Over the last decade, the demand for tech talent has been on the rise worldwide because of accelerated advancements in the field of digital technologies. 

While the need for skilled professionals is increasing exponentially, colleges and universities are failing to supply the required number of graduates to meet the growing demand. For this reason, the technology sector is facing a severe talent shortage, with thousands of positions in programming, development, UI/UX design, and data-oriented roles remaining unfilled.

According to a report, the United States has half a million vacancies in computing jobs, whereas US universities produce only 65,000 graduates per year.

Thankfully, a new model of education — online technology learning bootcamp— is emerging as an alternative solution, enabling organizations to address the skill crisis

Offering employment-focused, short-term, and flexible learning programs, online bootcamps are gaining widespread acceptance by top multinational companies in recent years.

From tech firms to financial services, and retail chains, organizations of all backgrounds and sizes are putting less emphasis on college/university degrees and instead are preferring online bootcamps for talent acquisition.

This is because, in contrast to academic education, online bootcamp learning programs are more relevant to in-demand job positions, as these programs primarily focus on technical and practical skills.

Career Karma’s State of the Coding Bootcamp Market Report 2020 shows that JPMorgan Chase, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google recruited the highest number of online bootcamp graduates in 2019.

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What is an Online Bootcamp?

Online bootcamps are accelerated, intensive study programs that enable students to learn the in-demand tech skills sought by recruiters.

From Data Science to UX/UI Design, Full-Stack Development to Cybersecurity, and Digital Marketing, there are a variety of certification courses that both freshers and employees can pursue.

Since the launch of the first bootcamp in 2012, the online bootcamp industry has grown to a 309-million-dollar sector, recording a phenomenal growth of 171 percent.

There are multiple factors contributing to the dramatic upswing of online bootcamps, but the two most important reasons are blended-learning and the short duration of the courses.

Skill development programs offered to students by an online bootcamp range from 12 to 48 weeks and blended learning provides the much-desired flexibility, allowing them to learn without the need to relocate or give up their existing jobs.

Full-Stack Javascript is the most sought-after online bootcamp course, followed by .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, and PHP, according to Course Report.

History of Online Bootcamp

In the early 2010s, there were only a few online bootcamps in the United States. In the second half of the 2010s, online bootcamps started gaining mainstream popularity. By the end of the 2010s, students graduating from online bootcamps outnumbered college/university CS graduates.

Between 2012 and 2019, the sector recorded significant growth, mainly because online learning bootcamp programs provided students with skills that employers required, besides offering increased accessibility, affordability, and speed.

Existing within the 1.1-trillion-dollar Certifications, Apprenticeships, and Workforce Training industry, the online bootcamp sector is now worth $47 billion, as per the latest available data.

What is Blended Learning?

A flexible, engaging, and personalized education model, blended-learning leverages games, apps, video, audio, and other digital media to offer a stress-free, more in-depth learning experience that enhances student satisfaction.

Also known as ‘personalized-learning’ and ‘hybrid-learning,’ blended-learning programs also enable students to learn at their own pace, anywhere, and anytime, according to their convenience.

Why Online Bootcamp Is the Best Thing for Your Career?

In the face of the ongoing global crisis, not only are businesses getting disrupted, but it is also depriving students of training and educational opportunities.

Digital platforms, which have been a real savior, allow students to continue their education, enabling enterprises to carry on doing business through e-commerce, and helping millions of freelancers earn a living.

Taking advantage of online bootcamp, you can make career advancements or learn new skills and increase your chances of finding a job even in this time of global crisis.

Here are the key benefits of pursuing a technology learning bootcamp program for both freshers and professionals.

An Online Bootcamp Offers You Career Mobility

When businesses start operating at full capacity, career mobility opportunities will arise, which means that if you have the skills in demand, the chances are that you will be able to make a transition to a leadership position.

It Takes Weeks, Not Years, to Graduate from an Online Bootcamp

To get a traditional computer science degree, you have to spend four years in a college or university.

On the other side, it takes only a few weeks to get certified by a world-class online bootcamp, such as Simplilearn.

Within weeks, you can launch your career as a programmer, developer, data analyst, data scientist, or a cybersecurity professional.

Greater Access to Mentors

Research shows that high-quality mentoring is a major contributor to student success. One of the most significant advantages of an online bootcamp is one-on-one access to mentors and instructors. Mentors are committed to helping students as best they can, and they also offer valuable advice vital for career development.

