About the Program

  • What are the learning objectives of this devops course in Hyderabad?

    The devops training in Hyderabad helps you develop the key skills necessary to become a DevOps expert. You will master Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Deployment, Delivery, and Monitoring using DevOps tools. These tools include Git, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Puppet, and Nagios in a practical, hands-on, interactive approach. Enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum methodologies and gain knowledge of the two major cloud platform providers—Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure with this Devops Certification Training in Hyderabad.

    The devops course in Hyderabad is built around a structured learning path recommended by industry experts. You will get access to 120+ live, instructor-led online classes conducted by trainers who are experts in the field. You also get access to 90+ hours of high-quality e-learning, real-life case studies, chapter-end quizzes, simulation exams, and a community moderated by experts. Upon completing the requirements of the learning path successfully, you will be awarded the master's certificate from Simplilearn.

  • What projects are included in this devops course in Hyderabad?

    Some of the projects that are a part of this devops training in Hyderabad include –

    Project 1 Scenario:

    A media company wants to create a website where users can upload their photographs, including captions and titles. You need to create thumbnails from photographs so multiple images can be displayed on the index pages. Customers should also be able to order prints on T-shirts, mugs, and other items. You need to design, implement, and deploy part of this system.
    The devops training in Hyderabad's project objective is to create and implement the business and integration tiers related to the project. In the final system, image files and thumbnails should be stored in a file system that’s accessible to the web server.

    Project goals:

    • Set up a MySQL database in a Docker container

    • Design a database table structure for the data

    • Write an SQL script to create the table and enter some sample data

    • Create the table in the database

    • Create a Java entity object and map it to the database table

    • Create a DAO and its implementation

    • Create a Junit test case and write integration tests

    • The deliverables are:

      • SQL script

      • Entity object code

      • Hibernate configuration file

      • DAO and implementation code

      • Junit test case

    Project 2 Scenario:

    A library has a huge CD collection that must be cataloged. It needs to store the relevant information in a database and come equipped with a web front end. You must design, implement, and deploy a part of this system. The project objective is to produce a web application that can implement the catalog. Each CD requires the following information:

    • Title

    • Artist(s)

    • Year of release

    • Number of tracks

    • Total playing time

    • Each CD must also have a list of tracks with the following information:

      • Title

      • Author(s)

      • Playing time

    • Goals of the project:
      You start off the project with the code and instructions for exercise 8.7. Take a project copy obtained from DevOps lesson 8, then rename the files from Monitor to Library. You only need to produce the web’s front end. The data manager can produce a hard-coded list of CDs instead of extracting them from the database.
      The deliverables are:

      • The data manager Java file

      • The library controller Java file

      • The JSP which displays the CD list

      • A screenshot of the web page showing the list of CDs

    Project 3 Scenario:

    You must be able to convert an integer into words, like, for example, the number 57 needs to be converted into “fifty-seven”. The project’s objective in this devops course in Hyderabad is to create a method that converts the numbers 1 through 999 into words. If you have time, extend the numerical range beyond, but not exceeding 2 billion. Use Test Driven Development (TDD) to develop the method. You will also need a standalone application that reads a keyboard number and prints the number's value as either regular words or the phrase "invalid number." The program should exit if the user enters 0.
    The application must be packaged as an executable jar file using Ant.
    Goals of the project:

    • Clone the repository and install Ant.

    • Git clone https://github.com/simplilearn-devops/devops-project-3

    • Curl -O http://apache.mindstudios.com//ant/binaries/apache-ant-1.10.0-bin.zip

    • Unzip apache-ant-1.10.0-bin.zip

    • Ins apache-ant-1.10.0 ant

    • Start the VNC server

    • On your local machine connect to the VNC server on port 5901

    • Open the Numbers project in Eclipse

    • Add the jar files in lib to the classpath

    • Develop the numbers to words application using TDD

    • Implement the main application to read numbers from the keyboard and print out the values

    • On the server navigate to the Numbers project

    • Run ant to build the project. The build will fail if the unit tests fail.

