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Simplilearn’s AWS technical professional exam is a mock test well-suited for those who want to methodically prepare for their certification exams. The AWS technical essentials mock paper is free of cost and can be taken by aspiring AWS certified professionals. The AWS technical professional assessment is a representation of the real exam and intends to help professionals how well-prepared they are manipulating the AWS environment.

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  • Instructions:

  • FREE test and can be attempted multiple times.
  • 60 Minutes
  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions
  • You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later.
1. What does a comprehensive data policy include?
2. Which of the following is true about NoSQL and SQL?
3. A leading IT firm in Manhattan faces lot of network traffic issues. What should it use to ease these issues?
4. ABC company wants to use network services that would implement its code from Amazon EC2 instances on the virtual servers. What should the company use?
5. MultiPan, a small company with huge clientele, was facing a storage crunch, and it wants the resources to be connected to the Internet. What is the ideal solution?
6. If a company wants to use the DNS Web service, what is the appropriate option?
7. To retain application availability, you should use.
8. How does an Elastic Load Balancer enable higher fault-tolerance level?
9. In case of a disaster, which of the following activities will you perform?
10. ABC company wants Web services that offer scalable computing capacity servers. What should the company choose?
11. XYZ company wants instance types for high-performance databases, genome analysis, Microsoft SharePoint, distributed caches, and in-memory analytics. Identify the best option.
12. What are the uses of T2 instances?
13. What instance type will you recommend if your organization wants high frequency processors?
14. Which of these platforms does Amazon EC2 support?
15. Amy wants to use the highest performing processor at the lowest price in Amazon EC2. What should she choose?
16. Elina is a business traveler, and she wants to download the AWS Console app. Select the option that does NOT allow this.
17. Daniel wants to store his website data and also needs a user-friendly interface. Which of the following will suit Daniel's demand?
18. Which of the following does the AWS Import/Export service support?
19. AWS wanted to examine the customer's AWS environment, identify security gaps, and fill them. Which of these tools was used to solve the issue automatically?
20. Which of the following provides non-stop monitoring, logging, and auditing of physical access controls?
21. Which of the following is a scalable and an economical amalgamation of your office IT and AWS storage infrastructure?
22. Anna wants to create users and groups in AWS service. Which of the following will perform the task?
23. Which of the following was the first service offered by Amazon to transfer data?
24. While researching on the Availability Zones of AWS expansion, Elliot wanted to know the upcoming regions. Selecting the correct region or regions.
25. Paul wanted to isolate a section of the AWS cloud, and launch AWS resources in a defined virtual network. Which of these options should he choose?
26. With the decision to store data in Amazon Glacier,the Ahana group of companies came across one of the used cases. Identify the used case from the following.
27. ABC, a public record managing firm, wanted to transfer huge amount of data. Since, it was for public records, they needed some solution that would not charge them much. Which of the following is the most suitable for them?
28. What is used for applications and databases where there is significant amount of traffic?
29. Direct Attached Storage is a type of _____.
30. ______ means that the storage is temporary, and its contents can be lost when the system is rebooted.
31. Which of the following will XYZ company use to transfer its website to one type of cloud while its brochure is on another?
32. St. Philip University wanted to use AWS service that would create and provision AWS resources. Suggest the appropriate options from the following.
33. CloudFormation Components Templates has a format that conforms to the ____.
34. What does Stack as single unit mean?
35. Which of the following is NOT a certification of the AWS IT infrastructure?
36. Which of the followin can Merrin, a new user to the Amazon Web Service, use to access the provided service?
37. Which of the following can automatically scale resources?
38. If you can specify input parameters, and you can determine their values at the time of creating the stack, it means you are _____.
39. ABC company wants to monitor cloud resources, such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances, and applications. What services it should use?
40. How can you use Amazon CloudWatch?
41. Which of the following clouds is a mix of public and private cloud services?
42. Amazon Web Services is Amazon's cloud computing environment that offers benefits of _____.
43. Magnetic storage is a persistent type of slower, older _____.
44. Virtual Tape Library provides users with an unlimited __________.
45. Which of the following are the current list of service groups in the All AWS Services section?
46. Which of the following is a singular feature of AWS?
47. Which of the following is granted according to the least privileged criteria?
48. Which is the vital feature on Navigation Bar?
49. The security of global infrastructure services run in which of the following cloud?
50. Amazon DynamoDB, as a part of Amazon Web Services, refers to a service that offers _____.
51. What is the other name for attributes?
52. Which of the following is a type Primary Key?
53. Which of the following Dynamo data types includes a string set, a binary set, and a number set?
54. Which of the following has a unique decimal number or a code point?
55. True or False is an attribute of _____.
56. Which of the following services creates and provisions AWS resources?
57. What offers profitable, resizable capacity for your databases?
58. A(n)_____ aims to control access to a DB instance.
59. What is applied to a DB instance if you do not specify the desired parameter group while creating the instance?
60. Through which option does Amazon maintain a synchronous reserved replica of that DB instance?


  • What is the AWS technical essential practice test?

    The AWS technical essential practice test is a representation of the real AWS technical professional exam and is designed to help professionals assess their level of preparedness for the exam. The AWS practice test contains 60 MCQs that must be answered in 60 minutes and is similar to the actual AWS exam. This practice test aims at methodically preparing the candidates for the certification exam.

  • What is included in this AWS technical professional practice test?

    The AWS Technical Professional practice test consists of 60 MCQs which can be attempted multiple times and is free of cost. Candidates can also pause the test and resume them at any time as they desire.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    You can retake the practice test as often as you desire. If clearing the AWS exam in your first attempt was not fruitful, you can learn more from the AWS Technical Essentials course and retake the exam after better preparing for the exam.

  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    The AWS technical professional assessment contains questions that are similar to the AWS technical professional test questions conducted by the accreditation body.

  • Who can take up this AWS technical essential free practice test?

    The AWS technical essential practice test is free of cost and can be taken up by IT developers, SysOps administrators, and any individual who is new to AWS. The individuals responsible for articulating the technical benefits of AWS service will also benefit from this AWS technical essential free practice test.

  • Can I retake this practice test?

    Yes, the AWS assessment test can be taken up any number of times. However, candidates can get the best practice experience only if they answer the test questions after preparing well with the concepts of AWS.

  • What will I learn from this practice test?

    There are over 60 multiple choice questions designed to enable the candidates to be well-prepared for the AWS exam. The AWS technical professional assessment questions will ensure that you have the necessary skills in identifying the AWS terminologies, concepts, benefits, and deployment options which in turn will help to meet your business requirements.

  • What are the requirements to take this AWS technical professional practice test?

    The AWS technical professional practice test can be taken up by anyone interested in learning and testing themselves on cloud computing concepts. Also, a basic knowledge of any programming language will prove beneficial.

  • Will the practice tests be updated frequently?

    Yes, Simplilearn will regularly update the practice tests to always provide candidates with the latest information.

  • Will this AWS practice test help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes. This AWS technical essential free practice test is similar to the actual AWS exam. Though this test does not guarantee that you can get through the exam, it helps you clear the exam easily.

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