MBA is a postgraduate degree in Business and Management. Core specializations for an MBA include finance, sales, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. 

The most important question that MBA aspirants have in mind is the job prospects after an MBA. Careers after MBA have always captured the fascination of aspirants. The various careers after an MBA are discussed below to understand the relevance of the various specializations concerning industry opportunities. 

What is an MBA?

MBA is the abbreviation of Master of business administration. If a person wants to work in any business, holding an MBA degree will prepare them to do so. There are multiple specializations, some of which are Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT & Systems, International Business, Operations, Retail, Supply Chain, etc.

Why Choose an MBA?

  • Salary increment 
  • Better job opportunities
  • Change job profile- Mostly away from technical fields
  • Networking with the batchmates and alumni
  • Differentiate the resume
  • Start a business

MBA Specializations

MBA is a degree that prepares students to work in any business. The course aims to prepare managers and leaders of tomorrow. Many MBA courses are available like Executive MBA, Full Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, etc. The specializations can vary, but the most common specializations are given below:-

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • IT and Systems
  • International Business
  • Operations
  • Healthcare and Hospital
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Analytics

Types of MBA Jobs


Job Profile

Sales and Marketing Jobs

A Person holding a job in this category is responsible for doing research and developing marketing opportunities. Also responsible for planning and implementing new sales plans. This specialization can turn you into a Brand manager, Sales Manager, B2B Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, etc.

Finance Jobs

Finance jobs do decision-making in a company, and they make decisions in areas such as Investment banking, Risk management, budget making, financial planning, and many more. MBA Finance can turn you into a Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Accounting manager, Private Equity Associate, etc.

Human Resource Jobs

Managing talent, handling the compensation and employee benefits, training new staff members, ensuring workplace safety, etc., are some of the key responsibilities of an HR resource. Jobs like HR Manager, HR Assistant, Employee relations manager, etc., are offered for this specialization  

IT & Systems Jobs

These job profiles take care of an organization's hardware and software requirements. Jobs offered for this specialization usually are Project Manager, Product Manager, Business Analyst, etc.,

Business Analytics Jobs

Analyze data related to past or present using modern technology and refine the data. This is performed in order to design future growth. Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Analytics managers, BI Analysts, etc., are the outcome of this specialization.

Operations Jobs

Forecasting, Design products, Handling supply chain processes, Managing inventory, Maintain quality are some of the responsibilities that an operations job handles. Some of the jobs offered for people who attained this specialization can be Business Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, etc.

Retail Management Jobs

Day-to-day supervision of retail stores is taken care of by Retail Management jobs. Staffing, Sales, and stock management form a majority of the responsibilities. Jobs like Retail Manager can be achieved after this specialization

Supply Chain Management Jobs

Logistics and supply chain management forms an important aspect in fields such as FMCG, Manufacturing, etc., Warehouse managers, SAP Consultants, supply chain analysts, etc., which are some of the jobs that an MBA supply chain management degree holder can get.

Salary for MBA Specializations Across the World







Sales and Marketing Jobs

₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 13.1 Lakhs

Avg: 3 LPA

$114,029 and $147,771

Avg: $129,918

60,000 to 294,000 AED

Avg: 144,000 AED  per month

$62,500 to $113,100

Avg: $74,472

£28,000 - £76,000

Avg: £45,961

IT & Systems Jobs

5 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs

Avg: 5.77 LPA

$57,000  and $1,25,000

Avg: $89, 063 

AED 16,800 - AED 1,10,960

Avg: AED 1,80,000 

$113410 to  $159724

Avg: $134408

£34,000 to £76,000

Avg: £ 50,712

Business Analytics Jobs

₹ 5.0 Lakhs to ₹ 18.0 Lakhs

Avg: 5.4 LPA

$ 57K  to

$ 1L

Avg: $80,774

AED 60,000 - AED 318000

 Avg: AED 180000

$99,485 and $140340

Avg: $ 111205



Avg: £43,764

Top 10 Jobs After MBA

Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for the smooth functioning of the project. Their duties include planning, supervising, and ensuring that the project is accomplished within the specified budget. To do this all along the project, they are required to monitor resourcing and budget aspects and plan accordingly to ensure the project's smooth running.

Business Analyst 

One of the most popular jobs after an MBA is becoming a business analysis professional. As a part of the business analyst's responsibilities, one has to evaluate business processes. Requirements have to be anticipated, improvement areas have to be identified, and solutions must be implemented accordingly. It is important to stay up to date on the latest process and automate and modernize systems to achieve this. Meetings need to be conducted to share ideas along the process. Requirement analysis, documentation, and communication of results also form part of the responsibilities.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Digital marketing campaigns need to be planned. This includes web, social media, SEO/SEM emails, and display advertisements. 
  • Social media presence across all digital channels has to be maintained.
  • The performance of all digital marketing campaigns has to be measured and reported. 
  • Current marketing tools and strategies must be strongly grasped to ensure this is achieved. 
  • Should be able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from end to end.

Business Operations Manager

Operation management is the most crucial part of any company. The main responsibility of a person assuming this role would be to ensure the Quality and Quantity of product is maintained properly in the manufacturing unit. Accountable for product quality and availability all along.

Finance Manager

Any company's further actions are dependent on financial health. Financial health can be measured using financial reports. These reports have to interpret by managerial staff while proposing a further course of action. Investment planning, forming financial strategies, analyzing costs, prices, variable contributions, and results of sales, and comparing a company's actual performance to the business plans are some of the key responsibilities of a financial manager. All these responsibilities help maintain financial health. 

