What after 12th? For most students, selecting a good career opportunity after 12th grade can be a nerve wracking challenge. With thousands of professional courses to choose from today, it’s more confusing than ever to decide which career path to pursue and what holds the key to a bright and successful future. If you are a science student with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) subject combination, there’s a vast array of PCM career options available to you. While that's good news, you need to know your options and learn how to steer your career in the right direction.  

This blog explores the best PCM career options you can take up after 12th and helps you find the courses that best fit your profile.   

What Is 12th PCM?

Students who have done their senior secondary (10+2) certification with science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as their main subjects are said to be in 12th PCM stream. Class 12th is a turning point for students since it marks the last stage of school life and the beginning of their future career. Knowing your career options after PCM and following one that matches your interest will help you carve a rewarding and fulfilling career. 

The science field offers various career options for PCM students based on their interests. There are several career options after 12th PCM that focus on technology, healthcare, planning, multimedia, and infrastructure.  

A List of Courses You Can Take Up After 12th PCM

Here’s a list of popular courses that you can pursue as a career after 12th PCM.

  • Btech Civil Engineering
  • Btech Mechanical Engineering
  • Btech Chemical Engineering
  • BTech Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • BTech Information Technology
  • BTech Genetic Engineering
  • BTech Aeronautical Engineering
  • BTech Automobile Engineering
  • BTech Civil and Structural Engineering
  • BTechIndustrial Engineering
  • BTech Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • BTech Mining Engineering
  • BTech Electronics 
  • Btech Biotechnology
  • Btech Food Technology
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc in Economics
  • BSc Aviation
  • BSc Home Science
  • BSc in Robotics
  • BSC in Applied Mathematics
  • BSc in Statistics
  • BSc In Nautical Sciences
  • BSc in Data Science/ Data Analytics
  • BSc in Actuarial Sciences
  • BSc in Finance
  • Bachelor of Computer Application and Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • BBA Sales
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Entrepreneurship
  • BMS BBA Accounting 
  • B.Com
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BA in Retail Management
  • BA in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing
  • BA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Business Economics
  • Bachelor of International Business and Finance
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology
  • Management Studies
  • Banking and Insurance 
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • BSc Environmental Studies
  • Bachelor of Architecture 
  • BDes Product Design
  • BDes Industrial Design/Vehicle Design
  • B.Planning
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Nautical Science/ Merchant Navy Training

Best Career Options After 12th Science (PCM) With Salary

By now, we can all agree to one thing — career options after 12th science PCM are galore! But, which are the top professions that are most in demand? Which ones promise lucrative paychecks? In this segment, we’ll discuss PCM career options with salary to put all these questions to rest. 

1. Chemical Engineer 

This role is about processing natural and artificial chemicals into products. They work in all industries, especially in research, energy, and manufacturing.  Chemical engineers generally do research and experiments to create chemical products to be used as fuel, drugs, food, healthcare, and agricultural products.  

Chemical Engineers need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering before getting a job.  

Average base salary - ₹19,658 per month

2. Software Engineer

Creating tools, applications, and digital solutions. Software engineers create, inspect, and improve virtual solutions to achieve business goals, and write codes to detect and troubleshoot errors. Software Engineers usually complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering before starting their career.

Average base salary - ₹24,519 per month

3. Data Scientist 

They use numbers and algorithms to study data and create models that predict, classify, and cluster data. Data Scientists also validate unstructured and structured data and help identify trends to make informed business decisions. 

To build a career as a data scientist, you need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in Data Science. A master’s program like Simplilearn’s Data Science Certification will add even more credentials to your resume.     

Average annual salary - ₹8,56,470 per year

4. Machine Learning Engineer

ML Engineers work with data scientists, analysts, data engineers, administrators. Their primary duty is to develop artificial intelligence systems to automate predictive models. They also analyze and assess many data sets and build models.

To become a machine learning engineer, you need to complete a four-year degree in computer science or data science. Additionally, an industry-recognized AI ML Certification will ensure you’re ready for the job — a prized quality among the top recruiters in the industry.   

