Comptia Security+ Course Overview

Be it network installation or configuration for security or securing applications and devices, our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego covers A-Z IT skills. Students in our CompTIA Security Plus certification course in San Diego also learn how to identify potential threats and deploy effective solutions.

Comptia Security+ Course Key Features

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  • Exam Voucher included
  • 8X higher interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts
  • 2 Simulation Test Papers (90 Questions Each)
  • Covers 6 domains required to become an IT security professional
  • Course Completion certificate
  • Hands-on based learning

Skills Covered

  • Secure networks and applications
  • Perform threat analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Cryptography
  • Identity and Access Management
  • LAN
  • Secure Protocols
  • Vulnerability Scanning Assessment
  • Incident Response


Our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego, opens doors to different types of IT roles. Per reports, the average salary for certified professionals is over $86,000 annually and completing our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego is the first step to starting a new career!

  • Designation
  • Annual Salary
  • Hiring Companies
  • Annual Salary
    Source: Glassdoor
    Hiring Companies
    IBM hiring for Network Architect professionals in San Diego
    Oracle hiring for Network Architect professionals in San Diego
    Goldman Sachs hiring for Network Architect professionals in San Diego
    Nokia hiring for Network Architect professionals in San Diego
    Source: Indeed
  • Annual Salary
    Source: Glassdoor
    Hiring Companies
    VMware hiring for Security Engineer professionals in San Diego
    IBM hiring for Security Engineer professionals in San Diego
    Microsoft hiring for Security Engineer professionals in San Diego
    Oracle hiring for Security Engineer professionals in San Diego
    Source: Indeed
  • Annual Salary
    Source: Glassdoor
    Hiring Companies
    Citi hiring for Security Analyst professionals in San Diego
    Wells Fargo hiring for Security Analyst professionals in San Diego
    IBM hiring for Security Analyst professionals in San Diego
    Goldman Sachs hiring for Security Analyst professionals in San Diego
    Morgan Stanley hiring for Security Analyst professionals in San Diego
    Source: Indeed

Training Options

online Bootcamp

$ 1,499

  • 90 days of flexible access to online classes
  • Lifetime access to high-quality live class recordings
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support
  • Batches in alignment with the updated version
  • Classes starting in San Diego from:-
27th Nov: Weekend Class
17th Dec: Weekday Class
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Corporate Training

Customized to your team's needs

  • Blended learning delivery model (self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Comptia Security+ Course Curriculum


If you have an interest in IT, regardless of your experience level, we encourage you to enroll in our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego. Students who enroll and pass in our CompTIA Security Plus certification course in San Diego gets to work as network administrators, IT auditors, system administrators, and various other exciting roles in IT.
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If you would like to sign up for our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego, there aren’t any required prerequisites. We strongly suggest that anyone looking to enroll for our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego take the Network+ certification prior to signing up for the Security+ training and certification test.
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Course Content

  • CompTIA Security+ 601

    • Lesson 01 Risk Management

      • 01 Introduction
      • 02 The CIA of Security
      • 03 Threat Actors
      • 04 What is Risk
      • 05 Managing Risk
      • 06 Using Guides for Risk Assessment
      • 07 Security Controls
      • 08 Interesting Security Controls
      • 09 Defense in Depth
      • 10 IT Security Governance
      • 11 Security Policies
      • 12 Frameworks
      • 13 Quantitative Risk Calculations
      • 14 Business Impact Analysis
      • 15 Organizing Data
      • 16 Security Training
      • 17 Third Party Agreements
    • Lesson 02 Cryptography

      • 01 Cryptography Basics
      • 02 Cryptographic Methods
      • 03 Symmetric Cryptosystems
      • 04 Symmetric Block Modes
      • 05 RSA Cryptosystems
      • 06 Diffie-Hellman
      • 07 PGP GPG
      • 08 Hashing
      • 09 HMAC
      • 10 Steganography
      • 11 Certificates and Trust
      • 12 Public Key Infrastructure
      • 13 Cryptographic Attacks
    • Lesson 03 Identity and Access Management

      • 01 Identification
      • 02 Authorization Concepts
      • 03 Access Control List
      • 04 Password Security
      • 05 Linux File Permissions
      • 06 Windows File Permissions
      • 07 User Account Management
      • 08 AAA
      • 09 Authentication Methods
      • 10 Single Sign On
    • Lesson 04 Tools of the Trade

      • 01 OS Utilities
      • 02 OS Utilities ipconfig
      • 03 Network Scanners
      • 04 Protocol Analyzers
      • 05 SNMP
      • 06 Logs
    • Lesson 05 Securing Individual Systems

