A brand manager is a specialist in ensuring that a company's goods, services, and products appeal to present or potential clients. They also follow market trends and watch rival businesses stay one step ahead of the competition. Find out how to become a brand manager in this article! 

What Skills Do Brand Managers Need?

  1. Advanced communication abilities frame the fundamentals of communication within a broad comprehension of how communication functions. 
  2. Outside the Box Thinking  
  3. Understanding the market, how your business fits into it, and how to contact clients are necessary for creating or developing a branding plan. 
  4. Markets are continuously changing to meet customer wants, so being adaptive is beneficial. Additionally, keeping an open mind about innovations and trends will help you create a more responsive brand strategy.

What Are the Brand Manager's Responsibilities?

  1. Target market segments are frequently those whose purchasing needs, wants, and behaviors align with a business's goods or services.  
  2. Competitive positioning is a term used to describe how a marketing team may set a company apart from its rivals. 
  3. Your brand tone is how you communicate and the attitude with which you represent your values and beliefs. Your brand's personality consists of its attributes and features.
  4. The tale your brand tells the world is known as a brand narrative. Your marketing and communications strategy is built upon it.
  5. The method through which your marketing plan is put into practice is known as marketing execution. It makes your marketing objectives and strategies come to life.

How to Become a Brand Manager?

Step 1: Acquire Relevant Branding / Marketing Skills

Indian students have access to full-time degree programs, certifications, and diplomas in brand management. To pursue a career in brand management, students can also enroll in a related specialization like marketing or advertising.

Candidates may pursue management degrees at the undergraduate level, such as the BBA and BBM. The MBA is the degree that PG students pursue the most frequently.

Step 2: Acquire Relevant Experience

Starting a job is the most popular option after graduating. Graduates of all educational levels frequently look for employment in the marketing sector. The fundamentals of practical brand management are taught in entry-level positions like marketing executive or marketing analyst. After accumulating experience, they advance to the position of brand manager.

Step 3: Develop a Thirst for Success

Typically, a brand manager must possess advanced abilities in the following fields:

  • Writing: You can create successful messaging if you have good writing abilities.

You must be able to interact with a company's marketing team and stakeholders about your strategic recommendations and speak on the brand's behalf.

  • Personnel Management: You'll benefit from having some prior experience leading people.
  • Flexibility: Keeping an open mind to new ideas and trends will help you create a more responsive brand strategy.

What Tools Do Brand Managers Use? 

  • Attest: Marketing professionals and businesses can better understand how their brand is performing with the use of Attest's brand tracking software. It's simple to track elements essential to your brand with brand tracker survey templates that you may adjust to your needs.
  • Brand24: You can instantly view brand mentions on all social media platforms, publications, and blogs, thanks to Brand24. You will know who is talking about you right away, whether on LinkedIn or in an influential newspaper. When marketers need to move swiftly and are in charge of managing their brand's reputation, they turn to this technology.
  • Extensis Portfolio: Extensis Portfolio is a vital tool for businesses seeking to manage the massive amount of brand strategy information that comes with social media management.
  • Falcon.io: For developing automated ad campaigns and social media marketing in general, Falcon.io is a fantastic content management platform. It enables social media marketers to create paid and organic posts for all their social media networks in one location and business owners to take charge themselves.

Brand Manager Tasks and Responsibilities 

  • Keeping up the customer/company relationship.
  • Dealing with capital planning and the budget.
  • Creating marketing plans and strategies to increase brand awareness.
  • Connecting the client feedback that was good to the brand's initiatives.
  • Strengthening the brand's market position.
  • Integrating the knowledge gained from prior sales with future strategic initiatives.
  • Attending to the needs of the customer.
  • Overseeing the marketing team's implementation of innovative policies to make the merchandise more user-friendly.
  • Conducting and making progress with marketing and advertising activities for the most recent manufactured goods.
  • Taking the lead in developing novel promotional techniques, such as brochures, advertisements on other applications and publications, and visual and auditory representations of the business.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and identifying the intended audience to concentrate on are two other cutting-edge concepts that are also welcomed.

Average Years of Experience and Salary Average

It takes about 3 to 5 years to become a brand manager. Depending on the pay scale and the number of employees in the specific organization, the remuneration of a brand marketing manager may change. The resources and the city in which the business is located also play a role. The compensation is believed to be higher in metropolitan areas with more excellent connectivity and IT firms than in smaller communities. So, the salary ranges from 5 LPA to 17 LPA.

What Does a Brand Manager Do Day-to-Day? 

The day-to-day duties of a brand manager include, but are not limited to, analysis, oversight, strategy, research, project management, monitoring, supervision, planning and execution, planning and management, coordination, assistance, and management, to enhance a company's reputation in its target market and foster growth.

Brand Manager vs. Marketing Manager

A brand manager is in charge of managing how customers view a company's goods or services. Brand managers play a variety of duties to make sure the brand is aligned with the interests of the consumers, including:

  • Making brand awareness plans
  • Assessing the consumer's perception of the brand
  • Create marketing and sales strategies
  • monitor and suggest the most effective ad placements
  • Follow the development of the sales

Marketing managers are in charge of reaching out to potential customers and the public to promote a product and boost sales. You can accomplish this via a variety of marketing avenues. Furthermore, they have the following duties:

  • Creating marketing plans to connect with clients across all demographics
  • Coordinating with the sales department to make sure the objectives are aligned
  • Reporting on the demand for services and goods and conducting surveys about it
  • Ensuring that customers are aware of the worth of the products
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