Course description

  • What are the course objectives?

    In simple terms, Lean Management creates more value with fewer resources, reducing unwanted activities or process that do not add value to a product or service for a customer. Lean management is an approach to running an organization that encourages continuous improvement, a long-term process where small changes are implemented systematically. Changes to processes are incremental and increases quality and efficiency. This training will provide you with the concepts of Lean Management and how you can use them in your organization.

  • Why is this certification so desirable?

    Lean Management is a globally-recognized certification in the field of quality management, providing best practices for optimizing end-to-end businesses processes in product development, manufacturing, operations, service, supplier management, customer relations, and other enterprise functions. The Lean Management certification demonstrates your skills on applying a data-driven approach to eliminating waste and building continuous improvement into business processes.
    Certified professionals can expect top roles in quality management, including Lean manager or facilitator, quality engineer, quality consultant or continuous improvement manager. According to, median salaries range from $60,000 to $86,000 and can top out as high as $124,000. There are currently 45,000 Lean Management certified professionals around the world.

  • What skills will you learn?

    This Lean Management Certification course will show you how to apply Lean concepts in your organization. You will learn core concepts of Lean Management, including: 
    • Overview and principles of Lean
    • Types of waste common in organizations
    • Various Lean tools, techniques and metrics
    • Examples of implementing Lean in manufacturing, service and office environments
    • Other methodologies that complement Lean
    • The Lean Maturity Matrix

  • Who should take this course?

    Simplilearn’s Lean Management course can be taken by any professional seeking career growth in the quality management sector or simply to get hands-on experience working with Lean principles. There are no specific eligibility criteria for the Lean Management Certification course.