      • 01 Denial of Service
      • 02 Host Threats
      • 03 Man in the Middle
      • 04 System Resiliency
      • 05 RAID
      • 06 NAS and SAN
      • 07 Physical Hardening
      • 08 RFI, EMI and ESD
      • 09 Host Hardening
      • 10 Data and System Security
      • 11 Disk Encryption
      • 12 Hardware Firmware Security
      • 13 Secure OS Types
      • 14 Securing Peripherals
      • 15 Malware
      • 16 Analyzing Output
      • 17 IDS and IPS
      • 18 Automation Strategies
      • 19 Data Destruction
    • Lesson 06 The Basic LAN

      • 01 LAN Review
      • 02 Network Topologies Review
      • 03 Network Zone Review
      • 04 Network Access Controls
      • 05 The Network Firewall
      • 06 Proxy Servers
      • 07 Honeypots
      • 08 Virtual Private Networks
      • 09 IPSec
      • 10 NIDS NIPS
      • 11 SIEM
    • Lesson 07 Beyond the Basic LAN

      • 01 Wireless Review
      • 02 Living in Open Networks
      • 03 Vulnerabilities with Wireless Access Points
      • 04 Cracking WEP
      • 05 Cracking WPA
      • 06 Cracking WPS
      • 07 Wireless Hardening
      • 08 Wireless Access Points
      • 09 Virtualization Basics
      • 10 Virtual Security
      • 11 Containers
      • 12 IaaS
      • 13 PaaS
      • 14 SaaS
      • 15 Deployment Models
      • 16 Static Hosts
      • 17 Mobile Connectivity
      • 18 Deploying Mobile Devices
      • 19 Mobile Enforcement
      • 20 Mobile Device Management
      • 21 Physical Controls
      • 22 HVAC
      • 23 Fire Suppression
    • Lesson 08 Secure Protocols

      • 01 Secure Applications and Protocols
      • 02 Network Models
      • 03 Know Your Protocols TCP IP
      • 04 Know Your Protocols Applications
      • 05 Transport Layer Security
      • 06 Internet Service Hardening
      • 07 Protecting Your Servers
      • 08 Secure Code Development
      • 09 Secure Deployment Concepts
      • 10 Code Quality and Testing
    • Lesson 09 Testing Your Infrastructure

      • 01 Vulnerability Scanning Tools
      • 02 Vulnerability Scanning Assessment
      • 03 Social Engineering Principles
      • 04 Social Engineering Attacks
      • 05 Attacking Web Sites
      • 06 Attacking Applications
      • 07 Exploiting a Target
      • 08 Vulnerability Impact
    • Lesson 10 Dealing with Incidents

      • 01 Incident Response
      • 02 Digital Forensics
      • 03 Contingency Planning
      • 04 Backups

Comptia Security+ Exam & Certification

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Training in San Diego, CA
  • How do I get certified in CompTIA Security+ 501 in San Diego?

    You must take and pass the SY0-501 exam in order to become certified once you’ve completed our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego. Students are often prepared to successfully handle and crack the exam once they’ve enrolled and completed the CompTIA Security Plus certification course in San Diego. The test has a 90-minute time limit and consists of 90 questions. Students must score at least 750 in order to pass.

    Please visit the following link to learn more:

  • How do I unlock my certificate?

    Online Classroom:
    The first step is to sign up for our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego. Once candidates have attended a complete online classroom as part of the CompTIA Security Plus certification course in San Diego, they will be able to unlock and access their certificate.

  • What are the prerequisites for the CompTIA Security+ certification in San Diego?

    There aren’t any prerequisites to take this certification, but we recommend that candidates take the Network+ certification before taking the Security+ SYO-501 training and certification exam

  • How long is the CompTIA Security+ Certification valid in San Diego?

    This CompTIA Security+ certification in San Diego is good for three years from the date you pass your exam

  • Does the course fee include examination fees as well?

    The CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego fee includes the exam fee, however, that is the case, in select locations around the world.  The CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego fee and the testing fee are two separate fees in Africa.

  • How long do I have to redeem my voucher from Simplilearn?

    Our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego includes the exam fee in most locations. Students are required to procure the exam voucher within the timeline, that is, three months of starting the CompTIA Security Plus certification course in San Diego. If the fee for the test happens to increase prior to registering for the test, we ask that the difference is paid to Simplilearn.

  • How do I schedule my exam?

    Once the CompTIA Security Plus certification course in San Diego is successfully completed, students are ready for the exam. A sales consultant, referred to as inside sales manager, can help you with exam scheduling after the completion of this comprehensive CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego. Alternatively, you can contact or submit a support request to Simplilearn.

  • What is the validity of my exam voucher?

