Course description

  • Please note that 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure solutions exam will be replaced by Exam AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and Exam AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design from 1st Jan, 2019

  • What is the focus of this course?

    Architecting Microsoft® Azure Solutions (70-535) certification training course is designed to give you mastery in Microsoft Azure solution design and architecture. Through demos and practical applications, you’ll enhance your skills in designing scalable, resilient infrastructure and platform solutions that generate value all through the solution lifecycle. The course will help you explore Azure features and capabilities and enable you to make appropriate decisions while designing public and hybrid cloud solutions.

    The scope of the 70-535 exam is to focus exclusively on design and architecture elements and eliminate tactical implementation details best covered in the earlier 70-534 exam. The result is a stronger "architecting" exam with about 30% of the objective domain changing.

  • What are the course objectives?

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Define and design Microsoft Azure infrastructure and networking
    • Secure resources
    • Design application storage and data access strategies
    • Design advanced applications
    • Design and implement Azure web apps
    • Design management, monitoring, and business continuity strategies

  • Who should take this course?

    This Microsoft Azure 70-535 certification training course is an essential requirement for those IT professionals who need a strong understanding of Microsoft Azure solution design & architecture. Applicable careers include:

    • .NET Developers
    • Solution Architects / Enterprise Architects / Team Leads
    • Systems Managers
    • DevOps Engineers / Application Engineers / QA Engineers / Identity Engineers
    • Network Engineers / Server Engineers / Virtualization Engineers 
    • Storage Administrators / Security Administrators

  • What is Microsoft Azure Certification?

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that helps companies and individuals build, manage, and deploy applications on a platform that reduces the need for costly infrastructure and support. Azure certification is designed for professionals who want to enhance their cloud computing skills to architect cloud and web applications. Given the increasing number of companies moving toward a cloud infrastructure, cloud computing has become a necessary and lucrative skill-set that will help you differentiate yourself in the hiring marketplace.

Course preview

    • Module 1: Application Architecture Patterns in Azure 1:37:30
      • Pattern Resources 31:48
      • Performance Patterns
      • Resiliency Patterns
      • Scalability Patterns 1:05:42
      • Data Patterns
    • Module 2: Deploying Resources with Azure Resource Manager 1:24:56
      • ARM Templates 32:17
      • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) 52:39
      • Resource Policies
      • Security
      • Building Blocks
    • Lab : Getting Started with Azure Resource Manager
      • Create Resource Groups
      • Deploy an Empty Template
      • Deploy a Simple Template
      • Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 3: Building Azure IaaS-Based Server Applications
      • High Availability
      • Templated Infrastructure
      • Domain-Connected Machines
    • Lab : Deploying Infrastructure Workloads to Azure
      • Deploy a Virtual Machine using PowerShell DSC
      • Deploy a Virtual Machine Scale Set using PowerShell DSC
      • Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 4: Creating Managed Server Applications in Azure
      • Infrastructure-Backed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
      • High-Performance Compute (HPC)
      • Migration
    • Lab : Deploying Managed Server Workloads to Azure
      • Create Azure Container Service Cluster
      • Deploy Docker Image
      • Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 5: Authoring Serverless Applications in Azure
      • Azure Web App
      • Azure Functions
      • Integration
      • High Performance
    • Lab : Deploying Serverless Workloads to Azure
      • Create Web App
      • Deploy Web App Code
      • Deploy Function App and Code
      • Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 6: Backing Azure Solutions with Azure Storage
      • Pricing
      • Blob Storage
      • Files
      • StorSimple
    • Lab : Deploying Azure Storage to Support Other Workloads in Azure
      • Create Required Resources for a Virtual Machine
      • Create a VM With a Storage Account
      • Create a VM With a Managed Disk
      • Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 7: Comparing Database Options in Azure
      • Relational
      • NoSQL Services
      • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Lab : Deploying Database Instances in Azure
      • 1 Deploy a CosmosDB Database Instance
      • 2 Validate the REST API
      • 3 Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 8: Networking Azure Application Components
      • 1 VNETs
      • 2 Load Balancing
      • 3 External Connectivity
      • 4 Hybrid Connectivity
    • Lab : Deploying Network Components for Use in Azure Solutions
      • 1 Create an ARM Template for a Linux VM
      • 2 Duplicate the VM Resources
      • 3 Create a Load Balancer Resource
      • 4 Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 9: Managing Security and Identity for Azure Solutions
      • 1 Security Monitoring
      • 2 Data Security
      • 3 Application Security Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
      • 4 Hybrid Identity
      • 5 Azure AD Application Integration
    • Lab : Deploying Services to Secure Secrets in Azure
      • 1 Deploy Key Vault using ARM Template
      • 2 Deploy Virtual Machine using Key Vault Secret
      • 3 Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 10: Integrating SaaS Services Available on the Azure Platform
      • 1 Cognitive Services
      • 2 Bot Services
      • 3 Machine Learning
      • 4 Media Services
    • Lab : Deploying Service Instances as Components of Overall Azure Solutions
      • 1 Deploy Function App and Cognitive Service using ARM Template
      • 2 Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 11: Integrating Azure Solution Components using Messaging Services
      • 1 Event Messaging
      • 2 Integration
      • 3 IoT
    • Lab : Deploying Messaging Components to Facilitate Communication Between Azure Resources
      • 1 Deploy Service Bus Namespace
      • 2 Deploy Logic App
      • 3 Cleanup Subscription
    • Module 12: Monitoring and Automating Azure Solutions
      • 1 Application Monitoring
      • 2 Platform Monitoring
      • 3 Network Monitoring
      • 4 Alerting
      • 5 Backup
      • 6 Azure Automation
      • 7 Config Management
      • 8 Auto-Scale
    • Lab : Deploying Configuration Management Solutions to Azure
      • 1 Deploy a Chef Management Server using ARM
      • 2 Configure Management Server
      • 3 Deploy a VM Scale Set using Chef-Configured VMs
      • 4 Cleanup Subscription
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Exam & certification

