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Simplilearn’s Java test makes taking the real certification test a breeze. With this Java online test, you can sort your weak and strong programming areas and design your learning module accordingly. This Java exam is for those who want to leave no stone unturned when preparing for their test. Take the uncertainty out of the certification exam with this mock paper, which is a representation of the certification exam. Give it a go today!

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  • 120 Minutes
  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions
  • You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later.
1. Confirm the correct syntax for the while loop.
2. Why do users use JAVA?
3. The JAVA language is designed around the ideologies of which of the following?
4. Select an operator required to assign memory to array variable in Java.
5. Select a Data type which is NOT considered as an Object in JavaScript.
6. Select the correct feature of Java.
7. During initialization of an array which option has to be specified?
8. Confirm the numerical range of a char in Java?
9. What does JVM stand for?
10. Name the values that comprises Boolean variable.
11. Select the valid Boolean statement.
12. Name the source file generated by the JVM after assembling the Java source code?
13. By using 'Just-In-Time' compilers to execute the code, Java empowers high enactment.
14. In the given options, 'pow()' is related to which class?
15. How are Session beans produced?
16. Java synchronized program will simply be performed by a single thread at a period.
17. x=x+1 is comparable to which one of the given choices in Java?
18. Why is Synchronization required in Java?
19. How does 'Runnable' statement work using multiple threads?
20. Select the Java code editor.
21. If method carries the same name as class name and method doesn't have any return type, then it is known as.......?
22. The applet engine is a program used for?
23. Choose the methods that have identical names but diverse parameter list ?
24. Explain a program in a single word that describes the stages necessary to instantiate one object of that program?
25. How do users associate enum categories?
26. Confirm the variable statements that are prohibited in Java.
27. Using which technique can users sort a group by normal order of its elements in Java?
28. Is it possible to produce zero dimension arrays in Java?
29. Why do Java programs need a method called main()?
30. What is the difference between Vector and ArrayList?
31. Java permits the users to include two types of variables, name them.
32. Select the statement that defines that Java is a Robust language.
33. Select a method that references the source of an object.
34. What is the function called, when a subclass implements a technique that is previously provided by a superclass.
35. Select the features of Java.
36. Select the correct statement that defines Java.
37. An interface in Java may contain ....... only.
38. Can a Java interface have member variables?
39. What is the function described below known as: public class Foo{ private static Foo instance; private Foo(){ } private static getInstance(){ if (instance == null){ instance = new Foo(); } return instance; }
40. Which of the subsequent JNDI properties delivers safety data?
41. Confirm the syntax for making a class derived from the class named MyClass.
42. What would be an output of a program if the main() is not stagnant?
43. Confirm the correct statement from the given options.
44. Using which keyword can a user describe packages in Java?
45. What are the fundamental JMS-related entities required for each JMS-enabled request?
46. What does inheritance stand for in Java?
47. Name the method which performs only once.
48. What type of exception can occur in Java?
49. The class java.sql.Timestamp is associated with which class?
50. What object in Java can accumulate group of other objects?


  • What is the Java fundamentals exam prep practice test?

    The Java practice test is free of cost and a representation of the Java exam. The Java test paper contains 50 MCQs which are in accordance with the real Java exam paper.

  • Will this Java practice test help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Our Java test paper is a simulation of the actual Java exam. This test doesn’t guarantee that you will clear the exam but it sure makes you clearing the exam lot easier.

  • What is included in this Java test paper?

    The Java online test practice is inclusive of 50 multiple choice questions, which can be attempted as many times as you like. You will have the opportunity to pause the test anytime and resume it later.

  • Who can take up this Java online exam?

    This Java online test practice is best suited for students and professionals who wish to become Java developers.

  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    The Java certification sample questions are similar to the java exam questions.

  • Can I retake this Java online exam?

    Yes. The candidates are allowed to retake the Java MCQ test as often as they desire. However, for the best practice experience, we recommend that the candidates prepare well for the test before taking it up.

  • What will I learn from this Java online practice test?

    There are 50 Java certification sample questions that help you understand J2EE, HTTP Protocol, and HTML in detail. With the Java practice test, you can sort your weak and strong programming areas and improve them accordingly.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    You can take up the Java practice test as often as you like. If you were not able to clear the test at first, you can revise the topics from our Java Certification Course.

  • What are the requirements to take this Java test paper?

    This Java MCQ test has no defined requirements.

  • Will the Practice Tests be updated frequently?

    Yes. We keep our practice tests up to date so that our participants deal with the latest information always.

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