, certificate and alums association membership from the University of California, Irvine, and learning of various tools such as AWS Cloud Formation, Xd, Amazon EFS, Amazon RDS, Azure Container Service, Azure Functions, Azure Security Centre and different others. 

Job Outlook: Simpllearn's taught skills in Cloud Computing see requirement growth of 23.1% increase in a year. With only a 42% employee turnover rate, 19.1 % CGAR between 2021 and 2028 and $500 billion market growth by 2023, the upcoming job opportunities are high. In addition, the average annual salary is around $130K from companies like ORACLE, Accenture, Amazon, VMWare and others. 

Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing

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Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing

5. DevOps Certification Program 

This certification program trains the candidates for the company's development. It requires tools to evolve and improve product and service delivery at high speed. Candidates will require and learn skills like Continuous integration, delivery, containerization, DevOps methodology, Source control and configuration management.

Duration: 9 months

Benefits: Membership and academic exposure from the Caltech CTME campus, career guidance, hands-on experience in industries, and integrated labs. 

Job Outlook: 40% investment growth in business KPIs and a 30% increase in code release are expected by 2023. 24.6% CAGR between 2022 and 2027 and $22200 million market growth by 2027 is also expected. The average annual salary is $120K, and hiring companies are Infosys, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe, among others.

6. Digital Marketing Certification Program 

Online advertisements are preferred by brands based on high usage statistics of digital devices. The connection with the target audience is more precise through emails, social media platforms, text messages and other options. The certification program in this field requires SEO and SEM, design skills, web analytics, search psychology, Ad testing and extensions, content marketing, language targeting, PPC strategy, Campaign and Ad Group Organization, URL website management and optimization.

Duration: 6 months

Benefits: In a collaborative approach with Purdue University and Meta BluePrint, candidates can have credit transfer and get academic exposure from Purdue University, one-to-one interactive sessions by trainers from Meta Blueprint, expert sessions and Meta Exam Voucher. Job assistance, portal access, and certificates aligned with Hootsuite and SE Ranking certification.

Job Outlook: Reports suggest digital advertisement expenditure of around INR 58 550 crores in 2020 alone. Expected job opportunities are around more than 50 thousand with 52% growth and a priority of around 44% of companies. RelianceDigital, Pidilite, Ola, Unilever, Samsung, Oyo, KPMG and numerous others offer digital marketing jobs.  

7. Full Stack Development Certification Program 

With front-end and server-side technology responsibilities, the job profile requiring a full-stack developer offers a high package. The area is challenging due to numerous candidates eyeing the role. Expected skills from the perfect candidates are knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Backend technologies and Frameworks such as Python, PHP/Ruby and Node.js. Additionally, knowledge of databases, VCS, APIs, Spring Core 5, Hibernate and JPA, SOAP, REST, JSP and others is required. 

Duration: 9 months

Benefits: The collaboration with Caltech CTME helps in learning modern coding techniques, and an engaging and fully immersive experience aids in exposure to cutting-edge topics and competitive peers. 

Job Outlook: The great growth of this field is estimated to reach a market size of USD 4535.5 million in 2026, a CAGR of 13% and a 30% increase in job demand. Amazon, Netflix, HP, Infosys and other companies offer 9 to 10 lakhs of average annual salary. 

Post Graduate Program: Full Stack Web Development

in Collaboration with Caltech CTMEEnroll Now
Post Graduate Program: Full Stack Web Development

8. Product Management Certification Program 

Another job oriented course of great significance is product management. With each company being goal driven, their product life cycle requires optimal handling with experienced and skilled individuals. Earning a certification opens a wide array of opportunities. The expected skills are product strategy, lifecycle management, market fit, ideation, road mapping and prioritization, rapid prototyping, design and critical thinking, market research, leadership, and growth mindset. 

Duration: 4 months 

Benefits: Academic exposure by SP Jain School of Global Management, worldwide four rank holder by Times Higher Education. Hands-on project experience in Harvard Cases and industrial Capstone projects, followed by guidance from industry experts. 

Job Outlook: The global product management market should be USD 54.36 billion by 2030. Additionally, a 14% increase in such jobs is expected. Currently, candidates can apply for more than 1 lakh available jobs to earn an average annual salary of INR 16.7 lakhs. Airbnb, CISCO, BookMyShow, and Ola are examples of multiple hiring companies.

9. Big Data Certification Program 

The most widely used technologies learnt through Big Data Certification find application among numerous organizations. Offering a Master's program in Big Data helps polish candidates' skills in Hadoop framework, Big Data processing, Kafka, Scala language, AWS concepts, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon QuickSight. 

Duration: 11 months

Benefits: The Master's program, in collaboration with IBM experts, is loaded with knowledge, expert guidance, trending project training with top companies, interactive sessions and Job assistance. 

Job Outlook: Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Facebook and IBM are the top five companies among a list of hundreds hiring for the position of BigData engineer. Different domains requiring efficient candidates are retail, education, medicine and healthcare, eCommerce, banking and information technology. 

10. Project Management Certification Program 

Handling multiple projects simultaneously to provide precise results on time requires technique, strategy and skilled training. The Prost Graduate Program in Project Management certificate teaches skills like Quality, Agile, Project management, Digital transformation, LSSGB, digital thinking, customer experience design and leadership skills. 

Duration: 6 months

Benefits: Candidates should expect courses aligned with PMI-PMP and IASSC Lean Six Sigma, a masterclass from UMass Amherst, case studies from Harvard Business Publishing and projects from Capstone and a special JobAssistance Program from Simplilearn.

Job Outlook: Currently, companies like Wipro, Qualcomm, Bank of America, Pfizer, Emirates, Intel, and Wells Fargo provide salaries from 5 lakhs to up to 24 lakhs. The industry is expected to grow 6% by 2024, and 22 million jobs are estimated by 2027.

11. Agile and Scrum Certification Program  

The Hardest tasks can be efficiently completed if broken into components. Based on the same principle, the Agile and Scrum framework assists companies in delivering quality projects and products and achieving their goals. The skills covered here are agile methodologies and philosophy, scrum roles and artifacts, advanced scrum topics, project execution and scrum application. 

Duration: 6 months

Benefits: The application-based learning is accredited by Exile and can be taken as self-paced learning or as corporate training customizable based on the team's needs. 

Job Outlook: The annual salary can be expected between INR 731k and 2312k from organizations like JPMorganChase, IBM, Amdocs and Accenture.

Get Your CSM Certification the Easy Way

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Get Your CSM Certification the Easy Way

12. Business Analytics Certification Program 

The business analytics program will teach the analysis of huge amounts of data to derive strategic information. Business Analysts are among the top job profiles being hired to work for better analysis and growth of companies. Data visualization, modeling, analytics, descriptive, prescriptive and predictive statistics, logistic and linear regression and much more skills are taught in the program. 

Duration: 9 months

Benefits: Collaborating with the Carlson School of Management, the program provides masterclasses from the University of Minnesota, IBM courses, experts' guidance, and hands-on industrial training. 

Job Outlook: By 2026, the market value of Business Analytics will be USD 103.65 billion at 7.3% CAGR. Till 2030, forecasts are of 13.5% CAGR. Currently, 600K+ job opportunities are available with an eight lakhs average annual salary offered by top companies like Apple, IBM and many more. 

Which of these job oriented courses fit your career requirements? Let us know in the comment section below. Simplilearn offers a wide range of online courses that can help you upskill and land your dream job. Explore our courses here.

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