DevOps is a much sought-after skill, closing the gap between development and operations teams to improve software delivery, increase dependability, and drive creativity. DevOps builds an agile tech ecosystem through communication, automation and continuous learning. However, there are several ways to improve your DevOps skills in addition to highly desired industry certifications such as Azure DevOps, which can help show that you have the needed knowledge and commitment for this kind of job. In this article, we look at Azure DevOps Certification cost and its pros and cons. Meanwhile, we will also discuss inclusive prerequisites to provide a complete understanding of this certification journey so that readers can choose whether to go for it.

Azure DevOps Cost Based on Certification Levels

One must have a foundational understanding of Azure, earned through prerequisite certifications that consolidate and enhance an individual’s skills. These inexpensive titles progressively build competency so that practitioners can practise DevOps efficiently. Researching what is available and the price of the Azure DevOps Certification aids in making the right decision regarding this valuable certification path.

We explore three key Azure DevOps certifications and the Azure DevOps Certification cost for each certification considering their levels:


The Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification is an introduction to Azure concepts, services, and pricing. Though not a prerequisite for AZ-400, it provides a solid basis to understanding the main offerings in Azure and would, as such, be the best place for Azure professionals to start.


On the associate level, professionals can choose from either Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) or Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204). AZ-104 focuses on managing Azure infrastructure and services, while AZ-204 centers on developing and deploying cloud solutions, including performance monitoring and securing Azure applications.


Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert (AZ-400) is the highest level of expertise in Azure DevOps. This certification covers a wide range of aspects, such as implementing DevOps practices on Azure, particularly cloud application development, source control management, infrastructure as code and application monitoring/feedback mechanisms.

Is Azure DevOps certification worth it?

Undoubtedly yes! Such a certification is worth it for any IT person aspiring to be an Azure DevOps professional. This is why:

The first and foremost thing is that Azure DevOps certifications validate your skills and knowledge in this high-demand area. DevOps greatly facilitates modern software development, enabling faster delivery, improved collaboration, and enhanced efficiency. So, by being certified, you show employers that you can use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to implement DevOps practices.

An Azure DevOps certification on your resume can be a game-changer when applying for jobs. Employers are now seeking individuals with more expertise than ever before. Hence, the certificate shows you’ve grasped relevant concepts and tools. It indicates your commitment to continuous improvement, which distinguishes you from others.

Moreover, as research indicates, certifications have led to higher salaries for professionals undertaking them vis-à-vis their non-certified counterparts. The Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certificate represents advanced abilities and attracts high pay.

But beyond just career-wise advantages, being certified tends to boost self-confidence while amplifying one’s insight into the principles and methodologies of Azure DevOps. Through preparation, people repeat already gained knowledge, exposing them to new technologies available for use in the workplace.

However, pursuing certification does involve expenditure (in terms of time spent in training sessions and money used on exam fees) but ultimately pays off in terms of career growth prospects and earning potential; thus, it is worth endeavoring. With increasing demand for DevOps, having an Azure DevOps certification keeps one competitive and up-to-date in this fast-developing sphere.

Benefits of the Azure DevOps Certificate

There are several benefits to the Azure Certified DevOps Expert credential. These include international recognition as well as enhanced job prospects. Let us now look at some of the significant advantages of getting AZ-400 certification:

Upskilling and Structured Learning

Various Azure certifications, including Azure 400, provide a structured learning path to gain core skills. This advantage for Azure simplifies the mastery process for different Azure 400 DevOps technologies. Significantly, Azure professionals can acquire these capabilities at a reasonable cost of AZ-400 certification, making them more knowledgeable in Azure and accelerating their career growth.

Higher Wages

Better pay is another benefit of obtaining an Azure Devops certificate. Job security is a common concern among professionals, and this certification demonstrates competence in handling challenging work situations such as those associated with change in management. Consequently, an increased demand leads organizations to give competitive salaries.

Improve Skills

Any industry focusing on cloud services needs specialized knowledge since Azure has a comprehensive range of digital infrastructure and clouds. What makes the Microsoft Azure developer operations course desirable for cloud specialists who work in Azure is that they become better experts with highly sought-after skills.

Demonstrated Commitment

By earning an Azure certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to quality for any Devops professional. It proves you are a DevOps expert with the necessary competencies required by firms for the desired reliability and business outcomes.

Employment Growth Prospects

A new professional becomes more competent after passing the AZ-400 test thus having international employment options available locally too. If you work as a DevOps professional within your organization, this certificate can help you advance through promotions and salary increments.


The Azure DevOps certification, such as the Azure DevOps Solutions Expert certification, is a valuable investment for IT professionals aiming to advance in their cloud computing and DevOps careers. This certification path offers a structured learning approach, starting from the basic Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) to the prestigious Azure DevOps Engineer Expert (AZ-400). Earning these certificates validates skills and knowledge, demonstrating a commitment to professional excellence and enhancing employability and earning potential.


1. How much does an Azure DevOps Engineer make?

Azure DevOps Engineer salaries can vary depending on various aspects such as location, experience and the specific company or industry in question. Nonetheless, according to Glassdoor, the average basic pay for an Azure DevOps Engineer in the US is approximately $120,000 p.a. In India, the median salary stands around ₹20 lakhs per year. Seasoned professionals with certifications like AZ-400 can earn even more because their skills are in high demand.

2. Is the Azure DevOps exam easy?

The difficulty level for Azure DevOps exams, especially AZ-400, is medium to hard. It examines your practical know-how and knowledge across different domains of DevOps like Azure administration, application development, infrastructure as code, source control and monitoring. While the concepts are not rocket science, they involve a deep understanding and hands-on practice using Azure DevOps tools. Appropriate preparation, which includes the use of official resources or practice tests, is very vital to ensuring success.

3. How much coding is required for Azure DevOps?

It’s not a software developer’s job. However, some coding is still involved in being an Azure DevOps engineer, so you should be familiar with scripting languages such as PowerShell, Bash and Azure CLI, among others. Also, learn infrastructure as a code technique using tools like ARM templates, Terraform or even Bicep from Microsoft Azure. Besides, having Python or C# based knowledge helps automate tasks and integrate with Azure DevOps pipelines. That said, coding requirements are not too extensively needed for AZ-400 tests or even becoming an Azure DevOps engineer.

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