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1. A typical title for a Project Manager in a weak matrix structure is:
2. Which of the following statements is NOT true about product lifecycle ?
3. A Project Sponsor appointed a Project Manager to a new project and asked her to get started immediately - even before the charter got approved. What should the Project Manager do?
4. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate statement to describe a Project Management Office?
5. A manager, managing collection of projects grouped together to facilitate effective management to meet strategic business objectives is called a:
6. A project sponsor is studying the project contract and going through the narrative description of products and services to be supplied under contract. He is also meeting key stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to evaluate whether or not the project is worth the required investment. Which of the following documents would be created as an output in the process?
7. As a Project Manager for a pharmaceutical project, you are in the process of stakeholder analysis. You have identified both internal and external stakeholders. Which of the following will be least useful for determining how to engage them?
8. Which of the following is NOT true about initiating process group?
9. Project team is working on initiating a project. Which of the following options is NOT true with respect to this situation?
10. Harry has been assigned the flyover construction project and he is in the process of initiating the project. In order to meet the customer's project expectations, based on the business and compliance requirements, which of the following should Harry define FIRST?
11. Jenny is the Project Manager and is currently in the initiating process group. She understands that it is critical for project success to identify stakeholders early in the project. Therefore, she is in the process 'identify stakeholders'. Of the following, which INPUT may not be required,
12. One phase is planned at any given time and the planning for the next is carried out as work progresses on the current phase and deliverables. Which of the following correctly defines the above text?
13. Which of the following statement is TRUE regarding the initiating process group?
14. Which of the following is NOT true about the project charter?
15. You work as a Project Manager at the mobile phone chipset manufacturer. As predicted by Moore's law, each year your company introduces new models of mobile phone chipsets which are faster and more powerful than their predecessors. Mobile phone chipsets that are obsolete or do not sell are quickly retired from production. The lifecycle for them begins in R and D, extends to manufacturing, and finally ends with phase out. This cycle is often referred to as:
16. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to manage activities to meet the project requirements. Which of the following is NOT true about managing a project?
17. A Project Manager has defined the key deliverables of the project based on the business and compliance requirements. He is now identifying and documenting high-level risks, assumptions and constraints based on current environment, historical data and/or expert judgment, in order to identify project limitations and propose an implementation approach. Which process group is he in?
18. All of the following are functions of the 'project management office' except,
19. Of the following, which is the truest statement?
20. Your development team is waiting for the design team to finish their work. As a Project Manager, you have decided to use this approach to reduce uncertainty in the project. Which of the following relationships does this describe?
21. Which of the following is NOT TRUE for stakeholders?
22. You are developing the project charter for the new project assigned to you. Which of the following is NOT part of the enterprise environmental factors?
23. You are being hired to manage a highway construction project for a contractor working for XYZ. The sponsor is a project officer who works for the XYZ municipal government. You have three separate teams working all three shifts, with a separate manager for each team. Each team has members from two different unions, and each union has its own representative. Who is the BEST person to approve the project charter?
24. Two members of a team are disagreeing about the right electric parameters for testing a newly designed chipset. Who is in the best position to help resolve this issue?
25. A Project Manager is identifying relevant enterprise and environmental factors in his project. Which of the following is NOT a valid example?
26. A hospital is installing a new management system to computerize the hospital functions. For this purpose, representatives from several departments are selected to create a task force assigned to implement the project. This organization structure is called?
27. As a Project Manager, you are in the process of establishing the total scope of the effort in the project to define project objectives. For this purpose, you include relevant stakeholders and explore all the aspects of scope, cost, time, risk quality, etc. Which process group of the project are you currently in?
28. A Project Manager and his team have finished creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Work Breakdown Structure dictionary. Afterwards, he prepares a detailed and itemized documentation of all of the schedule activities that are part of the project. What should he do NEXT ?
29. A Project Manager is working on planning a project that requires review and oversight for a number of technically complex tasks. Who should identify the specific resources for performing the reviews?
30. A key responsibility of the Project Manager is to ensure the proper assimilation of the project management processes and coordinate the process phases through the project management cycle. Also, she ensures that all areas of the project come together to successfully deliver the project. This involves balancing the basic aspects of scope, cost, and schedule in addition to managing quality, communication, customer satisfaction, etc. The role of the Project Manager can be best described as?
