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Networking certifications typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security

Cohort Starts: 4 Jul, 2024

6 Months$ 3,000
Caltech Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 15 Jul, 2024

6 Months$ 8,000

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Networking Courses Learner's Reviews

  • Sal Celly

    Sal Celly

    Technology, Sales & Consulting Leader

    I had a great learning experience with Simplilearn. The course content is relevant and the delivery is high-quality. The PGP in Cyber Security course helped me tremendously in gaining both theoretical & practical knowledge and I’m leading a bigger team now.

  • Phillip A. Jenkins

    Phillip A. Jenkins

    Security Analyst Architect

    The Simplilearn platform, learning, management system, and digital campus were simple to navigate and the program provided resources and study materials to successfully pass my exam. I now believe in lifelong learning and upskilling.

  • Peter Bartow

    Peter Bartow

    Sr Project Manager IT PMO

    I enjoyed taking the class with so many people from all over the world. The course was elaborate and easy to comprehend.

  • Carlos Arteaga

    Carlos Arteaga

    After completing the course, I could crack my dream internship as a Junior Cyber Security Analyst Intern at Chase, with a 25% increment in my income now.

  • Myles Howard II

    Myles Howard II

    The instructor chains together the learning topics very well. One subject leads to the next, and they are woven together comprehensively.

  • Vishwa Teja

    Vishwa Teja

    Information Technology Security Analyst

    The post graduation in cyber security helped me get a new job within one month of its completion. Besides, it fueled my career and helped me gain confidence. Simplilearn had experienced tutors that helped me understand every bit of the concept. The team was very patient and helpful, providing an incredible learning experience.

  • Sujeeth Bosco

    Sujeeth Bosco

    Deputy Manager - Product Testing and Opticals Inspection

    pg in cyber security helped me improve my performance and got me a promotion with a salary increment of 12%. From an assistant manager, I was promoted to Deputy Manager and Group Lead. I was given new roles and responsibilities, and the management believed in my skills more than earlier.

  • Maurice Echu

    Maurice Echu

    Information Services Manager

    Simplilearn's certificate gave my career a significant boost. I could put the knowledge I gained through the program into practice in different projects. My overall income increased by 166%, and I got promoted to the position of Information Service Manager at Mercy Ships.

  • Walter Anderson

    Walter Anderson

    Our instructor provided excellent online classroom training using practical exercises and EC-Council content, as well as sharing his priceless personal knowledge and wisdom.

  • Chandrakant Khairnar

    Chandrakant Khairnar

    PGP in cyber security was up to the mark, solved my purpose of joining the course - a kick-starter to exam preparation, and getting the basics right.

  • Shajji Mohiuddin

    Shajji Mohiuddin

    Technical Sales Manager

    My experience with Simplilearn’s PGP in Cyber Security in collaboration with MIT was incredible. The concepts were explained very clearly. The blended learning approach allows us to learn in live classes and at our own pace. It is favorable for working professionals and offers a convenient way of growing their careers.

  • Hussein Ali Al -Assaad

    Hussein Ali Al -Assaad

    It was a great learning experience with Simplilearn. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable. The entire team is very helpful and flexible. I strongly recommend Simplilearn to my friends and family.

  • Tejaswa Rastogi

    Tejaswa Rastogi

    The course encapsulates the detailed approach, which is good, and there is so much to learn.

  • Ashish Ghai

    Ashish Ghai

    This course was a marathon of learning, a blend of a few of the most renowned cybersecurity certifications globally. It wasn't a comfortable journey; it was excruciating. But perseverance and tenacity eventually made the result sweeter. And it wouldn't have been possible without the support of Simplilearn's fantastic trainers and staff.


FAQs On Networking Courses

  • Is IT Networking a Promising Career Option?

    IT networking is a fascinating and ever-flourishing course since every firm needs the help of these experts to produce, fix, and keep vital computer systems secure. Since this approach provides many employment possibilities for people who love automation, it is considered a suitable career.

    The most pleasing thing is, the IT networking certification popularity is expected to escalate with the advancement in automation in the forthcoming years. So, people having this certificate will have the most promising employment options, such as:

    • Network Operator

    • Network Controller

    • Computer System Investigator

    • Computer Restoration Technician

    • Helpdesk Professional

    • Desktop Support Professional

  • What is the Strongest Certification in Networking?

    If learners are operating in an IT network, this credential in networking can provide them with the needed knowledge and skills to advance in their career. Out of all the networking courses available, Cisco CCIE is rated as one of the most promising courses. It is a worldwide credited study and among the most famous networking credentials in the IT business.

