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Take up this AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Practice Exam and discover your strengths and weaknesses in the AWS concepts. Being a representative of the real exam, this AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps can help you get through the exam in your first attempt. Are you proficient with the concepts of AWS solution planning and AWS data I/O? Well, these AWS Solution Architect Certification Questions will help you assess your preparedness and go about with a systematic study pattern. As this AWS solution architect questions are updated with the latest pattern of the exam, you can feel confident to take up the actual exam and clear it in your first attempt. Testing your skills of the AWS architectural principles and services such as IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS, can enable you to elevate your career to the cloud and beyond. So give this AWS sample questions a try today!

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1. You have five CloudFormation templates; each template is for a different application architecture. This architecture varies between your blog apps and your gaming apps. What determines the cost of using the CloudFormation templates?
2. Which of the following correctly applies to changing the DB subnet group of your DB instance?
3. If you want to use an SSL protocol but do not want to terminate the connection on your load balancer, you can use a __________ protocol for connection from the client to your load balancer.
4. If you want to build your own payments application, then you should take advantage of the richness and flexibility of _____________.
5. You are building an automated transcription service in which "Amazon EC2 worker" instances process an uploaded audio file and generate a text file. You must store both of these files in the same durable storage until the text file is retrieved, but you do not know what the storage capacity requirements are. Which storage option is both cost-efficient and scalable?
6. Which of the following should be referred to if you want to map Amazon Elastic Block Store to an Amazon EC2 instance for AWS CloudFormation resources?
7. In the event of a planned or an unplanned outage of your primary DB instance, Amazon RDS automatically switches to a standby replica in another Availability Zone if you have enabled_________.
8. Which of the following approaches provides the lowest cost for Amazon elastic block store snapshots while giving you the ability to fully restore data?
9. You try to connect via SSH to a newly created Amazon EC2 instance and get one of the following error messages: 'Network error: connection timed out" or "Error connecting to [instance], reason :-> Connection timed out: connect,' you have confirmed that the network and security group rules are configured correctly and the instance is passing status checks. What steps should you take to identify the source of the behavior? (Select all that apply)
10. In a VPC network, access control lists (ACLs) act as a firewall for associated subnets, controlling both inbound and outbound traffic at the __________ level.
11. Which of the following is NOT true about the local secondary index?
12. A user has created multiple data points for the CloudWatch metrics with the dimensions, Box=UAT, App = Document and Box = UAT, App = Notes. If the user queries CloudWatch with the dimensions parameter as, Server=prod, what data will he get?
13. For Dynamo DB, which of the following statements are correct? (Select all that apply)
14. You try to enable lifecycle policies on one of the S3 buckets created by you, but you are not able to do so on that particular bucket. What could be the reason?
15. Each EC2 instance has a default network interface that is assigned a primary private IP address on your Amazon VPC network. What is the name given to the additional network interfaces that can be created and attached to any Amazon EC2 instance in your VPC?
16. Which IAM policy condition key should be used if you want to check whether the request was sent using SSL?
17. What does the following policy for Amazon EC2 do? { “Statement”: [{ “Effect”:”Allow”, “Action”:”ec2: Describe*”, “Resource”:”*” }
18. For what purpose is the string “create image" API action used?
19. If you launch an instance into a VPC that has an instance tenancy of a ______________, your instance is automatically a Dedicated Instance, regardless of the tenancy of the instance.
20. In DynamoDB you can issue a scan request. By default, the scan operation processes data sequentially. DynamoDB returns data to the application in _________ increments, and an application performs additional scan operations to retrieve the next ___________ of data.
21. AWS requires ____________ when you need to specify a resource uniquely across all of AWS, such as in IAM policies, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) tags, and API calls.
22. ___________ is a task coordinator and state management service for cloud applications.
23. Which of the following IP address mechanisms are supported by ELB?
24. A ___________ is a physical device or software application on your side of the VPN connection.
25. You are currently hosting multiple applications in a VPC and have logged numerous port scans coming in from a specific IP address block. Your security team has requested that all access to the offending IP address block be denied for the next 24 hours. Which of the following is the best method to quickly and temporarily deny access to the specified IP address block?
26. Which ELB component is responsible for monitoring the Load Balancers?
27. Which disaster recovery method involves running your site in AWS and on your existing on-site infrastructure in an active-active configuration?
28. An application hosted at the EC2 instances receives HTTP requests through the ELB. Each request has an X-Forwarded-For request header, having three IP addresses. Which of the following IP address will be a part of this header?
29. You have launched an instance in EC2-Classic and you want to make some change to the security group rule. How will these changes be effective?
30. You have an application running on Amazon Web Services. The application has 4 EC2 instances in Availability Zone us-east-1c. You're using Elastic Load Balancer to load balance traffic across your four instances. What changes would you make to create a fault tolerant architecture?
31. The load balancer does not distribute traffic across ________.
32. In context of CloudFormation, which of the following information do you get from the AWS Cloud Formation list-stacks Command?
33. When you use the wizard in the console to create a VPC with a gateway, the wizard automatically __________ to use the gateway.
34. You've created production architecture on AWS. It consists of one load balancer, one route53 domain, two Amazon S3 buckets, Auto Scaling policy, and Amazon CloudFront for content delivery. Your manager asks you to duplicate this architecture by using a JSON based template. Which of the following AWS service would you use to achieve this?
35. You have configured a website and hosted it on WebLogic Server and you are using ELB with the EC2 instances for load balance. Which of the following would you configure to ensure that the EC2 instances accept requests only from ELB?
36. You have written a CloudFormation template that creates one Elastic Load Balancer fronting two EC2 instances. Which section of the template should you edit so that the DNS of the load balancer is returned upon creation of the stack?
37. What does a 'Domain" refer to in Amazon SWF?
38. A customer has a website which is accessible over the Internet and he wants to secure the communication and decides to implement HTTPS instead of HTTP. He has configured EC2 instance behind an ELB. Where should you configure the SSL certificate?
39. Once you've successfully created a Microsoft windows stack on AWS CloudFormation, you can log in to your instance with _______ to configure it manually.
40. You have created a custom configured Amazon instance using Linux, containing all your software and applications. If you want to use the same setup again, what is the best way to do it?
41. With regards to VPC, what is the default maximum number of virtual private gateways allowed per region?
42. Elasticity is a fundamental property of the cloud. Which of the following best describes elasticity?
43. With regards to RDS, the standby should be in the same ______________ as the primary instance.
44. AWS Identity and Access Management is available through which of the following interfaces?
45. Scalability is a fundamental property of a good AWS system. Which of the following best describes scalability on AWS?
46. Which technique can be used to integrate AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) with an on-premises LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) directory service?
47. If you are using a non-transactional engine such as My ISAM, which of the following steps need to be performed to successfully set up your Read Replica so it has a consistent copy of your data?
48. In CloudFront, if you add a CNAME for to your distribution, you also need to create (or update) a CNAME record with your DNS service to route queries for ___________.
49. Your manager has asked you to build a MongoDB replica set in the Cloud. Amazon Web Services does not provide a MongoDB service. How would you go about setting up the MongoDB replica set?
50. Your company has an application that requires access to a NoSQL database. Your IT departments have no desire to manage the NoSQL servers. Which Amazon service provides a fully managed and highly available NoSQL service?
51. How many requests per second can Amazon CloudFront handle?
52. When you need to use CloudFront to distribute your content you need to create a distribution. You also need to specify the configuration settings. Which of the following configuration settings would you specify?
53. You currently operate a web application in the AWS US-East region. The application runs on an auto-scaled layer of EC2 instances and an RDS Multi-AZ database. Your IT security compliance officer has tasked you to develop a reliable and durable logging solution to track changes made to your EC2, IAM, and RDS resources. The solution must ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your log data. Which of these solutions would you recommend?
54. Which of the following metrics can have a CloudWatch Alarm?
55. Which of the following payment options are associated with Reserved Instances?
56. You have a website which is used quite frequently. Therefore, you decide to use 50 EC2 instances, with two availability zones in two regions, each with 25 instances. However, while starting the servers, you are able to start only 20 servers and then the requests start failing. Why?
57. website has millions of photos and also thumbnails for each photo. Thumbnails can easily be reproduced from the actual photo. However, a thumbnail takes less space than actual photo. Which of the following is the best solution to store thumbnails?
58. You want your Hadoop job to be triggered based on the event notification of a file upload action. Which of the following components can help you implement this in AWS?
59. is a website where you have file sharing and storing services like Google Drive and Google Dropbox. During the sync up from desktop you accidently deleted an important file. Which of the simple storage service will help you retrieve the deleted file?
60. is a photo and video hosting website and they have millions of users. Which of the following is a good solution for storing big data object, by reducing costs, scaling to meet demand, and increasing the speed of innovation?