31. A key stakeholder from the quality department wants to know more on how the process tailoring was done by the project team. Additionally, he would like to know the rational for selecting processes, their implementation level details, and how they will be used to manage the interdependencies. Which document should the Project Manager refer him to?
32. A Project Manager has invited key stakeholders and team members for the first meeting of the project. The agenda of the meeting is to announce the start of the project, outline the project goals and objectives, as well as communicate the project success criteria. The Project Manager also plans to discuss the individual roles and responsibilities, along with the commitment of the stakeholders. What is this activity called?
33. You are a Project Manager of a highly visible and critical project in your company. This project was initiated with much fanfare and you have some of the best technical experts as a part of the project team. You are in process planning and detailing the scope of the project when you hear the project is being terminated. What could be the MOST likely cause?
34. You are working on a project to build a hybrid car which would run on both diesel, as well as electricity. This car would have a 1000 cc engine and work on a regenerative braking system. It should be able to seat four passengers including a driver and comply with Euro 4 emission norms. This information should be captured in which of the following documents?
35. A Project Manager is in the process of documenting and defining stakeholder's needs to meet project objectives. What is the output of this process?
36. You have taken over as a Project Manager of a complex and technically challenging project. To add to the problems, your team is from diverse cultures and lack bonding. You want the team to participate and take ownership of the project activities, as well as understand the 'big picture of the project'. Which of the following activities would be most helpful?
37. You are a Project Manager working on a critical project. You track the project schedule closely. While going through the critical path, you realize that the project is showing negative float. What is your BEST response to the situation?
38. A Project Manager is in the process of analyzing activity sequences, durations, resources requirements, and schedule constraints to create an approved project schedule. What should he do NEXT?
39. As a Project Manager you are estimating the duration of your project activities using PERT technique (Program Evaluation and Review technique). For a particular project activity, your optimistic estimate is 41 days, pessimistic estimate is 89 days and most Likely estimate is 60 days. What would be the expected duration and range of the estimate for this activity?
40. A project activity has the following values for the earliest and latest it can start and earliest and latest it can be completed. An activity's Late Start (LS) is 5/day and Late Finish is (LF) 10/day. Similarly Early Start (ES) is 3/day and Early finish (EF) is 8/day. What is the float of this activity?
41. An activity cannot be started until the predecessor also starts. This is an example of:
42. A Project Manager on understanding the information needs of important stakeholders and documenting how they would be met. Which document is being prepared?
43. You are managing a project which would provide e-learning solutions to your customer. The requirements of this project are not clearly defined in the beginning and there would be modifications based on customer feedback as the project evolves. You decide to plan as much as you can and begin to create work while continuing the planning. Which of the following techniques would be the most helpful while defining activities for the project?
44. The optimistic time estimate for an activity is 11 days; pessimistic is 25 days and most likely is 15 days. What is the expected time for this activity?
45. A Project Manager wants to determine the variance for an activity estimate using a three point estimate with the following data Pessimistic=14, Optimistic=2, Realistic=5. What is the variance?
46. Which of the following statements about critical paths is TRUE?
47. You are a Project Manager and in the early phase of estimating the cost of the project. You use the analogous method of estimating and have come up with the rough order of magnitude. While presenting it to your sponsor and stakeholders, one of the stakeholders asks if you have also done lifecycle costing for the project. What is your BEST response?
48. As a Project Manager you are working with your team to explore alternatives to decrease project cost without compromising on performance or scope of the project. You are most probably using which of the following techniques?
49. Which of the following is a tool and technique for the Determine budget process?
50. Which of the following are the MOST important to derive the total funding requirements and periodic funding requirements of the project?
51. As a Project Manager for the project in the planning stage, you have derived the cost estimates by estimating the cost of individual work packages. It is summarized to higher levels for reporting and tracking. What would be the range of estimates from the actual?
52. You are a Project Manager planning to launch a new product in the market. For this purpose, you are analyzing the existing products in the market to understand their best practices. You also compare industry standards for performance metrics including cost, cycle time, productivity, and quality to come up with your own product metrics. You are doing which of the following activities?
53. A Project Manager has derived quality metrics along with tolerance limits for his project. He is in which part of the quality management knowledge area?
54. A Project Manager wants to capture the details of activities he would be doing to enhance the value of the process, including their inputs, outputs, and interfaces with other processes. Which of the following documents would be MOST helpful?
