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Front-End Developer Learner's Reviews

  • Andrea Mydosh

    Andrea Mydosh

    Sterility Assurance Engineer

    This coding bootcamp features a comprehensive curriculum that provided me with a deeper understanding of the domain. The coding bootcamp online, utilizing a blended learning model delivered by industry experts, along with 24/7 learning support, practice labs, and flexible schedules, made it the best choice.

  • Andrea Mydosh

    Andrea Mydosh

    Sterility Assurance Engineer

    This course has a comprehensive curriculum which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the domain. The learning model delivered by industry experts along with 24 x 7 Learning support, practice labs, and flexible schedules made it very effective.

  • Rogelio Lotho

    Rogelio Lotho

    Software Developer

    I had a fantastic experience with Simplilearn's coding bootcamp. The curriculum is top-notch, and the video lessons are outstanding. The course content is highly relevant to the current industry standards. The instructors in the coding bootcamp online were exceptionally knowledgeable and supportive.

  • Aswin Thotapalli

    Aswin Thotapalli

    Director Of Technology

    My blockchain course ended in July 2022, and I have already started applying the skills I learned from the course to my business. While I was taking the course, I was able to solve a significant problem for a client. The instructors are industry experts and not just teachers. Overall had a great experience.

  • Shekhar Lele

    Shekhar Lele

    Business Innovation Lead

    The blockchain certification helped me with my career. After finishing the course, I was assigned new projects within my organization. My long-term career goal is to become a leader in the new age of tech for the upliftment of the needy. The course will really help me do it.

  • Radhakrishna Mothukuri

    Radhakrishna Mothukuri


    The blockchain course structure with Simplilearn is a well-stitched program. The content is truly something to appreciate. Industry experts conducted the classes. These experts as instructors made all the difference with their live examples, success stories, etc.

  • Himanshu Parashar

    Himanshu Parashar

    Director, Data & Analytics

    My learning experience was outstanding. Since I am a working professional, I liked the blended learning environment where I could learn at my own pace. The instructor-led live classes were also unique. I learned a lot of things during the blockchain course. After the course completion, I could grab a new job.

  • Swapnil P

    Swapnil P

    Systems Engineer

    After the course completion, I switched my job to TCS as a Java developer, and now I am working as a Systems Engineer. I got a 20% salary hike as well.

  • Himanshu S

    Himanshu S

    Blockchain Lead

    After the course completion, I landed a job with Rapid Innovation as a Full Stack Blockchain Developer with a 90% salary hike. A few months later, I was promoted to the position of Blockchain Lead within the company.

  • Akshat Jalan

    Akshat Jalan

    After completing the course, I could understand Blockchain very well, develop my own digital coin, and earn a promotion and a decent salary hike within my organization. Simplilearn decoded Blockchain for me and helped me learn new skills and enhance my knowledge.

  • Akash Mishra

    Akash Mishra

    Software Engineer

    I am very thankful to Simplilearn for helping me land my first job. After completing this program, I became a Software Engineer with Antier Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It has helped me start my professional career, develop my knowledge about blockchain and boost my confidence immensely.

  • Kanchan Khatri

    Kanchan Khatri

    Blockchain Developer

    Simplilearn’s course was a path breaker for me. It gave me a lot of guidance and vision to build my career in this niche. I could grab a job as Blockchain Developer at Idea Usher. After completing this course, I became a blockchain enthusiast and started my own Instagram page as a web3 influencer.

  • Bhawna


    Deputy Manager

    I had an incredible learning experience with Simplilearn. The instructor's teaching methodology was terrific. I loved his classes.

  • Nikhil M

    Nikhil M

    Sales and New Business Development Manager

    The sessions were informative, concise and clear. Complex concepts like Blockchain were made simple to understand.

  • Gopinath Jambulingam

    Gopinath Jambulingam

    Chief Executive Officer

    My learning experience with Simplilearn was great. After the course completion, I created an immutable supply chain for my clients, which helped streamline my business operations. I could get more clients, and my overall earnings increased by 80%.


FAQs On Front-End Developer Courses

  • What is front-end development?

    An integral part of web development and front-end development is building and designing a website with software tools, codes, graphic user interface (GUI), and UX design. Front-end development involves creating fast-speed fully-functional websites and applications. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most common programming languages used in front-end web development. The most common frameworks used in the front end are Bootstrap, AngularJs, and jQuery.

  • What is a front-end development course?

    A front-end development course introduces learners to the world of front-end development and are taught all the skills and knowledge necessary to become a front-end developer. It is a comprehensive course where you can begin to learn what the role of a front-end developer is and proceed with the techniques of creating web pages, the different tools necessary in web development, etc.

