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  • 7 high quality chapters
  • 1.5+ hours of high quality e-learning
  • Course completion certificate

Course description

  • What’s the focus of this course?

    Through the Introduction to Digital Marketing course, you will gain a high-level understanding of Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing, enabling you to take informed decisions and strategize your online marketing efforts. This course is suitable for all business roles from fresh recruits to function heads and business owners and is the stepping stone to begin your digital marketing learning journey.

  • What are the course objectives?

    The following course will enable participants to :
    • Understand the digital media, its power and potential
    • Discover and internalize online marketing  jargons
    • Basic understanding of SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics and Content Marketing
    • Gain the context to take business decisions involving the digital media and online marketing
    • Get ready to deep dive into advanced online marketing topics

  • Who should take this course?

    • This course is ideal for:
    • Fresh graduates
    • Business owners
    • Web Designers
    • Web Marketers
    • Professionals in their early career
    • Marketing Professionals

  • These industry-leading organizations trust our training

Course preview

    • Lesson 1 - Search Engine Optimization 11:25
      • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.2 Introduction 00:08
      • 1.3 What is SEO? 00:49
      • 1.4 How Do Search Engines Work? 01:21
      • 1.5 Results and Position 02:58
      • 1.6 SEO Processes in Large & Small Companies 04:37
      • 1.7 Learning More About SEO 01:32
    • Lesson 1 - Social Media 14:54
      • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.2 Introduction 00:12
      • 1.3 The Social Media Obsession 01:46
      • 1.4 Who Uses Social Media 01:32
      • 1.5 Social Media Impacts All Areas of Business 00:54
      • 1.6 Social Media In Small Businesses 01:10
      • 1.7 Social Media In Medium Businesses 01:09
      • 1.8 Social Media In Big Businesses 01:33
      • 1.9 The Social Media Landscape 00:28
      • 1.10 Why Marketers Love Blogs 00:59
      • 1.11 What Is Twitter? 00:59
      • 1.12 What Is Facebook? 01:12
      • 1.13 Media Sharing 01:01
      • 1.14 Social Check-Ins 01:18
      • 1.15 Putting It All Together 00:41
    • Lesson 1 - Paid Search Advertising 17:51
      • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.2 Introduction 00:14
      • 1.3 What is PPC? 03:07
      • 1.4 How PPC Works 03:00
      • 1.5 The PPC Cycle 01:25
      • 1.6 PPC for Small Companies 01:51
      • 1.7 PPC for Mid-Sized Companies 02:41
      • 1.8 PPC for Enterprise Companies 01:28
      • 1.9 PPC Advantage 03:34
      • 1.10 Thank You 00:31
    • Lesson 1 - Conversion Optimization 11:04
      • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.2 Introduction 00:23
      • 1.3 Conversion Overview 03:06
      • 1.4 Understanding Customer Personas 01:24
      • 1.5 Personas and Segments 00:43
      • 1.6 Credibility 00:32
      • 1.7 Communicating with Your Customers 00:48
      • 1.8 Conversion & Web Analytics 00:28
      • 1.9 AIDAS 01:22
      • 1.10 Where Conversion Fits into Online Marketing 00:49
      • 1.11 Conversion & Online Marketing Today 01:29
    • Lesson 1 - Web Analytics 08:38
      • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.2 Introduction 00:45
      • 1.3 Why Use Web Analytics? 02:33
      • 1.4 What is Web Analytics? 02:43
      • 1.5 Is It Really Hard? 01:50
      • 1.6 Conclusion 00:47
    • Lesson 1 - Content Marketing 09:51
      • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.2 Introduction 00:11
      • 1.3 What Is Content Marketing? 01:38
      • 1.4 Content Marketing at Small Businesses 01:05
      • 1.5 Content Marketing at Mid-Sized Businesses 01:22
      • 1.6 Content Marketing at Large Businesses 00:53
      • 1.7 Roles and Positions 02:24
      • 1.8 Opportunities of Content Marketing 02:18
    • Lesson 1 - Mobile Marketing 14:11
      • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.2 Introduction 00:32
      • 1.3 Definition of Mobile Marketing 01:15
      • 1.4 Mobile's Fit in Marketing Mix 02:20
      • 1.5 Mobile Marketing Is 00:59
      • 1.6 Mobile Marketing Isn't 01:46
      • 1.7 Mobile Marketing Opportunities 01:56
      • 1.8 Mobile Roles in Organizations 01:26
      • 1.9 Skills Required 02:12
      • 1.10 Mobile Is No Longer a Luxury 01:34
      • 1.11 Thank You 00:11
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Exam & certification

  • What are the prerequisites for the certification?

    Basic understanding of business and marketing Basic Internet and Microsoft Office skills.


