Data science, undoubtedly, has shown youngsters a way of building a strong career. It is a boon for growing companies that have to deal with the abundance of data every day. Data scientists deal with a large volume of data and need to be proficient in their work. There are many institutions and online education platforms that provide multiple courses on data science. Courses such as our Data Science Bootcamp can help you land a job or enhance your current position in the field of data science.

If you are concerned about whether data science is the correct option for you, here is an article to discuss the best Data Science courses in India.

Top Data Science Courses in India

You will quickly pick up data science skills thanks to the courses mentioned below:

1. Simplilearn’s Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science

Simplilearn's PGP in Data Science, offered in collaboration with Purdue University, has been named one of the best Data Science courses online in India.

With over 150 years of academic success, Purdue University boasts one of the best data science programs in the world. With Purdue and IBM, this program has been rated as the finest for fusing the best of academic and industrial achievement. This makes it famous all over the world. Additionally, this Data Science Course offers a fantastic blend of a thorough curriculum, live classes led by eminent academics and subject matter experts, and practical industrial projects.

Through online seminars taught by qualified instructors, the course covers a wide range of topics under the data science curriculum. Online classes allow for self-paced learning. Students create a product as part of the course's capstone project, allowing them to practice their academic learning.

Become a Data Scientist with Hands-on Training!

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Become a Data Scientist with Hands-on Training!

2. ExcelR

Excelr provides the most comprehensive data science program in India. The entire Data Science Lifecycle is covered. For instance, ideas include data mining and extraction from data. Additionally, they view this course as the ideal synthesis of theory, real-world experience, and case studies. The curriculum also includes capstone projects. They educate the students in a way that makes them visible to international industries.

With the help of this fantastic course, students will learn data science skills that will help them succeed in the workplace. They are India's top certification program for data science. Your tests and assignments will be completed with the assistance of their knowledgeable instructors. Lastly, following the course's completion, they provide a certificate.

3. Data Science and Analytics for Business by Shiv Nadar University

Shiv Nadar University's Data Science and Analytics for Business program is a one-of-a-kind certification course that provides comprehensive knowledge of data science research, machine learning, and business analytics. The goal of the online master's program in data science is to provide students with the fine motor skills required to reach data-driven intelligence. These abilities will assist the students in developing into professionals who can contribute to expanding their organizations.

After acquiring a post-graduate degree in data science from the institution, students can take advantage of placement aid in addition to peer-to-peer learning opportunities and a research-focused multidisciplinary curriculum.

4. Almabetter Data Science Course

Young data seekers can learn and land a career in data science at AlmaBetter, one of India's most significant IT communities, in as little as 30 weeks. AlmaBetter, founded to provide risk-free education to students, just one year ago assisted over 1300 students in finding high-paying careers in data science.

Any student, regardless of technical proficiency, who is in their last year of college or has an undergraduate degree and is prepared to begin working within three months, is eligible to enroll in their program.

Become a Data Scientist with Hands-on Training!

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Become a Data Scientist with Hands-on Training!

5. Imarticus Data Science Prodegree

This Imarticus data science Prodegree program is intended for you if you seek a worldwide data science certification. Genpact, a top provider of professional services for digital transformation, played a crucial part in the course material design to prepare you to enter the market as a data scientist with the necessary analytical abilities. You will learn SAS, Python, R, and Tableau while mastering data science in this course. Additionally, you will have a workspace where you can work on case studies and industrial projects.

6. Praxis Business School

Praxis is motivated by the need to develop the tools necessary to guide India's transformation into a tech- and data-driven digital society, especially in light of the world's fast digitization in the wake of the COVID incident. 

The main goal of this program in data science with machine learning and artificial intelligence is to equip students with the skills they need to land their first job in the dynamic field of data science. Everything about the program—its curriculum, its methods of instruction, and its renowned Praxis Placement Program—is designed to help students accomplish this goal.


To improve your skill sets, these were some of the best data science courses in India for 2023. Enrolling in these certification programs increases your chances of finding a Data Science career that pays well. You can also consider Simplilearn Data Scientist Master’s Program to boost your data science skillset.


1. Which data science has the highest salary?

The maximum annual compensation for a data scientist is Rs 26.0 Lakhs.

2. Which is better, Python or data science?

One of the two languages—Python or R—must be mastered to work in data research. It's recommended to continue using R if you've previously worked with it a little before moving on to another language. The adaptability of Python, though, should be your starting point if you're new.

3. Which branch is best for a data scientist?

The ideal field to choose for a job as a data scientist is computer science. You may, however, choose information technology.

4. Does ISRO use data science?

Data scientists assist in managing and interpreting this influx of data to support corporate choices and provide urgent answers to challenging issues in machine learning, aviation, and other fields as we continue to investigate the world and universe around us. And data scientists at ISRO have a real chance to influence things.

5. Which skill is best for a data scientist?

You must be able to collect data, evaluate it, and then explain your findings if you want to become a data scientist. This includes technical skills like programming, complex mathematics, and data visualization.

Data Science & Business Analytics Courses Duration and Fees

Data Science & Business Analytics programs typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Caltech Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Cohort Starts: 23 Jul, 2024

11 Months$ 4,500
Data Analytics Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 23 Jul, 2024

6 Months$ 8,500
Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering

Cohort Starts: 29 Jul, 2024

8 Months$ 3,850
Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics

Cohort Starts: 1 Aug, 2024

8 Months$ 3,500
Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Cohort Starts: 7 Aug, 2024

11 Months$ 3,800
Applied AI & Data Science

Cohort Starts: 20 Aug, 2024

3 Months$ 2,624
Data Scientist11 Months$ 1,449
Data Analyst11 Months$ 1,449