55. In order to determine the target fuel efficiency for a hybrid car being designed, a Project Manager is looking at published statistics for similar models in the industry. The technique being used is called:
56. Which of the following would not be part of 'cost of conformance'?
57. A Project Manager is planning a project and he is creating a plan to describe how human resource requirements in the project would be met. He is using a bar chart tool called a Resource Histogram for charting this requirement. However, he notices that some of the individual bars in the Resource Histogram extend beyond the maximum allowed hours. What should the Project Manager do to correct it?
58. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, what comes HIGHEST on the pyramid?
59. A pharmaceutical company wants to launch a new over-the-counter medication for flu in the U.S. The Project Manager is identifying project communication constraints. Which of the following is NOT a valid constraint?
60. You are a Project Manager in a financial firm with multinational dealings. You feel the financial meltdown in one of the client's countries could affect your project adversely and you want to hedge your risks. Although the probability of occurrence of the event is low, you are advised to play it safe. In terms of risk attitude, your organization could BEST be described as?
61. Which of the following is NOT a tool used in the perform qualitative risk analysis process?
62. Which of the following is an example of Lead?
63. The estimating technique that uses a statistical relationship between the historical data and other variables to calculate an estimate for an activity is called:
64. In which form of contract will the cost risk lie with the seller?
65. While responding to a procurement request, the seller outlined the detailed technical solution, provided a handful of past customer references and also made a detailed commercial offer. Which procurement document would the seller is most likely going to respond to?
66. You are in the process of implementing approved changes, corrective actions, preventive action, and defect repairs in the project. You are in which of the following process groups?
67. You are a finance specialist who has been assigned to an organization wide project in a Strong matrix structure. The Project Manager requests you to work on a report, which you do not feel is necessary. You have tried to reason with the Project Manager about this but the Project Manager insists it is required. What should you do?
68. A Project Manager realizes that a lot of time and effort is spent by his team in capturing the data during product testing. The best option to address the issue is?
69. A Project Manager is facing many serious issues in his project to create an application for a hospital management system. The project's final deliverable is scheduled for two weeks from now. It needs to fulfill compliance to mandatory government health standards. In addition to that there are some changes required to improve performance which the Project Manager feels will make the customer happy. Amidst all of this, a senior test engineer asks the Project Manager for a long leave. Which is the most critical issue the Project Manager needs to address FIRST?
70. You are a Project Manager taking over a project midway. It is in the execution phase. You would like to know more about project deliverables, work required to complete those deliverables, project constraints, assumptions, etc. Which of the following documents would be MOST useful?
71. Which of the following is an output of the Direct and Manage project work process?
72. A project is relying on a contractor to deliver a component. The contract informs the Project Manager about the likelihood of a 3 week delay in the delivery date. What should the Project Manager do?
73. You are managing an e- banking solution project when the Vice-President of the company calls you to discuss an opportunity to manage a critical company project which can boost your career and professional experience. Your e-banking solution project is due to complete in 3 weeks. What is your best response to the Vice-President?
74. You are managing a large project team that has some new members joining. You would like to take the entire team through the project schedule and update them on where the project stands with respect to the original plan. Which of the following charts would be most helpful for this purpose?
75. An infrastructure company had an option of bidding for a toll highway project, with an NPV of $5 million, but they opted for bidding for a power plant project with an NPV of $6 million. $5 million represents the _________ for the company.
76. You are a Project Manager for an IT company in the final phases of project execution. Your project status is well within the budget and you are almost a week ahead of your schedule. During the final testing phase of the project, you realize that the performance of the product can be increased by almost 20% of the expected value by doing minor code changes in two modules. This change would require an additional 2 days of work. What should you do NEXT?
77. A Project Manager is going through the defect report reviewing the bugs reported during the testing cycle of a software project. The report has information on the severity of the bug, origin of the bug, possible resolutions, along with the owner and reporter of the bug. The Project Manager wants to prioritize the bug fixing activities by evaluating the top three most frequent reasons for the defects. Which of the following tools should he use?
78. A team is complaining that every quality audit invariable audits their module, but other modules are not audited at the same frequency. What is the best explanation that can be provided?
79. You are managing a critical project with frequent changes in requirements. You are in the testing phase of the project and the customer has requested an additional new feature. You have assessed the impact of the change on the triple constraints with your team. What should be your NEXT step?