  • How much does Microsoft Azure training cost?

    The cost of Simplilearn’s Azure training courses are as follows: 

    Simplilearn Course Training Type Cost (US) Cost (India)
    Microsoft Azure 70-532 Online Classroom Flexi-Pass $799  17000 INR
    Microsoft Azure 70-533 Online Classroom Flexi-Pass $799 17000 INR
    Microsoft Azure 70-535 Online Classroom Flexi-Pass $799 17000 INR


  • Is this course Accredited?

    Yes, Simplilearn is a Silver Microsoft Partner, and all of our Azure training courses are accredited by Microsoft.

  • How much does Microsoft Azure certification exam cost?

    The cost of the Microsoft Azure 70-532, 70-533 and 70-535 exams is $165 in the U.S and 4800 INR in India respectively excluding taxes. This fee is paid to Microsoft when you register for your exam.

  • How can I pass the Microsoft Azure exam in my first attempt?

    Simplilearn’s training course is designed to give you all of the skillsets necessary to successfully complete the required projects and help you pass the Microsoft Azure certification in your first attempt. 
    Please note that this course does not guarantee you will pass in your first attempt but you will be armed with all of the knowledge to do so.

  • What is the passing score of the Microsoft Azure certification exam?

    The passing score for Microsoft Azure 70-532, 70-533 and 70-535 is 700 points out of 1000. Microsoft has a scaled scoring system, which means that the number of answers a candidate will have to get right depends on the complexity of the test and the expected skill of the audience.

  • How do I order books and study materials?

    When you take Simplilearn’s Microsoft Azure certification, you won’t need additional study materials. Everything you need to pass the certification exam will be provided in the course. 

  • How long are the Microsoft Azure certifications valid for?

    Azure certifications are valid for as long as the technology is being used. Retired certifications (i.e. certification for technologies that are no longer being used) move to the retired section of a candidate’s transcript.

  • What will I learn from the Azure certification course?

    With Simplilearn’s Azure training courses, you’ll put yourself on the path to Microsoft Azure certification for on the job success. Depending on the course you take, you will learn to design and maintain cloud infrastructures and configure and design web applications. You will also work on realistic, practical projects that will help theoretical concepts come to life and help you pass your certification exam with ease.

  • What is the Azure certification path?

    To get your Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Certification in cloud computing, you must earn two of the following certifications: 

    • 532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • 533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
    • 535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • 537: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack (Planned 2018)

    You can get one step ahead and pursue your Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer (MCSE) Certification in cloud computing by taking an elective from the following list. Please note that you cannot take the same exam for both your MSCA and MSCE exams. If you’ve decided on the 70-532 and 70-533 certifications for the MSCA, then you will have to take the 70-535 for your exam. 

    • 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
    • 70-414: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure
    • 70-473: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
    • 70-475: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions
    • 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
    • 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
    • 70-537: Configuration and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack
    • 70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016
    • 70-745: Implementing a Software-Defined Datacenter

  • How long does it take to get Microsoft Azure exam results?

    Candidates taking the Microsoft Azure exam will know if they’ve passed almost immediately after they’ve completed their exam. 

  • What is the structure of the Microsoft Azure exam?

