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Getting certified in CISA requires you to be proficient in various areas related to IT security and cybersecurity in general. If you are interested in getting CISA certified, you need to ensure that you are well-versed with cybersecurity and its nuances. This free CISA practice exam can help you get skilled and certified. Containing CISA exam sample questions that are in line with the questions that you might come across in the certification examination, this CISA practice test lets you analyze your skills and better them if required. Also, it provides you the confidence to appear the CISA certification test as well. Take the CISA mock exam today and hope for a great career in cybersecurity.

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1. During an IT control review to support a financial statement audit, users of the general ledger (GL) complained to the IS auditor about the considerable delay in accessing data. The MOST appropriate action for the IS auditor is to
2. The CISA is reviewing a Stores Purchase application. How are the purchase orders validated?
3. Which of these is the most effective control over a guest wireless ID given to the vendor staff?
4. A human resources (HR) company provides free wireless Internet access to its guests by authenticating with a generic user ID and password. Which of these controls BEST addresses the situation?
5. A CISA has found an inadequate policy definition for data and systems ownership during audit. What is the primary concern?
6. A CISA needs to appraise whether there have been unapproved program changes since the last software version was released. Which of the following audit techniques could be used?
7. IR teams fix a retention date on a file. This is to make sure the ____________.
8. A CISA during an audit has found that employees are issued security tokens in addition to a personalized identification number (PIN) for access to the corporate virtual private network (VPN). What would be of primary concern to the auditor?
9. During a compliance audit of an organization, the IS auditor notes that both the IT and accounting functions are being performed by the same user of the financial system. Which of the following reviews conducted by a supervisor would represent the BEST compensating control?
10. Why are IT control objectives useful to IS auditors?
11. When reviewing the desktop software compliance of an organization, the IS auditor should be MOST concerned if the installed software
12. How will an IS auditor review the firewall and VPN permissions for an application that is retrieved through the Internet?
13. The CISA should review which of the below to gain an understanding of organization's effectiveness in terms of planning and management of IT investments?
14. An organization reviews key project deliverables prior to a project's closure, and decides to make a number of late changes in the project. The management observes these changes affect the achievement of the predefined goals. What controls should an IS auditor recommend to improve the project management process?
15. An IS auditor is reviewing a software application that is built on the principles of service oriented architecture (SOA). What is the BEST first step?
16. How do you detect cyberattacks against an organization's IT systems and how to recover from such an attack?
17. A CISA who is testing employee access to a large financial system selects a sample from the current employee list. Which among these is the most reliable evidence to support the test?
18. An IS auditor is validating a control that involves a review of the system-generated exception reports. What is the BEST evidence for effectiveness of the control?
19. An IS auditor is reviewing the process performed for the protection of digital evidence. Which of the following findings should present the MOST concern to the IS auditor?
20. The MOST likely explanation for the use of applets in an Internet application is:
21. A CISA detects that a corrective action is taken by an auditee instantly after a finding mentioned in the audit report. What should be the CISA's next step?
22. In an organization, the top management has decided to formulate and deploy an IS security policy, and has asked the Head of IS to undertake the process. Who is accountable for the policy?
23. A CISA has been asked to review a Purchase Order system. Which sampling method could be used to verify whether purchase orders issued to vendors have been authorized as per the authorization list?
24. Which of the given entities can initiate a change request in a process?
25. A digital signature is best described as a method to:


  • What is a CISA practice test?

    The CISA free practice exam aims to ensure that you are well-versed with cybersecurity and its nuances. This test is created by subject matter experts to make sure that you are well prepared for the final CISA certification as well.

  • Who can take up this CISA mock test?

    Anyone who has a passion for learning cybersecurity, or who wants to clear the CISA certification exam can take this CISA exam dumps.

  • What will I learn from this CISA exam prep practice test?

    This CISA sample exam will help you learn the nuances of cybersecurity, especially the things required for becoming a certified CISA professional. Containing CISA exam sample questions the CISA exam questions are in line with the questions that you will find in the certification exam. This CISA practice test lets you analyze your skills and better them if required.

  • What are the requirements to take this CISA test?

    There are no requirements to take this practice test.

  • Will the practice tests be updated frequently?

    Yes, all the questions that you find in this CISA mock test are updated frequently as per the industry trends.

  • Will this CISA practice test questions help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes. one of the most important goals of this CISA practice exam is to help you clear the final certification exam. 

  • What is included in this practice test?

    You get 25 questions as a part of this CISA mock exam.

  • Can I retake this practice test?

    Yes, these CISA practice questions can be taken as many times as you like. However, for an optimal experience, it is suggested that you take the test after you are completely ready. 

  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    These CISA multiple choice questions are in line with the questions you can find in the CISA final certification exam.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    The best part about this CISA practice exam is, you can take the practice tests as many times as you like. If you didn’t clear it the first time, you can learn more about project management through our CISA course to increase your chances of clearing it the next time.

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