80. The method of examining work or a product to determine whether it conforms to documented standards is called?
81. What is the best time to engage in team building activities?
82. You are managing one of the most technically challenging and complex projects for your company. In the beginning of the project, there used to be heated arguments on the team regarding the best approach to solving a problem. However, the project is well into the execution stage and the team has finished designing the architecture of the product. They seem to have developed a good understanding of the system. What is the most appropriate way to handle project conflicts at this stage?
83. Your software project is in the critical system testing stage when two of the senior members of the team come to you with a conflict on usage of the simulation software during testing. One senior member claims that the other person keeps the software engaged for almost all of the working hours of the project. You decide to change their working schedules so that they no longer overlap. You are using which of the following techniques for conflict resolution?
84. As a Project Manager you decide to create an issue log which captures issue description, owner, and the target date for issue closure. All of the following are common examples of issues in the project EXCEPT?
85. A Project Manager is working on shortlisting, interviewing, and selecting candidates for the open positions within the project as per the job descriptions. Which process group is being worked on here?
86. A Project Manager likes to involve his team in the decision making process. Whenever there are issues which require urgent decisions, he calls the team to work out a solution together. This approach is
87. A Project Manager working in a matrix project environment feels there is some discontent in the team members related to their dual reporting and the role of Project Manager on the project. The Project Manager wants to communicate with the team to clarify their doubts. What is the BEST form of communication for addressing this problem ?
88. A Project Manager in an information technology project is discussing a complex algorithm with a new team member. After a long and thorough verbal discussion, the Project Manager asks the person if he understood the algorithm and can put it in the document. The team member implies that he has understood. However, when the Project Manager goes through the document, he realizes that the member didn't understand what was actually said thus resulting in an inefficient use of time and effort.. Who is responsible for this loss of time and how could it have been avoided?
89. You are managing a project with project teams in different geographical locations. There are approximately 25 team members in 3 different locations each being led by a team lead. Additionally, there are 3 members from a supporting group that are working part- time on the project. How many communication channels are possible in your project?
90. A Project Manager is documenting the normal process for escalating the issues on a project. Which document usually contains this information?
91. A key stakeholder of the project is contacted for a requirements document approval, but shows no interest. The Project Manager decides to have a friendly, informal discussion with him to understand the reason for his lack of interest. During the conversation, the stakeholder expresses his displeasure that two of his key suggestions were not addressed on the project. He feels as though his approval or feedback doesn't really matter since his main requirements are not being captured. What is the best option for the Project Manager in this case?
92. A key stakeholder expresses his concern over lack of project visibility and progress. He says that project status reports received by him lacks information relevant to his department. How should the Project Manager respond?
93. A Project Manager in an e-learning project is using free downloadable tutorials via the Internet to reach out to large audiences. This communication method is called:
94. In one of the project status meetings, two of the senior team members get into an argument regarding the introduction of a new tool to automate time sheet filling. Which of the following would provide you maximum insight on the conversation?
95. A CEO from his Paris office wishes to communicate with the technical officer in China. The correct procedure would be?
96. As a Project Manager you are worried about continuous bad performance of one of your team members. You have spoken to him over coffee, but there seems to be no improvement. What is the MOST suitable way to communicate your dissatisfaction?
97. Which of the following is NOT an input to the process Manage stakeholders engagements?
98. Which of the following is the output of the manage stakeholder engagements?
99. A Project Manager shares project performance through status reports via email to all the stakeholders of the project. He is using which of the following techniques?
100. As a Project Manager, you need to estimate the regression testing for your product. You would like to do 5 full testing cycles. Each cycle is estimated to take 4 days. What should be your estimated duration for the testing activity?
101. Which of the following is at the lowest level of the Maslow's hierarchy?
102. A project team is working on constantly reviewing and making sure that the right processes are being followed. Which process is being worked on?
103. A Project Manager working on a construction project identifies a risk of a heavy storm in the coming months which might affect the construction activity. However, he doesn't have any reliable information on the weather forecast or the severity of the storm. In this case, what is the BEST Project Manager can do?
104. Which of the following is NOT a likely outcome of trying to fast track a project?
105. You are a Project Manager of a software development project. You have outsourced a component of your product to third-party vendor which is due to be delivered next week. You find out that the delivery of the component may be delayed due to political unrest in the vendor's location. What is the BEST you can do in this situation?
