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Javascript Courses programs typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Caltech Coding Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 17 Jun, 2024

6 Months$ 8,000

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Javascript Courses Learner's Reviews

  • Andrea Mydosh

    Andrea Mydosh

    Sterility Assurance Engineer

    This coding bootcamp features a comprehensive curriculum that provided me with a deeper understanding of the domain. The coding bootcamp online, utilizing a blended learning model delivered by industry experts, along with 24/7 learning support, practice labs, and flexible schedules, made it the best choice.

  • Andrea Mydosh

    Andrea Mydosh

    Sterility Assurance Engineer

    This course has a comprehensive curriculum which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the domain. The learning model delivered by industry experts along with 24 x 7 Learning support, practice labs, and flexible schedules made it very effective.

  • Rogelio Lotho

    Rogelio Lotho

    Software Developer

    I had a fantastic experience with Simplilearn's coding bootcamp. The curriculum is top-notch, and the video lessons are outstanding. The course content is highly relevant to the current industry standards. The instructors in the coding bootcamp online were exceptionally knowledgeable and supportive.

  • Swapnil P

    Swapnil P

    Systems Engineer

    After the course completion, I switched my job to TCS as a Java developer, and now I am working as a Systems Engineer. I got a 20% salary hike as well.

  • Raj Kurup

    Raj Kurup

    Application Development Senior Director at CIGNA

    This team is the best. I love the format and logistics so much that I would love to enroll in more courses. Awesome team!

  • Vidya S

    Vidya S

    Software Developer

    My learning experience here was great. I am thankful to them for providing upskilling opportunities, and I got placed in a reputable organization.

  • Kamar Zaghloul

    Kamar Zaghloul

    Senior Software Engineer

    It was a fantastic journey, and I've learned a lot and gained more knowledge in various topics like backend, Frontend, DevOps, and more.


Know More About Javascript Bootcamp

JavaScript courses give young developers an upper hand in web development. Keeping the current demand for JavaScript – Simplilearn, partnering with many prestigious universities, has carefully curated courses for aspiring developers and seasoned programmers. This course will not just help update one's skills and knowledge but will also harness the true potential of JavaScript.

Everything from the base to the backbone of this online program will dive young minds into the fundamentals of JavaScript. This will enable students to create responsive applications great at user experience. Not just this, advanced technologies constructs will also be a part of this online class. In short, you get acquainted with best industry practices and hands-on experience.

By the end of these courses, you will eventually be confident in your skills. It can also make you excel and stand out in the competitive programming world. Learning new concepts and revising old ones is the core motto of the JavaScript program by Simplilearn. Join the online platform and understand the in and out of JavaScript in partnership with Caltech. Upgrade yourself and step into the web development world with ease!

Advantages Of Doing A Certified JavaScript Course 

There is no doubt that the JavaScript course enhances web developers' skills. It gives you a thorough understanding of the web world. However, there are a myriad of other advantages that this course offers. Below are some compelling benefits:

Brings Versatility To Skills

Not just this course enhances students' skills, but it also brings versatility to it. Learners get an insight about everything apart from web browsers as well. The course opens gates to various areas such as mobile app development, server-side scripting, etc.

Better Career Opportunities And Portfolio Development

Certified courses are great for upscaling one's resume. Since there is a massive demand for JavaScript developers, completing an accredited course in this area will get endless job opportunities. Joining a JavaScript course puts you in touch with a community of students and professionals. Collaborations, mentorship, and job recommendations can all result from networking leading to career opportunities.

Improves Hands-On Experience

You may utilize JavaScript to create dynamic, interactive interfaces that engage consumers. The ability to change the DOM and handle events increases user engagement and happiness. Additionally, any problem in making such programs can be solved logically with skills learned from this course.

Learning New Web Technologies

JavaScript training classes frequently cover the most recent features, frameworks, and libraries, such as Spring Boot, Angular, MVC, and JSPs. These abilities keep you up to current on industry developments.

Personal Ventures 

If you want to establish your own web-based company or project, you will need JavaScript abilities to create and iterate your product. You may also create personal websites, blogs, or web apps to promote your hobbies, interests, or even your online company with the help of this certified JavaScript course.

Features Of JavaScript Bootcamp Course By Simplilearn

Choosing a JavaScript course from Simplilearn has several unique specificities that can improve your educational experience and job chances. The following details describe what makes Simplilearn's JavaScript courses unique:

  • The comprehensive curriculum covers everything from general interface to real-life projects.

  • Simplilearn has expert teaching faculty, which helps students get relevant industry knowledge.

  • We focus not only on the theoretical approach but also place importance on practical learning.

