Jira vs Azure DevOps? A popular question asked by project managers. Some teams prefer Jira, and some choose Azure DevOps. Each platform has its advantages. Find out which one is a better tool for your team! 

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Azure DevOps Vs. Jira: At a Glance

Atlassian's Jira shines as a bug and issue-tracking solution for agile project management. Microsoft's Azure DevOps' primary goal is to assist developers in taking software applications from concept to delivery. 

Individual teams within the same organization tend to choose one tool over the other since each platform has various characteristics. When individuals log the same information in two locations, they attract errors. Developers may miss critical requirement changes or escalated tickets if they are not continually scanning Jira.

On the other hand, Azure DevOps lacks critical tools for managing projects and tracking service issues, such as a comprehensive search function, extensive reporting capabilities, and built-in roadmaps. 

These teams will never be as connected (or productive) as they could be without the correct tools.

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What is Azure DevOps?

Microsoft Azure DevOps is software that tracks, plans, and collaborates using contemporary agile approaches and principles. Azure DevOps includes five well-defined services, each of which may get used independently or combined as per your requirements. 

Microsoft Azure DevOps was formerly known as Visual Studio Team Service. Several of the included services in VSTS are now accessible as independent services in Azure DevOps, although under various service names. For example, the Work functionality in VSTS has replaced Azure Boards, which employ the kanban architecture. If you've already worked with VSTS, you'll be able to switch quickly and simply to Azure DevOps.

Starting Price

Microsoft provides a free trial for its DevOps packages, allowing users to test and use the solutions on-premises free of cost. It bears no charge for up to 5 people. Premium services begin at $6 per user per month or $30 per month for up to 10 users. A free license should be enough for the average user. You may scale up to 1,000 users each month for a $6,150 monthly cost.

Most Often Used By 

Software development teams.

Key Function

  1. It offers a dashboard from which projects may get handled.
  2. It interfaces with Git to allow code versioning.
  3. Tools improve code representation.

Jira: Overview and Features 

Jira is an Australian firm at Atlassian's project management solution for bug tracking, issue tracking, and other project management procedures. It is essentially an issue-tracking and project management system that comes in several flavors, including JIRA Core, JIRA Software, and JIRA Service Desk, each of which caters to the demands of different types of users. 

It began as a simple bug-tracking program but has now evolved into an all-purpose problem-tracking system. Jira is now more than simply an application; it is a platform with a suite of additional products built on top of it, and extensive customization features transform it into an entirely separate system. Customers may select the solution that best meets their requirements, whether they conduct an Agile software development project, a general task management system, or a customer support desk portal. JIRA Software is ideal for software development teams using Agile approaches such as Scrum.

Starting Price

The Jira tool portfolio costs a fixed rate of $10 per month for up to 10 people. $7 per user for teams of more than 11 but less than 100.

Most Often Used By

A broad spectrum of teams, including software development teams, use it the most.

Key Function

  1. A plethora of business templates for task management.
  2. It allows several add-ons, allowing diverse software to interact.
  3. It supports more than ten commonly used business languages.

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Azure DevOps Vs. Jira, Which is the Better DevOps Tool?

Jira leads in terms of customization and scalability. When paired with additional choices, the ability to integrate services on the fly within projects makes Jira the more versatile of the two. With more features and customization possibilities comes a more challenging learning curve. Azure DevOps offers a solution if you want to get something up and functioning quickly. Jira will provide the tools you need if you know what you need.

Azure DevOps leads the way in terms of traceability. Traceability options in Azure DevOps extend from the beginning to the finish of deployment and highlight relationships between work items.

Speaking about Jira vs. Azure DevOps, these two project management systems are very similar, with the main significant variation being built-in road mapping, traceability, and sophisticated search tools. If one of the above duties is a major priority for you, you should be able to pick solely on that basis. Aside from those essential capabilities, these two systems should meet the needs of the vast majority of project management teams.

Azure DevOps vs Jira: Which One to Opt For? 

Azure DevOps is a Microsoft project management platform that speeds development, testing, and application deployment by bringing the development and operations teams together for fast and seamless software delivery. It includes everything you need to transform your concept into a functional piece of software. JIRA software is ideal for software development teams using Agile approaches such as Scrum. Jira is broadly used for problem tracking and project management, whereas Azure DevOps spans the complete software development lifecycle.       

If you need support managing the complete life cycle of a software application development project, from ideation to deployment, then Azure DevOps is your best choice. Jira, on the other hand, can better fulfill your demands if you want a project development tool that can get used for software development and other projects.

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