Average annual salary - ₹4,22,980 per year

5. Mathematician 

Their primary duty is to apply mathematical principles and theorems in varied functions like architecture, computer graphics, and business processes. They may also develop theorems and contribute to advancement of academic studies in mathematics. If you’re looking to advance your career as a mathematician, a doctorate degree will improve your employability and future prospects. 

Average annual salary - ₹3,27,844 per year

6. Pharmacist 

A pharmacist develops and manufactures medicines, research, produce and monitor drugs quality. They can also work in pharmacy or as professors. 

In order to become a pharmacist, you need to complete a 3-year degree program in pharmacy.

Average annual salary - ₹2,10,896 per year

7. Aeronautical Engineer 

An aeronautical engineer deals with the study, design and manufacture of aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. They undertake research and development to improve commercial aviation, defense systems and space exploration. 

An aeronautical engineer must complete four years’ bachelor’s in aeronautical engineering to start their career. 

Average annual salary - ₹3,52,546 per year

8. Product Designer 

A product designer analyzes trends, consumer requirements and design products that aid the customers. They also oversee product quality

They usually complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in design before embarking on a product designer career.

Average annual salary - ₹2,63,309 per year  

High Salary Courses After 12th Science PCM

There are numerous career options for PCM students after 12th grade. There are few career options that rank among the highest paying jobs depending upon the job profiles, recruiting company, etc. Take a look at the PCM career options with salary. 

  • B.Tech  (Bachelor of Technology)
  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.E. Marine Engineering
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer application)
  • BS (Bachelor of Science in computer engineering)
  • B.E. Civil Engineering
  • B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • B.Sc in aviation 

Top Career Options After 12th PCM

Unable to decide if you should pursue engineering or make your way into one of the many exciting careers? Here’s the list of most popular career options after 12th science PCM.

  • Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Microbiology
  • Nautical Science
  • Investment Banking
  • International Marketing Management
  • Aviation Management

Non-Engineering Career Options after 12th Science PCM 

Though engineering has become one of the most sought after PCM career options, not everyone would want to pursue engineering. If not engineering, then what other courses after 12 PCM career options? Here are some career options other than engineering for PCM students:

  • BSc Aeronautical Science
  • BSc Aerospace Engineering
  • BSc Aviation Technology
  • BSc Forensic Science
  • BSc Nautical Science
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Nanochemistry
  • BDes Industrial Design
  • BSc Industrial Design


1. Which course is best after 12th PCM?

Some of the most lucrative courses after 12th PCM are Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, Statistics, Planning, Design, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Robotics.

2. Which courses are best after 12th PCM with high salary?

The highest salary after 12th PCM courses include Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Data Science, Industrial, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, and Planning.

3. Which career is best for PCM?

The best career options for PCM are Engineering, Architecture, Merchant Navy, Pilot, Bachelor of Science.

4. What should I do after 12th with PCM?

If you’ve completed 12th grade in science stream with PCM subject combination, you can enroll for various courses such as bachelor in engineering, design, planning, finance, management, economics, creative courses, and diploma courses too. 

5. Can a PCM student become a doctor?

No. PCM students have science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as their main subjects in 11th and 12th grades. Students who have not studied Biology cannot opt for medical courses or become doctors. However, you can enroll in open schooling and complete the required degree to be eligible for medical courses. 

6. Is PCM a good option?

PCM is a good option because if you have a PCM degree, you can choose a number of career options like engineering, architecture, industrial design, defense, forensic science, data science and analytics, ethical hacking, pharmacy, aviation and a host of others. 

7. Which is better: PCM or PCB?

Both PCM and PCB have great career options. While PCM is for students who wish to pursue engineering or other careers with math as one of the subjects, PCB is for medical students. 

8. Can PCM students give NEET?

No. PCM students are not eligible to write the NEET examination. To be eligible for NEET, you must complete 12th standard or equivalent examination with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology from a recognized board.

9. Can PCM students give JEE?

Yes. The eligibility criteria for the JEE exam is that you should pass 12th grade with PCM combination with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as main subjects. 

We hope that you now know about some of the most lucrative career options after 12th PCM. Select a career option that suits your interests. Check out our Skillup courses and discover the right career pathway for you. 

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