Course description

  • What is the course all about?

    This course will equip you with the skills and techniques required to create commercial quality 2D video games that can play in various platforms. On course completion, you will be ready to create professional quality 2D video games for web, personal computers, iOS and Android applications.

    This course will take you through the basic components, scenes, actors, events and behaviors of Stencyl. You will learn how to create games that support platforms like iOS, Android, Flash, Windows, OS X and Linux.

  • What are the course objectives?

    By the end of this course, you will be able to:
    • Install, familiarize and explore the Stencyl environment
    • Understand the effective utilization of Behavior Editor, Tileset Editor, Actor Editor and Scene Designer
    • Write codes, design and create applications
    • Create scenes, text, images using various Stencyl components
    • Fix bugs and run the applications

  • Who should do this course?

    This course is best suited for aspiring Game Designers and Game Designing graduates who want to create cross-platform 2D games for computers and mobile devices that need to be written just once.

Course preview

    • Module 01 - First Steps - Getting Setup 12:04
      • 1.1 Welcome to the World of Game Creation01:04
      • 1.2 Overview08:46
      • 1.3 Installing The Required Software - Stencyl02:14
    • Module 02 - From Concept to Creation - The Design Process 08:53
      • 2.1 The Importance Of Planning03:50
      • 2.2 The Concept05:03
    • Module 03 - Intro to Stencyl - Starting Our Game 1:14:14
      • 3.1 Exploring The Stencyl Environment13:43
      • 3.2 User Input and Character Movement29:48
      • 3.3 Understanding Attributes (AKA Variables), and Creating the Enemy Actor12:07
      • 3.4 Character Rotation Looking At The Mouse12:34
      • 3.5 Making Him Shoot (This is fun)06:02
    • Module 04 - Important Concepts Explained 36:22
      • 4.1 Events Explained09:55
      • 4.2 The Most Important Blocks04:24
      • 4.3 Basic Loops06:26
      • 4.4 How Stencyl Handles Audio02:33
      • 4.5 Creating Conditional Logic - If Statements09:09
      • 4.6 The Behaviour Library03:55
    • Module 05 - Creating Your Own Game Art 23:53
      • 5.1 Downloading the Free Trial of Photoshop CS601:17
      • 5.2 Introduction to Photoshop CS610:15
      • 5.3 Creating the Crosshair12:21
    • Module 06 - Developing Core Functionality 1:43:05
      • 6.1 Basic AI19:14
      • 6.2 Camera Follow00:54
      • 6.3 Boundaries01:48
      • 6.4 Adding the Crosshair07:52
      • 6.5 Collision Groups - Setting Them Up09:02
      • 6.6 Updating Sprites - A Nicer Projectile03:26
      • 6.7 Create Explosion On Die03:08
      • 6.8 Handling Avatar States - Switching Animations05:48
      • 6.9 Cannot Be Pushed01:20
      • 6.10 Advanced AI29:19
      • 6.11 AI Bug Fix 121:14
    • Module 07 - Finishing the Game 1:24:47
      • 7.1 Enemy Shoot08:19
      • 7.2 Die After X Seconds02:40
      • 7.3 Bug Fix 201:37
      • 7.4 Adding The Helicopter04:18
      • 7.5 Creating Health Bars25:35
      • 7.6 Destructible Environment 105:29
      • 7.7 Destructible Environment 210:23
      • 7.8 Refactoring The Code05:35
      • 7.9 Game Rules08:34
      • 7.10 Game Rules 212:17
    • Module 08 - Conclusion 00:43
      • 8.1 Conclusion00:43
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