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Receive a certificate of program completion from iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee

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Earn certificates for IBM courses and attend masterclasses by industry experts from IBM

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AI Business Analytics Program Overview

This program is ideal for working professionals from all backgrounds. Develop core skills such as Excel, SQL, Python, R programming, ETL, data visualization using Tableau, data storytelling using Power BI, Generative AI, data ethics, and more.

AI Business Analytics Program Advantage

The AI Business Analytics program merges extensive academic excellence and pioneering insights from iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee. Gain profound expertise in business analytics to propel your career forward.

  • Program Certificate

    iHub DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee

    • Earn a certificate from iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee
    • Receive an opportunity to avail a 2-day campus immersion at IIT Roorkee
    • Learn about the latest AI trends like Generative AI, prompt engineering, ChatGPT and more
  • IBM Certificate

    A Game-Changing IBM Collaboration

    • Industry recognized certificates for IBM courses
    • Masterclasses by IBM experts
    • Ask Me Anything sessions and Hackathons

AI Business Analytics Program Details

The AI in Business Analytics course comprehensive curriculum covers the concepts of Excel, SQL, ETL, Python, Tableau, data ethics, Generative AI, and its applications in the analytics domain for data-driven insights and informed decision-making.

Learning Path

  • Get started with this Business Analytics & Generative AI program and explore everything about this unique learning journey covering all the concepts of the Business Analytics domain with the added advantage of Generative AI to boost your career.

    • Learn importance of business analytics
    • Harness Excel functions and formatting for analytics
    • Perform data analysis through pivot tables
    • Design impactful dashboards
    • Employ Excel for effective business analytics
    • Excel in statistical data analysis
    • Acquire vital Power BI skills
    • Grasp database structures and relationships
    • Gain proficiency in SQL commands and queries
    • Master transactions, table creation, and view management
    • Execute complex operations with stored procedures
    • Gain expertise in SQL fundamentals: filtering, joins, subqueries
    • Explore SQL functions: strings, math, date/time
    • Manage user access for robust database security
    • Master ETL basics for data analysis
    • Extract structured/unstructured data incrementally
    • Define transformation rules
    • Load data into repositories
    • Differentiate batch vs. real-time ETL
    • Implement real-time processing
    • Learn about Data Pipelines.
    • Optimize using parallel processing
    • Schedule, monitor ETL workflows
    • Attain Tableau visualization expertise
    • Prioritize data organization for insightful visuals
    • Learn combo charts, stories, filters, parameters, sets
    • Master creating interactive dashboards
    • Apply a practical approach to informed decision-making
    • Gain proficiency in procedural and object-oriented Python
    • Install and navigate Jupyter
    • Learn data types, loops, scope, OOP principles, methods, attributes, threading
    • Understand Python's benefits and use cases
    • Master data acquisition through APIs
    • Handle databases using SQL and Python
    • Learn fundamental statistics
    • Understand probability distributions
    • Explore advanced statistical analysis
    • Perform statistical analysis with Python
    • Execute hypothesis testing techniques
    • Conduct correlation and regression analysis
    • Perform time series analysis
    • Conduct ANOVA & Chi-square tests
    • Master Python for data analysis
    • Import, clean, and prepare datasets
    • Summarize data and create ML models with scikit-learn
    • Construct efficient data pipelines
    • Explore data visualization using Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium
    • Grasp AI fundamentals and Generative AI models
    • Understand the significance of explainable AI
    • Apply prompt engineering for Generative AI control
    • Comprehend ChatGPT mechanisms, features, limitations
    • Explore ChatGPT applications and use cases
    • Learn ChatGPT fine-tuning techniques
    • Recognize ethical issues in Generative AI and ChatGPT
    • Gain insights into future Generative AI challenges
    • Learn Generative AI and it applications in data analytics
    • Uncover insights and anomalies with Generative AI
    • Enhance ETL with AI for data transformation
    • Forecast trends and simulate scenarios using AI
    • Identify AI integration challenges in data projects
    • Recognize future trends: Quantum computing, ethical AI
  • The capstone project culminates your immersive learning journey, delving into business analytics, data manipulation, visualization, and programming. Apply your new skills in Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau, and more to a real-world project by solving data-related challenges. Showcase your proficiency in ETL processes, visualization techniques, and ethical considerations.

