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  • 43 High Quality Chapters
  • 7 Hrs of HQ e-learning content
  • Covers Common PHP errors
  • Course Completion Certificate

Course description

  • What is the course all about?

    This is a comprehensive overview of PHP covering basics to advanced PHP programming concepts through real world examples and sample projects.

  • What learning benefits do you get from Simplilearn’s training?

    At the end of the training participants are able to:
    • Learn the basics of PHP programming and work on the projects
    • Work on advanced and intermediate PHP programming concepts

  • Who should do this course?

    The course is ideal for beginning and experienced web developers, PHP developers.

  • Why Simplilearn?

    • Simplilearn is the World’s Largest Certification Training Provider, with over 500,000+ professionals trained globally
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Course preview

    • Module 1 - Getting Started 13:36
      • 1.1 Introduction05:44
      • 1.2 Setting Up A Web Server07:52
    • Module 2 - PHP Basics 3:54:04
      • 2.1 Basics Echo Print05:20
      • 2.2 Variables07:25
      • 2.3 If Statements07:55
      • 2.4 Arithmetic Operators06:37
      • 2.5 Comparison Operators08:45
      • 2.6 Logical Operators09:28
      • 2.7 Switch Statement08:11
      • 2.8 Arrays08:52
      • 2.9 Multi - Dimensional Arrays07:12
      • 2.10 While Loop05:56
      • 2.11 Do While Loop04:30
      • 2.12 For Loops05:04
      • 2.13 Foreach06:38
      • 2.14 Functions08:25
      • 2.15 GET13:00
      • 2.16 POST07:51
      • 2.17 Commenting Code05:36
      • 2.18 Embedding PHP Within HTML09:56
      • 2.19 A Better Way To Display HTML05:29
      • 2.20 Triple Equals04:44
      • 2.21 Checkboxes08:46
      • 2.22 Radio Buttons10:08
      • 2.23 Splitting A String By Spaces(Whitespace)05:43
      • 2.24 Generate A Random Number04:44
      • 2.25 Explode (String To Array)10:12
      • 2.26 Implode (Array To String)16:10
      • 2.27 Formatting Numbers05:25
      • 2.28 Arrays (Part 1 Of 2)11:16
      • 2.29 Arrays (Part 2 Of 2)12:50
      • 2.30 Quickly Return True Or False01:56
    • Module 3 - Advanced Topics 38:53
      • 3.1 Sessions06:32
      • 3.2 Cookies (Part 1)06:51
      • 3.3 Cookies (Part 2)03:32
      • 3.4 Ternary Operator (Inline IF Statement)07:53
      • 3.5 Functions With Undefined Parameters14:05
    • Module 4 - Creating A Contact Form 27:43
      • 4.1 Contact Form (Part 1 Of 3)02:22
      • 4.2 Contact Form (Part 2 Of 3)11:34
      • 4.3 Contact Form (Part 3 Of 3)13:47
    • Module 5 - Easy Pagination 27:18
      • 5.1 Easy Pagination (Part 1 Of 3)03:08
      • 5.2 Easy Pagination (Part 2 Of 3)11:53
      • 5.3 Easy Pagination (Part 3 Of 3)12:17
    • Module 6 - PHP Data Objects 55:36
      • 6.1 PDO Connecting To A Database10:01
      • 6.2 Query Database Access Results08:33
      • 6.3 Affected Row Count04:23
      • 6.4 Binding Values To Queries10:15
      • 6.5 Error Detection06:56
      • 6.6 Return Last Inserted ID03:15
      • 6.7 PDO Transactions12:13
    • Module 7 - Sending Email 39:04
      • 7.1 Send Email Quickly And Easily (HTML Format)06:07
      • 7.2 Sending Email With Attachments (Part 1 Of 2)07:18
      • 7.3 Sending Email With Attachments (Part 2 Of 2)14:18
      • 7.4 Sending Email From A Local Server05:12
      • 7.5 Connecting To And Sending Email Via An SMTP Server06:09
    • Module 8 - Course Conclusion 04:44
      • 8.1 Course Conclusion04:44
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Mark-Aston Smith
Mark-Aston Smith

A good intro to PHP programming. The examples and exercises were really helpful in understanding the topics.

David Purves
David Purves

Great course on PHP Programming. The content was easy to follow and understand. Thank you.

Kurien Philip
Kurien Philip

I gained a good understanding of basic and advanced concepts of PHP programming from this course. It was a good experience.


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    You can enroll for this Online training online. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.
    1. Visa debit/credit card
    2. American express and Diners club card
    3. Master Card, or
    4. Through PayPal

  • What will I get along with this training?

    You will have access to the online e-learning along with the training.

  • Can I cancel my enrollment? Do I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment. We provide you complete refund after deducting the administration fee. To know more please go through our Refund Policy.

  • Do you provide any course completion certificate?

    Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.

  • Where and how can I access the e-learning content? Are there any limitations?

    Once you register with us for a course by paying the course fee, you can have 24/7 access to the e-learning content on our website. An automated course purchase confirmation mail from our side will guide you through the process.

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    Please raise a request via our Help and Support portal to have your issue resolved.

  • Do you provide money back guarantee for the training programs?

    Yes. We do offer a money-back guarantee for many of our training programs. You can refer to the Refund Policy and raise refund requests via our Help and Support portal.

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    Please join our Live Chat for instant support, call us, or Request a Call Back to have your query resolved.

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