    The Cisco CCIE networking programs concentrate on an intent-based system where learners hook up users and develop interlinked apps. As a learner in this specialization, they have time to build multi-domain solutions that span industries, statistics camps, and utility offerers. It is a state-of-the-art license with a strong standard of technicality.

    The most practical thing is there are no previous conditions for this paper. But one must possess around 5-7 years of hands-on knowledge of industry networking automation before doing a scam.

  • Which Certificate Course is Good for Network Engineers?

    The best networking courses for engineers that will take them a step closer to landing job in the industry, are listed below:

  • Is CCNA Sufficient for Network Engineers?

    CCNA networking certification can deliver a person with the following career prospects:

    • Technical Support Architect

    • Entry-Level Network Engineer

    • Network Administrator

    • Noc Support Engineer

    • Information Security Analyst

    • Desktop Support Engineer

    CCNA certification will offer you an opportunity to work as an entry-level engineer. The duties include supervising network implementation, troubleshooting, dealing with customer issues, and setting up information backups.

  • Is CCNA More Promising than Network+?

    CCNA and Network+ papers contain performance-based queries formed around IT job duties. While CCNA is a new examination, Network+ follows a more conventional method of constructing and assessing the questions.

    While CCNA concentrates on mechanical abilities, Network+ focuses on business skills that may benefit some companies. It is one of the best networking courses that offers an advantage over applicants who require practical industry expertise. So, if students think any exam is more useful than the other, they are wrong.

    However, IT specialists consider Network+ beneficial since it offers standard documentation, which increases their job prospects by teaching business analytics, and provides job security if the company shifts merchants.

  • What is the Highest Income of CCNA?

    Nowadays, CCNA credential is highly demanded by job recruiters in the networking trade. If students are striding into the domain, they can receive yearlong incomes as great as $146,500 and as modest as $42,000. But the scope of CCNA incomes presently varies between $66,500 (25th percentile) to $106,500 (75th percentile).

    However, the principal earners (90th percentile) of networking training can make around $129,500 yearly with this certificate.

  • Which CCNP is Highest in Demand?

    The Cisco CCNP course is the most in-demand course among job recruiters worldwide, currently. It is an intermediate-standard certificate presented by Cisco, that teaches the applicants to organize, execute, authenticate, and fix LAN and WAN.

    This field deals with foundation technology, i.e., business networking certification, which is an up-gradation of the pre-existing knowledge gained while practicing the Cisco CCNA credential. Cisco CCNP possesses developed an in-depth insight into these domains:

    • Transmitting

    • Swapping

    • Fixing

    • Security

    • SND (Software Defined Networking)

  • Is CCNP Worth it in 2023?

    Since the IT business is constantly evolving, remain updated with the recent technological advancements and trends to succeed in the industry. 2023 has witnessed an increased demand for IT experts who can show their knowledge and competencies in various CCNP Tracks such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and automation.

    Holding a CCNP diploma will land learners with various appealing jobs this year. CCNP networking training is in high demand because of its capacity to monitor and compose networks efficiently. This year has witnessed around a 25% hike in demand for CCNP experts than the last year, and the numbers are likely to rise in the future.

  • Is CCNA Tougher Compared to CompTIA Network+?

    CompTIA Network+ and CCNA are among the most famous IT networking programs. To determine which one of them is tougher to clear, look at this table:

    Basis of Difference

    CompTIA Network+


    Topics Included in the Examination

    The Network+ course examination determines your expertise in network security, topologies, protocols, engineering, procedures, and resolving technical issues.

    It includes networking principles, LAN transformation, transmitting, WAN technology, network protection, and network programmability.

    Employment Functions

    It covers entry to mid-level IT networking functions, consisting of network executives, investigators, and technical service professionals.

    It offers positions in the IT field, consisting of network manager, architect, assistant professional, and data analyst.

    Monetary and Time Expenditure

    Less monetary and time expense.

    High monetary and time expense.

    Requirement of Prior Knowledge

    An individual can clear the Network+ course with little actual expertise.

    An individual cannot clear the CCNA examination without laboratory or on-the-job knowledge.

    While Network+ is an entry-level networking course, ideal for people with a restricted orientation to network technology, CCNA demands a more elevated level of understanding and is optimal for people who have been functioning in the domain for a long time and know about network technology.

    If students want to have a comprehensive knowledge of network technology, Network+ is a good choice. But if they already have experience, and want to become an expert in Cisco technology, CCNA is the most suitable choice.

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