    • Acquire skills in modeling and solving optimization problems
    • Understand basics: data, decision variables, objective functions, constraints
    • Explore solution types and mathematical programming techniques
    • Master the fundamentals of optimization modeling 
    • Analyze data for business insights using Power BI
    • Craft interactive dashboards for informed decisions
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Develop dashboards from published reports
    • Use Quick Insights for rapid data pattern discovery
    • Apply practical approaches within Power BI
    • Excel in R programming
    • Develop data import/export skills in R
    • Utilize Apply and DPLYR functions for data manipulation
    • Gain Proficiency in R graphics for visualization
    • Apply regression and classification in R
    • Learn Apriori and clustering techniques
    • Understand the core relevance of data ethics
    • Comprehend GDPR and CCPA in legal frameworks
    • Explore data privacy and informed consent
    • Emphasize data security and access prevention
    • Prioritize transparency and accountability
    • Study bias and fairness in data and algorithms
    • Learn ethical decision-making in real-world scenarios
    • Apply ethics in data visualization
    • Examine ethics in ML and AI development
  • Join these expert-led online live sessions to explore the Business Analytics and Generative AI developments

  • Attend an online interactive masterclass and get insights about advancements in technology and techniques in Business Analytics and Generative AI by faculties from various eminent institutes.

Skills Covered

  • Generative AI
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Data Analytics using Python
  • Data Analytics with R
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Business Intelligence with Power BI
  • Extract Transform and Load
  • Statistical Analysis using Excel
  • SQL
  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Building Data Pipelines

Tools Covered

MySQLFSDpythonMicrosoft ExcelScikitLearnNumPypandasSciPytableauRPowerBIChatGPTDalle.2

Program Advisors

  • Manish Anand

    Manish Anand

    CEO at iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee

    Leading as CEO at iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee. An alumnus of IIT Kanpur with an MBA from KAIST, Manish is a seasoned innovator, fostering technological innovation at IHUB  with a keen interest in AI & ML and analytics domain, making him an ideal advisor for our program.

  • Dr. Sudeb Dasgupta

    Dr. Sudeb Dasgupta

    Professor at IIT Roorkee

    Respected Professor at IIT Roorkee, with a Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering from BHU. His deep understanding of electronics and view on leveraging Generative AI brings a unique perspective to this program

  • Dr. Balasubramanian R

    Dr. Balasubramanian R

    Professor at IIT Roorkee

    Esteemed Professor at IIT Roorkee, holding a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science from IIT Madras. With over 20 years of teaching experience, he advocates the latest AI/ML and Data Analytics trends in his teachings, a valuable asset to our program.


Industry Trends

The global big data and business analytics market was valued at $225.3 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach $665.7 billion by 2033, growing at a CAGR of 11.6% from 2024 to 2033.

Job Icon$667.9 billion

Estimated Generative AI market size by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 47.5%

Source: Fortune Business
Job Icon27.6%

Expected CAGR of the global Data Analytics market from 2023 to 2030

Source: Market Research
Job Icon₹9,57,470

Average annual salary of a Business Analytics professional in India

Source: Glassdoor

Batch Profile

This program caters to working professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds; the diversity of our students adds richness to class discussions and interactions.

  • The class consists of learners from excellent organizations and diverse industries
    Information Technology - 35%Software Product - 29%BFSI - 15%E-commerce - 9%Others - 12%
    Wells Fargo
    Ernst & Young

Admission Details

Application Process

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates by paying the admission fee.


Submit Application

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to do this program


Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application



Selected candidates can begin the program within 1-2 weeks

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to this program, candidates:

Are encouraged to have prior work experience, but not mandatory
Should have a bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
Prior coding experience or technology know-how is optional

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Program Benefits

  • Program certificate from iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee
  • 2-day campus immersion by iHUB DivyaSampark at IIT Roorkee
  • Exposure to Generative AI & Data Analytics applications
  • Masterclasses from eminent faculty of IITs and NITs
  • IBM Certificates for IBM courses
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