Ernst & Young has made certain adjustments to its hiring procedure. They've added a video interview, commonly known as a "HireVue interview." This adjustment was made to save time. Candidates will have an easier way because they would not have to travel far for the in-person interview. Is it, then, beneficial to the candidate? Yes, it is a 50-50 chance. A video interview might be difficult for some candidates because the interviewer is not sitting in front of them. They couldn't tell if they'd given good answers as they couldn't see the reaction in person.

However, with practice, you can ace the interview; if you know the answers to some general interview questions and what questions will be asked, you can prepare better.

Typical EY Video Interview Questions

The Ernst and Young Interview Process is the last and most important EY recruitment stage. For all EY interviews, the structure is the same. There will be two divisions, technical and HR. So, let's see what the questions are.

1. Why do you want to work for EY?

It is one of the most often asked questions. EY asks this question to ensure that you understand their firm, particularly the work culture and how you will fit into it. So, when responding to this question, explain why Ernest and Young is an excellent location for you to work. You could discuss their international reach and inventive strategy. They will also inquire about your chosen department and why you chose that particular sector. Always provide good and valid reasons for your actions.

Sample Answer:

I want to be associated with Earnest Young because it's a powerful brand. It is the world's third-largest professional services firm in terms of revenue. The most compelling factor in applying for this job is that EY is dedicated to improving the world. So, I'd be delighted to be a part of something so significant.

2. Describe a time you contributed to a high-performing Team

When the team performs well, the firm benefits, the interviewer wants to know if you are a team player or not. Interviewers can learn whether you enjoy working in a team, how effectively you work in groups, and what role you typically play on a team project.

Sample Answer:

I had worked as a Salesforce administrator, and sales were a little slow. I organized a team meeting where we brainstormed several ideas so that we could come up with new sales strategies and solutions. We took everyone's suggestions, exceeding our sales targets by thirty percent.  

3. Tell me about a time you disagreed with someone’s point of view and how you managed that?

It is possible to have disagreements when working in a group. However, the interviewer wants to know how you handle a dispute without escalating the issue. So, to respond to this question, tell them about a time when you were able to persuade others to agree with your points. Tell the interviewer how you used reasoning and proof to convince them.

Sample Answer:

I was a member of a project management team, and at one point, our group was compiling data on how effective our previous projects had been. My boss directed me to remove the records that mentioned the less successful project. I knew it was unethical, and it would skew the results and portrayal of our previous performance. I mentioned my worry to him, but he insisted on deleting the information. Finally, I deleted those records, but I altered the phrasing of the report to make it evident that this report solely focuses on successful initiatives. I couldn't sacrifice my principles or disrespect my boss. As a result, I established a balanced and reasonable environment that benefited everyone.

4. Tell me about a skill you have that you haven’t yet talked about

This is an excellent opportunity to discuss talents that you haven't had to discuss previously. It's preferable to focus on skills relevant to the position you're looking for. Also, instead of starting with various skills, concentrate on one or two and talk about them. Also, describe a story of a time when that skill came in handy for you or someone else.

Sample Answer:

My primary strengths are my communication abilities and public relations experience. But I'd also like to mention that I have some experience as a web designer. I used to work as an intern at ABC Public Relations. I also designed a website for a client while interning. The client was quite pleased with my job, and she even complimented my supervisor on my abilities.

I have worked on some web designing platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Webnode.

5. Tell me about a time when you stepped up as a leader.

This is a question that the interviewer asks to learn about your thoughts. What does it mean to you to be a leader? As a result, you should begin your response by clearly defining what leadership means to you. Talk about the time you have risen to the occasion and demonstrated leadership traits. 

Sample Answer:

I used to work for XYZ, and our firm was going through layoffs. We were short on employees, so those who remained had to work harder. The morale was low, and the job was inefficient; there were several errors, but it was my responsibility as a manager to get the work back on track. I called a meeting, expressed my gratitude for my staff's work, and then asked them how we could be more efficient, including myself. We brainstormed and chose a few methods, and I assigned each individual to research and determined how we might put them into practice. They were engaged by the prospect of being able to assist in the search for a solution. This method was effective, and we noticed positive outcomes.

6. Tell me how you approach explaining complex things in simple terms.

EY asks this question to learn about your chances of success in the position. They want to know how simple it is for you to make someone understand a complicated situation. Because not everyone or every client has the same expertise as you, having this talent is a vital element of your profession. It can assist them in seeing how your skills have been used in the past.

Sample Answer:

I worked for an IT firm as a software engineer, and one of my clients couldn't figure out how a network connection worked. As a result, I explained how computers obtain information from the network. I explained to him step by step, and I also created a flow chart to ease things. My company was able to obtain a new client.

7. Describe how you approach learning and applying a new skill.

Interviewers want to understand your learning process. It is your learning process, so explain your method of learning a new skill. 

Sample Answer:

My learning process is split into two halves. First, I make notes on new material, frequently listing things off as I read them. Then I gently recopy these notes and try to understand and learn. 

8. Describe what you think are your top 3 strengths and why.

Your personal qualities reveal a lot about you as a candidate. So, when the EY interviewer asks about your strengths, they're most interested in seeing if you're aware of them and if they're relevant to the job. You should also give examples of using your strength in the past.

Sample Answer:

One of my greatest assets is my proficiency in solving problems. I can look at issues from several perspectives, and even if there are some roadblocks, I can find a method to complete the task. Also, I have excellent communication skills and am at ease expressing myself. I can also be a competent mediator in the event of a problem. Even though it is not my specialty, I am familiar with the Python programming language, which aids me in programming.

