A genuine question in many minds is, "Is an online MBA worth it?" So let's talk about it. After the pandemic, almost all of the nation is establishing itself in the digital wonderland. Since then, we have wondered if there are online MBA courses and if they are worth it. Or if they have any value.

Though physically attending MBA classes is more plausible and convenient, online MBA has left people scratching their heads. 

Online MBA certainly has its pros and cons unknown to aspiring masses, but they could appeal to potential employers.

How Does an Online MBA Differ from a Traditional MBA?

  • One simple point of difference is in the case of a traditional MBA, where one has to appear in person, attend classes as well as appear for written examinations. In contrast, an online MBA allows one to attend courses and examinations from home. There's no need to travel long distances. If the situation is unsuitable or unfavorable, one may apply and pursue their MBA online.
  • Another point is a confidence boost, expansion of career opportunities after MBA, duties and responsibilities, development of a work-oriented mindset, and access to a network of other seniors across the digital plane.
  • Coming to MBA salary, those who had taken up an MBA online acquired a salary package of $96,000, a lot higher than the entry fee of a traditional MBA course, usually $79,000. Reports have shown that online programs' largest mean salary increase is approximately 60%. 

Online MBA: Pros and Cons 

The online world is full of information that can either be a blessing or a curse. But still, many online platforms offer online MBA courses for students worldwide.

Here are some of the pros and cons of an online MBA.


Ocean Of Industries

Many institutes and universities offer their MBA program online for far away students to apply and pursue an MBA course from the comfort of their homes. They will be provided materials and direct access to corporate mentors and industry leaders who will guide students accordingly.


A fact about the internet is the diversifying characteristic that it carries. People from all walks of life can apply and get started with their MBA program. People from different companies connect and communicate with each other. Going online has proven economical and appealing to people with various needs and requirements, but a click away. Online learning has brought people from different phases of life together to know they are not alone on this journey.

Digital Vigilance 

The way SIBM Pune incorporated technology for the sake of development to its exam handle. It sets an example for other institutes to Dot their toes into the ocean of technology by offering online MBA courses.

In the same manner, incorporating technology into classes and examination procedures can help many students update themselves with the advanced technologies that future employers will seek their proficiency in, and institutes will seek more innovative means to conduct classes and exams.



Self-management is managing oneself by multitasking and getting most stuff done at once. Though helpful, it is difficult for those procrastinating and managing many things simultaneously. So, in this case, self-management is a difficult task when pursuing an online MBA.

Lack of Face-to-Face Engagement

As the title suggests, an online MBA may be helpful for some, but it also is not helpful in other ways.

With online classes comes solitude; a lack of socialization, group discussion, peer reviews, and activities that contribute to being competent can adversely affect students studying online.

Increased Screen Time 

Attending online classes and exams also increases people's screen time, which can be harmful to the eyes and body overall.

In many cases, specifically during the pandemic, everyone's screen time increased tenfold, resulting in night or an increased exposure to UV rays and blue light emitted from scones and other digital devices.

Who should do an online MBA?

We're almost at the end of finding our answer to "Is online MBA worth it?".

So far, we've seen what an online MBA is and what are the pros and cons and now is when we understand exactly for whom an online MBA is most suitable.

  •  Students living far away or in other countries or long distances can apply for an online MBA and pursue it without traveling or shifting places to attend classes. For such students, are online MBAs worth it, or for such a collection of students, is an online MBA worth it?
  • Students who need help can afford the traditional means of pursuing an MBA.
  • Students who are either disabled or too sick to travel or to prevent the spreading of their sickness
  • People with access to the internet.

How To Choose an Online MBA Program

The internet vastly comprises forums, platforms, and websites that offer MBA courses that may look tempting. Still, one must be vigilant about choosing the right MBA program from a credible source and institute that is both legitimate and promising and will ensure the online MBA is worth it.

Follow the few points to do so: 

Reputed Institute

Choosing an MBA from a reputed institute is a good point because you can be assured that your program will neither be a waste of time nor a waste of money.

Expert Faculty

Faculty plays a key role out of anything in this system. So, one must look at the faculty, their qualifications, and achievements, which will make a strong case for choosing as your teachers or professors.


Much of the program lies in the curriculum. One can learn the abilities, skills, and knowledge required to thrive in your career from a well-designed MBA curriculum. Along with relevant electives, a solid curriculum should cover core business subjects like finance, accounting, marketing, and management. One can examine the course details and syllabi offered on the program's website to assess the curriculum of online MBA programs. These resources will assist you in identifying a strong curriculum, which will position you for career advancement opportunities across various industries.


So, is an online MBA worth it? Well, we are entitled to our own opinions. The perspectives may change after reading the points mentioned above and information that tries to tackle whether an online MBA is worthwhile. Nevertheless, be it a distance MBA or an online MBA, studying and doing our part before coming to a relevant conclusion is wise.

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