    • ~/ant/bin/ant dist

    • The results of the unit tests are in the report directory which got created

    • Run the application and try it out

    • java –j Numbers.jar

    • The deliverables are:

      • The unit test java file

      • The number of words Java file

      • The main application Java file

      • The test results file from the report directory

      • A screenshot of the application output after running it with a representative set of numbers

    Project 4 Scenario:

    You are tasked with putting a few downloadable materials into Amazon S3 so your company’s customers around the world can access them.
    However, a month later, during a massive marketing campaign, the marketing team discovers the S3 costs too much, and assigns you the task of researching and implementing a cheap file distribution plan.
    Goals of the Project:

    • Create an S3 bucket

    • Set its access permissions to allow all anonymous users to download the files from it

    • Upload sample files to an S3 bucket

    • Create a CloudFront distribution using an S3 bucket as its origin

    • Verify that the files are accessible

    Project 5 Scenario:

    Currently, Oscrop Corporation’s public-facing web application runs on an IIS web server located at the company’s chosen ISP. But Oscrop wants to migrate this web app over to Azure. As a result, you need to test the web app’s functionality by creating a test Oscrop web app. An internal team will supply you with a test web app for you to deploy. You must ensure that they can continue staging changes to the test web application before anyone can modify the public-facing website.
    Oscrop’s operations team currently uses a Microsoft SQL Server database to store the web app’s back-end data on the company’s servers. You need to investigate the possibility of using an Azure SQL Database to host this database.
    The operations team is also interested in monitoring how the database performs in Azure.
    Goals of the Project:

    • Create a new web app

    • Deploy a web app

    • Manage web apps

    • Create an Azure SQL Database

    • Configure server firewall rules

    • Use SQL Server Management Studio

    • View database metrics

  • What is a DevOps Engineer?

    The DevOps methodology promotes greater collaboration between Development and Operations teams. So, DevOps engineers monitor the entire development lifecycle. DevOps engineers are crucial for performing tasks like guiding and watching CI/CD pipeline implementation, automating the related processes, and any code releases, and resolving complications related to development, deployment, or maintenance.

  • Why become a DevOps Engineer?

    The position of DevOps Engineer hit the top of LinkedIn’s list of Emerging Jobs of 2020 report for India. DevOps, working in tandem with Agile methodology, takes business productivity to greater heights, increasing Return on Investment (ROI), while decreasing product time to market. This makes DevOps Engineers are highly prized position, a role that someone who takes the devops course in Hyderabad can fill!

  • What is a DevOps Certified professional’s average salary?

    Payscale reports that DevOps engineers can earn an average base pay of Rs 687K in India and $95K in the US. Professionals who take the devops certification training in Hyderabad and get certified can further enhance this earning potential.

  • Who should take the DevOps training in Hyderabad?

    The role of DevOps Engineer is an important one, assumed by a leader or a subordinate, and responsible for ensuring that the DevOps strategy is a part of the end-to-end development of the product in question, and at the same time creating a more positive attitude in the workplace.

    Any professional who works in Operations or Development/Engineering teams can choose a career in DevOps and should take the devops training in Hyderabad. On your way to becoming a DevOps Engineer, you may begin your career as a System Administrator, Automation Test Engineer, Software Engineer/Developer, or Operations Manager, then advance to positions such as a Release Manager, DevOps Test Engineer, Automation Expert, then finally become a full-fledged DevOps Engineer.

    The devops course in Hyderabad is for ambitious professionals who want to fast-track their software development career industry. The following positions benefit the most from the course:

    • IT Team Leaders
    • Software Developers
    • Systems Administrators and IT Managers
    • Cloud Engineers
    • Developers
    • Engineers

  • What important skills will you learn with devops training in Hyderabad?

    The Master's program in DevOps Engineering gives you valuable skills like CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment), as well as continuous delivery. It also provides hands-on experience with useful DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, and much more. You will also understand how DevOps works symbiotically with the Agile methodology and DevOps on AWS.

  • What are the prerequisites for taking devops training in Hyderabad?

    Candidates enrolling in this devops course in Hyderabad should come from a technical background. They should have a basic understanding of Java programming, Linux, and web development and possess casual knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • What type of jobs will I be suited for after completing this devops training in Hyderabad?

    Embarking on DevOps training in Hyderabad isn't just about mastering a methodology; it's about preparing for a dynamic career landscape ripe with opportunities. As the tech industry continues to evolve, the demand for DevOps professionals in Hyderabad, a burgeoning IT hub, remains robust. But what types of jobs can you expect to be suited for after completing DevOps training in Hyderabad?

    DevOps Engineer

    In the most direct path after your DevOps training in Hyderabad, a DevOps engineer is responsible for bridging the gap between development and operations teams. They design, implement, and maintain automation tools and infrastructure, ensuring smooth and efficient software delivery pipelines. With the skills acquired through DevOps training in Hyderabad, you'll be well-equipped to excel in this role, managing CI/CD pipelines, configuring infrastructure as code, and optimizing system performance.

    Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

    SREs focus on maintaining the reliability, scalability, and performance of software systems. They leverage DevOps principles to automate processes, monitor system health, and resolve incidents swiftly. DevOps training in Hyderabad provides a solid foundation for SRE roles, as it emphasizes collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement—essential skills for ensuring the reliability of complex IT systems.

    Cloud Engineer

    With Hyderabad's growing emphasis on cloud adoption, there's a rising demand for cloud engineers skilled in DevOps practices. These professionals are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing cloud infrastructure, leveraging platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. DevOps training equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to deploy and manage cloud-native applications efficiently, making you a valuable asset in Hyderabad's cloud-centric ecosystem.

    Automation Architect

    Automation architects design and implement automated solutions to streamline workflows and enhance productivity across IT operations. They leverage DevOps principles to automate repetitive tasks, configure deployment pipelines, and orchestrate infrastructure provisioning. Through DevOps training in Hyderabad, you'll develop the skills necessary to design robust automation frameworks and integrate disparate systems seamlessly, paving the way for a career as an automation architect in Hyderabad's tech landscape.

    Release Manager:

    Release managers play a crucial role in coordinating and managing software releases, ensuring smooth deployments, and minimizing downtime. They collaborate closely with development, operations, and quality assurance teams to plan and execute release strategies effectively. DevOps training in Hyderabad equips you with the skills to implement release automation practices, manage version control systems, and coordinate cross-functional teams, making you well-suited for release management roles in Hyderabad's software industry.

    Completing DevOps training in Hyderabad opens doors to a diverse range of career opportunities in software development, operations, and cloud computing. Whether you aspire to be a DevOps engineer, SRE, cloud engineer, automation architect, or release manager, the skills acquired through DevOps training will empower you to thrive in Hyderabad's vibrant tech ecosystem.

  • How do I enroll in the devops training in Hyderabad?

    Just follow these simple steps to enroll in this DevOps training in Hyderabad. Click on ‘Enroll Now’, fill in all the necessary details, then conclude the payment process. Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to access the course material.

  • Who are the instructors for the devops training in Hyderabad, and how are they chosen?

    Simplilearn instructors are highly qualified professionals with over a decade of working and teaching experience. We adhere to a rigorous selection process to recruit the best instructors for this Devops Certification in Hyderabad. Only those who can demonstrate their thorough understanding of the subject get selected.

Tools Covered


DevOps Training in Hyderabad Learning Path

  • Course 1Online Classroom Flexi Pass

    DevOps Training

    Simplilearn’s DevOps Certification Training Course will enable you to prepare you for a career in DevOps, a fast-growing field that bridges the gap between software developers and operations professionals. Learn the DevOps tools and methodologies with this online DevOps certification training and excel for your next role as a DevOps practitioner.

    Read More
  • Course 2

    Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification Training Course

    This hands-on Docker certification Course is aligned with the Docker Certified Associate examination. Learn the core Docker technologies such as Docker Hub, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Dockerfile, Docker Containers, Docker Engine, Docker Images, Docker Network, Docker Daemon, and Docker Storage in this Docker course.

    Read More
  • Course 3Online Classroom Flexi Pass

    Container Orchestration using Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is one of the most popular container orchestration tools available. The Container Orchestration with Kubernetes Certification course will help you grasp the key skills, technology, and concepts that a Kubernetes administrator needs to know.

    Read More
  • Master's Program Certificate

  • Electives

    A Walkthrough of DevOps using Google Cloud

  • Electives

    CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins

  • Electives

    DevOps on AWS

  • Electives

    Ansible 2.0 Training course

  • Electives

    Puppet Training Course

  • Electives

    AWS Developer Associate

  • Electives

    Agile Scrum Master

  • Electives

    Linux Training

  • Electives

    Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

  • Electives

    AWS Cloud Technical Essentials

  • Electives

    Git and GitHub Training

  • Electives

    IBM - Docker Essentials: A Developer Introduction

  • Electives

    IBM - Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift V2

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Get Ahead with Simplilearn's Master Certificate

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DevOps Engineer Certificationin Hyderabad

DevOps Training in Hyderabad Reviews

  • Jiju Thomas Mathew

    Jiju Thomas Mathew

    Technical Architect, Thiruvananthapuram

    Upskilling with Simplilearn gave me the career growth I was looking for. It provided my career with much-needed stability. I got a promotion in my previous company and landed a new job in April last year. I am serving as Lead Cloud Innovation at my current company.