106. A Project Manager is conducting a bidder conference to select the most suitable sellers. Which of the following tools will NOT be helpful?
107. Under the execution, implementation of approved actions happens by following risk management plan, risk register. For this action, which option is correct?
108. While working on a contract, a supplier's factory was severely damaged due to an earthquake and the supplier could not deliver the contracted items on time. The liability of the supplier to pay penalty for delays is probably restricted due to which of the following clauses in the contract?
109. You have recently joined a new construction company and you find that your employer is violating the construction permit issued by the local city government. What should you do?
110. As a Project Manager, you understand the importance of effective communication with stakeholders. You want to present a project progress report to the stakeholders in the next project meeting. What should be your approach?
111. You are managing a multinational project with team members sitting across different countries with varying time zones. In this scenario, you wish to choose a communication medium which is most efficient for the project requirements. What is the most appropriate way to address this?
112. You are interviewing candidates for a position in the project, when you receive the resume of a distant relative who is desperately in need of a job. What should you do?
113. As a Project Manager you have a large team reporting to you with two members working on this technology for the first time. At the beginning of the project, you were concerned that the members wouldn't be able to contribute as much due to technical complexity of the project. However, you spent time and gave them the required training in order to perform. During your assessment, you find some areas which still require improvement. What should you do next ?
114. After working as a Project Manager for more than 25 years, you want to share your learning and best practices with your industry. You do this by writing articles in international journals and giving interviews to share your experience. This act can be BEST described as?
115. During project execution, the customer interprets a clause in the contract differently and demands an elaborate design document as part of the next deliverable. According to you this is not included in the deliverable list. What is the best you can do to resolve the situation?
116. You are working at a customer location in a foreign country where it is customary to exchange gifts during their New Year celebrations. Your company forbids you to accept any form of gifts from your customer, but you have a strong feeling that if you refuse to accept and reciprocate the gesture, it can severely affect your relationship with the customer. In this case, it is BEST to:
117. Your project has faced some unforeseen issues that have delayed it. The project is very critical for the company and it has to meet the scheduled deadline. In order to meet the deadline your team would have to work over the weekends for the next two weeks. However, you know that many of the team members will have some personal commitments and it will be very difficult for them to work for seven consecutive days. What is the BEST option for you?
118. You are a Project Manager who is in the process of performing the work defined in the project management plan to achieve the project objectives. Which process are you in ?
119. A Project Manager is discussing the observed variations between planned and actual values of the defects with his quality engineer. He realizes that he has forgotten to identify one of the important metrics to analyze defects. Which process group is the Project Manager in if he evaluates the current result for the metric to see if it requires corrective actions?
120. A Project Manager wants to monitor the performance of a process. She set up thresholds for this purpose and any observation beyond the threshold would trigger a root cause analysis and corrective/preventive actions. This is an example of:
121. The Project Manager is reviewing the issue log as part of his execution activity. Which of the following would be the least appropriate activity for the Project Manager to perform as part of the monitoring and controlling process group activity?
122. You are assigned as a Project Manager to a project in the execution stage. Current schedule and performance indices for the project, SPI and CPI are 1.12 and 1.15 and project performance are well within the baseline. The defects found during internal testing for the last deliverable were well below the organization limits. However, the customer doesn't seem to be happy with the project progress. What should be the FIRST thing the Project Manager should do?
123. A Project Manager working in an iterative model of the product development lifecycle expects many changes during the course of the project. He wants to establish a robust configuration management system and also make his team aware of the process. Which of the following statements is NOT true about configuration management?
124. A Project Manager has made a major release in the project. The customer comes back a week after the release saying that he is not entirely satisfied with the deliverable. What should the Project Manager do NEXT?
125. The decision to close a project is taken during which process group?
126. Your project is in the final stages of testing and the team is interacting with the customer on daily basis to update him with the project status and incorporate his feedback. Which of the following would be the most critical process to be followed in this scenario?
127. A Project Manager is proactively managing the change through the scope control process. Which of the following should he be MOST worried about?
128. The ES of an activity is 2 days and the duration of the activity is 5 days. The LF for the activity is 8 days. What is the total float for this activity?
129. As a Project Manager and member of the PMO (Project Management Office), you want to present a snapshot of the status of various projects undergoing in the organization to senior management. Which of the following charts would be most suitable for the purpose?