Great 101 introduction.

The course was very useful. Even though being a media marketer for traditional media, I found the content to be reinforcing and relevant.

I am on my digital marketing learning journey. Thanks to this course. Thank you Simplilearn!

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Content is the USP of this course. Totally happy with the courseware.

This course provides high level understanding of topics like SEO, PPC, Content Marketing. One can think of a career in digital space after this course.

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Excellent training. The course content was absolutely superb. I learned many things about digital marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, etc from this course.

Read more Read less

Its really awesome...Learning the basics from experts that too sitting at home.

Its very informative and provides a lot of information to one who wants an introduction to digital marketing.


  • What is the online marketing field all about?

    Digital marketing or online marketing field is the electronic commerce vertical which uses the World Wide Web and email for advertising and marketing purposes. Obtaining leads and sales conversions are the prime focal areas of this field.

  • What topics does the training cover?

    Our training package gives you a complete feel of the digital marketing concepts by covering a diverse set of topics.

  • Is the training relevant with the times?

    Simplilearn strives to provide best quality content which is latest and up-to-date with the industry standards. Our experienced and certified trainers, Subject Matter Experts constantly research on the latest trends to infuse them into our training programs. Every change happening in the market is immediately considered and our training packages are regularly upgraded and updated.

  • How long will I be spending on the training?

    You will be spending around 2- 4 hours to complete the certification.

  • What are the prerequisites to attend the training?

    Individuals are expected to have a fair idea on popular search engines and working knowledge of the MS Office suite which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Tell me more about your authors?

    Our reputed authors team have a long innings with the industry and are certified Subject Matter Experts in their own respective fields. They are consultants, employees of leading organizations, authors, trainers or speakers at conferences with adequate experience.
    • Google's very own 'Digital Marketing Evangelist', Avinash Kaushik a master in Web Analytics trains participants to collect, organize, analyze web traffic data and improve the site performance.
    • Jennifer Cario, Social media authority provides an insight on building real customer relationships using techniques and strategies ideal for the social media.
    • Industry expert Todd Malicoat is there for participants to clear their queries on Search Engine Optimization rankings and traffic.
    • Training with NY-Times bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg is an awesome experience as he guides participants through conversion optimization, landing page performances and tips to get more traffic to your website.
    • Matt Bailey, founder and president of SiteLogic gives participants an overview of Internet marketing fundamentals.
    • Jeff, CMO at Mobivity gives audience a thorough knowledge on mobile marketing.

  • Who are your clientele for this course?

    Audience, attending our training is usually working professionals, who are looking forward to sharpen and upgrade their skills to face the competitive careers. Professionals in entry and mid-level positions find our training ideal.

  • How is the job market for Digital marketing professionals?

    The job market is wide open for online marketing certified professionals as an estimated 200,000+ positions are still unfilled in various specialties of digital marketing. (Source : Monster.Com) This has led to the rise in demand for skilled professionals and the industry looks very bright for the future with a plethora of opportunities.
    Simplilearn’s training prepares novice individuals and experienced professionals to gain a firm ground in the digital marketing vertical by enhancing and advancing their skills and knowledge.

  • What are the job and pay prospects after I get certified?

    The certification is a stamp of approval for domain knowledge in the field of online marketing. This enhances the job prospects of individuals enabling them to gain entry in various Fortune 500 and Ecommerce companies like Amazon, Ebay and other top organizations. A survey conducted in reported that the global average salary of online marketers is $65,766 and Entry level salaries start around $35,000. The Average salary for digital marketers in the United States is $86,253. The job market is very hot and there is a very strong demand to fill positions in the future.

  • How does the online self-learning training work?

    Students enrolled for the course move through a structured pattern of study, which allows them to study at their own pace and place. The training is packaged with the latest video lessons and e-learning content to get a complete overview of all the concepts.

  • How do I enroll for the Online Training?

    Enrolling for this is exactly the same as purchasing anything else on our website. There are four options:

    a. You can either purchase it directly from the website. Pick the course and go through the purchase process. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.

    1. Visa debit/credit card

    2. American express and Diners club card

    3. Master Card, or

    4. Paypal

    b. Fill in your contact details in the query form and we will get back to you. We will answer all your queries and help you through the purchase process.

    c. You can call us directly on the support numbers displayed on your website. We will answer all your queries and help you though the purchase process.

    d. You can do a live chat with our customer care team members, they will assist you with the purchase process.

    Feel free to choose the option that best suits your requirement.

  • I have trouble accessing the online course whom should I contact?

    Please raise a request via our Help and Support portal to have your issue resolved.

  • I want to know more about the training program. Whom do I contact?

    Please join our Live Chat for instant support, call us, or Request a Call Back to have your query resolved.

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