  • Anisha Joseph

    Anisha Joseph

    DevOps Engineer, Bangalore

    With Simplilearn's job assist program, I landed a new job after completing this course. I am confident in my abilities now. I could successfully transition my career and learn DevOps from the basics.

  • Bala Muralikrishna

    Bala Muralikrishna

    DevOp's Engineer, Pune

    My experience with Simplilearn was great. Simplilearn helped me grab my first job to kickstart my career. The course instructors are experts in their fields and offer instant support and guidance. I learned a lot of new skills and knowledge from Simplilearn, which will shape me personally and professionally to achieve greater heights in my career.

  • Narmatha K

    Narmatha K


    Simplilearn is a great place to learn new technologies. Trainers are excellent at answering our technical questions and in helping us learn about the latest technologies. The live sessions are more helpful and interactive. The latest portal looks excellent and provides enough information for self-learning. It helps me a lot in my career growth.

  • Satya Dev Sharma

    Satya Dev Sharma

    Manufacturing Head - Applitrac at Mahindra & Mahindra Swaraj Division, Mohali

    Simplilearn's course material is self-explanatory. Web-based classes helped in clearing the doubts. Thanks for offering this course which is simple to comprehend and the content is easy to understand.

  • Harikrishnan k

    Harikrishnan k

    Solution Architect at Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

    I have enrolled with AWS DevOps Architect in Simplilearn. The course content was detailed. I am really satisfied with the course. The certification helped to get a promotion in my present company. I would recommend this course to anyone who wanted to get into DevOps.

  • Pramod Bhargav

    Pramod Bhargav

    Sr. Business Data Analyst and Lead, Sunnyvale

    The trainer was entirely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful while clearing any doubts. Worth the money and time spent to learn from Simplilearn.

  • Enrique Díaz Echegoyen

    Enrique Díaz Echegoyen

    Product Manager at U-Planner, Houston

    I had enrolled for DevOps course at Simplilearn, one of the best online learning platforms. Though the classes were live, I felt like sitting in a classroom and attending it. Whenever I missed my class, I was able to download the recordings of the classes. The trainer was friendly. He listened to all doubts and cited practical scenarios.

  • Mohamed Hamed

    Mohamed Hamed

    DevOps Engineer, Jeddah

    The course was beneficial. I learned some new technologies and managed things better at my new job. I got a new job with a decent salary hike.

  • Asif Khan

    Asif Khan

    Solutions Engineer, Budapest

    The course from Simplilearn developed my skills and knowledge in DevOps from scratch. I landed a new job with a 110% increase in my salary. I moved to Hungary in June this year. The knowledge I gained helped me crack the interview quickly and perfectly.

  • Abdulhadi Ahmad

    Abdulhadi Ahmad


    I started looking for a course online and eventually entrusted Simplilearn as my upskilling partner. As soon as I finished the DevOps Architect course, I immediately got a remote contract job at an Australian company where I worked as a Devops Engineer for six months, which was exactly what I wanted to do.

  • Sahibzada Fahad Jan

    Sahibzada Fahad Jan

    Devops Engineer, Karachi

    After the course completion, I was promoted to the Senior DevOps Engineer role with a 14% salary hike.


Why Online Bootcamp

  • Develop skills for real career growthCutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills
  • Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainersLeading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work schedule.
  • Learn by working on real-world problemsCapstone projects involving real world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning
  • Structured guidance ensuring learning never stops24x7 Learning support from mentors and a community of like-minded peers to resolve any conceptual doubts

DevOps Course in Hyderabad FAQs

  • Do you provide any practice tests as a part of this Devops Course in Hyderabad?

    Yes, we provide a practice test as part of our DevOps course in Hyderabad to help you prepare for the actual certification exam. You can try this free DevOps Engineer Practice Test to understand the type of questions that you would face in the actual exam and gain expertise in the topics that are a part of the devops course in Hyderabad.

  • What is the duration of this devops course in Hyderabad?

    The duration of this devops training in Hyderabad is 12 months.

  • What is the Devops Certification?