130. You are trying to figure out if there is a correlation between the slack time available in a shift with the number of rejected components produced during the shift. Which is the tool that you will use to analyze this?
131. You are managing an infrastructure project which is nearing completion when a major stakeholder points out a flaw in the design which could make the entire structure weak. He suggests you construct two support pillars which would provide the necessary support. You are worried that this change could impact the schedule and cost of the project significantly. What is your BEST response to the stakeholder?
132. Project performance reviews using earned value management would typically incorporate information from all the following EXCEPT?
133. As a Project Manager you realize that the initial budget cost, Budget at Completion (BAC) for your project is no longer viable. You need to develop a new Estimate At Completion (EAC) forecast assuming current variances would continue in the future. Which of the following formula should you use for calculating EAC? Here AC is the Actual Cost, EV is the Earned Value, PV is the Planned Value.
134. Earned value management is the tool and technique of which process?
135. A project team with a CPI of 0.78 is looking for options to reduce cost. Which of the following should be the BEST option to choose?
136. You are a Project Manager evaluating a decision whether to buy insurance for a temporary manufacturing facility. The likelihood of a mishap is assessed at 10% and the likely impact is evaluated at $500,000. The cost of insuring is $20,000 and has a $10,000 deductible. Would you advice buying insurance?
137. A project has a CV of -$500 and SPI of 1.2. What can be said about the project?
138. As a manager you would like to get the status on the remaining work with respect to the funds remaining. Which of the following measures will give you the information?
139. Which of the following is the best use of Pareto charts?
140. In a normal distribution, what is the probability of finding the actual value between 1 standard deviation distance from the mean?
141. A team is inspecting specific project deliverables to ensure that they are in accordance with the specifications. Which process is being worked on?
142. Your project is going through an audit cycle when one of the senior auditor points out that the target value for Schedule Performance Index (SPI) is set to low value and it should be increased by at least 5 percent. You try to tell him that this target value is as per the organization baseline and cannot be changed. Which of the following is CORRECT statement in this case?
143. The customers are performing User Acceptance Tests on the product that was delivered by the project team. Which process is likely being performed?
144. A Project Manager is working towards improving the competencies, team interaction, and overall team environment to enhance project performance. Which of the following tools and techniques would NOT be helpful here?
145. What is the top source of conflict on a project from the following?
146. Which of the following is NOT an input to the Control Communications process?
147. A Project Manager wants to present a project performance report to the management which captures project results over the last 3 years to see if the performance is improving or deteriorating. Which of the following reports should he use?
148. As part of project stage review, you are presenting project performance reports to the stakeholders. The reports show both cost and schedule variances are positive for the project. What does it indicate about the current project status?
149. A Project Manager wants to perform some tests on the product that might end up destroying the product. What technique can be used to get around this problem?
150. A project team is in the process of risk tracking and control. The risk control action defined by the mitigation and contingency plans is being implemented in accordance with the details of those plans. Who is responsible for implementing these actions?
151. In the PDCA cycle, C stands for?
152. You are managing a project with a total budget of $36,000 to be finished in one year. You are in the end of the 6th month and currently the project is on schedule; however, the actual cost of the project is $20,000. What is the cost variance on the project?
153. Which of the following statements is true about control charts ?
154. After awarding contract to one of the sellers, you realize you have missed a clause for delay in the contract and want to modify it. How should you proceed further?
155. Your firm awarded a cost reimbursable contract to a pharmaceutical company for some research related activity. Over time, a large number of changes have taken place on the project and it is difficult to keep track of the status of these change requests. What is the BEST alternative for a Project Manager in this case?
156. As a Project Manager, you are conducting a structured review of the seller's progress to deliver the project within the contract specifications. Your objective is to determine progress with respect to the procurement statement of work. You would be doing this review in which stage of the project?
157. You are managing a complex, critical project and have made a lot of efforts to make the team technically competitive during the process. The project is in the final acceptance testing stage when a senior resource comes to discuss his plans of continuing his education and leaving this current assignment. He would require a positive recommendation for work from you to fulfill admission requirements. What should you do?
158. You are managing a software project which is due for design document release next week. You are currently reviewing the document, when an influential stakeholder asks you to add a feature to the existing design. This stakeholder has earlier also tried to bother you with unreasonable demands at the last days of release. What is the best you can do in this situation?