    You’ll be given one year to use your exam voucher after you’ve enrolled in our comprehensive CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego. You will need to purchase the voucher again if you haven’t registered for the exam within one year of enrolling in our CompTIA Security Plus certification training in San Diego.

  • Can I ask for a refund of my exam voucher cost once it’s issued to me?

    No, the cost of the exam voucher cannot be refunded once it is issued to a learner because we procure this from third party bodies. Simplilearn does not own the voucher policies or cost.

  • How frequently does the exam fee change?

    Exam prices are controlled by the certification body and can change. These changes are usually announced at the end of the calendar year. If an exam price goes up and you have not yet scheduled your exam, you will need to pay the difference to Simplilearn.

  • What are the CompTIA Security+ Exam eligibility requirements?

    While there are no prerequisites for CompTIA Security+, it is recommended that you have:

    • At least two years of experience in IT administration (with a focus on security)
    • CompTIA Network+ credential prior to taking the CompTIA Security+ Exam

  • What are the CompTIA Security+ Exam Costs?

    • North America - USD 339
    • Great Britain - GBP 201
    • Emerging Markets - USD 190
    • EURO - EURO 305
    • Australia - AUD 458
    • Japan - JPY 39,756
    • South Africa - ZAR 2,609

  • What is the passing score for the CompTIA Security+ exam?

    To pass the exam, you need to achieve a minimum score of 750 out of 900. The exam is 90 minutes long and is an MCQ-based questionnaire.

  • How many attempts do I have to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam?

    If you fail your first attempt at the CompTIA Security+ Exam, there is no waiting period before you can take the exam a second time. However, if you fail the second time, you must wait fourteen days from the date of the last exam to retake the exam. Once you pass the exam, you cannot re-take it without prior consent from CompTIA. Candidates are required to pay the exam fee every time they take the CompTIA Security+ Exam.

Comptia Security+ Training Reviews

  • Chetan Pai

    Chetan Pai

    Head IT at Broadcom, Bangalore

    I appreciate the quality of learning material of Simplilearn. My experience in dealing with support team has been excellent. All-in-all, I feel Simplilearn is real value for money for professional IT education. Thank you Simplilearn!

  • Gurucharan Padki

    Gurucharan Padki

    IT Projects and Services Delivery Manager at Mercator Solutions FZE, Dubai

    The course was very informative for a newbie like me. It has wide coverage.

  • Lancelot Dsouza

    Lancelot Dsouza

    General Manager- IT & Projects at Cine Grand, Mumbai

    Simplilearn justifies their name “Learning Simplified” as they provide you with the right amount of study material with ample time and focused content so that you can understand the subject and can sail through the examination confidently. Their support team is also helpful even on Sundays. Thank you Simplilearn.


Why Online Bootcamp

  • Develop skills for real career growthCutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills
  • Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainersLeading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work schedule.
  • Learn by working on real-world problemsCapstone projects involving real world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning
  • Structured guidance ensuring learning never stops24x7 Learning support from mentors and a community of like-minded peers to resolve any conceptual doubts

Comptia Security+ Certification FAQs

  • What is the focus of this course?

    The CompTIA Security+ certification training in San Diego will enable learners to gain knowledge and skills required to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices; perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques; participate in risk mitigation activities; operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations. Upon successfully validating their skills by passing the certification exam learners will be able to perform these tasks to support the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

    CompTIA Security+ meets the ISO 17024 standard and is approved by U.S. Department of Defense to fulfill Directive 8570.01-M requirements. Once you obtain your Security+ you automatically have the CE designation required in the DoD Directive 8570.01 manual and going forward must comply with the CE program requirement of completing 50 CEUs in three years to maintain the credential. Security+ is also compliant with government regulations under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Security Specialists, Administrators and Managers earn over $86,000 per year.

  • What are the course objectives?

    • Comprehend Risk identification and mitigation
    • Provide operational, information, application and infrastructure level security
    • Secure the network to maintain availability, integrity and confidentiality of critical information
    • Operate within a set of rules, policies and regulations wherever applicable

  • Who should take this course in San Diego?

    The course is ideal for professionals in the role of a

    • Systems Administrator
    • Network Administrator
    • Security Administrator
    • Junior IT Auditor/Penetration Tester

  • What payment options are available?

    You can enroll for the training online. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.

    • Visa debit/credit card
    • American express and Diners club card
    • Master Card, or
    • Through PayPal

  • Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment. We provide you complete refund after deducting the administration fee. To know more please go through our Refund Policy.

  • How will I get my course completion certificate from Simplilearn?

    We offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.

  • Where and how can I access the e-learning content? Are there any limitations?

    Once you register with us for a course by paying the course fee, you can have 24/7 access to the e-learning content on our website. An automated course purchase confirmation mail from our side will guide you through the process.

