The PRINCE2® Certification is a UK-based project management certification used internationally in the private sector. PRINCE2 training offers best practice guidelines for project management, focusing on areas such as product-based planning, business justification, project management team structure, project division, and project flexibility.

It is globally recognized as an effective management training resource that helps make your project management job more efficient. Below are a few resources to help you master PRINCE2.

Are you looking forward to making a mark in the Project Management field? If yes, enroll in the PRINCE2® certification now and get a step closer to your career goal!

Here Are 8 Books to Read for a Prince2 Certification

1. PRINCE2 for Beginners

Author: Bryan Mathis

This is a self-study manual based on the most current revisions to the PRINCE2 certification program. An up-to-date resource, PRINCE2 for Beginners, helps the student understand the logic behind the system. This book is particularly helpful if you are studying for the foundational qualification.

PRINCE2® Certification Exam Made Easy to Crack

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner CertificationExplore Course
PRINCE2® Certification Exam Made Easy to Crack

2. PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guide

Author: Frank Turley

The key to obtaining the PRINCE2 Certification begins with passing the foundation exam. This resource is designed to focus solely on the Foundation portion of PRINCE2, allowing you to pass the exam. If you are looking for a resource that focuses solely on the examination itself, then this is definitely one of the PRINCE2 books you’ll want to read.

3. PRINCE2 Study Guide

Author: David Hinde

This is a study guide that covers PRINCE2 in a holistic manner. All portions of the program are covered, with many practical, real-world examples included for reference. The author is a noted trainer who has helped hundreds of people prepare for—and pass—their PRINCE2 exams.

4. PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook

Author: Colin Bentley

This book covers how implementing PRINCE2 can really help get your project off to a good start. The contents cover main concerns about projects such as quality, risks, initiation, and how to close out a project. It is a practical guide to understanding and implementing the skills obtained with your PRINCE2 Certification.

5. Mastering Principles and Practices in PMBOK®, PRINCE2, and Scrum: Using Essential Project Management Methods to Deliver Effective and Efficient Projects (FT Press Project Management)

Author: Jihane Roudias

While this book covers two other types of management methods, it is quite comprehensive in its attention to PRINCE2. The core of the book is centered on showing how each method complements the other, how they are best integrated, and how you can troubleshoot any project using one of the prescribed methods. The book is focused on process and relates to the various concepts of PRINCE2. This book will prepare you to overcome any challenge that you might run into while managing your projects.

PRINCE2® Certification Exam Made Easy to Crack

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner CertificationExplore Course
PRINCE2® Certification Exam Made Easy to Crack

6. PRINCE2 for Value-Driven Project Management: AXELOS  Full License AXTMC033

Author: Pankaj Sharma

This is a guide to the principles, themes, and foundational processes of PRINCE2 Certification. Explained using easy-to-understand examples, this is a useful tool for students and teachers alike looking to apply PRINCE2 management methods to real-world scenarios. Also included are sample exams and answer keys to give you an understanding of what might be asked in your examination.

7. PRINCE2 Quick Reference Card

Author: Henny Portmann

This is a great guide to the best practices and most efficient ways to implement PRINCE2 when it comes to managing your project. Available in German and English, it is a set of five quick reference cards that you can use to learn how to explain project concepts and workflow to key management personnel. An excellent resource, this is based on the most current, updated version of the PRINCE2 Certification.

8. PRINCE2 for Dummies

Author: Nick Graham

More than just a basic guide to understanding PRINCE2 Certification, this book will guide you through each step of your project. You get explanations and suggestions regarding planning, establishing job roles, and how to properly close out your project. With easy-to-understand, very practical advice, this reference allows you to approach your project with key concerns, such as risk and quality control in mind.

The price of these resources varies, according to type and delivery method. External links may provide you with different options: some are available for electronic download, some are in traditional book format, and some can be purchased. If you have been considering a PRINCE2 certification, these books can help make the process easy to understand. If you are already certified, you will walk away with a better grasp of how to utilize your certification to its full potential.

9. Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2

Author: Nigel Bennett

Based on the 2017 update in PRINCE2 methodology, the book is suitable for flexibility and scalability studies. Apart from the practical approach of these two aspects, readers can expect knowledge of management in different situations through its seven themes, processes and principles. The illustration and color coding make the concepts engaging and easy to understand. The procedure scheme in the PRINCE2 method provides detailed reference material for certification levels: Foundation, Practitioner and Professional. 

10. PRINCE2 Made Simple by Ian Lawton

Author: Ian Lawton

This book can be used as supplementary material for Foundation certification. Its informal style makes it suitable for newcomers to understand basic definitions of difficult words and their application. The book can also be used as reference material or a revision guide for overall understanding. It is an updated version of 2017. It contains greatly explained themes, processes and principles in addition to loads of information in a very concise manner. 

11. Effective Project Management: PRINCE2 Method

Author: Axelos

It is an official guidebook to clear PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exams for people concerned with Project Management. It focuses on Project Management, principles, modification and adoption of PRINCE2 along with each detail on project initiation to end. This book also helps in understanding standard terms used in the subject. 

12. Passing your PRINCE2 Examinations

Author: Ken Bradley

The book guides Foundation and Practitioner examination aspirants and serves as quality revision material. It also contains sample questions on Project management situations and review topics. Additionally, the simplification of processes and components further assists the understanding of crucial concepts. It comprises ample techniques for effective exam preparation and expert advice to further assist the candidates. 

Are you looking forward to making a mark in the Project Management field? If yes, enroll in the PRINCE2® certification now and get a step closer to your career goal!


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