Course Description

  • What are the course objectives?

    This Data Science Capstone course end project will validate your expertise as a job-ready data scientist. You will learn to apply the knowledge, skills and capabilities your learned in the Data Science Master’s Program and build a project on your own from start to finish. You will gain real-world exposure to modern data science challenges and learn to build your own models to solve them and make better data-driven decisions. You will also have the flexibility to choose your own domain and technology stack for your project.

  • What skills will you learn with this Data Science Capstone Project?

    Simplilearn’s online Data Science Capstone course will bring you through the data science decision cycle, including data processing, building a model and representing results. The project milestones are as follows:

    • Data Processing - In this step, you will apply various data processing techniques to make raw data meaningful.
    • Model Building - You will leverage techniques such as regression and decision trees to build machine learning models that enable accurate and intelligent predictions. You may explore Python, R or SAS to build your model. You will follow the complete model-building exercise from data split to test and training and validating data using the k-fold cross-validation process.
    • Model Fine-tuning - You will apply various techniques to improve the accuracy of your model and select the champion model that provides the best accuracy.
    • Dashboarding and Representing Results - As the last step, you will be required to export your results into a dashboard with meaningful insights using Tableau 

  • Who should take this course?

    Anyone who is interested in upscaling their skillets in data science can take this course to become familiar with real-world industry-specific problems and solutions.

  • What are the prerequisites to take this course?

    You should complete Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Masters Program in order to take this project

    Alternatively, the learner must be proficient in Data Science using R, Python or SAS, Data Visualisation using Tableau, and Machine Learning in order to take up this course.

    Below are the recommended courses to take-

    Data Science:

    Data Science with SAS training, or
    Data Science with R, or
    Data Science with Python

    Data Visualisation:

    Tableau Certification course

    Machine Learning:

    Machine Learning course

Course Preview

    • Day 1 - Problem and approach overview

      • Data Science Capstone
    • Day 2 - Data pre-processing techniques application on data set

      • Data Science Capstone
    • Day 3 - Model Building and fine tuning leveraging various techniques

      • Data Science Capstone
    • Day 4 - Dashboard problem statement to meet the business objective

      • Data Science Capstone
    • Day 5 - Final evaluation

      • Data Science Capstone
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      • What is a Data Science Capstone project?

        A Capstone project is the final phase of the Data Science Master’s Program, covering the entire data science learning path. It is designed to help learners showcase their expertise in a specific domain to potential employers. The projects are co-created with industry experts and represent industry-specific challenges to help learners overcome typical business problems. The capstone project is a great opportunity for students and professionals to pursue their dream career in data science.

      • How is this training conducted?

        The course is conducted via live virtual classroom, where you will be guided and trained by our dedicated faculty of industry experts.

      • What certification will I receive after taking this course?

        After completing this course, you will achieve the final milestone for becoming a job-ready data scientist. You will be awarded a Capstone completion certificate that will validate your skill-set in the data science domain. The capstone project is a practical demonstration of your data science expertise that can be shown to prospective employers.

      • What is the cost of this course?

        This Data Science Capstone project is included with the Data Scientist Master’s Program curriculum. It is the last milestone in the learning path to become a certified data scientist. You can purchase our Data Scientist Master’s Program course to access this Capstone project.

        You also have the option of purchasing this project individually with the price mentioned on this page.

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