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Simplilearn’s Scrum Master Certification Exam is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to prepare for their Agile exam. With this Scrum Master test, you can test yourself multiple times and single out weak areas in Agile. The Scrum Master Certification Exam Questions can be taken multiple times and is a vital tool for anyone nervous about the exam. Try this Scrum online test and watch your Agile test scores improve today!

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1. A Scrum team has been assigned a new project and decides to add the following statement to the Definition of Done: Only features for which a functional design is drafted and accepted are put on the Sprint Backlog. The Scrum Master reviews this and states: Documentation is needed. For each feature, the design shuld be created or updated. We need to add to the Definition of Done and keep this in mind when estimating tasks for the next Sprint Backlog. Why does the Scrum Master say this?
2. One week through a four-week sprint, the Development Team has realized that they won't be able to deliver half of the Sprint Backlog items. The Product Owner is not happy with this, because the customer is expecting most of those features for a release at the end of the Sprint. What is the best course of action as the Scrum Master?
3. The Product Owner assigns tasks to developers in the Daily Scrum, and the meeting always takes more than 15 minutes. What is the best response for the Scrum Master?
4. The Product Owner and the Development Team have disagreements in the Sprint Planning meeting. The Product Owner believes that the developers have estimated the items and their capacity too pessimistically and, therefore have selected too few items for the Sprint. What is the best action for the Scrum Master?
5. When is the Definition of Done used first by the Development Team?
6. The Product Owner wants to have two releases in the project: one on the middle and one at the end. The Scrum Master points out that this does not matter. Why does the Scrum Master say this?
7. Which of the following is acceptable as the output of the first Sprint?
8. There are 9 teams working on a large international project. All of them are composed of highly experienced developers that have been working in Scrum environments for a long time. How many Scrum Master roles are needed for this project?
9. Not all projects are suitable to apply the Agile Scrum approach. In which case is Scrum the most desirable?
10. ADAPT is an acronym for the activities in an Agile transition plan. The first 'A' stands for 'Awareness.' Why is Awareness important as a first step when introducing Agile?
11. The executive team at a company considering a transition to Agile methodologies is looking for a crisp elevator pitch". Which of the following statements makes most sense?"
12. A scrum team had planned for 10 stories to be completed in a Sprint. The development team has completed coding and unit testing on the stories and they have been integrated in the build system. There are 12 outstanding bugs reported during testing. Some of them block the paths described in the stories but none of them are showstoppers. How does one determine if this sprint is successful or not?
13. A team has recently transitioned to Scrum. The project manager of the team, who used to have reporting authority over the team members has taken up the Scrum master role. The Agile coach told the new scrum master that she needs to stop doing a few things. Which of the following should she CONTINUE doing in her new role?
14. Members of an Agile team are drawn from different organizations. They are used to following different techniques and methodologies. This leads to conflict within the team. Which of the following statements from the Agile manifesto can provide guidance about how to resolve the conflict?
15. DSDM - Atern proposes a prioritization scheme abbreviated as MoSCoW, i.e. Must, Should, Could and Won't. What is the point of classifying a particular requirement as a Won't"?"
16. A team that is proposing to transition to Agile is in the process of designing the office space. There is a lot of discussion and debate about the open seating. Rebecca - who is one of the team members felt it was important to have her own private space where she could feel at home"
17. Arthur wanted to showcase a new color theme for the product that is more consistent with the corporate branding. Which is the best forum to do this?
18. Tom is a member of the scrum team. He attended a trade conference and came across a feature idea that he felt should be present in the product he was working on. When should that idea be included in the product backlog?
19. A product owner came across a product idea that is unlikely to be prioritized for work in the near future. What should be done about this?
20. A team member suggested a feature for inclusion in the current release of a product. This was not requested by any customer till date, but it could be an exciting addition to the product and be a unique selling proposition. Other team members felt that there were many other pending mandatory features which should be prioritized first. Ultimately it was left to the product owner to determine the priority of the exciter feature. How should the product owner decide?
21. A scrum master is extremely busy and getting overwhelmed with a large number of tasks that are waiting for his attention. Can you help the scrum master prioritize among the following tasks, i.e. which one should he do first?
22. The burn down chart for a team showed a peculiar trend. It started dropping rapidly at the beginning of the sprint and then seemed to plateau in the middle. A day before the sprint, the line dipped rapidly and reached the horizontal axis. Which of the following is the most likely reason for this trend?
23. The product owner of a team was asked for a forecast for the completion of a product release. There were 140 story points worth of work remaining in the project. The team's average velocity in the past 3 sprints has been 65, though the best sprint among the last three had a velocity of 85 story points. What should the product owner say?
24. Tom is a senior developer in an Agile team. During a particular sprint, he picked up a particularly complex story. Apart from completing the functionality, he took some time to simplify the code structure, make it more readable and found a way to improve performance by reducing some redundant processing. This is an example of:
25. Justin is the product owner for a product line. Over time, the work of the team has expanded such that it cannot be completed by a single scrum team. It now requires 3 scrum teams and there is the possibility of adding another one. As Justin is getting burnt out, what is the best way to resolve this?
26. An organization is transitioning to Scrum. There is widespread belief that the current system is not working and needs to be changed to something better. There is good buy-in for adopting Scrum and some pilot teams have been using it for some time with good results. They have been coached by external scrum coaches and are starting to develop some expertise. At which stage of the ADAPT framework is the organization at present?
27. For an organization planning to transition to Scrum, the scrum coach is planning for few training sessions to develop the ability to succeed in agile and scrum methods. Which of the following trainings is most relevant for programmers or developers?
28. An organization transitioning to Scrum decided to go for an all in pattern, that is, they decided that all the projects will move to Scrum at once. Which of the following is the most important advantage ot the all-in approach?
29. A distributed team is practising Agile. The team is spread across continents and has a fairly high rate of turnover. One of the concerns that came up in the retrospectives is that the teams do not end up creating enough technical documentation to enable new team members to ramp up quickly. What is the best action to address this issue?
30. Which of the following methodologies may not follow iterative development?
31. A Business analyst wrote up a story to have better error logging to simplify troubleshooting. The product owner is trying to ascertain the value" of this story as compared to others so that relative priorities can be assigned. What is the best way to articulate the value of this work?"
32. A product owner wrote a user story with many paths and exception scenarios. Due to the complexity of the story, the team member working on it felt it might take 2 sprints to deliver. The product owner wanted to showcase this in a presentation she was making at a trade show that is scheduled after 1 sprint. What is the best way to deal with this?
33. A developer and tester were jointly interpreting a user story and studying the acceptance criteria. The tester wrote a test scenario that the developer felt was invalid. The tester was adamant that it was a valid test scenario and needed to be addressed. How can the dispute be resolved?
34. A team member was assigned 4 stories during sprint planning for a 2 week sprint. Story 1 is easy to complete but does not add a lot of value. Story 2 is also easy to complete and adds a lot of value. Story 3 is not easy to complete and doesn't add a lot of value. Story 4 is also not easy to complete but adds a lot of value. Other things being constant, which story should be worked on first?
35. A team was trying to estimate a story using the planning poker technique. Mary - a junior developer felt the story deserved a story point of 20 whereas Tom, a senior developer felt it should be 8. After 4 rounds of discussion, there was still no agreement. What should the scrum master do?
36. A team is adopting some technical practices to achieve greater agility. One of the practices is continuous integration. The product is extremely complex and has multiple integration points. The integration and build process takes a long time, which is a major hurdle in achieving the goal of continuous integration. What is the best recommendation for the team?
37. A team is working on a cutting edge technology and does not have a lot of familiarity with the technical environment. Therefore, it is struggling to estimate a complex story because the approach itself is not clear. How should the team proceed?
38. A team follows a Kanban system to manage the work flow. They found that the work items invariably get stuck at the waiting for test" stage and this creates a bottleneck. Which of the following steps will help reduce the bottleneck?"
39. What is a scrum of scrums?
40. Hilton is a staunch opponent of the Scrum transition in the team. He thinks Scrum is a fad that will pass and makes his opinion known to anybody who cares to hear. What is the best way to deal with Hilton?