    In the fast-paced realm of modern technology, where agility and efficiency reign supreme, DevOps has emerged as a transformative methodology reshaping the software development and IT operations landscape. At the heart of this movement lies DevOps certification, a credential that validates expertise in the principles and practices of DevOps. But what exactly is DevOps certification, and why is it increasingly coveted by professionals across industries?

    DevOps training in Hyderabad encompasses a structured program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and best practices required to implement and manage DevOps processes effectively. A Devops course also serves as a testament to an individual's proficiency in fostering collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement across development, operations, and quality assurance teams.

    The typical curriculum of a Devops training in Hyderabad

    The curriculum of a DevOps course typically covers a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to:

    1. DevOps Principles: Understanding the core principles and cultural values underpinning the DevOps philosophy, such as collaboration, transparency, and automation.

    2. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Learning how to automate the build, test, and deployment processes to achieve faster and more reliable software delivery.

    3. Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Mastering the principles of managing and provisioning infrastructure through code, using tools like Terraform or Ansible.

    4. Monitoring and Logging: Gaining insights into monitoring systems' health and performance, as well as effectively managing logs for troubleshooting and analysis.

    5. Containerization and Orchestration: Understanding containerization technologies like Docker and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes for efficient deployment and scaling of applications.

    DevOps training in Hyderabad is offered by various organizations and institutions, each with its own curriculum, certification levels, and examination requirements. Some of the well-known DevOps certification providers include the DevOps Institute, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Docker.

    Reasons to pursue Devops training in Hyderabad

    So, why pursue a DevOps certificate? For professionals, DevOps certification offers a myriad of benefits:

    1. Career Advancement: DevOps-certified individuals are highly sought after by organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Certification serves as a tangible validation of one's expertise, opening doors to new career opportunities and advancement.

    2. Increased Employability: In today's competitive job market, having DevOps skills and certification sets candidates apart from their peers, making them more attractive to potential employers.

    3. Personal and Professional Growth: DevOps certification is not just about acquiring technical skills but also fostering a mindset of continuous learning and improvement. Certified professionals are better equipped to adapt to evolving technologies and industry trends.

    In conclusion, DevOps certification is more than just a credential; it's a pathway to unlocking new career opportunities, driving organizational success, and staying ahead in an ever-evolving tech landscape. By investing in DevOps certification, individuals can position themselves as indispensable assets in the digital age.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for individuals interested in pursuing a DevOps course in Hyderabad?

    Embarking on the journey to DevOps certification can be both exhilarating and daunting. Aspiring professionals in Hyderabad looking to validate their expertise in DevOps methodology and practices often seek guidance on how to best prepare for certification exams. Fortunately, with the right approach and a comprehensive DevOps certification course in Hyderabad, success is within reach. Here's how to navigate the path to DevOps certification preparation effectively:

    Understand the Exam Blueprint: 

    Before diving into preparation, familiarize yourself with the exam blueprint or syllabus provided by the certification body. This will outline the topics covered in the exam and serve as a roadmap for your study plan. DevOps training courses in Hyderabad often align their curriculum with certification exam objectives, providing a structured learning path tailored to exam preparation.

    Enroll in a Comprehensive DevOps certification training course in Hyderabad

    Invest in a reputable DevOps certification training course in Hyderabad that covers all the essential topics and skills required for certification. Look for courses that offer hands-on experience, real-world case studies, and interactive learning environments to reinforce concepts effectively. A quality training course will not only equip you with the necessary knowledge but also build your confidence to tackle certification exams with ease.

    Hands-On Practice with Tools and Technologies: 

    DevOps certification exams often test candidates on their proficiency with various tools and technologies used in DevOps practices. Dedicate time to hands-on practice with popular DevOps tools such as Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and Ansible. DevOps training courses in Hyderabad typically include practical exercises and lab sessions to help you gain proficiency with these tools.

    Review and Reinforce Concepts Regularly: 

    DevOps is a multifaceted discipline encompassing continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, and more. Regularly review and reinforce key concepts through self-study, practice quizzes, and review sessions. DevOps training courses in Hyderabad may offer additional resources such as study guides, practice exams, and online forums to support your exam preparation efforts.

    Collaborate and Engage with Peers: 

    Leverage the power of collaboration by engaging with peers and fellow learners in your DevOps course in Hyderabad. Participate in group discussions, forums, and study groups to exchange ideas, clarify doubts, and reinforce learning. Collaborative learning not only enhances understanding but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among aspiring DevOps professionals.