    These courses also cover codes like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are essential in development. From fundamentals of front-end web development explained for beginners to gaining technical and job-ready skills, these comprehensive courses are the gateway to front-end and full-stack web development and design career.

  • Who is a front-end developer?

    A front-end developer is a skilled professional who builds front-end websites and applications. Besides creating a web page, these professionals use coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python to build functional applications. Front-end developers are skilled in interacting with applications and websites through codes.

  • What are the top front-end development courses?

    There are several choices when choosing online courses focusing on front-end development, but the best courses to attend are:

  • How to become a front-end developer?

    To become a front-end web developer, there are a series of easy steps to follow, such as:

    • Learn HTML and CSS Along With JavaScript

    • Practice Coding Skills Or Learn How To Code 

    • Attend Online Courses Designed For Beginners 

    • Explore Fundamentals Of Web Development And Enhance Your Skills

    • Gain Experience in Developing Web Pages 

    • Seek Front-End Developer Internships And Gain Professional Skills

    • Join Full-Time As A Skilled And Experienced Front End Web Developer

  • What skills do you need to learn front-end development?

    A front-end developer is a skilled professional who uses coding and technical skills to create web pages and applications. The job role of a web developer is not easy; therefore, many skills are needed to succeed. The skills that you need to acquire are:

    • Technical Skills

    • Coding Skills With Special Emphasis On JavaScript, HTML, And CSS

    • Skills For Building A Web Page

    • Understanding Of Front-End And Back-End Web Development

    • Problem-Solving Skills

    • Full Stack Development Skills

    • Familiar With HTML And CSS Frameworks

    • Version Control, Bootstrap, jQuery Skills

    • Design Skills

    • Knowing How To Implement Content And SEO On A Website

    • Critical Thinking Skill

  • What is the salary of a front-end developer?

    Front-end developers are highly-paid professionals. They are valued for their skills in creating the best applications and web pages. According to sources, the average salary of a front-end web developer is around $72,712. Based on their experience and skills, a front-end web-developing professional can earn up to $103,774 annually.

  • Is learning front-end web development difficult?

    A front-end web development course is difficult to follow initially, but it becomes relatively easier with some prior coding knowledge. A front-end web developer relies on codes and tools to create a website or a web application; hence, knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is mandatory. Web development courses are skill-based, so no matter how difficult they seem, you will become job-ready at the end of the course.

  • What qualifications are needed for front-end web development?

    There is a list of requirements when it comes to the qualifications necessary to become a front-end web developer or attend a professional-level certification course. The qualifications that you will have to pursue are:

    • A Bachelor's Or A Master's Degree In Computer Science Or Any Other Relevant Field
    • Coding Knowledge With Special Emphasis On Languages Such As HTML, CSS, And JavaScript
    • Gain Expertise In Graphic Design

  • How long does it take to learn front-end development?

    It can take approximately six months to complete a course and learn the fundamentals and all the front-end development techniques. As a front-end expert, you need to gain all the skills that help you land the best career opportunities. So, the more time is invested in learning, the better it is. Also, the time taken to acquire skills and knowledge can vary from learner to learner. Complete beginners may take more time than those with prior coding experience. 

  • Are front-end developers in demand?

    Since new technologies are evolving daily, the demand for front-end developers is increasing eventually. Some reports also say that compared to the rising demand for front-end web developers, there is still a shortage of the number of these professionals in the industry. So, it is clear that front-end developer is highly demanded in the development industry; they are also highly paid and valued. 

  • Is front-end development difficult?

    For beginners, front-end development is difficult to learn, but the online courses focusing on the fundamentals of front-end, development codes, and technical skills are helpful. There are courses for beginners and professionals on reliable online-learning platforms that make it much easier.  

  • How is front-end development different from back-end?

    Although both front-end and back-end development are part of web development, they are differentiated by their focus areas. While a front-end developer creates a web page and web applications, a back-end developer is more focused on building infrastructures for development. Their job is more on the server side than design and creation, so they need strong coding skills to work with the back end.

  • Which coding languages are needed for front-end development?

    Fron-end development is not limited to 1 or 2 coding languages; many languages help build the framework for development. Front-end developers are skilled professionals who need to learn how to utilize codes in interacting with web applications and pages. Some of the most popularly-used languages used in front-end development are:

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • JavaScript

    • SQL

    • Python

    • Angular

    • jQuery

    • Django

    • .NET

    • React Native

    • Vue

    • TypeScript

    • Swift 

    • JSX

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