Are you looking for a career opportunity as an Operations Manager? It’s good to begin by seeking information about roles, responsibilities, required skills, salary, and career path. 

With a growing demand for operations managers, companies are on the lookout for skilled candidates. There is a 6.7% annual employment growth for business operation managers, as per the report of The Bureau of Labor Statistics. The dedicated services of operations managers are compensated with lucrative benefits and salary packages. 

You, too, can excel in the field by learning high-demand skills and getting high-paying jobs in top-tech companies seamlessly. Read on to learn about the operations manager's salary, along with the skills required in the field. 

What Is the Role of an Operations Manager?

An operations manager is an important team member in project management. They play a crucial role in improving the organizational processes to optimize operations that boost productivity and efficiency and achieve desired goals. They participate in qualitative decision-making with respect to daily operations, budgets, actions in projects, and training methods. Here, we have mentioned the key roles of an operations manager for your reference:

  • An operations manager sets up effective communication with the project’s team members, stakeholders, clients, higher authorities, and staff to run operations smoothly. 
  • They oversee and manage budgets of the operations performed to meet the organization's goals.
  • They dictate and manage quality assurance protocols and programs. 
  • The duties of the operations manager include hiring and training of employees.
  • Internal teams work with the operations manager to facilitate the tools, software, technologies, and systems held by the organization.
  • An operations manager is responsible for leading a team, supporting them in time-sensitive and demanding environments, and taking action on resolving issues.
  • They also play a role in inventory management and review budgetary reports to provide an outline to the higher authorities.
  • They are responsible for making effective strategies to complete the whole operation within the timeline and budget.
  • The operations manager evaluates, designs, and incorporates business processes.
  • An operations manager typically manages the supply chain and logistical processes.

Key Factors Affecting Operations Manager Salaries

Several factors influence the range of operations managers' salaries, including skills, experience, location, and economic conditions. Let us dive into the details.

  1. Skills: Companies look for specialized candidates in operations management. Developing in-demand skills significantly influences the operations manager's salary. Employers prioritize resumes of operations managers with diverse project management skill sets that combine skills such as technical expertise, strategic thinking, communication, time management, problem-solving, and organizational capabilities. The higher the skills of a candidate, the higher the salary.
  2. Experience: Companies typically hire freshers and experienced operations managers. But their salary differs with their experience levels. Entry-level or less experienced operations manager earns less in comparison to a highly professional operations manager. As the level of experience increases, the salary increases.
  3. Location: The city, region, or country plays a major role in deciding the operations manager's salary. Different locations possess distinct costs of living. Companies consider the same when paying salaries to an operations manager. For instance, operations amber salary in the USA is higher in comparison to India.
  4. Economic Conditions: Factors like employability, crisis, and degrading currency value can significantly impact the salaries of operations managers. 

What Is the Average Salary for an Operations Manager?

How much does an operations manager make? The base average operations manager salary in India is INR 28,712 per month. However, top-tech companies pay higher salaries to operations managers. For instance, Accenture offers INR 88,194 per month, IBM offers INR 88,100 per month, Amazon offers INR 99,342 per month, and Capgemini offers INR 1,16,160 per month. 

In addition, as discussed earlier, location also plays a crucial role in the different salary ranges of the operations manager. Here is the list of top-paying cities in India for operations managers.

Cities in India

Salary of Operations Manager

Bengaluru, Karnataka

INR 50,220 per month

Gurugram, Haryana

INR 44,056 per month

Mumbai, Maharashtra

INR 43,877 per month

Chandigarh, Chandigarh

INR 34,175 per month

Delhi, Delhi

INR 33,079 per month

High-Demand Skills that Can Boost Operations Manager Pay

Companies prefer to hire operations managers with diverse skills, making them potential candidates to serve the purpose of their role efficiently. These high-demanding skills include combinations of hard (technical) and soft skills, such as:

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Program management
  • IT security and Infrastructure
  • Financial compliances
  • Technical services
  • Proven Leadership skills
  • IT Consulting
  • Efficient Strategic Planning
  • Transformation of Data into Actions
  • Adept at budgeting and Forecasting
  • Total Quality Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Great Decision-Making skills
  • Potential Conflict Resolution 
  • Strong Attention to Details

Key Salary Negotiation Strategies for Operations Managers

Salary negotiation is an effective method to earn what you deserve. It allows exhibiting your skills of relevance to the company to get the right amount. 

  • Operations managers are required to develop and portray their skills and contributions from previous job roles to showcase their worthiness and value for the role and company. 
  • Additionally, exhibit the qualifications,  accomplishments, strengths, and additional skills that indicate you are an asset to the company. 
  • During negotiation, set realistic expectations and represent them in range after researching the salary criteria in the area through authentic websites. 

Career Growth and Future Prospects in Operations Management

In the current era, operations managers are in high demand in growing countries. They have the choice to work in either the service sector or industries, as operation management can be functional in diverse areas. Furthermore, an operations manager can also work in manufacturing, retail, logistics, healthcare, and so on. You can choose your career path based on your area of interest. 

Considering career prospects, entry-level and junior roles also get the finest opportunities in companies with high pay. They also have the opportunity to gain experience and become well-versed with the tools and technologies. 

According to a report, there is an estimated 6% hike in operations management employment between 2020 and 2030. With growing need and demand, operations management is increasingly important for performing business activities, achieving objectives, and increasing productivity and profit. In the competitive market, a skilled professional has a higher chance of getting high-paying jobs as an operations manager.

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1. How does the size of the company affect an operations manager's salary?

Larger companies offer more responsibilities and complex operations. Further, there is a need for higher budget and resource management. Hence, the increased size of the company has the potential to offer a better range of salaries. However, the quality of the company can lead to the opposite effect. 

2. What Is the Salary of an MBA in Operations Management?

An MBA in operations management can work on designations like Area Operations Manager, Operations Executive, and Operational Research Analyst and earn an annual salary of INR 7.12 lakhs per year.

3. What Role Do Gender and Diversity Play in Salary Negotiations and Structures?

Gender and diversity affect salary compensation due to the presence of unconscious biases, differences in representation issues, and negotiation abilities. 

4. What Is the Highest Salary for an Operations Manager?

The highest salary of an operations manager is INR 10.6 lakhs per annum, where the estimated take-home salary ranges from  INR 53,873 to INR 55,216 per month.

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