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Blockchain technology has promised to be the next big thing in the IT world. It has created quite a buzz across the IT industry and businesses are quickly adopting it for various IT processes. However, getting into the Blockchain industry might not be as easy as you may think. This is where this blockchain practice test comes in handy for you. This free blockchain mock test aims to help you clear the Blockchain certification exam in your first attempt. With the Blockchain questions similar to what you can come across in the final certification exam, this exam gives you an idea of how good you are. So, why wait? Take this blockchain multiple choice questions practice test today!

  • 15 Questions,
  • 20 Minutes
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1. This is a FREE test and can be attempted multiple times. But it is recommended to take the test when you are ready for best practice experience.

2. Test Duration: 20 Minutes

3. Number of questions: 15 Multiple Choice Questions

4. Each question has multiple options out of which one or more may be correct

5. You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later. Your test will resume from where you left, but the test time will be reduced by the amount of time you've taken in the previous attempt.

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1. Generate the public key value for the following private key: 560382812
2. Create a Blockchain block for the data: "Blockchain is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across the peer-to-peer network". Also note the Hash and Nonce value for the same
3. Generate a token by changing the Tx from Elizabeth to Jane from $25 to $100. Note the hash value for the same
4. How are the blocks linked in Blockchain?
5. Which of the following characteristics does not let Bitcoin be anonymous?
6. Which of the following is not a type of Ethereum tools?
7. Which of these Blockchain network participants performs B2B transactions?
8. Which of the following is not a property of Permissioned Blockchain?
9. Which of the following is a program that initiates a transaction?
10. Which of the following is a file exported after packaging the Business Network Definition to be deployed somewhere?
11. Which of the following is an example of asymmetric encryption?
12. What is a ScriptPubKey?
13. Which of the following is correct about Ethereum Networks?
14. Hyperledger allows which of the following to be plugged?
15. Which of the following command is used to connect to an existing Blockchain?
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Blockchain Developer practice test?

    The Blockchain free practice test is, in layman's terms, a practice test that helps you clear the Blockchain certification exam. This practice test is designed by subject matter experts carefully to provide you a first hand experience of what you might expect to come across in a Blockchain certification examination. The objective of this test to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared in all areas of Blockchain.

  • Who can take up this Blockchain mock exam?

    The Blockchain free practice exam can be taken up by anyone who wants to make a career in Blockchain.

  • What will I learn by answering these Blockchain test questions?

    This practice test contains 15 Blockchain MCQs that are prepared to ensure that you are well-tested on every aspect of Blockchain and Blockchain technology. These questions help you understand the nuances of Blockchain technology while making you prepared for the final certification exam.

  • What are the requirements to take this Blockchain bootcamp?

    You will be delighted to know that there are no prerequisites to take this free practice test.

  • Will the Practice Tests be updated frequently?

    With the Blockchain technology evolving by each passing day, we ensure that these questions are updated frequently. The questions you will find here are in-line with the latest trends in the Blockchain industry.

  • Will this Blockchain quiz questions help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes. This Blockchain free practice test can help you clear the actual certification exam because of the fact that all the questions that you get in the test are carefully curated to be in-line with the actual certification exam.

  • What is included in this Blockchain developer bootcamp?

    There are 15 blockchain multiple choice questions included in this practice test.

  • Can I retake this Blockchain practice exam?

    Absolutely yes, you can take this Blockchain Developer practice test as many times as you want.

  • Are these the same Blockchain exam questions I'll see on the real exam?

    The questions are in-line with the questions that you might find in the Blockchain certification exam.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    If you didn’t do well in the first attempt, worry not. You can prepare from the Blockchain Developer Certification Training Course and retake the test whenever you feel prepared enough.

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