SAP Consultant

SAP Consultant uses SAP solutions to evaluate business needs. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Determine business needs using consultation, business analysis, and targeted observations.
  • Develop and configure customized SAP solutions.
  • Write scripts and programs to create user-friendly interfaces and enhance functionalities.
  • Ensure smooth system integration by deploying SAP solutions. 
  • Resolve issues to optimize performance.
  • Provide SAP system support and end-user training.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A Business Intelligence analyst is one who analyzes business data in greater detail. The key business data is broken into smaller units. This data is properly gathered, cleaned, and analyzed. The data includes revenue, sales, market information, customer engagement metrics, etc., of a business. Tools and data models are programmed to help visualize and monitor this data. The data is interpreted to find patterns or find scope for improvement in business practices. Market trends are also analyzed to understand how the product needs to adapt according to market        

Product Manager

One of the emerging jobs after an MBA is becoming a product management professional. Improving the product by taking customer expectations throughout its journey from its manufacture to sale invoice and beyond forms a key responsibility of a product manager. As part of a product manager's responsibilities, a product manager plays a negotiator, communicator, leader, mediator, and, importantly a coach who understands his team's weak and strong points. 

HR Manager 

In today's environment, HR Managers are more crucial to a business. HR Managers plan, coordinate and supervise the employment of new employees. They are a link to management and staff. In addition, they advise on strategic planning. 

Private Equity Associate

A private equity associate works directly with the client and understands their needs. This helps them provide the right direction to invest and maximize the returns. To invest on behalf of their clients, it is important to analyze market trends. 

Sales Manager

Achieving sales targets set by an organization is the key to any organization's success. A sales manager is responsible for guiding a sales team to do so. While making strategic decisions, sales managers also analyze sales data and plan to increase sales. They also train their team to achieve sales targets.

Careers After MBA in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is a specialization that is very popular amongst MBAs. Job opportunities after an MBA in sales and marketing are immense, and you will most likely get a good job after you complete your MBA. 

With an MBA in Sales and Marketing, job seekers can look for work in FMCG, IT, hospitality, banking, and the media, among other places. After getting an MBA in Sales and Marketing, some of the most common jobs candidates can get are brand management, banking management, media management, FMCG sales, B2B sales, etc. As per Payscale, the national average of fresh MBA graduates in sales and marketing is over Rs 8 Lakhs annually. 

Career Options After Getting an MBA in Finance

Finance is another popular field of study for MBAs. In this MBA program, students can focus on areas like international finance, taxes, tax planning, investment management, insurance management, and reporting and analyzing financial statements. Some popular jobs after an MBA in finance are Credit Analyst, Investment Banker, Relationship Manager at banks/NBFCs, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Treasurer, etc. 

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of MBA graduates in finance is over Rs 5 Lakhs annually. 

Careers After MBA in HR 

After getting an MBA in Human Resources, applicants can look for work as an HR executive in IT, FMCG, Manufacturing, and other similar industries. An HR professional is in charge of hiring, onboarding, training, and evaluating a company's or organization's employees.

People who fit the profile of an HR manager do things that have to do with the organization's structure, goals, ethics, and overall employee engagement. With an HR-related MBA, you can start a career as either an HR Generalist or an HR Specialist. Some of the functions performed by a Generalist are:-

  • Hiring interviews and the hiring process
  • Training and Development
  • Employee payroll processing and benefits benchmarking
  • Team building and coordination
  • Exit interviews and the exit process

According to Glassdoor, after an MBA in HR, you can expect to earn an average starting salary of over Rs 5 Lakhs annually. 

Careers After MBA in Operations

Operations is another popular area of focus for MBAs.There are jobs for people with an MBA in Operations in many fields, such as Manufacturing, e-commerce, IT, and telecommunications. After getting an MBA in Operations, the following are some common jobs that people can apply for:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Manager

As per Glassdoor, the annual salary after an MBA in Operations is over Rs 6 Lakhs annually. 

MBA Graduates in IT and Systems

The candidate could also get an MBA in IT and Systems. By going through this MBA program, a person is prepared for management careers in the IT sector. Here are some of the most sought-after job descriptions for people with an MBA in IT and Systems.

Per a report, a fresher MBA in IT and Systems can expect to earn a starting salary of Rs 5,00,000.

Career After MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

Logistics and supply chain management is important in many fields, such as FMCG, Manufacturing, e-commerce, transportation, etc. As technology has grown, this field has become more important to businesses. With an MBA in this field, a person will learn how to develop cost-effective ways to improve the efficiency of a process. The candidate will study a wide range of topics, such as strategic management, organizational behavior, customs processes, the use of information technology in the supply chain, etc.

After getting an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, graduates can work as Warehouse managers, procurement managers, supply chain analysts, managers, operations management specialists, etc. As per Glassdoor India, the average salary for MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management graduates is Rs 9,07,821.


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1. Is it worth it to pay for an online MBA?

Ans. Yes, but it depends on the course provider and what you want to learn. It costs less to get an online MBA. Since they are self-paced and mostly made up of weekend classes, they can be a great option for people who already have jobs. 

2. Do any other schools accept CAT scores besides the IIMs?

Ans. Yes, there are many more accredited schools, and some even have MBA programs that only accept CAT scores. You could look into the Xavier Institute of Management in Bhubaneswar, the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, and the Department of Management Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, among others.

3. How high do you score on the CAT test to get into IIM in 2022?

Ans. To get into the best IIMs, you need to get a CAT score between 99 and 100. After the CAT test results come out in January 2019, the cutoff score will be made public. Check the cutoff list because some IIMs may accept scores that are slightly lower than those on the list.

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