  • What is the Agile and Scrum Master test?

    The Agile and Scrum Master practice test is an exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions to be answered in 90 minutes. It is aimed to validate your knowledge in Agile Scrum project methodology and prepare you for the actual scrum master certification exam.

  • What Will I Learn From This Agile Practice Exams?

    This scrum exam is free of cost and helps you find out the areas where you excel and the concepts in which you need more practice. A total of 40 multiple choice questions test your skills in Scrum terminologies and methodology, user stories, sprint planning, sprint reviews, and more. It gives you the idea of what you can expect in the real Agile exam.

  • What are the requirements to take these scrum master exam questions?

    Attempting this practice test does not need to fulfill any condition.

  • Will the agile practice exam be updated frequently?

    Keeping a track of the latest trends, we ensure that the questions included in the practice tests are upgraded from time to time.

  • Will this practice test helps in clearing the actual certification exam?

    We intend to design our scrum master certification exam questions in such a way that learners can get the experience of appearing for the actual Agile Scrum Master exam. It lets you analyze your performance in the limited time provided to attempt the questions making you prepare for the real exam in a better way.

  • What is included in this practice test?

    Simplilearn’s Scrum Master practice test incorporates 40 multiple choice questions that have to be attempted in 90 minutes. Learners are allowed to pause the test, if necessary, and re-take it later.

  • Can I retake this Practice Test?

    Yes, the number of attempts for this Scrum online practice test is not limited. You can re-take it until you get the confidence regarding your performance. We suggest you take the exam after completing your preparation for a better review of your performance.

  • Who can take up this Agile and Scrum Master practice test?

    Professionals preparing for the Scrum Master certification will find this practice test quite beneficial.

  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    Yes, the questions included in the practice exam are specifically selected according to that asked in the real Agile Scrum Master exam.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    The practice test allows you to understand your strong and weak areas in the field of Agile methodologies. Hence, you can re-take the test if you do not perform well on the first attempt or improve your learning experience with our Agile Scrum Master Certification Training Course. The test can be taken several times depending on the learner.

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