    In order to retain the integrity of their exams, Microsoft does not make all details of the Azure exams public, so a lot is left unknown. However, here is what is known: 

    • While the exact number of questions in a test is not known, it is estimated to be 40-60 questions per exam. 
    • While most questions carry one point, a few may carry more (which will be mentioned in the test). 
    • The number of questions you will need to answer correctly to pass the exam will depend on the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who have constructed the test. This number will depend on the difficulty of the test handed out to you and the level of skill you are expected to have. As a result, it is advised that you answer every question. 
    • No negative marking is awarded, which means that if you guess an answer incorrectly, you won’t get penalized for doing so. 
    • The total time allocated for the MCSA exam (including revisions and reviewing the NDA) is 180 minutes. 

    Below are the topics covered in the various Microsoft Azure certifications that Simplilearn offers. 

    Topics covered in the various Microsoft Azure certifications

    Microsoft Azure 70-532 exam Microsoft Azure 70-533 exam Microsoft Azure 70-535 exam
    • Create and Manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines (20-25%)
    • Design and Implement a Storage and Data Strategy (25-30%) 
    • Manage Identity, Application, and Network Services (10-15%)
    • Design and Implement Azure Compute, Web, and Mobile Services (35-40%)
    • Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps (10-15%)
    • Create and Manage Compute Resources (20-25%)
    • Design and Implement a Storage Strategy (10-15%)
    • Implement Virtual Networks (15-20%)
    • Design and Deploy ARM Templates (10-15%)
    • Manage Azure Security and Recovery Services (25-30%)
    • Manage Azure Operations
    • Manage Azure Identities
    • Design Compute Infrastructure (20-25%)
    • Design Data Implementation (15-20%)
    • Design Networking Implementation (15-20%)
    • Design Security and Identity Solutions (20-25%)
    • Design Solutions by using Platform Services (10-15%)
    • Design for Operations (10-15%)


  • How should I prepare for Microsoft Azure exam?

    Simplilearn’s Microsoft Azure training courses are aligned with the requirements  of the exam. As such, our experienced trainers will help you learn to use the Azure platform and prepare for the certification exam. The successful completion of Simplilearn’s Azure Training course will allow you to pass the Microsoft Azure certification exam and get certified. 

  • What is the difference between Microsoft Azure 70-532, 70-533 and 70-535?

    The differences between Microsoft Azure certifications 70-532, 70-533 and 70-535 lie mainly in the topics they cover and their target audience. 

    Below is a table that explains the differences between these certifications.

    Certification Name

    Topics Covered and Suitable Audiences

    Azure Certification 70-532

    This certification is suitable for professionals who are proficient in the tools and techniques required to build scalable cloud solutions.  

    To take this exam, professionals must learn to design and monitor websites, virtual machines and network services. They must also learn how to strategize storage solutions best suited for their organization’s needs. 

    Azure Certification 70-533

    This certification is best suited for professionals who have had some experience with the implementation of cloud and hybrid solutions. 

    In this exam, participants will be tested on the implementation of websites, virtual machines and network, and cloud services. 

    Azure Certification 70-535

    Professionals who have been working extensively with Azure solutions are best suited for this certification.

    In this certification exam, you will be tested on how to design and maintain complex applications as well as how to construct a sustainable business continuity strategy. 


  • How do I get my Microsoft Azure specialist certification?

    To get a Microsoft Azure specialist certification, you must pass  any one of the following certification exams:

    • Microsoft Azure 70-532,
    • Microsoft Azure 70-533, or 
    • Microsoft Azure 70-535 

  • Where can I download Microsoft Azure application?

    You can download the application for the Azure certification here (

  • In what languages are Microsoft Azure exams available?

    The Azure exams can be taken in a variety of languages. The 532 and 533 exams are available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian. For those who have to take the test in English (and aren’t comfortable with it) can appeal for additional time. 


  • How will I become a certified Microsoft Azure 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions?

    Aspirants can become certified professionals in Microsoft 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions by following the processes given below:

    • Step 1: Visit Microsoft official website after completing the training
    • Step 2: Register for Exam 70-535, and schedule it with Pearson VUE
    • Step 3: Take the exam and get certified

  • What are the prerequisites for the certification?

    The course is designed for the IT professionals who have experience programming using Azure. Given below are the recommended skills for this certification:

    • 1+ years of web development experience (.NET, PHP, Ruby, or Python)
    • Understanding of basic networking concepts
    • Familiarity with the basic structure of the MS Azure platform

    • Disclaimer
    • PMP, PMI, PMBOK, CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, PBA, RMP, SP, and OPM3 are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.