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Want to clear the AWS Developer Associate exam in your first attempt? Well, Simplilearn’s AWS Developer Associate Exam Dumps can help you. This free AWS certified developer associate dumps enable you to get a real-time feel of what you might come across in the certification exam. The AWS developer associate sample questions are designed to test your AWS skills and better them as well. Do you have enough knowledge of the AWS components such as S3, Dynamo DB, Elastic Beanstalk, and CloudFormation? These AWS developer associate exam questions are similar to the ones that you will face in the actual exam, thus enabling you to gain proficiency in the AWS developer associate concepts. So, take this AWS Certified Developer Associate practice exam today!

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  • 30 Minutes
  • 25 Multiple Choice Questions
  • You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later.
1. In Amazon S3, what do objects consist of?
2. A user wants to launch an EC2 Instance for testing and tries to create a new EC2 Key pair also with name "test." But the test key pair is already present. What among the following options can happen?
3. Does Amazon DynamoDB remain available when you ask it to scale up or down by changing the provisioned throughput?
4. How do you grant an IAM user access to AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
5. Which API do you need to use to disable or reenable an access key?
6. Which command is used to view the Elastic Beanstalk events that are using AWS CLI?
7. Company XYZ wants to implement a temporary credential for its users with limited access. How can they achieve this?
8. What type of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is supported in AWS ?
9. Amazon S3 charge is NOT based on which of the following options?
10. Which of the following APIs is NOT required to get started with Amazon SQS?
11. In AWS account, there are three workflows: workflow A, workflow B, and workflow C. A contains an order placed in Delhi, C contains an order placed in Mumbai. Can B access the data of A and C?
12. What is the timeline for AWS Enterprise type support plan while dealing with a critical case ?
13. Can you use Alias records with your sub-domains?
14. Which of the following are NOT valid protocols in SNS?
15. What are the management tool services offered by AWS?
16. How many trails can you create per region using AWS Cloud Trail?
17. How long is metrics stored in Amazon Cloud Watch ?
18. What is the default port of Microsoft SQL Server database in RDS?
19. The MAJOR advantage of a component-based development approach is the
20. What is the maximum size of a single S3 object?
21. The MOST important reason for an IS auditor to obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence is to:
22. How is the AWS EMR bill calculated?
23. Which is NOT an AWS Database service?
24. When a user gets this error, "Client.InvalidInstanceID.NotFound," what does it indicate?
25. Which is NOT a part of AWS Trusted Advisor?


  • What is an AWS Developer Associate practice test?

    The AWS certified developer associate dumps is a demonstration of the AWS Developer Associate exam conducted by Amazon. There are 25 multiple choice questions in this practice test and are analogous to the questions covered in the real certification exam. The test is designed to check your level of understanding of the AWS cloud platform.

  • Who can take up the AWS Developer Associate dumps?

    The AWS developer associate sample questions are best suited for cloud professionals willing to clear the AWS Developer Associate certification exam.

  • What will I learn from the AWS Developer Associate practice exam?

    The AWS Developer certification dumps help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of AWS. With around 25 MCQs, you can understand the current trends ruling the world of cloud computing, test your knowledge in developing cloud applications, and what it takes to become an AWS developer.

  • What are the requirements to take this AWS Developer practice exam?

    There are no prerequisites to take up answering these AWS developer associate questions.

  • Will the AWS Certified Developer practice exam be updated frequently?

    The world of cloud computing is still evolving and keeping that in mind, we update our AWS developer associate certification questions regularly to include all the latest trends related to AWS.

  • Will the AWS Certified Developer dumps help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes, this mock exam is similar to the certification exam organized by Amazon. You can attempt the AWS Developer Associate exam with better confidence after clearing the practice tests.

  • What is included in the AWS Developer Associate mock test?

    Individuals who attempt the AWS Certified Developer mock exam will face 25 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. The test comes with an option to pause it as well.

  • Can I retake this AWS Certified Developer Associate practice exam?

    There is no capping on the number of times you attempt to answer these AWS developer associate exam questions. However, the test would serve its purpose only when you have prepared well for the actual exam.

  • Are these the same AWS Developer certification questions I'll see on the real exam?

    The questions included in the AWS developer associate exam dumps are aligned to the AWS Developer Associate exam conducted by Amazon.

  • I didn’t do well on AWS Developer practice exam. What should I do now?

    You can reappear for the AWS Certified Developer dumps if you underperform. In case you are doubtful of your preparation, you can consider taking Simplilearn’s AWS Developer Associate Certification Training. It will help you gain expertise in the subject so that you can clear the exam.

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