Course preview

    • Lesson 01 - Introduction 41:44
      • 1.1 Welcome00:07
      • 1.2 Introduction00:36
      • 1.3 Agenda00:40
      • 1.4 WHAT IS LEAN00:50
      • 1.5 Overview of Lean02:06
      • 1.6 Principles of Lean02:40
      • 1.7 Types of Waste04:59
      • 1.8 Lean Journey03:27
      • 1.9 Roots of Lean01:00
      • 1.10 Lean at Ford02:02
      • 1.11 Toyota Production System (TPS)01:35
      • 1.12 Just In Time (JIT)04:25
      • 1.13 Lean Successes and Benefits01:06
      • 1.14 Efficiency Business Model Fit04:11
      • 1.15 Cash Flow Improvement01:53
      • 1.16 Increased Capacity for Revenue01:36
      • 1.17 Its Challenges00:40
      • 1.18 Process Changes Cause a Rethinking of Process Flow01:34
      • 1.19 Disruptions Downtime Design Failures01:12
      • 1.20 Low Volume High Mix02:20
      • 1.21 High Variability Customization Demand02:10
      • 1.22 Summary00:31
      • 1.23 Quiz
      • 1.24 Thank You00:04
    • Lesson 02 - Types of Waste 24:48
      • 2.1 Welcome00:07
      • 2.2 Types of Waste Introduction00:36
      • 2.3 Agenda00:21
      • 2.4 THE MAIN ONES00:54
      • 2.5 Transportation02:53
      • 2.6 Inventory02:15
      • 2.7 Motion01:54
      • 2.8 Waiting01:41
      • 2.9 Over Production02:02
      • 2.10 Over Processing01:51
      • 2.11 Defect01:30
      • 2.12 Other Types of Waste00:25
      • 2.13 Underutilized Skills01:18
      • 2.14 Wrong Use of Automation03:00
      • 2.15 Wrong Use of Metrics03:09
      • 2.16 Summary00:49
      • 2.17 Quiz
      • 2.18 Thank You00:03
    • Lesson 03 - Tools 48:45
      • 3.1 Welcome00:07
      • 3.2 Lean Management Tools00:35
      • 3.3 Agenda02:06
      • 3.4 5S Plus 100:35
      • 3.5 Seiri03:03
      • 3.6 Seiton02:09
      • 3.7 Seiso04:28
      • 3.8 Seiketsu04:02
      • 3.9 Shitsuke03:51
      • 3.10 Safety00:57
      • 3.11 5s plus 1 Summary01:05
      • 3.12 Value Stream Mapping02:13
      • 3.13 Kaizen04:06
      • 3.14 Kaizen Blitz01:43
      • 3.15 Takt03:10
      • 3.16 Jidoka01:47
      • 3.17 Kanban05:04
      • 3.18 Poka Yoke03:32
      • 3.19 SMED03:33
      • 3.20 Summary00:36
      • 3.21 Quiz
      • 3.22 Thank You00:03
    • Lesson 04 - Lean in Manufacturing 14:00
      • 4.1 Welcome00:07
      • 4.2 Lean in Manufacturing00:36
      • 4.3 Agenda00:28
      • 4.4 Background04:59
      • 4.5 Boeings Lean Journey00:31
      • 4.6 History and Background01:14
      • 4.7 Lean Principles Embraced01:32
      • 4.8 Lean Implementation01:52
      • 4.9 Waste Elimination Focus Areas02:13
      • 4.10 Summary00:25
      • 4.11 Quiz
      • 4.12 Thank You00:03
    • Lesson 05 - Lean in Service 18:07
      • 5.1 Welcome00:07
      • 5.2 Lean in Service00:36
      • 5.3 Agenda00:21
      • 5.4 Background03:21
      • 5.5 Lean in Healthcare00:17
      • 5.6 Types of Waste03:03
      • 5.7 Case Study Virginia Mason09:47
      • 5.8 Summary00:31
      • 5.9 Quiz
      • 5.10 Thank You00:04
    • Lesson 06 - Lean in Office 15:56
      • 6.1 Welcome00:08
      • 6.2 Lean Management Lean in Office00:51
      • 6.3 Agenda00:23
      • 6.4 Background01:25
      • 6.5 Lean in Office00:19
      • 6.6 5S in Office07:21
      • 6.7 Types of Waste in Office01:58
      • 6.8 Types of Waste in Office(cont.)02:32
      • 6.9 Summary00:56
      • 6.10 Quiz
      • 6.11 Thank You00:03
    • Lesson 07 - Lean Metrics 29:55
      • 7.1 Welcome00:08
      • 7.2 Lean Management Lean Metrics00:53
      • 7.3 Agenda01:04
      • 7.4 Overview02:44
      • 7.5 OEE06:25
      • 7.6 FPY & RTY02:42
      • 7.7 Days in Inventory01:46
      • 7.8 Schedule Adherence Attainment04:31
      • 7.9 Lean Accounting04:52
      • 7.10 Lean Accounting(Cont.)03:15
      • 7.11 Summary01:30
      • 7.12 Quiz
      • 7.13 Thank You00:05
    • Lesson 08 - Other Methodologies That Complement Lean 29:55
      • 8.1 Welcome00:08
      • 8.2 Lean Management Other Methodologies That Complement Lean00:52
      • 8.3 Agenda00:46
      • 8.4 Theory of Constraints04:10
      • 8.5 Theory of Constraints(Cont.)08:25
      • 8.6 Quick Response Manufacturing04:45
      • 8.7 Factory Physics02:11
      • 8.8 Six Sigma05:18
      • 8.9 Six Sigma Implementation Roles02:17
      • 8.10 Summary00:59
      • 8.11 Quiz
      • 8.12 Thank You00:04
    • Lesson 09 - Lean Maturity Matrix 22:00
      • 9.1 Welcome00:08
      • 9.2 Lean Maturity Matrix00:51
      • 9.3 Agenda00:30
      • 9.4 Overview02:43
      • 9.5 Assessment Process02:38
      • 9.6 Assessment Criteria06:30
      • 9.7 Lean Maturity Levels06:50
      • 9.8 Lean Maturity Matrix00:48
      • 9.9 Summary00:58
      • 9.10 Quiz
      • 9.11 Thank You00:04
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Exam & certification FREE PRACTICE TEST

  • How do I become Lean Management Certified?

    Simplilearn conducts a 50-question exam at the end of the Lean Management training. A passing score is 60%, at which time you will receive a course completion certificate.


    Jordan R. Lebich
    Jordan R. Lebich Production Supervisor at Kitchen Fresh Foods

    Love the education I have received, I have added lots of tools to my tool belt by going through this course.

    Evan Loenser
    Evan Loenser Mortgage QC Edit Supervisor at Tena Companies, Inc.

    The self paced course with reminder and progress tracking is a great way to motivate. Loved all the content.

    Robert Fruehan
    Robert Fruehan Assistant Manager at Trident Seafoods

    Exceeded my expectations. A well put together course.