  • Allows students to learn at their own pace with flexible duration.

  • The Caltech support for the JavaScript course by Simplilearn makes the credential more valuable.

  • Individuals receive a certificate that validates their skills.

Basic Outline Of JavaScript Courses Offered By Simplilearn

Being a reputable online education brand, Simplilearn ensures that every course covers an extensive area that builds individuals for this cutting-edge field. The JavaScript courses will likely cover various web development and programming subjects. Here's a primary outline:

  • Learning the basics of JavaScript

  • Functioning of JavaScript

  • Objects and array methods

  • Document object model

  • Debugging and error handling

  • Asynchronous programming

  • Advanced JavaScript concepts

  • Web Development

  • Version Control

  • Security Concerns

  • Frameworks

Some Of The Best JavaScript Courses Offered By Simplilearn

Post Graduate Program In Full Stack Web Development

Learn the art of creating competitive online apps with our JavaScript Post Graduate Program In Full Stack Web Development. Master front-end and back-end programming, from interactive user interfaces to server-side solid applications. This course will graduate students with the skills needed to flourish as full-stack developers. The hands-on projects and professional coaching will aid learners in coping with the ever-changing digital scene.

Full Stack Java Developer

Full Stack Java Developer course has an extensive curriculum of 12 sub-courses that will lead students to learn back-end and front-end Java development. User-friendly interfaces, frameworks, and algorithms are also a part of this program. This course will enable learners to utilize the Java capabilities necessary to create solid programs. The path to becoming an expert Java Developer shall begin by pursuing this online program.

Duration Of JavaScript Courses Offered By Simplilearn

Depending on how quickly you learn, the length of the JavaScript certification courses at Simplilearn may change. Simplilearn offers the following broad timeframe:

Course Name


PGP Full Stack Web Development

9 months

Full Stack Java Developer

11 months (10-15 hours per week)

Eligibility Criteria For Pursuing JavaScript Courses On Simplilearn

Simplilearn has requirements that one must meet in order to enroll in a certified JavaScript course. A general rule for who can enroll in courses leading to JavaScript certification is as follows:


Supported By

Eligibility Criteria

PGP Full Stack Web Development

Caltech CTME

  • A bachelor’s degree with 50% or above marks.

  • Must have basic programming knowledge.

  • It is preferable to have 2+ years of job experience

Full Stack Java Developer


  • An MCS, MSc (IT), or B.Tech/M. Tech (any stream) from an approved institution is required

  • 2020 or later graduate with 0-3 years of work experience.

Fees Of Software Engineering Courses By Simplilearn

Simplilearn typically offers financing alternatives and flexible payment plans. The costs for several JavaScript courses are listed below:

Course Name


PGP Full Stack Web Development

INR 99,999 (EMI available for INR 8,542 per month)

Full Stack Java Developer

INR 85,000 (EMI available for INR 7,261 per month)

Job Opportunities Available For A Certified JavaScript Developer And Their Annual Income

A JavaScript certificate can open up various job opportunities in the technology industry. The following are some common job roles you may pursue after earning this certification, along with an estimate of their starting salaries.

Job Roles

Average Salaries 

Full Stack Developer

$1,24,250 per year

Mobile App Developer

$1,21,249 per year

Software Engineer

$1,63,788 per year

Front-end Developer

$1,00,216 per year

Back-end Developer

$1,23,802 per year

Web Application Developer

$1,31,179 per year

UI/UX Developer

$1,06,339 per year

Game Developer

$98,242 per year

Technical Consultant

$1,24,290 per year

E-commerce Developer

$1,17,434 per year

FAQs Related to Javascript Courses

  • What Is Javascript?

    JavaScript is a robust and flexible programming language for client-side web development. This is a web page scripting language. Brenden Eich founded Netscape in 1995, where it was first developed. It allows web page creators to add interaction, dynamic content, and improved functionality. It is quite popular and widely used among developers all over the world. One can also settle their career in UX design, UI design, full-stack web development, data analytics, digital marketing, and product management.

    This is the most widely interpreted, lightweight, and compiled programming language that accelerates websites and applications. It facilitates the straightforward debugging and allows developers to perform upgrades and maintenance. It is a general-purpose option for web development with front-ends due to its compatibility with different programming languages. Javascript bootcamp can cover all the fundamentals and advanced concepts missed in college degrees. Javascript coding bootcamp will optimize the appearance and functionality of the website, creating a new layer of competitive edge. 

    The current market is openly welcoming bootcamp learners. As per a report, hiring managers opt for one in three candidates who have gained proficiency through a bootcamp, making them 72% of the overall candidates. The average pay scale of a Javascript developer is $90,000 per annum. A survey revealed that 71% of the managers felt employees with bootcamp education demonstrated efficient, practical skills in this programming language.