    Simulate Exam Conditions with Practice Tests: 

    As you near the exam date, simulate exam conditions by taking practice tests under timed conditions. DevOps training courses in Hyderabad often provide access to mock exams or practice tests to help you gauge your readiness and identify areas for improvement. Use these practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format, manage time effectively, and build confidence for the real exam.

    Preparing for DevOps certification requires dedication, commitment, and a strategic approach. By enrolling in a comprehensive DevOps training course in Hyderabad, practicing hands-on with DevOps tools, reviewing concepts regularly, collaborating with peers, and simulating exam conditions with practice tests, you can effectively prepare yourself for success in DevOps certification exams and advance your career in the thriving tech landscape of Hyderabad.

  • Can I cancel my enrollment in this Devops Certification Program? Will I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment in this devops course if necessary. We will refund the devops training price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, you can view our refund policy.

  • What companies would hire individuals with Devops Certification?

    The high demand for DevOps-certified professionals is witnessed in industrial sectors like Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Financial Services, and Consumer Electronics. SAP Labs, Salesforce, Accenture, Amazon, TCS, and Capgemini are some of the renowned firms hiring certified DevOps engineers who have completed a valid Devops training course.

  • What are some of the other devops courses that Simplilearn offers?

  • What is the best Devops training in hyderabad?

    While there are various certifications available from Simplilearn for DevOps engineers, a DevOps training course is one of the best ways to upgrade your DevOps engineering skills and gain the knowledge that you will need to succeed in the field.

    The DevOps course by Simplilearn will equip you with all the necessary skills to become an expert DevOps engineer. This comprehensive Devops course is delivered in an interactive model and by industry experts. It will provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need through real-life case studies, live online classes, self-paced learning, and innovative hands-on projects.

  • Where do DevOps Engineers hang out online?

    DevOps engineers love collaborating on various platforms to exchange ideas and learn from each other. That’s the whole point of DevOps.The most popular online platforms where DevOps engineers collaborate include GitHub and StackOverflow. Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ are also popular among DevOps engineers as they can follow like-minded individuals in relevant groups.

  • How long does it take to Become a Skilled DevOps Engineer?

    By dedicating 5-6 hours a week to learning DevOps, you can become a skilled and successful DevOps engineer in just 2-3 years. With Simplilearn’s masters in DevOps engineering, you can gain expertise in DevOps engineering within one year through our comprehensive teaching methodology and 100+ hands-on projects. 

  • Can a DevOps Engineer be called technical pro?

    Sure, a DevOps Engineer can be called a technical pro. DevOps Engineer is closely engaged in complex processes leading to software development and its timely and successful deployment according to the customer/project requirements.

  • How vital is Linux for a DevOps Engineer?

    Compared to other operating systems like Windows and macOS, Linux is the most customizable and allows downloading required DevOps tools in the simplest and fastest way. Given this, we can say that Linux is highly relevant for DevOps as it imparts the flexibility and scalability required to generate a dynamic software process. Using Linux, DevOps engineers can easily modify the software as per their requirements and configure it to work for them.

  • What kind of code do DevOps Engineers do?

    DevOps Engineers aren't involved in coding from scratch. However, they must have a basic understanding of coding and programming languages to keep a check on the software development process. Knowledge of coding languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C, and Go helps DevOps engineers perform their roles better.

  • How can a fresher get a job as a DevOps engineer?

    Freshers can easily get a job as a DevOps engineer once they gain all the required skills. Simplilearn's DevOps training course helps you attain the knowledge and skills you need and offers assistance in career development (in India and the U.S. currently). Students taking the devops course also get the opportunity for one-time participation in career fairs organized in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, NCR-Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

  • What are the Benefits of doing a devops course in hyderabad?

    In the recent past, DevOps Engineering has evolved as a popular career choice. Reports suggest that the market demand for DevOps engineers is likely to increase by 46 percent in the upcoming years. Also, an individual with DevOps training earns a median salary of INR 6,74,202. Taking these points into consideration, taking a Devops course and gaining your certification is undoubtedly beneficial.

  • What is the salary for a DevOps Certified Professional?

    A DevOps professinal earns between INR 5,00,000 and INR 20,00,000 depending on the experience and skills developed.

  • How do I earn the DevOps Certificate?

    Upon completion of the following minimum requirements, you will be eligible to receive the DevOps certificate that will testify to your skills as a DevOps engineer.