  • What is an AWS Solutions Architect practice test?

    The AWS Solutions Architect practice exam is free of cost and is designed to check your understanding of AWS concepts. A total of 60 multiple choice questions are to be attempted in 80 minutes in this test. The test covers questions from all the important topics that are expected to be asked in the AWS exam.

  • Who can take up this AWS certified solutions architect associate dumps?

    Professionals willing to become an AWS certified Solution Architect Associate by passing the AWS exam can take the AWS certification dumps.

  • What will I learn from this AWS practice exam?

    The questions covered in this practice test helps you examine your skills in advanced cloud-based computing solutions. The questions are aligned to the February 2018 exam released by AWS. You can know where do you stand in the field of AWS architecture, it's workings, best practices, cost control mechanisms, and various other aspects.

  • What are the requirements to take this AWS practice test?

    Candidates can take this AWS solution architect exam with no particular requirements.

  • Will the Practice Tests be updated frequently?

    Yes, the questions included in the practice tests are aligned with the latest trends in AWS and gives you the benefit of being upgraded with them.

  • Will this AWS mock test help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes. Your preparation is incomplete until you monitor and time your performance. These AWS sample questions are inclusive of the expected AWS exam questions and assists you to attempt the actual AWS certification exam with better preparation.

  • What is included in the AWS dumps?

    There are 60 AWS multiple choice questions in this time bound AWS Solutions Architect practice test. There is a pause feature which allows you to re-take the test later. 

  • Can I retake answering these AWS solutions architect associate exam questions?

    Yes, the AWS mock exam can be taken multiple times. You are, however, advised to take the test after revising all the important topics of AWS. 

  • Are these the same AWS questions I'll see on the real exam?

    The AWS exam dumps is basically a mock exam which gives you a similar experience of appearing for the real AWS exam. 

  • I didn’t do well on this AWS practice test. What should I do now?

    The practice test ensures that you have a thorough understanding of the AWS concepts. If you do not perform satisfactorily in the practice test, you can enroll in our AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course to learn more about concepts related to AWS. You can gain expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the AWS Cloud Architect master’s program. Familiarize with architectural principles and services of AWS, learn how to design and deploy highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications on AWS, implement AWS security and testing, and become an expert in AWS components such as S3 and CloudFormation.

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