  • Where To Use Javascript?

    JavaScript is a flexible programming language that works well in many different situations.

    Here are a few unique and typical uses for JavaScript:

    • Improve functionality: It is frequently used to improve the functionality and interaction of online pages. It enables programmers to implement dynamic features like interactive forms, image sliders, tooltips, and drop-down menus. 

    • Create Online Apps: It is frequently used to create online apps that don't require web contexts. It communicates directly with web browsers instead of relaying signals through servers, allowing programmers to create quick web applications.

    • Web Development: It is vital to JA's contemporary web development. When used for client-side scripting, a user's web browser is where it operates. It gives webpages interactivity, such as prompts and notifications, and can add animations to graphics and text as a client scripting language. 

    • User Input Validation: This programming language frequently validates user input on web forms. To enhance the data quality and user experience, it can verify email addresses, ensure dates are formatted correctly, and carry out other validation tasks. A Javascript coding bootcamp will put the red carpet for you to enter the technological sector and web development, software engineering, and other computer programming fields. A Javascript bootcamp can equip you with industry-led skills, training, and more.

    • DOM Manipulation: It offers strong tools for modifying a web page's Document Object Model (DOM). Developers can use JavaScript to dynamically change HTML elements' structure, content, and appearance to create responsive and interactive interfaces. As such, a Javascript bootcamp is a favorite for web developers who are keenly interested in a programming language and aspiring to become a full stack web developer.

    • Asynchronous Requests: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or AJAX, is a technology that allows asynchronous communication with servers. It also results in faster and more dynamic user experiences by enabling web pages to get data from servers in the background without needing a full page to reload.

    • Browser Extensions: Browser extensions, which are brief programs that improve the functioning of web browsers, are created using this language. Extensions can alter the content of online pages, include new functionality, communicate with browser APIs, and personalize the surfing experience.

    • Game Development: It is becoming increasingly popular for creating browser-based games. The essential resources are available to develop aesthetically stunning and interactive games that can be played straight in a web browser, including libraries such as PixiJS, Phaser, and HTML5 Canvas.

    • Data Visualization: Data visualizations for the web may be interactive and enticing using JavaScript frameworks like D3.js and Chart.js. It enables the processing and depiction of data in various ways, from straightforward bar charts to intricate dashboards with interactive elements.

    • Mobile Application Development: React Native and Ionic are JavaScript frameworks that allow for creating cross-platform mobile apps. Such frameworks allow programmers to quickly and easily create JavaScript code that can be run on Android and iOS devices. From mobile app development to interactive web applications to back-end web development, entering the Javascript community will equip students with a range of technical skills.

    • Internet of Things (IoT): The IoT industry increasingly uses this programming language. It can now operate on embedded systems thanks to platforms like Node.js, enabling programmers to create IoT applications and manage hardware.

  • What are JavaScript Bootcamps?

    A bootcamp offers thorough instruction in several popular programming languages and possibilities for practical learning. Students can finish their studies in weeks based on whether they select a full-time or a part-time learning experience. It provides a flexible schedule with a fast turnaround. Courses are provided online to maximize the program's ease of use and accessibility. Javascript online coding bootcamp is equipped with a multitude of resources and versatile features.

    It's significant to highlight that participants in javascript bootcamps learn more than just JavaScript. These ambitious programmers will have developed a solid skill set of fundamental programming skills by the moment they complete their courses.

    Some skills learned include JavaScript, CSS, HTML, web development, jQuery, SQL and others. Learning Javascript can also aid one’s full stack software development career. Opting for the right learning platform can also guarantee a job in the relevant field.

  • What Are The Job Opportunities That Require Javascript?

    All coding jobs need this programming language fundamental. Some job roles need less, while others need more proficiency in this programming language. Javascript bootcamps are vital for one’s tech career. Opting for the right course can aid your competitive edge in the tech career by providing you with online courses with lifetime access and a job guarantee. Some of the top job roles that need this programming language are:

    • Front End Developer

    • Full Stack Developer

    • Application Developer

    • JavaScript Developer

    The options are endless. These javascript coding workshops deliver an intensive program that covers data structures and comprehensive career training in the professional world.

  • How Does Javascript Bootcamp Help Enhance Your Skills?

    JavaScript bootcamps are rigorous training courses to improve web building and JavaScript skills. JavaScript bootcamps can help the learner enhance their Javascript skills with the following: 

    • Comprehensive Curriculum

    • Hands-on Projects

    • Expert Guidance

    • Collaborative Learning Environment:

    • Industry-Relevant Skills

    • Portfolio Development

    • Career Support

    • Networking Opportunities

    • Rapid Skill Development

    • Continuous Learning

  • What Are Some Of The Top JavaScript Bootcamps That Can Boost Your Career?