159. Of the following, which conflict resolution technique is believed to generate the LEAST enduring positive results?
160. While monitoring the project you find that an accepted risk is going to occur. Which of the following will you use to develop for the response:
161. Tom has been recently promoted to Project Manager for a short term IT project. Jim, an experienced Project Manager, has suggested to him that the most important task for a Project Manager to be successful is communication with the stakeholders. He explains to him that Tom should communicate the project status to the stakeholders to get some feedback. How will this help Tom on his project?
162. A Project Manager has made the final delivery to the customer and the team is in the process of completing administrative and contract closure. The team has also completed the final version of the lessons learned in corporate database. Which of the following is a critical activity that the Project Manager should complete before formally closing the project?
163. Which of the following is typically NOT part of project closure activities?
164. Just a couple of weeks before the close of a project, the customer submits a request for a new feature, which has a major impact. The customer further expects this to be completed within the original cost and schedule baseline. What should the Project Manager do?
165. During final payment for a contract, you were surprised to see 2 line items in the invoice pertaining to features that were requested by some members of your team. These items were not really necessary for your project. What should you do about the invoice?
166. You need to determine when to release resources from your project. Which part of the staffing management plan will be most useful for this?
167. Which of the following is the correct order of actions that you take during the closing processes?
168. Your project just completed, and one of your subcontractors has sent you the tickets for the next IPL cricket match to thank you for your business. What is the BEST way to respond?
169. A Project Manager is reporting the final status of the closed contract to the stakeholders. Which form of communication is appropriate?
170. Which of the following is an input of the close project or phase process?
171. Which of the following is NOT a possible use for historical records?
172. During the closing, final project report needs to be sent based on which document?
173. Which one of the following is the last step of project closing?
174. What are the two closing procedures in project lifecycle known as?
175. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
176. As a Project Manager, if you had to choose amongst projects A, B, C, and D which one would be the BEST option? Here NPV is Net Present Value
177. The popular iterative four step approach of Plan-Do-Check-Act was advocated by which of the following quality theorists ?
178. All of the statements about the Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM) or Activity-on-Arrow (AOA) are true EXCEPT
179. A project team working on a water purification plant is determining the right combination of flow rate, dosage of chlorine and residence time in the oxidation chamber to achieve the best results. What is the technique being applied?
180. A technique for performing root cause analysis is called:
181. As a buyer, the best possible outcome of a negotiation process is:
182. All of the following are true for decision trees except,
183. Pareto Analysis is a simple technique for prioritizing problem solving work, so that the first piece of work you do resolves the greatest number of problems. It is based on which of the following principles?
184. Once the risks have been identified on the project, the next step is to manage the risks. Of the following, which is NOT a suitable way of managing the risks?
185. Which of the following is NOT part of McKinsey's 7S's approach?
186. A method used for making decisions includes the following steps: a. List your options as rows on a table and the factors you need to consider as columns b. You score each option/factor combination and weight this score by the relative importance of the factor. Add these scores up to give an overall score for each option. Of the following, which is NOT this tool?
187. An influence map is a visual model showing the people who influence and make decisions about your project. The map helps you understand how stakeholders relate to one another, so that you can quickly see the way in which influence flows. While constructing the influence map, which of the following should NOT be considered?
188. Which of the following is the power that is based on the ability to reward?
189. Which of the following is NOT the personal style defined by Merrill and Reid in their employee motivation theory?
190. Which statement is correct for human resource management plan?
191. According to F.C. Moore, 'Delegation means assigning work to the others and giving them authority to do so'. Which of the following suggests the right order for Delegation?
192. Which of the following does not signify the obstacles to effective delegation of authority?
193. What does the DMAIC process in Six Sigma stand for?
194. During the executing, the change requests are raised in the project. The project manager is implementing these changes by following the change management plan. Which parameter/s should be implemented? Choose the best answer.
195. Which of the following activities is part of initiating?
196. Out of the following, who is not a QUALITY guru, i.e. one who has stated a theory on quality?
197. Procurement management plan is developed based on:
198. Baselines are an important input to a number of project processes. Outputs of many processes raise change requests to these baselines. Of the following, which is not a valid project baseline?
199. Why is verification and validation of the deliverables required?
200. Control risk process needs to be carried out by considering which factor/s?
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