Online Bootcamp Can Help You Find Jobs and Give Your Salary a Boost

Course Report’s 2019 Coding Bootcamp Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Report shows that most online bootcamp graduates found full-time employment with an average starting salary of $66,964. Professionals shifting to higher positions got a median salary hike of $22,000 or 51 percent.

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Free Course: Programming Fundamentals

Online Learning Bootcamp Builds a Community for You

An online bootcamp offers students the opportunity to create a robust network that includes instructors, mentors, administrators, peers, and alumni.

Strong community engagement promotes the exchange of ideas and the sharing of important information, vital to career development.

Development of Collaboration Skills

In real-world workplaces, engineers and developers collaborate to create new applications and software. Teamwork is a critical skill, and online bootcamps enable a group environment and teach students how to team up with others to achieve goals.

The Opportunity to Learn in a Structured Environment

Those trying to learn on YouTube or on websites lose interest after some time because traditionally, most people are accustomed to a structured classroom learning environment.

If there are no classes nearby or you cannot attend one because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an online bootcamp with a classroom-like guided curriculum is an ideal solution.

Who Should Take up an Online Bootcamp?

While many websites promise to teach HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, front-end JavaScript, or back-end Ruby on Rails, most of these sites do not offer a well-structured, complete curriculum. With tutorials scattered here and there, the programs lack a proper, guided learning plan. You are unaided and on your own. There is no mentor to motivate you, help you stay on track, and clear your doubts if you get stuck.

That is not the case for mentor-guided online bootcamp. The courses offered by online bootcamps are innovative, interactive, immersive, and structured, with mentorship from experts and leaders. Online bootcamp courses are designed, keeping in mind the needs of students and the industry demands. You have the option to choose the skills you want to learn, depending on your requirement or your career ambitions and goals.

There are several instances of online bootcamps, transforming absolute novices into proficient programmers, designers, and developers in only a few weeks. Many reports and studies show that most online bootcamp graduates, with strong resumes, hands-on experience, and outstanding projects in their portfolios, secure high-level roles in top multinational companies, including Adidas, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google, and more.  

Online bootcamp is not for casual participants. Online bootcamps are for individuals hungry to gain knowledge for a rewarding experience, who are passionate about becoming a web programmer, software engineer, or a graphic designer within a stipulated time. Taking a weekend off is a complete no-no. You might have to tell your family and friends that you love them, but you will be away for a while.

Learn the top skills required, including Angular, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Servlets, and JSPs, and SOA to build highly web scalable apps with the Full Stack Java Developer Masters Program.

Which Skill is in Demand?

There is a high demand for full-stack developers, as they are capable of handling every aspect of a project, providing employers with end-to-end solutions to solve problems and improve performance.

Proficient in the back-end, front-end, and middleware technologies, full-stack developers are today the most sought-after and the highest-paid professionals in the IT sector.

As with any professional education, a technology learning bootcamp also requires an investment of effort, time, and money. Simplilearn commits to giving you more than you put in. Visit Simplilearn to discover how the world’s leading certification provider will help you stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the competition with its innovative blended learning model.

If you are seeking a challenging role with job security, a Full Stack Web Developer Course from an industry-leading educational institution such as Simplilearn can be a game-changer for you.

With a high-grade Blended Learning program, offering 270 h of in-depth training, 120 h of self-paced learning, 150 h of instructor-led training, and four industry-aligned projects, Simplilearn’s Full Stack Developer Course will prepare you for an exciting career in the technology world. 


Q1. What is an online Bootcamp?

Online Bootcamps are a fast way of learning in-demand skills. These programs accelerate the learning process and make learners job-ready. 

Q2. Is an online Bootcamp worth it?

Yes, Bootcamps are worth it. According to Indeed, 4 out of 5 US companies have hired a Bootcamp graduate. The fast-paced learning environment in Bootcamps impresses employers. 

Q3. Are Bootcamps accredited?

Not all boot camps are accredited. ACCET is the accreditation body for Bootcamps. 

Q4. How much does an online Bootcamp cost?

Depending upon the skill that you want to learn, the cost of online Bootcamp changes. They can cost between 12000 to 13000 USD.

Q5. Can you get a job with just an online Bootcamp?

Yes, learners find a job within 6 months of completing a Bootcamp. 

Q6. How can I choose the best online Bootcamp for me?

Look for the areas you want to upskill into and find the best resources to gain that knowledge. Simplilearn offers excellent Bootcamp courses with the best faculty, curriculum and more. 

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