    There are many javascript bootcamps online; however, selecting the one that benefits learners the most is quite essential to go the right way. These online coding bootcamps provide you with the necessary javascript skills. Below are some top courses to take up:

    Full Stack Developer - MEAN Stack

    One’s learning as a MEAN stack developer will advance by taking up this program. In this Full Stack MEAN Developer program, study cutting-edge technologies like MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js ("MEAN"), along with GIT, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, are taught. These skills are used for creating and deploying interactive services and applications.

    After completing the program, this MEAN full stack developer program offers a thorough curriculum in Javascript frameworks using our distinctive Blended Learning approach to prepare the learner for an occupation as a full stack MEAN developer. The average pay scale of a full-stack developer with JavaScript is 81,203 USD.

    Caltech Coding Bootcamp

    With our cutting-edge Caltech Coding Bootcamp, one can learn to code and become a full-stack developer in six months. Immerse oneself in our accelerated coding bootcamp to develop into a valuable software engineer equipped to handle any obstacles at work.

    Beginning with the working and fundamentals to more complex facets of Full Stack Web Development, this bootcamp will assist the learner in mastering the front-end and back-end Java technologies. The learner will learn JSPs, Angular, web services, Spring Boot, and MongoDB within this online coding boot camp to assist the learner in starting their professional life as a full-stack developer.

  • Is the Caltech coding bootcamp good for learning JavaScript?

    Caltech is one of those world-class institutions that partners with Simplilearn to deliver the best online learning experience to students. The Caltch coding bootcamp is a 6-month training course led by top faculties of the institution who will guide you in building career and acquiring industry skills. This coding bootcamp helps students master backend and frontend Java technologies, and many other vital concepts like MongoDB, Angular, web services, Spring Boot, etc. This online bootcamp by Caltech is ideal for those willing to become skilled web developers.

  • How long is javascript bootcamp?

    Usually, JavaScript bootcamps last for 6 months. During this period, students learn essential coding skills, explore frontend and backend Java technologies, and explore various frameworks, including Angular, Spring Boot, JSPs, etc. In these 6 months, students get to hone their skills, learn how to use modern tools, and prepare for the professional world.

  • Can I learn JavaScript in 7 days?

    A time of 7 days is enough if a student wishes to learn the basics of JavaScript. A student with a programming language background can easily learn the basics of JavaScript in 7 days. But, for those without coding knowledge and experience, it may take a little more time to understand the techniques and concepts.

  • Is it worth learning JavaScript in 2023?

    In 2023, JavaScript and Java are the most commonly used and significant programming languages used by professionals. Since JavaScript is frequently used in the software development process, recruiters always have a high demand for programmers with JavaScript skills. Therefore, it is definitely worth it to learn JavaScript in 2023.

  • How to choose the best javascript bootcamp?

    By following a few simple steps, learners can easily pick the best JavaScript bootcamps training program for them:

    • Choosing a platform that has the best reviews and ratings for JavaScript bootcamps.
    • Considering the duration of the bootcamp.
    • Going through the curriculum and finding out if the bootcamp explores the topics and skills one wishes to learn.
    • Finding out if it is a bootcamp for beginners or professionals.

  • Can anyone learn javascript?

    Anyone willing to master programming skills can learn JavaScript. As JavaScript is considered easier to learn than other popular coding languages, it is regarded as the perfect language for everyone who wants to master coding.

  • What is the highest salary of a javascript developer?

    JavaScript Developers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the software development industry who enjoy a lucrative career. According to various sources, the average salary of a JavaScript Developer in the U.S. starts from USD 83,000 and can range up to USD 110,168 or even more, depending on the skills and experience.

  • What is the average salary for a javascript fresher?

    In India, JavaScript freshers have high demand, so they often get decent salary packages. On average, the annual average salary of a JavaScript developer is approximately INR 6 lakhs. And the annual salary of a fresher begins from INR 1.8 lakhs.

  • What Jobs Can You Get With JavaScript bootcamp?

    After attending JavaScript bootcamps, there are a plethora of career opportunities awaiting learners. Some of the best job positions they can fulfill are:

    • Backend Developer

    • Software Developer

    • Frontend Developer

    • Software Engineer

    • Full-Stack Web Developer

    • Junior Developer

    • DevOps Engineer

    • Data Scientist

    • Information Security Analyst 

    • Project Manager

    • UI/UX Designer

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