  • I am not able to access the online course. Whom should I contact for a solution?

    Please raise a request via our Help and Support portal to have your issue resolved.

  • What comes after a CompTIA Security+ Certification in San Diego?

    Achieving a CompTIA Security+ Certification in San Diego offers you many career benefits. However, you shouldn’t stop upskilling yourself as the world of cybersecurity is quite dynamic. Here are some of the courses you can consider taking after becoming CompTIA Security+ certified:

  • What is the salary of a cyber security professional in San Diego?

    Cyber security is one of the important needs in our technological world. To become a cyber security professional, the candidate must have done a degree in information technology with skills in handling security issues in network and data in addition to CompTIA security plus certification training San Diego. The average salary of a candidate with CompTIA security plus certification training in San Diego ranges between 90000 $ to 100000 $ in San Diego.

  • What are the major companies hiring for Cyber security in San Diego?

    The Major companies hiring cyber security analysts are Frontier technology, Deloitte, AT&T, Google, Medtronic, UC San Diego, Intuit etc. All these companies hire candidates with CompTIA security plus certification training San Diego based on their skills in network and information security, embedded security architecture, experience in designing security infrastructure, IP core for ASICs, cryptographic algorithms and protocols.

  • What are the major industries in San Diego?

    Some of the major industries in SAN DIEGO are the University of California, Naval base of San Diego, Qualcomm, sharp healthcare, Scripps Health, PETCO, San Diego college community, apple, google, Maxwell technologies, Teradata, Classy etc. All these industries have employees ranging from 10000 people to 35000 people on their campuses. Candidates with CompTIA security plus certification training San Diego are highly preferred by the companies for the jobs.

  • How to become a Cyber Security Analyst in San Diego?

    Cyber security analysts need to complete certification in cyber security with experience in cloud computing and network along with the skills in OTP and PUF technologies and the knowledge to work with governance, risk and compliance management.

  • How to Find Cyber Security Courses in San Diego?

    To become a cyber security analyst, there are a lot of courses offered in which offers a lot of options in the course of data security and engineering.

  • Is the CompTIA Security+ course difficult to learn?

    This CompTIA Security+ course is easy to learn and can be pursued by beginners as well as experienced professionals.

  • Is a Security Specialist a good career option?

    A Security Specialist is definitely a good career option. Seeking the CompTia Security+ certification helps professionals to demonstrate knowledge, skills, qualities aligned with ISO 17024 Standard. With this certification, you can definitely earn a much higher salary than your peers. According to, the salary of security specialists ranges between $42,130 and $95,830, depending on the experience. Additionally, according to one of the blogs by the ISC(2) leadership team members, the gap in cybersecurity skills is likely to result in 3.5 million vacancies by 2021.

  • Is CompTIA Security+ certification worth it?

    This CompTIA Security+ certification is definitely worth it as it will facilitate in gaining skills needed for installing and configuring systems to secure applications, networks, and devices; conduct threat analysis and address the issues with the right mitigation techniques; take part in risk mitigation activities, and operate with completed knowledge of applicable policies, and laws.

  • What do Security Specialists do?

    With the help of this CompTia Security+ certification, you will be able to learn in detail about the key roles and responsibilities of security specialists like:

    • Conducting physical security and risk vulnerability inspections, evaluating and offering recommendations
    • Reviewing facilities designs regarding where sensitive materials are located
    • Evaluating existing security procedures
    • Applying appropriate security standards
    • Greeting guests and conduct proper sign-in procedures
    • Developing and executing physical security standards and procedures.
    • Training and supervising security personnel.
    • Assisting or leading security and/or safety awareness training for personnel.
    • Recommending actions to avoid conditions conducive to threats such as vandalism, terrorism, or theft.
    • Evaluating clearances for management and personnel according to the information and property they may access.

  • Which companies hire Security Specialists?

    Companies hiring for professionals with CompTIA Security+ certification include Apple, Lockheed Martin, General Motors, Capital One, Cisco, Intel, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing.

  • What is the pay scale of Security Specialists across the world?

    On average, professionals with CompTia Security+ certification earn an annual salary of $65947.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Training in San Diego, CA

According to the 2020 census, San Diego has a population of 1,386,932. San Diego is the second-most populous city in California and the ninth most populous city in the United States. San Diego is located in the state of California in the United States of America.

Tourism, foreign trade, defence and military, and research all contribute to San Diego's economy. For many businesses, it is the greatest option for a start-up.

San Diego has a major spot for the development of industries like Qualcomm, Nokia, LG, and many other wireless technological devices. 

Apart from these, San Diego is home to 140 Contract Research Organisations (CROs) which provide many contracts for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

San Diego has some beautiful attractions and landmarks to visit.

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