    John W Karlin
    John W Karlin PRN Clinical Process Analyst @ Pediatric PICC Services

    Either as an initial learning course or a refresher, this course is highly recommended!

    Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams Nuclear Medcine Technologist @ University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

    I think that this course was very useful and full of great knowledge and tools to help me in my endeavors!

    Kisha Pettis
    Kisha Pettis Quality Control Inspector at Augustine Biomedical & Design

    This was a great course, I learned a lot. It was informative and simple to understand.

    Larry Baugher
    Larry Baugher System Architect - Brokerage Data Warehousing

    I found this course, as well as the many other courses I have taken from Simplilearn to be very comprehensive and understandable. I like how you can always go back to the previous slide if you think you didn't catch all of the content the first time thru. Well done.

    Read more Read less
    Lim Wei Leng Nicholas
    Lim Wei Leng Nicholas Principal Engineer, TOD (Technology Operations Department) at Central Provident Fund Board

    Great course to learn about Lean Management and how it helps for the continuous improvement of organizations.

    Helen Gunby
    Helen Gunby Quality Administrator @ Jaguar Land Rover (Aktrion)

    I really enjoyed the course. Information was clear and understandable.

    Ajay Pandey
    Ajay Pandey Datawarehouse ( ETL) Project Manager at HCL Technologies

    Course is very good and it contains exactly what someone needs to learn.

    Edward DSouza
    Edward DSouza Experience Technical Project Coordinator at Flextronics

    Cleared my PMP exams in Feb 2014 after attending training from SimpliLearn. Now, I am doing the Lean Management course. Love the simplicity and the approach used to deliver quality trainings.

    Read more Read less
    Pardha Sai
    Pardha Sai Program Manager at Brightleaf Solutions

    Good Training. Really learned a lot about the process improvement techniques.

    Altaf Ahamed
    Altaf Ahamed

    Lean Management training was good & helped me a lot to learn in depth.

    Ankita Maity
    Ankita Maity Assistant Manager at TATA Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Limited

    Good course. Covers all the topics you need to know about lean management.

    Arijit Sarbagna
    Arijit Sarbagna

    I wasn't sure how lean could be leveraged across IT development fields. This session made me understand how lean is being used across industries.

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    • What does this training include?

      You will receive access to e-learning content for all learning units, practice tests and access to exclusive forums moderated by faculty and industry experts.

    • What is Lean?

      Lean Management refers to an end to end business process and system for organizing and managing product development, manufacturing, operations, service, suppliers, customer relations, and the overall enterprise.

    • What does Lean Management Certification demonstrates?

      Lean Management certification demonstrates one’s skills on data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating waste.

    • What are the eligibility criteria for attending Lean Management training?

      There are no specific eligibility criteria for attending lean management training.

    • Do I get practice tests along with the Lean Management training?

      Yes, you do get practice tests prepared by highly qualified instructors along with the training course.

    • How do I enroll for the online training?

      You can enroll for this training on our website and make an online payment using any of the following options: 
      • Visa Credit or Debit Card
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      • Diner’s Club
      • PayPal 
      Once payment is received you will automatically receive a payment receipt and access information via email.

    • What do I need to do to unlock my Simplilearn certificate?

      • Complete 85% of the course.
      • Complete one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.

    • Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?

      Yes, you can cancel your enrollment if necessary. We will refund the course price after deducting an administration fee. To learn more, you can view our Refund Policy.

    • Do you provide a money back guarantee for the training programs?

      Yes. We do offer a money-back guarantee for many of our training programs. Refer to our Refund Policy and submit refund requests via our Help and Support portal.

    • Who are our instructors and how are they selected?

      All of our highly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 10-12 years of relevant teaching experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

    • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

      Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified in your first attempt. They engage students proactively to ensure the course path is being followed and help you enrich your learning experience, from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available during business hours.

    • What is covered under the 24/7 Support promise?

      We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. We also have a dedicated team that provides on-demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after completion of your course with us.

    • How can I learn more about this training program?

      Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the Simplilearn website, or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service representatives can provide you with more details.

    • What does it mean to be GSA approved course?

      The course is part of Simplilearn’s contract with GSA (only US) with special pricing for GSA approved agencies & organizations. To know more click here

    • How do i know if I am eligible to buy this course at GSA price?

      You should be employed with GSA approved agencies & organizations. The list of approved agencies is provided here

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