9. Tell me about a time when you successfully managed conflicting deadlines.

This question is used by hiring managers to get a feel of how you keep organized and calm under pressure. Because multitasking is a feature of any work, this question allows the interviewer to assess your ability to handle it.

Sample Answer:

I believe that communication is essentially dealing with competing deadlines. When I was in my final year of college, I had to submit several papers and complete a group project. But, my project partners and I were able to agree on dates because I kept them updated regularly. We even finished everything a day early and obtained an excellent grade for our efforts.

10. Tell me about a time you faced uncertainty and how you handled it.

Uncertainty is an unavoidable part of the corporate environment. Keep in mind that you must demonstrate some tolerance for and capacity to deal with uncertainty when responding to this question. That's the kind of person that businesses want.

Sample Answer:

I was employed as a cloud architect in my previous job, but my responsibilities and role were unclear because the team was new. As a result, I realized that I needed to understand the client's objectives and then dictate the project. When I got my first client, I learned from the instructions that I needed to assist them in seeing the value of Cloud computing. After that, I devised a strategy, a set of stages, and a timetable. I was in charge of comprehending and resolving the client's problems. Although my task was initially unclear, listening to the client benefited me.

11. Describe how you see your career path over the next five years.

Employers typically use this question to learn about your long-term objectives and how they connect with the position you're looking for. As a result, before preparing for this question, think about your five-year professional ambitions. Make a connection between your aim and the job you're applying for.

Sample Answer:

My goal is to master my job and progress to a management position within my department. I looked through the EY website and was pleased to learn that the firm believes in tailored training, which will assist me in learning new skills and progressing in this role. 

Ey Technical Interview Questions and Answers

12. What do you mean by amortization and impairment?

The term impairment is usually associated with long-term intangible assets that have drastically reduced their market value. Amortization is the method of paying off a debt over a while by making periodic payments to reduce the value of an intangible asset.

13. What is intercompany reconciliation?

Reconciling transactions between two legal companies is known as intercompany reconciliation. These two companies are part of the same corporate umbrella. In this transaction, one subsidiary serves as the consumer and the other as the seller.

14. What is the securities transaction tax?

It is a direct tax that the central government collects. The government collects this on the gains and profits made on the domestic stock exchange, such as shares, futures, and options.

15. Who were your favorite professors? Why?

I've had several excellent professors, but there is one in particular that I will never forget from my first year. I was not too fond of maths. When I arrived at the class, though, it no longer felt difficult. It was the nicest class I'd ever taken, and I still remember the professor.

16. Do you enjoy doing independent research?

I enjoy conducting my research, but I also value the advice of individuals who have more experience. I had to undertake a team project during my internship, and one aspect of the project required me to write about accounting. Since accounting is not my expertise, I approached my teammates, and we solved the problem together.

17. What are the advantages of using stored procedures?

We can use store procedures to create sophisticated database applications. This leads to improved performance, ease of use, and scalability.

18. Do you think BCNF is better than 2NF & 3NF? Why?

Yes, BCNF is superior to 3NF and 2NF because BCNF is a more powerful kind of normalization than 3NF and 2NF. 

19. Give me a SQL Query to find out the second-largest company?














   DENSE_RANK() OVER (ORDER BY Salary Desc) AS Rnk

FROM Companies




WHERE Rnk=2;

20. Discuss transparent DBMS?

The transparent DBMS is a form of database management system that conceals its physical structure from users. Physical structure refers to the DBMS's memory manager.

21. What is the difference between an exclusive lock and a shared lock?

A shared lock can be applied to objects that do not already have an exclusive lock. Whereas, if the objects do not have any other lock, we can place exclusive locks on the object. 

The Best Way to Answer Consulting Behavioral Interview Questions

To assist you in preparing for your Consulting Behavioral interview questions, consider the following suggestions.

  • Make a List of Specific Anecdotes.

To know what the interviewer might ask you, conduct research and check for frequent behavioral questions. Also, go to the company's website and look at the job description and what they're searching for.

  • Mock Interview

The easiest method to prepare for these questions is to do mock interviews. They will assist you in improving your communication abilities and increasing your confidence.

  • Don't Rush

While practicing, you must have prepared answers to different questions. So, when a question is asked, you don't have to rush; you can take your time. Also, follow the STAR framework.

  • Situation: Give the details of your story
  • Tension: What was the challenge?
  • Act: How did you act upon the challenge
  • Result: what were the outcomes. 

Do's and Don'ts for Passing the Ernst and Young Video Interview

Follow the following Dos and Donts for your interview

  • Since it is a video interview, ensure that your laptop and computer are all well connected to the internet.
  • Even though it is a video interview, you have to dress appropriately. 
  • Keep the distractions minimum. Ensure that you are giving an interview from a quiet space.
  • Always prepare the answers before the interview; for this, practicing mock interviews is the best way
  • You should also maintain your posture, sit up straight and give answers patiently. You don't have to rush.

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Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but you'll be fine if you've studied well and practiced with mock interviews. You'll ace that interview if you confidently reply to the answers.


1. How do I prepare for EY interview?

Check the job description for the role and update your resume accordingly. Make sure all things mentioned in your resume are accurate. As there is a written test at EY, check the type of questions asked and practice them before the test. Be confident while communicating with the HR or hiring manager.

2. What questions are asked in EY interview?

Some common questions asked in EY interview are - Why do you want to work at EY? Why should we hire you? Do you enjoy independent research? What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

3. How many rounds are there in EY interview?

Generally, there are 3 rounds in EY interview process that can take up to 2 months. 

4. Is the EY interview difficult?

EY interview is moderate to difficult. They conduct several rounds of interviews to check the mental, verbal, reasoning, and coding abilities of a candidate.

5. How long is EY hiring process?

EY interview process takes up to 2 months.

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