Since its inception, Simplirecruit has been aiming to help organizations seamlessly hire the best talent for the right job at zero cost. Simplirecruit recently added another feather to its cap after successfully helping Beacon Health Systems hire just the right candidate they needed. 

More About Beacon Health Systems

Beacon Health Systems is a SaaS (software as a service) organization. It combines extensive industry skills with strong technology that helps in saving client’s invaluable time and money with innovative, enterprise healthcare software and health plan management solutions that ensure greater accountability, accuracy, and efficiency. They offer several intuitive and powerful solution modules that are customizable to fit the needs of their customer’s health plan’s.

Simplirecruit Comes to Save the Day

To proliferate their products and services, Beacon Health Systems decided to onboard more candidates to their existing pool of talent. However, hiring and onboarding new members isn’t all nice and easy as it sounds. Some of the known challenges are; candidates do not have the required or in-demand technical skills, or they have unrealistic salary expectations. These challenges have been fueling the gap between the demand for good candidates and their supply even further. This is where SimpliRecruit comes into picture, and has been helping organizations bridge the gap by providing

  • Job Ready Candidates: Our learners are taught by industry experts and are given relevant projects making them job-ready upon course completion
  • Diverse Talent Pool: Our learners come from all walks of life, with a variety of skills and experience and aligned to the projects organizations hire for
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is are trained to understand business needs and helps organizations during the hiring process accordingly 
  • Zero Hiring Cost: Organizations get to hire the best job ready talent directly from Simplirecruit at zero cost

Beacon Health Systems was looking forward to filling two Trainee product engineer positions and conducted a hiring drive with SimpliRecruit to close them. 

Simplirecruit gauged candidates based on proficiency, skillset and other industry-related checklists and identified the most skilled learners from the Full Stack Developer Program. Upon filtering the right set of candidates, SimpliRecruit conducted a hiring drive and successfully closed one of the positions for Beacon Health Systems. The learner was offered a competitive annual composition of 7LPA. 

Wall of Appreciation: Here’s What Beacon Health Systems Has to Say

Greetings from Beacon Healthcare System !!

At the outset, I would like to thank you and the entire team of Simplirecruit to help us with freshers hiring. I would like to inform you that your candidate joined us and he is doing really well in his work. 

Looking forward to hiring such resources from Simplirecruit in the future as well.”

Simplirecruit for All Your Hiring Needs

With a pool of 5 Million+ learners, and zero cost hiring, SimpliRecruit is dedicated to help tech-giants hire seamlessly. SimpliRecruit continues helping various global organizations onboard the best candidates in the tech-space, ranging from data scientists to digital marketing professionals. Explore more about SimpliRecruit today!

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