    Course Course Completion Certificate Projects

    AWS Tech Essentials

                  or Intro to Azure Fundamentals
    Required NA

    AWS Developer Associate


    Developing Azure Solutions

    Required Completion of 1
    Agile Scrum Master Required Completion of 1
    Docker in Depth Required NA
    DevOps Practitioner Required Completion of 1
    Java Fundamentals Elective NA
    Python Basics Elective NA
    Network+ Elective NA
    MongoDB Elective NA
    Kubernetes Elective NA
    GIT Elective NA
    AWS DB Migration Elective NA

  • How do I prepare for DevOps course in hyderabad?

    DevOps engineers are in high demand these days and companies prefer certified professionals who have validated their skills in DevOps. You need to dedicate your efforts in completing this DevOps training in hyderabad, learn all the important concepts, and complete the industry projects to prepare for the DevOps certification.

  • What are the Best DevOps Engineering training courses?

    While there are multiple DevOps courses available in the market, Simplilearn offers a wide range of comprehensive DevOps courses to suit your learning objectives. This includes PGP, Master-level, and certificate courses — including advanced and tool-based courses. With the help of these courses, you can upgrade your knowledge base and acquire the required skill sets that can help you have a rewarding career.

  • Are DevOps Engineer jobs stressful?

    Yes, a DevOps engineer’s job can be stressful, considering the complexity of the processes involved. Due to constantly changing technologies, DevOps engineers need to upgrade themselves continually and learn about new technologies and software. It depends on the DevOps engineer whether he can take a load of all this. Otherwise, it might lead to burnout.

  • What makes a great DevOps Engineer?

    A successful DevOps Engineer should always aim for customer satisfaction and deliver software and services faster. It’s the responsibility of an expert DevOps engineer to automate and test processes and facilitate efficiency through the entire lifecycle of software and services development — to successful deployment.

  • Why become a DevOps Engineer?

    DevOps Engineers possess the capability to transform the application delivery speed and scalability of an organization. The market lacks DevOps professionals with relevant skills, and with rapid digitalization, the demand for DevOps engineers has soared up. As per Grand View Research, the size of DevOps is likely to reach $12.85 billion by the year 2025. Considering the huge demand for DevOps engineers, pursuing the right DevOps Engineer certification course and becoming a DevOps engineer can be highly rewarding.

  • What is the JobAssist program?

    Simplilearn’s JobAssist program is an India specific offering in Partnership with IIMJobs.com to help you land your dream job. With Job assist program we will offer extended support for the certified learners who are looking for a job switch or starting with their first job. Upon successful completion of the Master’s Program, you will be eligible to apply for this program and your details will be shared with IIMJobs. As part of this program IIMJobs will offer following exclusive programs:

    • IIMJobs Pro-Membership of 6 months for free
    • Resume building assistance to create a powerful resume
    • Spotlight on IIMJobs for highlighting your profile to recruiters

  • What is the iimjobs.com Pro-Membership plan?

    The iimjobs.com Pro-Membership offers learners exclusive features that aren’t available to free members.

    • Job Insights : Access to “Insights” helps you compare your application against all other applications received for a particular job
    • Recruiter Action Status : The ability to view the status of job applications whenever a recruiter takes any action
    • Follow-up : Candidates get access to one follow-up per week to a job they have applied to. If not used will be carried forward onto the next week.
    • Chat feature : Initiate chat with the recruiter who has shortlisted your application
    • Improved visibility : A star icon against your application (to improve visibility)

  • What is the eligibility criteria to participate in the JobAssist Program?

    To participate in the JobAssist Program you need to:

    • Be a graduate (Engineering or Equivalent) 
    • Complete our Master Program successfully and earn a Master certificate upon completion

  • Will the JobAssist program guarantee me a job?

    No, the JobAssist Program is designed to help you in finding your dream job. It will maximize your potential and chances of landing a successful job. The final selection is always dependent on the recruiter.

  • I am a fresher, can I participate in the JobAssist Program?

    Any graduate who has successfully completed our Master Programs is eligible to participate in the JobAssist Program. 1+ years of experience is however recommended.

  • Can I choose not to take this JobAssist Program and get a discount?

    No, the JobAssist Program is a supplementary offering which comes along with the Master Programs. It will make your chances high to get hired by the top companies.

  • How long will this service be active for?

    This service will be active for a period of six months from your certification date.

  • Disclaimer
  • PMP, PMI, PMBOK, CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, PBA, RMP, SP, and OPM3 are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.